Wireless Keyboard & Mouse With Best Maximum Range

I'm setting up my secondary computer on my viewsonic 37" lcd which i use primarily to watch tv. I would like to have a wireless keyboard/mouse to use on the sofa which will sit approximately 10-12 ft from the tower. I'm trying to find the keyboard/mouse combo that will work at best maximum range. I'm gonna throw out a $100 limit for the 2. I will primarily be using for web surfing or the occasional gaming (*** gaming will be on my primary comp and dell 2407). I understand the bluetooth is "supposed" to have a better range but all the reviews i've read are horrible. I'm wonding if anyone has a similar setup and what keyboard/mouse combo they use?

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Long Range Wireless Keyboard / Mouse

I just got an awesome 60" hdtv and i want to connect one of my pcs to it. I tried using a cordless logitech mouse/keyboard but even with the usb extension it seems to be too far away to work. Does anyone know of any good long range keyboard / mouse combos? I only need about 6+ feet. If not a specific model, what should i be looking for?(Bluetooth, rf, or ir).

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Maximum Length Of Cables For Usb, Keyboard, Vga

I have a small office with 5 computers. I need to have the hardware secured so that no one can copy the source codes and images etc. Can i have an arrangement so that the keyboard, mouse and monitor signal cables carry the info from the cpu to the devices. All 5 cpu's to be kept in another room, i also need to know the max lengths of the cables:-

- Usb mouse and key board cable
- Vga monitor cable

Are there any other options for the security measures?

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Wireless Keyboard With Thumbstick Mouse

I need a new keyboard, recommended the lite on sk-7100 to my bro in law years ago and he loves it connected to a dell optiplex in his entertainment center to the 50" pioneer elite plasma, anyway that was years ago, i cant find that keyboard or a sk-7551 for sale anywhere, anyone else make the keyboard with thumbstick mouse? In black, where to buy?

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Wireless Mouse And Keyboard - Suggestions

I need a wireless mouse and keyboard set for my laptop when i am at home and not traveling, but i cannot decide which one i want. I don't want to spend more than $50 and my laptop has blue tooth, so that is an option as well. Any suggestions would be great.

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Decent Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

I had a logitech mx bluetooth set and i was pretty happy with it. Recently the batteries leaked and i just replaced them it worked for a few weeks and then one day the keyboard just didn't turn on. That set was an overkill, since i don't need the lcd (nor do i want the software on my pc) on it and the lack of numlock, etc sometimes caused problems. I bought a microsoft wireless optical desktop 3000 and it feels like cheap crap. I thought the mouse had back and forward buttons, but no it is just the plastic creaking. Furthermore i'm a *** linux junkie and can't stand looking at something microsoft on my desk. Can someone recommend a decent wireless keyboard/mouse set? I was thinking of the kensington, but i am not sure.

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Wireless Keyboard / Mouse That Can Go Through Walls

I have my computer in my bedroom and tv/receiver/speakers in the room next to it hooked up dvi-hdmi and optical cable. I want to be able to take my keyboard and mouse to the other room to watch movies and media on the big screen. Distance is about 10ft and through 1 wall. Any suggestions?

So far i've looked at the:-

Logitech mx3200
Logitech wave regular and
Logitech wave pro

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Wireless Mouse / Keyboard And Router

Can wireless keyboard and/or mouse interfere with wireless router and distort the internet signal in any ways?

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How Long Does A Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Last ?

I barely bought this new wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, i think it is so cool but my dad says that it will only last for a little bit, is that true?

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Using 2 Different Brands Of Wireless Keyboard / Mouse

A review from tom's hardware supports the conclusion that the logitech g5/g7 is at the cutting edge of mouse technology, especially for gaming. That article is here . I'm wondering that, since i want the best mouse and keyboard, and want them to be wireless, would there be a problem with 2 different brands? For example, if i had a microsoft wireless keyboard and a logitech g7 wireless mouse, there would be 2 receivers, so would there be interference? Could there be any other problems, other than maybe being a little annoying to have 2 instead of one receiver?

Also, is there anything to really look at on keyboards, performance wise? Can a keyboard really "perform" better than another? I'm not talking about features and comfortability, but actual performance. The only thing i can think of is how far the keyboard can be from the receiver and still respond. What keyboard/mouse do you guys recommend? I'm really liking the logitech g7, as i'm going to use it for gaming, and want a great mouse. That being said, there aren't a whole lot of keyboard/mouse reviews out there that i can find, so all of your input would help a lot. Edit: i need a natural keyboard, but logitech doesn't really make a good one. I went to their site and they only make one natural keyboard, and i've had that one and sold it because i didn't like the buttons on it. If i need a combo from one company, i will have to settle for something i don't want, either a lesser quality mouse or not a natural keyboard.

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Suggestions On Wireless Keyboard With Intergrated Mouse

I have been looking all over trying to find a wireless keyboard with an intergrated ball or touchpad (prefer ball). I would like it to be black or silver kinda rounded and small with distingishable arrow keys. Anyone have any suggestions i need it for my htpc.

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How Long The Batteries Last For Wireless Keyboard & Mouse ?

I mainly wanted a ultra-quiet keyboard, but the one i eneded up with came with a mouse and both are wireless, so they use batteries. How long do the batteries last? I suppose i should invest in some rechargeable batteries ?

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Problems With Logitech Wireless Mouse And Keyboard

I purchased both the above items as a package, i have plugged in the usb reciever so that its should all be working but there is a problem :- the keyboard works fine as i just press the little pairing button at the bottom and suddently it talks to my recieve and pc fine, the mouse however is a different story. It does not work and i really dont know why? It worked one and has not since? Is there anything that anyone can suggest pls?

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Suggestions On Wireless Or Wired Keyboard / Mouse

I'm still deciding whether or not i would want a wireless setup. I've had a love/hate relationship with them. Anyway, should i go for the clutter with wired keyboard/mouse? What would you suggest?
Or should i go for the wireless components? If i do, i'd like some sort of recharger for them. What would you suggest?

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Decent Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

What's a decent make/model for wireless keyboard and mouse combo? Ms or logitech? Will be a mother's day present so doesn't have to be great for games, but the nephews do play some.

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Wireless Keyboard / Mouse With Switchable Channels

The reason i need this is because i would like to have both on the same channel so i can control 2 computers at same time. From what i was told only wireless with switchable and not programable channels can do this. Is this true?

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Wireless Mouse And Keyboard For Notebook Computer

I've hp dv6226tx notebook computer. I want to buy a good wireless mouse and keyboard. I've visited few shops and seen microsoft and logitech with only 6ft range. I was told iball has upto 30ft range and price is only little bit extra & 3 yrs warranty. Suggest me which one i should buy? Iball is a good one? Or other? Mention with range of wireless. It should run smooth at lower limit of range too.

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Wireless Keyboard / Mouse Recommendations For Htpc

I am finishing up the conversion of this free pc into a media/ht pc. I've found a case that can handle my 8800gts and still be cool and quiet, i've found a new motherboard/cool running processor to use (amd 5050e/780 chipset), i've even been doing research on a remote starter, which likely won't happen as this comp will run 99. 9% of the time. I've got the new case and hard drive (640gb se16 wd, going to triple boot xp/vista/ubuntu once i get my new board). I'll likely leave the videocard as the rare times i do play demanding games i can live with 4x aa. But now i've got to find a solution to the cabling dilemma. The monitor/case can sit across the room from my chair/bed, and i want a good mouse/keyboard that can be used wirelessly, cheaply, and not have any sort of delay. So recommendations to further my project?

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Wireless Keyboard / Mouse With Good Signal

Right now i have a microsoft wireless comfort keyboard and mouse set. Its comfy and works well overall, except for the fact that the rf signal sucks. Unless the receiver and keyboard or mouse are in the same plane as each other on a table etc. Typing gets weird and the mouse pointer will move but i cant click. Even so much as a cup or remote control sitting between the receiver and mouse throws it off. I had a similar but older mouse from microsoft that i got for free that was crappy too, but dismissed it as being used and old. I'm convinced that perhaps microsoft rf desktop sets just don't cut it. So, unless someone has a solution or advice for the above problem - i'd actually like some suggestions for good wireless keyboards, mice, or sets.

I really only ever sit at most 6 ft (2m) from my computer, so i don't need something amazing and expensive, just better than what i have. Shortcut and media keys aren't a big deal, but would be nice. Battery life is also not a big deal, i have plenty of rechargeable batteries. In any case, can anyone chime in and tell me what they are using and what it performs like? What kind of distance can u get? Where do you have your receiver? What kind of possible interference are you dealing with? ( I have wifi, bluetooth and florescent lights that could be having an effect on the signal)

I also have a question about bluetooth sets. Can you use them in the bios or in the os without bluetooth software? Or do you have to wait till the os boots up fully?

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Kvm Switches And Usb Wireless Mouse / Keyboard

I recently bought an iotech kvm switch that has usb connectors. I intended to use my wireless mouse and keyboard setup, which only uses a usb wand to control both. Turns out iotech doesnt support wireless devices. While it does work, it occasionally causes a 'fatal' exception and crashes xp. So . This is obviously not workable. I was hoping someone had run into this before and could let me know how they got around the problem? Is there anyone here who is currently using a kvm switch that supports wireless usb devices?

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Suggestions For Wireless Keyboard, Mouse For Htpc / Gaming

Okay got my new htpc rig set up on my 62" dlp so i can now do my ht and gaming now. My old keyboard and mouse won't cut it (old logitch and mce kb). I have tried the logitech mx5000 bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and bottom line, lag is impossible. It's like a good 2-3 second delay at random intervals. My next choice i was considiring was the ms desktop elite, but have read similar but lots fewer complaints about lag. I need a mouse that at least has 1 or two side buttons. Distance from htpc to couch is in the 10' to 12' range max. I'm open to suggestions and or experience with the ms elite.

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Receiver Alternative For Sony Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

I was given a sony wireless keyboard and mouse by a friend that lost the receiver.

Keyboard: sony pcva-kb6/u
Mouse: sony pcva-ms2

I checked out sony's parts website and they want $77 for a replacement receiver (vgcra83).

http://servicesales. Sel. Do

It doesn't seem to be cheaper anywhere else either. The sony parts website claims it's an ir receiver, although there's no indication on the keyboard and mouse that they use ir. There's no way i'm going to drop that much money on a receiver for a used keyboard and mouse. Is there any chance of this keyboard working with any other receiver?

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Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Stop Working Randomly

Got a weird situation here, happened about 2 days ago for first time but keeps recurring more and more often, forcing me to hit the power switch to reboot. My dell wireless keyboard and mouse (new batteries) will suddenly stop working almost entirely. I say almost entirely - on the keyboard the 'windows' key and 'ctrl+alt+del' still work, but nothing else. On the mouse the cursor still moves but the buttons don't work. Basically it leaves me in a state of limbo. All processes continue to run fine on the pc - often i've had music in itunes keep playing for an hour after this occurs (i was attempting to wait to see if it was temporary). I've checked my conflicts etc. In the audio & controller fields. Right now i've only got my wireless keyboard and mouse, don't have any others to try a test with. I can't understand why it would suddenly freeze up. It doesn't happen with certain software, it has been very random, i've been tracking every instance since it started. Any ideas?

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Advent Usb Wireless Mouse And Keyboard Problem

Recently, my 'advent' usb wireless mouse and keyboard stopped working. Originally, i had some problems since the first day with the driver that it installed being 'incompatible', even though the mouse and keyboard functioned properly. Anyway, they stopped working. So i shut down and removed the wireless receiver, then plugged in an old ps/2 mouse and keyboard, expecting them to work in the old ones place. No such luck. :-/

The computer's 'install wizard' comes up and it finds the mouse, but i can't interact with the computer to install the mouse or keyboard. Also, the keyboard's numlock, capslock etc. ' key are lit up, so that's working but not being recognized. I'm using 'windows xp' and this is the first problem i've had

Any ideas?

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Cordless Mouse In The 25 To 50 Dollar Range

I need a new cordless mouse in the 25-50 dollar range. It will be used for internet and windows, it need to be in standard size or bigger, wireless, and comfortable, thats it, i've been thinking maybe logitech lx8, but thats over 50 dollars so i'll get it if there is nothing else worth buying under 50. Perhaps microsoft wireless laser mouse 6000 ?

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Mouse In The 30 Dollar Price Range

My friend has a budget of 30 bucks, hes looking for a mouse to game with, preferably one with more than left click and right click, maybe some side buttons?

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Microsoft Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Cause Monitor Stopped Turning Off

I just got a free microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse. Ever since i installed them my monitors have stopped turning off. I tried setting the screen saver and it also doesn't work (i don't normally use one). Also tried rebooting a few times since sometimes a program (like an emulator that disables this feature and forgets to turn it back on when your done) will stop them from turning off. Nothing else has changed. Any ideas? Using windows 7

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No Wireless Networks Are Found In Range

I have an acer one netbook and just recently i've been having a lot of trouble with my internet or wireless card. Whenever i try to look for a network via "refresh", it says "no wireless networks are found in range". My wireless adapter is on, that is fine. I even looked in my device manager and it shows some of my network adapters with a yellow (!) Sign. I tried to look for updated hardware and it says that is the most updated one. I tried uninstalling it and it says i need to reboot my computer. I've rebooted my computer and nothing happened. Please help. P. S. Would going back to the factory default settings, via disk and restarting my whole computer, wiping out all my files", fix this issue?

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Basic Wireless Mini Keyboard Without A Built In Keypad Or Mouse Device

I've been looking for a basic wireless mini keyboard without a built in keypad or mouse device. Basically as small as possible while retaining the basic qwerty and arrow keys and at least a close to normal key size. I purchased this and basically got what i paid for: a non-working garbage keyboard. What's out there for me besides the dinovo keyboards?

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Wireless Picture Frame 10+ Inch Range

Can anyone point out a digital picture frame, say in the 10+ inch range that actually works, when feeding the stream from a pc wirelessly? I have a kodak w1020, and it is terrible, and other reviewers have confirmed it, it just doesn't work wirelessly.

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