Primary Hdd 0 Not Found

I am using dell laptop and i had a problem, primary hdd 0 not found, i am not sure what is the problem.

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Not Found Any [active Partition] In Hdd

At boot, i get the following, verifying dmi pool data . Not found any [active partition] in hdd

I'm guessing this is not a particular problem, but, how does one partition such a device. ? I see an empty bay at the front of the device. Is it just adding a floppy, and then using a partitioning tool like partitionmagic/qtparted etc. ?

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Install Windows Xp - Wd Sata Hdd Cannot Be Found

When i go to install windows xp it states that the wd hdd cannot be found and i should check the connections. I do and they seem fine. I have the sata power plugged in and i have it plugged into the mobo. Any body have any ideas why it is doing this? Also how should jumpers be set if it is the only sata drive im installing.

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Hdd Not Found On Boot = Disk Error

I recently received a western digital 160gb, as a replacement for a broken western digital 120gb, from western digital. However on boot the hdd is sometimes not found and instead a little clicking noise can be heard, which in turn leads to the primary slave not being found and then a disk error. Usually if i simply turn it off then back on again, then it works fine however sometimes i have to do this multiple times, sometimes i have to turn it off and leave it for a few minutes and sometimes i have to open the case and push all the cables into the back of the hdd and dvdrw a bit more. To me the cables don't feel as though they've come loose and so really this is an exercise of ritual rather than anything constructive, yet it seems to do the job. Once the hdd is recognised the pc works fine and dandy but i'd like to avoid this failure as it is happening more and more. Is this an issue with the cpu, data cables, power cables, hdd, dvdrw, ram?
My system is an asus pundit w/ intel 2. 8ghz, dual 512mb ram, western digital 160gb, sony 8x dvdrw.

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Hitachi External 2.5 Hdd No Driver Found

I've been using a 2. 5" hitachi 80gb 5400rpm sata as an external storage device for some time now. Works fine and all, then one day when i plug it in, i get a "no driver found" and i can't access it at all. I'm thinking either the hdd is dead or my external case holding is defective. Does anyone know of this problem?

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Found New Hardware Wizard Detects Camera, But No Driver Found

I had the quickcam messenger webcam working just fine on my pc. Then the hard disk died, so i reinstalled the same os (windows xp pro) on a new hard disk. To install the quickcam messenger again, i downloaded and ran the current logitech installer (lws110.exe) from Only this time it failed. I've tried multiple times, carefully uninstalling the logitech driver and software each time and rebooting. I also tried the installer disc for the quckcam chat (which i also own), with the same result (plugging in the quickcam messenger). The installer gets to "step 4 of 4" (camera setup), without a hitch. "Congratulations "the installation and setup is complete! "Plug the device at any time to complete the installation and use your new quickcam"

At that point, i plug in the quickcam messenger, and windows xp detects it, as indicated by the bubble that appears above the task bar: "found new hardware camera"

Anyway, after displaying that bubble window, xp runs it own "found new hardware wizard". Whether i click cancel on the wizard, or run it (it fails to find the driver), or let it just sit there for 20 minutes, logitech's own installer never detects the camera. And the driver apparently never gets installed. I searched the logitech disc for a . Inf file that i could point the wizard to, but could not find anything that worked. I've checked for motherboard driver updates, but find nothing for any usb problem (and the usb port appears to be working just fine with everything else, anyway). I installed xp sp3, but that doesn't help either.

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Primary Slave Is Not Recognized

I have just upgraded my motherboard. I have a wd -master drive and deskstar ic35l060avva07-0 as primary slave. My bois recognizes both drives as primary master and primary slave. In device manager it recognizes both also however in "my computer" the slave drive does not show up i have configured the jumpers to everything i can think of still nothing. Even if i set the wd as the slave and the ic3 as the master it wont recognize the ic3. (The wd is a new drive and the ic3 has files id like to keep on it) can you help?

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How To Select Which Monitor To Be Primary ?

I have nvidia quadro fx 4400 card with a dual monitor. I alwas have this problem. Everything and then the primary monitor, which is my left monitor, gets switched. No matter what i do in the nvideo driver control panel, i could not get the left monitor to be my primary monitor unless i physical switch the cable that connects to my computer. I want the window has the windows launch bar or start menu on the left and not the right. Now, some i am able to get the left to have the windows start menu launch bar on the left monitor as i wanted, the problem is, i have to mouse my mouse clockwise, or to the left, to get to the right monitor, and i do not want to do that. I want to be able to move my mouse to the right and gets to the right monitor. It's all messed up.nvidia's support site sucks so that's why i'm asking this question in there. Hopefully someone here will be able to help me.

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Replace Primary Whs Drive

I am replacing my 1 disk hp media-vault with a larger drive. I do not want to have to reinstall then reconfigure the server if possible. Any recommendations appreciated.

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Primary Master Device - Atapi Incompatible

My problem was that i had was, my hard drive would be reconized or my dvd/cd-burber would be. One or the other not both (tried all jumper configurations cable select, slave master etc. It's not the jumper settings) they are on seperate ide ports on the motherboard. The only consistancey that i could see was, whatever device that was not being recongized was the one connected to pri_pciide1 (according to motherboard manual). So to install windows i used a 80 pin cable and had both devices on the same ide port pri_ide1, and they worked fine. Now i have windows installed, and i put the hd on pri_ide1 and dvd/cd-burner on pri_pciide1 and windows reconizes both and i can run programs off the dvd/cd-burner to verify its communicating to the motherbaord and other devices. But when i first boot up with the american mega trends symbol appears;

Primary master device- atapi incompatible press f1 the resume. Now everything but this warning if you call it that works fine and operates correctly. My question is, how do i get rid of the this warning(its for a customer and it's not goning to exactley impress a customer when they see that warning) i installed all the drivers on the motherboard disk. Any suggestions?

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How To Make Local Disk D As Primary Drive ?

Alright well my local disk c drive has 643 mb on it and my local disk d has 40gb left. I have done desk cleanup. I want to make my files automatically download to my d drive. I also am hoping to move some files (programs) from c to d. How do i do all of this?

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Use Wd Green 1tb / 2tb Drives As A Primary

I reformatted out of curiosity, and so far from a perception standpoint its no different than my 640gb blue (yes i've seen the benches, including hdtune). Is there an obvious activity that could show me the "slowness" in comparison to a caviar black/blue equivalent? Am i missing something?

Using wd10eads currently. These are my options for a primary/os drive otherwise: wd raptor wd740gd and wd blue wd6400aaks. Better to go back to one of these and leave the green drive as storage?

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Primary Ide Channel No 80 Conductor Cable Installed

I recently got an error when booting up, right after the system does an ide check and lists my drives. It says:

"Primary ide channel no 80 conductor cable installed"

What does this mean?

Both my drives appear in the bios and the boot up, they are both on a single channel, and both of their jumpers are correctly set (hdd on "master paired with slave" and cdrom on "slave")

I get the same error when putting the drives on both my primary channel and secondary channel. I don't own any newer ide cables so i am wondering what the heck is going on, i cannot boot.

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Post Your Win 7 Primary Hard Drive Scores

Why do they insist on calling it a hard disk still?

Post general system and score. For example:

Lenovo x61s, x25m 80gb - score 7. 2

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Boot Problems - Primary Hard Drive Fail

Basically my old motherboard was shorted out by a bent usb pin. The back panal with ps/2 and usb ports didn't work but i could run the pc with a usb mouse from the front usb slots. I then decided to get a new motherboard asap to get the pc running again - i brought a msi km4m with a 2600 athlon processor for cheap until i save money for a new dual core system. Stupidly i didn't even think to check that my hdd (maxtor 6y160m0) was sata 1. 0 and this motherboard has only ide drives. So i got a sata to ide converter connected it up, and the hdd is recognized. When the power is turned on the screen gets to "detecting ide drives" then lists the drive. (The only one i have connected) after about 2 minutes the message "primary hard drive fail". I have searched and seen other posts about similar problems but it seems that they generally get stopped before the list of drives comes up. With my problem its one step past the "detecting ide drives" when they are listed. I have swapped the sata cable to no avail. I have also tryed to insert the windows xp cd to attempt a repair but the cd doesn't even attempt to run, the same situation as before happens. Any ideas - the hdd isn't dead as its running fine on this pc where i am backing up my files at the moment.

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Radeon 5800 Primary, X1300 Secondary Driver Problems

I have recently put a radeon 5800 into my computer as my primary card, running 2 monitors. I have 3 on my desk though, so i took my old radeon x1300 and put it in as a secondary card, thinking i could just use it to run a 3rd monitor. However, i'm encountering some major difficulties in getting the drivers to install. I'm running on server 2008 x64, which means i use vista x64 drivers, but it seems the x1300 falls under ati's legacy series drivers, while the 5800 is their new line, and i am not sure how to get both sets of drivers installed at the same time. I don't need anything special from the x1300, i just want it to run my 3rd monitor at native resolution, 1280x1024, but i can't even get that far. I already had the 5800 drivers installed when i put the x1300 back in. I downloaded the package 9-11_legacy_vista32-64_dd_ccc.exe from ati's website, which is their latest legacy series of drivers. The installer itself didn't detect anything (as expected, catalyst software has a long way to go still, it saw that i had the latest drivers for my 5800 and assumed that was all there was to it), so i used device manager and "have disk"

I selected the x1300 inf file from the directory, and while windows found the x1300, immediately after detecting it, my displays reverted to no drivers, and i received some error about installing an incompatible vga adapter. After this, i had to reinstall the 5800 drivers to restore everything, but i'm still left with the same problem on the x1300 (though device manager now recognizes it as an x1300 instead of a generic vga adapter). Does anyone have any ideas, or know of an even more generic driver i can just install to get this card working? Like i said, all i want it to do is run a 3rd monitor. It seems silly to me that i can't run 2 ati cards at the same time. I hope i don't need to buy another cheap card to do it.

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Transfer Data Including Windows Xp From Old Hdd To New Hdd

Im getting a new 250gig sataii hard drive, with 16mb cache. Just like to know if there is any simple way of transferring all my old stuff on the current drive onto this new drive without too much trouble. Like is there a way of transferring the whole os (windows xp), all the progs and stuff onto this new hdd through an image or in an easy way?

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Connecting Sata Hdd With Existing Pata Hdd

How to connect a sata hdd with existing pata hdd ? I has bought a 320gb sata hdd. I already have 40gb pata hdd with xp os. I want to know how to connect sata along with pata. As i want to copy my data on sata hdd. Before this should i install os on sata.

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Laptop Hdd To Desktop Hdd

I have a toshiba laptop hdd (numbers on the disk are hdd2616 & mk2101man) which as far as i'm aware works. Needless to say i no longer have the laptop. I need to get all the data off and was hoping there was a usb solution. Can anybody help?

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Found New Hardware - Not

My laptop has developed a new weird thing: every time i turn it on and it boots up, the "found new hardware" wizard automatically opens. (There is no new hardware installed!) It keeps telling me that it has detected an "hid compliant consumer control device. " If i go through the wizard, it detects an "hid new user input data filter (kb 911895)" and tries to download and install the driver for it from the microsoft website. In the middle of all this, it stops with a fatal error - "can't install - fatal error during installation. "

Despite this, my computer seems to be working fine - i hit the "cancel" button and go about my business. I even went into the device manager, found the "hid compliant consumer control device" and found that it is working properly. I actually have no idea exactly what a hid blah blah blah is, but having the wizard pop up every time i turn on my computer is beginning to bug me. Any suggestions?

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Cd Drive Not Found Xp

I have this toshiba laptop. The cd rom is faulty now(i cant find the d drive in my computer). I went to device manager and it says : windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)

Click troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device. It is an internal drive what should i do?

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No Interface Card Found

I dusted off my old 486 that i bought in 1994 and decided to return it to factory specs basically. I reinstalled windows for workgroups 3. 11 after installing ms-dos 6. 22

At some point back in the later 90's i had installed a larger hdd, a cd rom and installed windows 95. It worked fine then i upgraded to a newer machine. I left the cd rom in for this project and went with the wfw 3. 11 with the original hdd but the cd rom won't work because of an error during the dos boot phase. Well, the operating system works fine. I even took the hdd out and put it in a newer machine, since you can do that with win 3. 11 and the cd rom driver worked fine. I've also checked autoexec. Bat and config.sys and the paths and files are correct. The errors i am getting first start out with:

+ +
"Cd-rom drive not ready" (a)bort or (r)etry. [I have to hit a for abort to continue]. No interface card found. Please check cable or power. [Power works fine and the cable is in the right spot. I tried reversing the cable and it had a hdd controller error]. Device driver not found: 'cd003'

No valid cdrom device drivers selected. + +

Cd003 is listed in both autoexec. Bat and config.sys

The driver has proven to work on newer machine. I have tried different jumper settings on the back of the cd rom. Is there anything i could be missing?

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No Disk Found In Drive C:

When booting to windows xp i get the following (no disk found in drive c i can hit continue and windows will load. How do i solve this problem?

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Found New Hardware Problem

I have a problem:i connected my card reader to copy my photos in my pc but a yellow pop up appears saying "unknown hardware" and all kinds of errors appear. I searched on google "found new hardware wizard download" or "usb port download" but nothing helped. Even though, when i connect my card reader, appears a windows which says 2 things:install software automatically or install from a specific location. The problem is that i don't have the windows cd and can't purchase it. What can i do?

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Keep Getting The Found New Hardware Popup

I keep getting the "found new hardware" popup. These are the two devices i keep seeing:



What are these two devices?

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Mouse Is Not Found When The System Starts Up

I have an ibm ps/2 optical mouse. Once in while, when the system starts up, the mouse is not found. When i reboot, the problem goes away. I have win xp now, but i had the same problem with win 98. According to the control panel, i have no problem with the driver (from microsoft).

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Wd Caviar Green Error Found

Windows wouldn't boot and won't even let me repair it on my 500gb wd caviar green hd because the partition was corrupted. Everything ran fine after i reformatted and did a clean install of windows xp. I scanned the hd with hdtune 3. 5 and it found one block error 50 secs in. I let it run all the way through and there was only that one block error at the beginning about 2gb in. I got a 1tb wd caviar black drive thinking i would need to send in the 500gb drive for repair/replacement. I scanned for errors again with hdtune on the 500gb drive after reformatting and still found the error at the same block position. I used the 7 pass erase feature on hdtune to wipe the 500gb drive clean and did an error scan. I was amazed when there was no error found. I ran another scan and the damaged block was no longer there. Can i still send the drive in for rma?

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Drives Not Found In Diskpart But There In Bios

Old system trying to upgrade from a single pata 80gb hdd to 2 80gb hdd both are exact same model etc. Both plugged into a 3ware escalade 7500-4lp. Drives show up in bios no issue there, go into raid manager both drives there, good deal, create a raid 0stripe w/ 1mb cache were styling. Punch the whs recovery cd. Drive not found need to initialize okay. So i pull out that disk slap in a w7 dvd boot up go in to cmd prompt. Diskpart> list disk
No drives found. ***?

So now i don't know what to do. Searching hasn't yielded and useful results.

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Found New Hardware Wizard On Start Up, Always

I bought and installed a hp 4255 all in one fax/printer/scanner etc some months back, it works fine. But a really annoying thing happens. Every time i start up i get a little pop-up box beside my system clock telling me "found new hardware: printer" then i get the "welcome to the found new hardware wizard" box. I have followed the instructions, inserted the installation cd etc. Then i get another small pop-up box beside my system clock telling me "a problem occurred during hardware installation and your device may not work properly etc"

I just ignore it now, the device itself works great, no probs but the same pop-ups every time i start up has become very annoying! I have un-installed/re-installed it totally several times and still the same. Is there a way to just switch off these pop-ups? Its driving me a bit nuts!

I also have another small problem. I put a usb 2. 0 card into the back of my 'puter a while ago as it only had usb 1. 1. This was mainly for my scanner (a stand alone, separate from the hp all in one) to make it run a bit faster, but if i plug in my scanner it tells me "found new hardware: usb device" then "found new hardware: your new hardware is installed and is ready to use" so far so good, but then i get "usb device not recognized: one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognise it. For assistance click on this message" i click on the message and i can see which port its plugged into but theres a message telling me "try re-connecting the device. If windows still does not recognize it, replace the device"

Well, the scanner works fine when plugged into my usb 1. 1. The funny thing is that other devices will work on the usb 2. 0 card, my mouse, keyboard and even the hp all in one! So dont know whats up with that.

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Found New Hardware Wizard Every Start Up

I have a few usb peripherals i.e a music keyboard usb deck etc and whenever i unplug these and plug them back in or start up my pc from a turn off state the wizard appears again and again (when all devices are installed and working absolutely fine. ) It is not just one particular device that does this it is all and with all usb ports so i doubt i'm missing up to date drivers for everything, although i'm not connected to the internet (should/would this make a difference?

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