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IFMDb is searchable database of messages which are legally posted on the internet forums by internet community, for internet community. These are the terms of services & guidelines follow to build IFMDb message database.

1 - All messages crawled (added to our database) are the sole property of their respective forums/sites owners. Although you are permitted to locate and access the messages through our site, but you may need to obtain authorization of the respective owner for the content before using them for any purpose other than viewing on the web.

2 - We crawl only First (Starting) Message of the Post/Thread along with Subject Line. We don't crawl any replies/follow-ups to the messages posted on the site, as our visitor/user must go to respective site to read full message/discussion.

3 - Robots.txt of the source sites is followed.

4 - The messages are crawled/indexed by our programmed bots/spiders. However, the final inclusion in the search database is human controlled. Addition of a particular message in our search database is sole discretion of

5 - Related messages from various forums are displayed together based on relevancy of the subject under discussion Regardless of the forum/site page rank, previous hits, rating, reputation etc. All forums messages have an equal chance of exposure.

6 - We have indexed hundreds of forums/message boards so far and receive many requests by different forums/sites to get listed in our message database. It's not possible for us to include all the sites in our message database as we have certain standards before we can crawl your site. We cannot guarantee inclusion of any particular source within our database on their submission/request.

7 - Like inclusion requests, we receive exclusion requests as well. If you think your forum/site should be removed from our database then please Contact us with following:

- Full name of your site/forum
- Example of links that you found in our message database
- Mention Categories (Hardware, Software, etc.) where you don't want to see your forum/site messages/content.

Upon successful submission of request, your links/messages etc. will be removed from our database within 24-72 hours along with a confirmation email from our staff.

8 - Use of this web site is subject to the terms of services on this page and any other rules or policies that may be published on this web site. IFMDb reserves the right to modify the TOS from time to time, and without notice to you.

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- Your suggestions/comments/questions are always welcome, please follow the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Thanks, IFMDb Administration.

Last Updated: 22 October, 2009