Connect Wifi Printer

How to connect wifi printer? I got a wireless printer last week. I successful connected it to the pc and it works perfectly normal. However, i have laptop also and i wish i could print using the laptop also. I installed the printer's software on the laptop and it seemed as if everything would work- but it did not! When i go to control panel, it showed me the printer's brand (hp), which means that the laptop obviously recognizes the printer. However, when i go to printer's status, it is offline. How can i change the status? I'd be grateful if you told me what to do in steps! By the way, i've got a router also but i think it has nothing to do with that, or am i wrong?

Answer:- if the printer is connected to the router (wireless i presume) with a network cable, then you should be able to print to it with your laptop thru the router using the assigned network address of the printer, but you'll need to setup the network settings in the printer setup on your laptop. If the printer is attached to another computer, and that computer is attached to the router (again presuming it's wireless), then you'll need to setup print sharing on that computer, and it will always need to be on in order to print, as well as the shared properties on your laptop. You can also setup the printer to be physically attached to one computer and wirelessly to your laptop using what is referred to as "ad-hoc" wireless setup. All of these are options, but i don't know how you are setup.

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Connect To Internet Through Wifi

How to connect to the internet through wifi? I do not have my own wifi.

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Connect Keyboard To Wifi Tv

Wifi tv connect to keyboard for youtube internet apps. Wifi tv such as lg led 32" 5400 which has in bulit internet app such as picasa, youtube, netflix. Typing on a virtual keyboard is kinda boring. Is there any way to connect wireless keyboard to these kind of tv or connect a wired keyboard using usb port of the tv? Will it work?

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Can't Connect To Wifi

I just got a new laptop with windows 7 and it works perfectly when im using a home connection that requires a password. But any public wifi i cannot connect. The locations do have connection, i just seem to be the only one who cant access it, like at school where my classmates can access it but i cant. It shows that i am connected but it says that i have limited connectivity and doesn't let me access the internet at all. I even disabled the firewall to see if that was the problem but i can't figure out what to do.

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How Do I Connect Ps3 Through Wifi?

Answer:- you need to have the password to the network if you have a password. 1. Go to settings

2. Scroll down to network settings

3. Click internet connection settings

4. Click easy or custom. I prefer easy. 5. Click wireless

6. Click scan

7. Select your wifi network and select a security type. Most new routers come with wpa/wpa2 but older ones come with wep or none. None isn't recommended. 8. Type your password. 9. If it's successful, it will return you to the network settings page. To test it, go to internet connection test. Ps you will know if you are connected to the network because a small green light will glow (by your hdd indicator) and this will blink when you are accessing the network.

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Why Can't I Connect To Wifi?

I have a 2wire box my dad bought from at&t. It started working for a couple of weeks. After about 3 weeks, it started to act weird. I have windows 7. When i click the list to try and connect to my 2wire box, it shows up on the list with excellent signal. I try to connect but i could not. Then when i try again, my 2wire wifi signal is gone and it does not show. I try to unplug my 2wire box and try again. I get to connect to it for about 5 minutes then i loose connection. I appreciate it if you help me. And btw i have a acer aspire 5532 with windows 7

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Connect Blackberry To Virgin Wifi

I scan for networks on my blackberry (curve 8900) and click on my virgin internet - it then provides a code and says, enter this pin into your wireless router. I am not sure on where to enter this code?

I found that i may need to enter my ip address into a web browser? When i do so it goes onto a website called d-link and it asks for my user name and password. Im assuming this is my router user name and password? If so how do i know this, because i have searched and searched and do not have a clue where it is.

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Connect Wifi In Nokia N78

How can i connect my wifi in nokia n78 ?

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Connect Laptop Without Wifi / Router

I am moving to a home that isn't mine to change around without wifi or a router. I believe there are things you can pay for to connect to the usb port&keep your laptop connected whenever it needs to be. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do that or what it's called. I'll pay for whatever i need to, i just need a connection!

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Connect Two Wifi Routers To One Network

How do i connect two wifi routers to one network? So i have one g router connected to my modem in the basement and i want to put my new n router in my room but i need it to be connected to the same network in order to get internet in my room i would still like the g router in the basement to be the main router does anyone now how to do this ?

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How To Connect To Internet With Desktop That Has No Wifi ?

How would i connect to the internet with an older desktop that has no wifi? I fixed my dimension 4600, it's older and as far as i know, does not have wifi capability. I would like to connect this computer to the internet but all i have is a wireless network in my house. Is there some sort of part i can buy that can make that happen? Because nowadays you can't do all that much on a computer without internet. Answer:-
You are correct. Your dimension 4600 doesn't have wifi capabilities. Does it not have an ethernet connection? A place to insert an ethernet cable? You could plug an ethernet cable into your computer and connect the other end to your wireless router. You state, "all i have is a wireless network"; usually wireless access points have ports in the rear where you can plug ethernet cables. If not, or if no ethernet in the computer. Buy a wireless network adapter that is compatible with the operating system you are using. If there are ports in the rear of the wireless access point, you could also install in your computer a network card with an ethernet connection. Either way, those are your two options. The reason i emphasized the statement about your operating system, is that if you are running windows 2000, it may be a little more difficult to find a network adapter; after all, it's all about xp, vista, and win 7 now-a-days. One last thought, and i'm mentioning this since you state your desktop is older. You can get network adapters that are usb; be sure if you decide to use usb that your computer has usb 2. 0. If it has 1. 0 or 1. 1, check that the usb adapter you are going to purchase will work with it.

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Connect Pc To Htc Evo 4g Wifi

How do i connect my pc to my htc evo 4g wifi? When i connect to the htc evo 4g wifi with my pc it says 'local access only' and i cant browse the web.

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Can't Connect To Router Wifi

Well the thing is i was with virgin broadband, and i could connect to my router wirelessly. & Know ive changed to sky broadband and every time i try to connect to the sky router and put the correct network key in it says windows cannot connect to (the network) . If i go to diagnose the problem it says you can try again or restart the router ive tried many times but it still doesn't work for me :/ however if i use a ethernet cable and plug it into my router and stick the other end into my laptop it works anyone know what the problem is? And how can i make it work?

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Connect Phones Internet With Ps3 Using Wifi

Im trying to connect my phones internet with my ps3 using wifi is it possible? I used my phones internet on my laptop can i do the same with my ps3?

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Connect Ds Lite To Wifi Without Wireless Router

Need to connect my dslite to wi-fi, without buying wireless router? I have wired wi-fi connection for my wii system, but i want to connect my dslite without buying a wireless router, what do you recommend that i buy? (Wired or wireless and what price?)

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Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Will Not Connect To Wifi

I just recently had a new dell inspiron that my school provided to me and my class. The problem is i can't get my laptop to connect to my open wireless network. I asked my friends if they had the same problem and they didn't. They said once their wifi was on, the laptop automatically connected to it, except for me. My wireless network is visible in network connections and is the first one with "automatic" and a star next to it in wireless network connection. I click the 'connect' button and a pop-up says:

Please wait while windows connects to the "my wireless network" network. Waiting for the network. With a green status bar. After about two mins, it'll just disappear! I don't get any notification of some sort and goes back to where i started. I try to "repair the connection" and when i do, i get a pop-up from the task bar saying "unable to connect to wireless network". I do not know if it's the laptop or the wireless network. I connected laptops with my wifi before and there were no problems. I tried turning on & off the wifi switch, rebooting, i'm just so lost.

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Connect Xbox 360 To Live Using Wifi

How do i connect my xbox 360 to live using wifi. Do i need a wireless network adapter. ? My wifi is down right now, but can i use my neighbors to connect to live. It is a pretty strong signal. If so how do i do it. Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to connect it to live?

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Laptop Wont Connect To Wifi Hotspots

Why wont my laptop wont connect to wi-fi hotspots? I recently bought a toshiba laptop which uses windows 7. At home, i use a netgear wireless router and my computer has no problem connecting to it. The same goes for when i'm at my dad's house, and he uses a linksys router. However, whenever i try to use the wireless internet in a place such as starbucks or mcdonald's, etc, the icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen shows that "networks are available", but when i try to connect, it says "windows is unable to connect to the network". Just wondering what the problem is. Maybe i need to install a driver or something? I'm not very computer savvy, so there may be a simple solution.

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Connect To Limewire At Public Wifi Spot

Is it possible to connect to & use limewire at a public wifi spot?

Answer:- yes

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Using Printer Connected By Wifi

How do you use your printer connected by wifi? I have just recently connected my printer to my wifi connection but i don't get how to use it now?

Answer:- my printer is wireless as well. What you do is load the disk into your laptop, or whatever your device is, then follow the instructions on there. Mine has me connect with a usb cable. After that, it'll instruct you to connect wirelessly with the network you use. I always have a problem with when i change my network. It has to stay with the same network or else it won't print.

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Full Wifi Signal, But Laptop Wont Connect

I have at&t u-verse downstairs. My desktop is an imac, but it's connected wirelessly to the gateway router, as well as my macbook. I have full connectivity with my imac, and my macbook is displaying full wi-fi signal, yet my laptop won't connect!

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Ipod Wont Connect To Wifi - No Internet Connection

Ipod all the sudden wont connect to wifi at home. My ipod was working fine last night but when i woke up this morning and tried to get it to connect to my linksys wifi, the wifi name came up linksys not my name. It says its connected but when i try to get online it says "no internet connection". Why all the sudden did the name linksys come up and not my name? How do i change it and get it to connect?

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Can't Connect To Wifi In Gts On Pokemon Heartgold

Why can't i connect to wi-fi in the gts on pokemon heartgold? Internet connection is perfectly fine?I have been to my settings on the nintendo ds and the internet connection is perfectly fine, i can access the web and everything but every time i go to the gts in pokemon heartgold it says "there is no compatible access point in range. Check you connection settings and try again. " Error code 52000 or sometimes it even says unable to connect when i get closer.

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Kodak Printer Wifi Connection With Mac

How do i get my kodak printer to establish a wi-fi connection with my mac? I have a kodak esp-7 printer with wi-fi connectivity and have installed the printer software on my macbook pro laptop using the installation cd provided. I have made numerous attempts to print various documents but have achieved nothing. I have gone into the printer menu through the screen options on it and input the settings for wi-fi capability, also inputting the settings required through the mac's 'system preferences' menu under 'print and fax', changing different options with each attempt at printing always telling me on the mac screen to check my printer connections because it cannot be found!

I have looked under 'network' and 'sharing' folders in system preferences also, to see what could be changed there but have rendered the same result. Why can't my mac and printer make a wi-fi connection? I've had success through use with a usb cable but moving to a recent change of address now sees my print functions differently and have achieved success for my partner on her (windows) laptop, which takes advantage of the wi-fi facility.

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Connect Wireless Access Point To Free Wifi To Amplify Signal

I have free wifi provided by the city i live in, and the signal strength is "fair". My laptop connects to it no problem at all, but my nintendo wii does not. I need it to so that i can watch netflix through it. I bought a wireless access point to boost the signal of the free wifi, but i do not have a router as the wifi is provided by the city. How can i configure the access point without a router?

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Laptop With Wireless Usb Doesn't Connect To Wifi Connection

Why doesn't my laptop with a wireless usb drive connect to my wifi connection? Since my laptop doesn't have a wireless card, i got a wireless usb for it. The problem is that when it tries to find connections, mine doesn't show up. Even when i place my laptop next to my router, it still wont pick it up. At times it does show up, claims to have a low connection, and tries to connect but it then disappears again and doesn't connect after all. What should i do in this situation? Nothings wrong with the usb and it is compatible with my wifi so whats wrong?

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Connect Ipod Touch To Verizon Wireless Usb Modem Wifi

How do i connect my ipod touch to verizon wireless usb modem wifi? I recently purchased an ipod touch 8 gb 2nd generation. And my internet service is verizon wireless' usb modem. We were told in the beginning that we got wifi, but i'm not sure how to set it up so it will be compatible with my ipod. How do i set it up?

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Connect A Wifi Network To Wired Network / Internet

I currently run a wired network which also has the internet, i have setup a wireless wifi network with one of the computers on the wired network (which has an additional wifi interface) to another separate computer (also running wifi), how do i get this second computer to see the internet?

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Connect Two Computers To One Printer

How do you connect two computers to one printer? I have two dell desk top computers and one hp printer that has a ethernet port but cannot print.

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How To Connect Printer To Hp Mini?

I have a printer for my main computer however i have a lap top, how can i connect that printer to my lap top? My printer is an hp not sure which one exact & my lap top is an hp mini.

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