Dell Pc Cd On Lenovo Laptop Does Not Run

I have a dell xp professional cd. It only runs on del pc. I want to install it on my lenovo laptop. It doesn't run. I tried to make an image of it but did not run. What should i do?

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Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop To Run Sims 3

Can my dell inspiron 9300 laptop run the sims 3 smoothly? I was just wondering because i want to buy the game if my mom will let me! And please don't tell me to check the ea site because i just want the strait answer!

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Dell Inspiron 15r Or Lenovo Ideapad Z560

Please suggest - which laptop should i purchase?

What are the pros and cons of both these brands?

Dell inspiron 15r new laptop (t540511in8)
Price rs. 33, 900 inclusive of all taxes
Intel® core, i3-350m processor (2. 26ghz, 4threads, 3m cache)
Genuine windows® 7 home basic 64 bit (english)
3gb (1 x 1gb + 1 x 2gb) 2 dimm ddr3 1333mhz
320gb 5400rpm hard drive
15. 6 widescreen hd wled glossy display with truelife, (1366x768)
Intel® hd graphics (india)
Now with microsoft® office starter 2010!


Ideapad z560 59-049752
Rs. 35, 147
Processor intel® core i3-350m
Win 7 home basic
Black / camera 1. 3m / bluetooth 2. 1 / dolby certification / one key theatre / metal finish palm rest / popular design / face recognition / one key rescue & recovery / lenovo readycomm / chiclet keyboard

2g ddr3 (1066mhz)
500g(9. 5mm 5400rpm)
15. 6 hd led glare / intel® gma hd
Black 6cell 2. 2a
1 year warranty

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Lenovo 4446 Laptop Touchpad Doesn't Work

I have lenovo model no 4446 laptop. Yesterday the touchpad and 2 buttons stopped work. I don't know what happened. I think, i might press some fn keys. But i don't know which ones so can anyone tell me how to fix this problem.

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Dell Inspiron 15r ( Core I3 ) Or Lenovo Ideapad Z560

I want to buy a laptop, i have short listed two laptops, dell inspiron 15r(core i3) & lenovo ideapad z560? Which one is best, which one has more battery life?

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When Using A Laptop While Charging Run Off The Battery ?

My question is, when using a laptop while it's charging, does the laptop run off the battery, which is constantly being recharged, or does the laptop run off the power from the power (ac?) Adapter and not use the battery until it is unplugged, does it then use power from the battery. ?

Just been curious, i was thinking that if the first one is the case, that it would really wear out the battery and kill its life-span. I was thinking that i would just use the laptop with the battery disconnected and just powered through the adapter - which would be kind of risky i guess, if the plug were to disconnect. Anybody have knowledge on this subject?

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Laptop With Vista - Can I Run Linux Too ?

I have a new hp pavillion laptop running vista can i run linux too?

Answer:- yes. Ubuntu (; a distribution of linux) has a great program that will partition your hard drive and set up a dual-boot for you.

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Run Mac Os On Dell Desktop

Is it possible to run a mac os on a dell desktop?

Answer:- not legally. Apple manufactures their own motherboards, which are different from those found in standard pcs. Apple motherboards don't have a bios, and they have a security chip. If the os doesn't find that chip, it won't install or run. There is no legal way around this. Emulation won't work - all legit makers of virtual machine technology, vmware included, have signed legal agreements with apple stating that they will not attempt apple hardware emulation. Apple's legal team is pretty good. You can buy a mac mini. They're pretty cheap, can run windows as well as mac os, and you can use your existing monitor, mouse and keyboard with it.

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Dell Latitude D630 To Run Starcraft 2

Will my dell latitude d630 run starcraft 2? It has a 14. 1" screen will the graphics card handle it?

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Can Dell Inspiron 6000 Run Sims 3?

I recently bought a laptop from a computer place that fixes up laptops and computers and it has:

Windows xp professional service pack 3
Dvd-rw drive
Intel pentuim m processor 1. 73 ghz 794mhz
1gb or ram
Video card: mobile intel 915gm/gms, 910gml express chipset family

The lady at the computer place where i bought it said the game should work, yet it doesn't. I even showed her the game case and a printout of the system requirements and she said it would most likely run without any issues. I don't know what to do about it.

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Laptop To Run Batman Arkham Asylum Games

What is a good laptop to use to run games like batman arkham asylum? What laptop is able to run games like batman arkham asylum or fallout 3 without much difficulty and at the highest quality setting for the graphics and speed? I want to make sure that the computer will run the games without lagging, most bugs, or other things that impede gameplay. Any suggestions? Preferably in the 200 to 800 dollar range.

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Samsung 530 Laptop To Run Football Manager 2010

Just ordered a samsung 530 laptop, will this run football manager 2010 & 11?

Answer:- well i couldn't find the specs on your laptop and the system requirements are pretty high. If the laptop has a celeron processor and intel graphics accelerator on it it probably won't run it and if at all on minimum settings and you can expect a lot of lag and low fps. Football manager 2010
System requirements* gd hardware rating diff
Intel processor - pentium 4 3. 0ghz login to compare your cpu
Amd processor - athlon 64 4000+
Nvidia graphics card - geforce 7600 gt 256mb login to compare your gfx card
Ati graphics card - radeon x1800 series 256mb
Ram memory - 1. 5 gb
Hard disk space - 2. 5 gb
Direct x - 9

At the bottom of this page you can enter your comp specs and it will tell you if you can run the game.

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Dell Inspiron 530 Video Card To Run Starcraft 2

Whats a decent, cheap video card for my inspiron 530 dell to run starcraft ii on? I'm running on a glorified. 4500 duo 2. 20 ghz processors, 2 gigabytes of ram, and my computer's stock video card, which is 101. 16% useless for gaming. I'll easily be able to afford some more ram, but the price for a new, decent video card is what's scaring me. I'd like to get the most bang for my buck, so any help would really be appreciated at this point! I have star-craft ii installed, and it's just sitting there.

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Lenovo Computers

Could someone provide some feedback on lenovo computers please? Are they in the same level as dell and hp?

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Overclocking Lenovo 3000 H230

I just purchased another computer in which i would like to beef up as this will be my main media/game pc therefore was reading into overclocking to i can modify the performance to get more. My pc is lenovo 3000 h230 specs:

Os win764bit
Intel pentium dual core e5300 2. 6ghz
4. 0gb ddr3-1066(pc3-8500)
Interface: sata 3g
Capacity: 1tb hd
Speed: 7, 200rpm

Video card: gigabyte gv-r467zl-1gi radeon hd 4670 1gb 128-bit ddr3 pci express 2. 0 x16 hdcp ready crossfirex support video card. Would like to get the processor to 3. 0ghz+ if possible and or any other tweaks.

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Lenovo X61 Tablet Pc Display Problem

I read a lot about intel's turbo memory card (intel® turbo memory) so as soon i got my lenovo x61 tablet pc i ordered turbo memory pci express x1 card and installed it on the motherboard. When i turned on the computer i got two vertical stripes on the screen. The computer seems to be working and loading the operating system but the only thing that shows on the screen is the two stripes.

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Usb Ports Not Working On Lenovo 3000 N100 Notebook

I just got a brand new lenovo 3000 n100 notebook. Audio drivers install problems aside, the usb ports are giving me a real hard time. Here goes: 4 usb2 ports. Plug in a device, it gets recognized okay but once you start using the device, it turns off and shows as unrecognized. I use a lot of pki tokens and smartcard readers, and i realized this happens the moment i start typing in pin for the token/smartcard. On a usb mouse its a bit harder to pinpoint the time. Already uninstalled all the different pseudo-sec software that came with the comp (omnykey, thinkvantage etc. ) Also uninstalled the fingerprint reader that shows up on the usb hub. Turned off power management. Any ideas?

Here's the info:

Irq 0system timerok
Irq 1standard 101/102-key or microsoft natural ps/2 keyboardok
Irq 7novatel wireless umts modem parentok
Irq 7novatel wireless umts modem primary portok
Irq 7novatel wireless umts modem secondary port (com5)ok
Irq 8system cmos/real time clockok
Irq 9microsoft acpi-compliant systemok
Irq 10intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) smbus controller - 27daok
Irq 12synaptics ps/2 port pointing deviceok
Irq 13numeric data processorok
Irq 14primary ide channelok
Irq 15secondary ide channelok
Irq 16mobile intel(r) 945gm express chipset familyok
Irq 16intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) pci express root port - 27d2ok
Irq 16intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) usb universal host controller - 27cbok
Irq 16generic cardbus controllerok
Irq 17intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) pci express root port - 27d0ok
Irq 17intel(r) pro/wireless 3945bg network connectionok
Irq 18intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) usb universal host controller - 27caok
Irq 19intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) usb universal host controller - 27c9ok
Irq 21realtek rtl8139 family pci fast ethernet nicok
Irq 22microsoft uaa bus driver for high definition audiook
Irq 22ohci compliant ieee 1394 host controllerok
Irq 23intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) usb universal host controller - 27c8ok
Irq 23intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) usb2 enhanced host controller - 27ccok
Irq 23sda standard compliant sd host controllerok
Irq 23ricoh mmc host controllerok
Irq 23ricoh memory stick host controllerok
Irq 23ricoh xd-picture card host controllerok

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Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Or Toshiba Portege R700-s1310

I am going to be a college freshman next year and need a new laptop. I need something relatively light and portable, yet pretty powerful. I won't be doing any *** gaming or video editing, just daily internet, word processing, and some music and video. I have narrowed down the list to the thinkpad t410 and the toshiba portege r700. Please advise as to which one to get or suggest an entirely different laptop.

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Dell Studio Laptop - The Battery Is Not Recognized By Dell

My dell studio laptop says "the battery is not recognized by dell" and will not charge. ? Can you help me and tell me if there is something wrong with this brand of laptop or is it just a problem with my laptop. If so is there any way to fix it? Also: the charger i am using currently is not the one that came with the laptop, it is a universal charger. But the original charger does not work either.

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Laptop Bag For 17 Inch Dell Laptop

Where can i find a laptop bag to fit my 17 inch dell laptop? Ive been searching everywhere and on tons of websites but i cant find any bags that will fit and actually look decent.

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Which Laptop Is Better Hp Or Dell ?

Which laptop is better dell or hp?

Answer:- they both suck- hp consistently ranks last in customer satisfaction and laptop reliability, and dell just got in big trouble over knowingly selling faulty computers. Between the two, i'd say dell is better- they're at least a bit more reliable and i can't stand hps trackpads. Hp has basically turned to selling cheap apple knockoffs. If you can afford it, you're better off getting a mac and installing windows on it. Or get an asus or a toshiba.

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No Power To Dell Laptop

My daughter has a dell inspiron 2600 laptop. She used it and everything was fine, but she let it set for a couple of weeks and when she went to use it again, there was no power. The power cord is plugged in, but no lights and nothing happens when you push the power button. I put a different battery and power cord on, that i know is good and still nothing happens. It is just as if the battery is dead and it is not hooked up to ac at all. What could have caused this problem, and what can be done about it?

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Dell Laptop Crashing

Anyways, here's the problem. My sister has a laptop that she uses for college, she's not exactly tech savvy, so she waited until she got home to tell me that she has a problem. I'm not sure how or when it started, only that it didn't do this when she first bought it. What happens is at various random times when not plugged in, the comp shuts down. No blue screen, nothing like that. When you reboot there's no *did not shut down properly*, it just loads up like normal. Now, this doesn't necessarily happen after long use, it doesn't even have to be "hot" for this to happen. Now, none of this happens when it is plugged in, but similarly, sometimes when it is plugged in, and you unplug it, it will shutdown and be unable to turn back on until you plug it back in. Any clue? Is this just a faulty battery?

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What Is A Good Dell Laptop ?

I have recently been looking for a new laptop since mine is busted. I was considering, dell. They seem to be quite reliable. The dells i have been considering is the

Dell studio 14

Dell vostro 3400

Dell latitude e5410

Here is what i am looking for in a laptop. 2+ gb memory

A dvd drive

Not more than 14"

Windows 7 (hate vista)

If not dell then what about the macbook?

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Connect Dell Laptop To Tv

How can i connect my dell laptop to my tv? I got a vga to rca cable off ebay but it doesn't work any ideas? Ive tried the button on my laptop to change it to a 2nd monitor but nothing happens.

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New Dell Laptop Problems

So i bought a dell inspiron 1545 on black friday last year and it is having some problems already. It isn't even a year old :/ but it has a one year warranty so that's good?

The problems are:

- Sometimes, i can hear the bottom 'crackling'
- The dvd drive doesn't work very well
- It restarts itself
- Occasionally, it will say (a file name) corrupted when i start it up
- The flash slows things down a lot
- It will freeze
- The mouse pad's left side button is bent down?
- This one is hard to explain but it acts like i am pressing the 'ctrl' button when i am not. For example, when you press crtl+t it opens a new tab, so sometimes when i am typing a letter 't', it will open a new tab or when i am typing an 's' it opens the save thing and etc. I am probably going to call the dell support thing tomorrow morning. Do they give you money back, a new laptop, or something else if it is in fact not working properly? And also, when do you think is wrong with it?

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Get Dell Laptop To Play Through Tv

How do i get my dell to play through my tv? Ok so got a vga to hdmi cable today but now cant get anything on my hdmi tv just a blue screen? Got a dell inspiron 1545 laptop.

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Dell Laptop Or Macbook

Should i buy a dell laptop or a mac book? I'm leaving for college here in a few weeks and was wondering which one is better for doing research projects and listening to music and every day tasks like google.

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How To Delete Everything From Dell Laptop ?

How do i delete everything from my dell d630 due to a virus? I have my important files saved on a flash drive, i just want to delete everything and start my laptop as it was when i first got it. I have 4 cds that it came with but im not sure if they are used to restore my laptop.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Dell Laptop ?

How long does it usually take to get a dell laptop? I ordered a dell studio 14 laptop on july 26, 2010. It said the estimated delivery time would be august 23, 2010. Everyone i talked to said it shouldn't be that long. Also its been in the "in production" stage for 2 weeks now. Is this normal?

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