Dell Dimension 2400 Upgrade For Warcraft 3

How do i upgrade my dell dimension 2400? I need to know how to upgrade my dell dimension 2400 because i had just recently bought warcraft 3 and i would really like 2 play it. My mhz is 400 i have 254mb ram. Answer:-
Well, with the information you've given us, it would take a lot to upgrade your computer to playable warcraft 3 specs. You'd need a new processor and more ram. However, a quick google of the dell dimension 2400 brings up tech specs that are much much better then the ones you have given so you may want to double check your specifications. The easiest way to know if you can run the game or not is to run this website:

It scans your pc and tells you if you have the requirements to play the game.

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Dell Dimension 2400 Video Upgrade

I have a dell dimension 2400. I bought a radon 9250 pci card but it will not reconize that the card is even installed in the motherboard. I returned the video card. Which cards are compatable with this machine? And how do i get them to work. My system setup shows the vireo set to auto. I got no help from dell. Just a run around. They tried to tell me i would have to buy an "external slot" that is what customer service in india told me.

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Upgrade Graphics Memory Of Dell Dimension 2400 Pc

Can anybody give me advice on how to upgrade the "graphics" memory of my dell dimension 2400 pc? Currently, the pc uses intel (r) 82845g/gl/ge/pe/gv graphics controller which is extremely old and slow. Which video cards are compatible with dell dimension 2400? Among these, can you name video cards that have a memory of 256mb or higher? Can the pc cope up with any more upgrades? (Two years ago i upgraded the "system" memory from 256 mb to 1gb).

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Dell Dimension 2400 Factory Restore

Dell dimension 2400 factory restore? Is there a torrent to where i can download the factory restore? I cant find my disk and this computer doesn't support the restore. Without a disk or torrent

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Dell Dimension 2400 Total Ram Issue

A friend of mine started having issues with their computer after they installed a new hard drive (things going really slow), so i told him i would take a look at it. It's a dell dimension 2400, and looking around, it looks like the specs of it should be pc2700 1 x 512 mb ram. However, looking at the bios it says there is a total memory of 97280k, also, when xp boots up, and i right click "my compter", it also says their is 97 megs of ram. Another thing i noticed is when it boots up and detects the ide devices, it says it's ddr333 (pc3200), however, when i enter dell's service tag, it says i need ddr466 (pc3700). So i'm a little confused, did dell mess up and put wrong memory stick in, or are bios and xp wrong? Also, why would it start acting slow after replacing the harddrive? I've tried running memtest, but for some reason it didn't work for me. It wouldn't boot from the cd (it would just hang).

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Dell Dimension C521 Upgrade

I have just bought a new graphic card and cpu for my dell dimension c521 the galaxy geforce 9600gt lp and amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ 3. 1ghz , will it fit in that tiny case and i am also concern about the power supply as well.

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Dell Is Dimension 8300 Motherboard Upgrade

Okay so i'm getting a new motherboard p4c800e deluxe and it has the dimensions of 12x9. 6. I have a dell with an unknown motherboard size that is fairly new same chipset on motherboard adn all same specs-except for doesn't run new processor. I wonder can i just switch the motherboards or do you think the case won't fit it. I heard dells usually standard mobo's won't fit in there. The dell is dimension 8300 . Dell can't tell me my motherboard size so i don't know if this new board will fit in there. Does anyone know if it will generally fit

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Dell Dimension E310 Ram Upgrade

I wanna buy new ram and i don't know if these will work with my e310. Can anyone help?

Ocz gold series 2gb (2 x 1gb) 240-pin ddr2 sdram dual channel

G. Skill 2gb (2 x 1gb) 240-pin ddr2 sdram

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Dell Dimension 8400 Memory Upgrade

Id like to upgrade from one gig to 2 gbs of memory for gaming and have no idea what to get. If spending more money will mean one or 2 secs faster ill do it. I want the best memory, but also don't want to pay big money if there wont be any dif in speed. I did a scan and got this on my computer->

Dell dimension 8400

800 mhz fsb
Intel pentium 4 540
Intel i925x chipset (rev. B1)

Memory configuration

Ddr2 @ pc4300 (4. 0-4-4-11)
1024mb total installed

4 slots (2 in use, 2 open)

• slot 1: 512mb
• slot 2: 512mb
• slot 3: no module present
• slot 4: no module present is some memory i was looking at. Anything here i should buy?

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Dell Dimension E510 Case Upgrade

Can i upgrading my dell dimension e510 case? My case is a bit small for the new parts i've added and also the airflow is not that great. I'm wondering if there are any after market cases i can get to solve this problem?

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Dell Dimension 3000 Motherboard Upgrade

Can i upgrade the mother board in my old dell? I've got an old dell dimension 3000 out of my dad's office, and i would like to use it as a secondary pc (my laptop being the primary) for music, video, web browsing, and other light tasks. Problem is, it's a clunker with 3/4 gb ram and a celeron 320. My question is: can i replace the motherboard and upgrade the processor and ram?

Will windows reject this change, or does dell have proprietary parts in there?

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Dell Dimension 2350 Memory Upgrade

Dell dimension 2350 memory upgrade pc2100 or pc2700 or pc3200. I'm upgrading a friends pc:

Dell dimension 2350, service tag: f5nyv21, colorado. From: 256mb (1 stick) to: max 1 gb (2 sticks)

Which should i buy the:
Pc2100 @ 266mhz, the one the tech wants me to buy & virtually all online stores
Pc2700 @ 333mhz, some online stores like
Pc3200 @ 400mhz, only one offered at dellís official site, told not to buy from tech

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Dell Dimension 8300 Upgrade Problem

I have a nearly stock dell dimension 8300. I've seen the (now infamous ::sigh: psu problems that go along with this machine. The stock psu has no switch and the plug location is awkward (from the back, its on the top left). I've read about the pins and have found one or two people say that dell isn't regulation, for some obscene reason. I'm looking to upgrade with the addition of a new video card and a couple more sticks of ram. Now, i've found some solutions for both of these problems. I can shell out extreme cash and get this:

Or i can go with a lesser know, cheapo psu, ala this:

And if the pins aren't lined up for the latter, go ahead and buy a converter cable for standard psu's to dell specifications. I really don't want to shell out 100+ dollars, but i'm reading that no-name psu's end up being risky purchases.

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Dell Dimension 1800 Ram Upgrade

I have a dell dimension 1800 with windows xp pro and service pack 3, i tried upgrading my ram from 512 to 1gb (one 1gb stick) when i took the old ones out and the new ones in my computer wouldn't boot up and just made a beeping sound, but when i put the old ones back in it worked just fine. How can i upgrade my ram?

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Dell Dimension E520 Ram Upgrade

How to upgrade ram on a dell dimension e520? Ok so i have the sims 3 but it keeps crashing. I had a look on the box and it said "vista: 1. 5gb ram minimum" i had a look and i have exactly 1021. 3mb of ram at the moment. Everything else checks out so i am just assuming i don't have enough ram. First of all, is this the problem that is causing the sims 3 to crash or something else?

If it is then how do i install it (i hear it is pretty easy but i don't want to touch something and have my computer, explode or something lol) a picture or two would be nice. How much ram would you recommend (budget would be like $150 - $200 if i really have to).

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Dell Dimension B110 Processor Upgrade

The socket on a dell b110 is 478. Can i install a 775 processor or better? Dual core? It's my parents computer and their stubborn about getting a whole new system and think they'll lose everything. So, i'm trying to upgrade it for them. Already have 2gb ddr400 memory coming in the mail. What about graphics? It's pci, i know kinda limits me, but any help would be appreciated as to how far i can take this system. The cost, i know, is probably prohibitive and not worth any benefit that i may see, but stubborn parents, you know?

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Memory Upgrade For Dell Dimension 3100

What kind of memory upgrade goes into a dell dimension 3100? And is it necessary to install in pairs?

Answer:- ddr2, and no, you can install a stick at a time. Additional: ddr2 800 is cheap and will run at lower speeds if needed.

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Dell Dimension 4600 Cpu Upgrade To 3.0 Ghz

Will a dell dimension 4600 fan cool down a 3. 0 ghz cpu? I'm looking for a upgrade for my dell's 2. 4ghz p4 i looked online and alot of 3. 0 p4s can be around $10- $30. I use this for gaming but recently bought a game where the cpu is slowing me down. On other games i can just lower a few un-noticeable settings and that can fix it. But with this the running is sort of laggish. So would the standard fan on a dell dimension 4600 cool down a 3. 0 p4 or am i going to have to find a stronger fan.

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Dell Dimension 4500 Video Card Upgrade

What kind of video card is supported by dell dimension 4500? Im looking to upgrade my dell dimension 4500 video card i want to buy the best video card my dell can handle but not an expensive one.

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Dell Dimension 4600c Video Card Upgrade

I currently run a dell dimenson 4600c (the mini-tower). This means that the profile for my video card is smaller than average. I'm looking to upgrade from the stock card that came with it (geforce 440 mx) and was looking for suggestions. I'd prefer to spend under $100. So far, i've ran into the geforce 6200 agp as being a viable option. However, i have a few questions i need to get sorted out. First: the geforce 6200 seems to be listed as requiring 300+ watts of power supply for the computer as a system requirement. The 4600c only has 160 watts, is this going to be a problem?

Second: some of the reviews list the card as not coming with a low-profile faceplate. Does my system (4600c) require a different faceplate? If so, are they relatively easy to come by and replace?

Specifically, i'm looking at the following card -

And finally: is there a better performing card that can fit my 4600c that is slightly higher in price?

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Dell Dimension 8200 Video Card & Ram Upgrade

I want to upgrade the ram and video card and will be very soon upgrading to 768mb ram. I bought a 256mb radeon 9600xt which arrived today and when i set it up and turned on the pc, the fan on the card would spin, pc would appear to boot up but no signal on the monitor and i don't think the pc was even loading windows. I've been told it's most likely a power issue, so maybe the card is hogging it and preventing the pc from booting. Can anyone recommend a good video card either 128mb or 256mb that will run on my 250w psu? I know i should upgrade the psu but apparently the dell ones are weird and others may not fit in the case. I also can't be bothered to be honest particularly as i only want to upgrade the vid card and ram so that i can play games up to about a year old pretty well (eg. Rollercoaster tycoon 3, rome: total war and such) and later on i will just buy a whole new more upgrade friendly pc. So basically i just want to upgrade the dell to keep me going until the end of the year or so. My specs:

Dell dimension 8200
P4 2. 25ghz
256mb ram
Geforce 2 mx 64mb
Win xp
250w psu

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Upgrade Dell Dimension 4600 With Asus Geforce 8400

Asus nvidia geforce 8400 gs 512mb graphics card onto dell dimension 4600 using one of the pci ports? Would this work if i used a pci to pci express adp card? Can i use this adapter.

To install this graphics card. http://usa.

Onto this computer using one of the pci ports. http://support.

I want to do this because this is the only computer i own and i can get the graphics card and this power supply dirt cheap from a friend.

Incidentally, can i install the power supply to?

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Warcraft Lags On Dell Inspiron

Warcraft lags on my brand new dell inspiron. Has nothing to do with my internet because it does it offline too? Like i said. I just got a brand new dell inspiron and installed warcraft onto it. Whenever i play the game i hit huge spikes and the game freezes for a few seconds then returns to normal. This has nothing to do with my internet because i have the same problem offline. I figure there is something that needs to be fixed on my computer.

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Dell 2400 Mobo Fsb

What software can i download so i can find out the fsb of my mobo? I got a 2. 8 p4 in it rite now, and my friend is gonna give me his old 3. 06 p4 /ht fsb 533. I just need to find out if its compatible with my board. I'm pretty sure the fsb on my processor rite now is 533, but i'm not positive.

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Dell Inspiron 2400 With Nvidia Geforce 8400 Gs

Ok, so right now i have 50 bucks to spend on a video card for my dell inspiron 2400. I went to comp usa and the guy there recommended using the geforce 8400 gs for just light gaming. Is this card ok for this? If not, is there another card around 50-60 dollars i can use?

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Dimension E520 Cpu Upgrade

I'm upgrading a client's dell e520 from a pentium d 820 to a pentium e6600 dual-core cpu. With the e6600 cpu installed, i get no post screen at all, and the monitor light blinks. Both fans (psu & cpu) come on and the hard drive spins up. The main front panel power light shows steady green and the front panel diagnostic lights show 1, 3 and 4. To shut down i have to hold the power button in for 4-6 secs (rather than just pressing it). All my research insists that the e6600 is compatible with the dell e520, and it's my understanding that the motherboard should automatically adjust from the old 800mhz to the new 1066mhz fsb speed. I'm using the original 305w psu. I have updated the bios from 1. X to 2. 4. 0. I have tried reverting a ram upgrade from 2x2gb 800mhz (which works with the pentium d cpu) to the original 2x512mb 533mhz. I've tried removing the battery for 15 minutes as well as shorting the clrbios jumper. I've tried reseating the cpu, the ram and the power leads. Every time i insert the pentium d it works, but i have yet to get anything out of the e6600. I work at a static-free workstation and am using good quality thermal paste with the original heatsink assembly.

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Dell 2400 Won't Work With Lite-on Dvd Burner

Why wont my dell 2400 work with my lite-on dvd burner? I have a dell 2400 with a factory equipped cd rom burner. I took it out and put in a lite-on dvd rom burner but it acts like nothing is there. It wont even eject the tray. The little green light on the dvd burner doesn't even come on. Whats the reason for this?Its a lite-on dh-20a4p.

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Dell Dimension E521 Or Dell Inspiron 531

I have both of these systems and want to choose one to keep and one to sell. The parts i will be putting in either to upgrade either are the following:

Amd x2 5600+
Evga 7600gt pci-e 256mb ddr3
2gb pc2-6400
2x 250gb wd sata hd's

Both systems have a 300wt psu, but the 531 allows for a hsf aftermarket to be added, while the e521 has this hsf built into the case type thing. If you were going to choose one system to keep and one tell sell, what would you do?

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Dell Dimension System Restore

I have a dell dimension 2400 and the way that dell tells me to do a complete system restore isn't working. They say at start up to press the ctrl + f11 buttons and this will give me the option to rest to factory settings. However, when i do i get a keyboard not working correctly error. So, is there a better way to restore my settings or is there some way to download a system restore cd. How can i fix this problem. P. S. Whenever i press f1 or f12 those keys do what they should, the ctrl+f11 does not.

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Dell Dimension 4400 Compatibility

I bought a dell dimension 4400 over not this last summer but the summer before that i've been very happy with. It has 2 gigs of ram (upgraded from one with crucial ballistix), an ati 256 mb card (128 shared) and a 305 watt power supply. The card im looking at is a e-geforce 8600gt superclocked 256mb (part number 256-p2-n755-tr) and im not 100% sure its compatible with my system. I know it recommends a power supply of 300 watts. My system has pci express slots, thats about all i know right now. Anyone know if this card is compatible? And if so, will it be loud as *** either because of the video card fan or because it kicks up heat and causes the main system fan to run at higher power all the time? I don't think an upgrade would be worth it if things get hot and loud.

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