Is Thermal Paste Necessary Between Cpu And Fan Cooler ?

Is it necessary to use the refrigerant cream (don't know the actual name), between the cpu and its fan cooler? Is it necessary? Cause i saw once that a guy put this cream, but now i have my unassembled pc and don't see this cream, so i must buy it or it's not necessary to put it.

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Removing Thermal Paste

I don't have access to isophibopofirolic alcohol at the moment and i need to replace the retail cpu/hsf on my barton 2500. What household items can i use to remove the old thermal gunk that's on it now? Toilet paper? Kleenex? Qtip? Papertowel? Wax paper? Or should i really really wait to get the right alcohol stuff.

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Ati 4890 Rams With Thermal Paste ?

Can we take off the thermalpads and use thermalpaste on the rams? Does it work?

I took off my heatsink to replace there gpu thermalpaste to a better tuniq mx-2, i notice the ram thermalpad are quite fragile, and vrm thermalpad is starting to peel off. I don't have any thermalpads around, wonderinf if thermalpaste could get the job done?

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Stock Cooler And Thermal Compound

Just wondering as im going to fit a new motherboard and i want to use the same processor and heat sink. Would i need to remove the thermal compound to do this? Or could i get away with leaving the thermal on the cpu and just putting the cooler straight back on?

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Power Supply Fan Working, But Cpu Fan Is Not

I can not get the pc to boot. I turn on the power button, and the monitor does not get a signal. (Btw on board video & sound) i opened up the case to see that the power supply is spinning fine, however the cpu fan is not spinning at all. The heat sink was not hot to the touch however i did not have the pc plugged in for very long. I don't know much but i read somewhere i can check the power supply by plugging in an external fan to the power supply lead. So i did that, in fact the external fan worked fine. Also i must state that i do not get any thing on the monitor, only black, no beeps, no indication of post what so ever after i hit the power button. I have attempted to reset ram, and make sure all leads and cables were snug. How do i further troubleshoot? Can i rule out the power supply? Is it the mobo that has the issue? Or maybe the cpu? So to recap, power supply spins, power light on front of system lights up, no beeps upon boot up, cpu fan is dead and not spinnig. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Let me know if you need any other information.

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Cooler Master Real Power Pro 550w - How Many Case Fan It Can Handle ?

I have a cooler master 690 and cooler master real power pro 550w. How many case fan it can handle? My mobo is gigabyte ma785gm-ush. I would like to ask how many case fan it could handle? So far i already put 1 fan in the front, 1 in the bottom, 1 in the side, 2 at the top and 1 at the back total of 6 fans. And i would like to put a 80mm fan in the right side panel back of the cpu and mobo. Can it handle it? Is there any connector coming from the power supply? Or i just have too many fans for my power supply to connect?

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Flashy Cpu Cooler - Suggestions

Im looking to purchase a new amd/am2 socket cooler. I recently purchased 2gb of crucial ballistix tarcer, and along with an antec 900, a logitech g15 and a razer diamondback mouse, i really want my first build to be flashy. So, im looking to spend upto £30, any suggestions? Im not finding much that catches my eye so far, and my bland 64 alpine isnt doing my system many favours.

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Which Cpu Cooler: Zalman Or Arctic Freezer ?

I want to overclock an intel pentium dual-core e5200, which cpu cooler will be better suited?

Zalman cnps7000c-cu led
Arctic freezer 7 pro

I don't know much about arctic freezer cpu coolers, they just arrived in sa. I do know that the zalman is pure copper, so shouldn't that provide better heat conductivity? It also weighs more than the arctic freezer pro. I can get them both for about the same price, but so far i'm leaning towards the zalman. Do you think that the above cpu coolers are too much? I just wanna take the e5200 above 3ghz.

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Stacking Multiple Fans On Cpu Cooler

Ok, i have quite a few 60 and 80mm case fans lying around, so im wondering if stacking multiple fans on the cpu cooler would have much of an effect? For example, my 55 cfm cpu cooler fan+35cfm case fan i have= 90cfm?

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Connect Cooler Master Cpu Heatsink Fans

Where to connect cooler master cpu heat sink fans? I'm building my 1st computer, everything is pretty straightforward except for this issue. My aftermarket heatsink (cooler master), has a three (3-pin) connector to the motherboard. The supplied intel heatsink had a four (4-pin). On my asus p6t motherboard, there is a 4-pin fan connector labeled ''cpu fan'' and a 3-pin ''power fan''. Where is my cooler master cpu heat sink supposed to be connected?

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Quiet Cpu Fan

Just like the title says, my cpu fan does a good job, as it is temperature reactive to increase rpm. But the sob is soooo damn loud. Anyone recommend me (personal experience preferred) a great cpu fan (80-92mm) fan with blue leds?

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Cpu Fan Missing

Ibm intellistation 6217-46y, i am getting a repeat error in my post error logs that says: "cpu1 fan stalled/missing". I have updated to the lates bios level. I have set the fan speed to "intelligent", (as opposed to "always full speed") but they never stop running at full. They are definitely running. Does anyone have one of these machines? There are 2 fan sockets on the motherboard, plus one on the 2nd processor board. The second socket on the main motherboard is not used - or at least i don't have anything to put on it. Can somene verify if i'm missing some hardware?

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Cpu Fan Error

Just finished installing my new system. I am having an error msg saying "cpu fan error! Press f1 to resume" i have fan controller installed that is connected to the 3 top of my fans and the 4th controls the cpu fan (ultra kaze 2000). The remaining 3 fans i have connected to the motherboard. According to the manual i have fans b, c, e occupied (a, d is not used, d is the cpu 4 pin fan if that helps). All of my fans are working, cant place my finger on this error. Mobo = p6t v2 deluxe

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Error: Cpu Fan Is Not Working

I just installed a used hdt-s963 i bought off a tpu member and every time i boot i get that message and my computer shuts down. It will work if i flick the psu switch off then back on again. Reinstalled the stock hsf and did not have this problem. Would you guys think it's the fan on the 963?

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Warning: Cpu Fan Is Low

While booting i a message shows saying "warning! Cpu fan is low", anyone knows what causes it and solutions for it.

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Laptop ( Cpu ) Fan Gets Really Loud

Bought this laptop about 9 months ago, and itís been perfect until recently. Every now and then, when i power up, the cpu fan goes crazy (i think itís the cpu fan ?). It gets really loud and stuff during the bios checks and stays loud. When i eventually get into windows, the applications in startup take ages to load, and some donít load at all, because one gets stuck or something. Itís really weird. Everything goes back to normal on the first or second reboot.

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Cpu Fan Error Warning

On boot-up i get beeps with an " cpu fan error" & have to click on "f1" to continuous booting. "Real temp" shows 30c instead of 23-25 degsc it used to show. I reinserted the fan cable & fan spins freely. Any ideas about this?

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Dell Inspiron 6000 Cpu Fan Always On

I have a dell inspiron 6000 with vista ultimate installed on it. I recently noticed that while the pc is up, the cooling fan (or the cpu fan?) Is on about 80% of the time, even when the cpu is at 2 or 3%. Sometimes, i see this even when the cpu is 0%. Does anyone have any idea on what may be going on here?

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Replacing The Cpu Fan In A Sentia 223

It seems like it's going to run me $80+ to get this part (exact replacement). The fan is a bi-sonic dc 5v 0. 28a cpu fan. The model number is bp38085h (or something to that effect). The fan is a 2 wire (red and black) but a 3 pin connector (middle pin is empty). Can i get a working replacement at a cheaper cost? Spending $100 on a free, older laptop doesn't seem worthwhile.

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Can I Clean My Cpu Fan ,as It Fill With Dust ?

Can i clean my cpu fan , as there is too much dust is fill in it? And if yes so how can i clean it without any harm.

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Cpu Fan Starts To Spin For A Split Second And Then Cuts Out

I just put together a new workstation, and when i press the power button on the front of the case, the cpu fan starts to spin for a split second and then cuts out and nothing else happens, no beeps, no post, nothing. Bad power supply or is something hooked up incorrectly?

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Emachine C1904 Cpu Fan Stops Working After 10 Seconds

I have a friends emachine c1904. I found the problem to the computer, it was the power supply and memory that werent working. I bought a new power supply and i used my memory stick and the computer booted right up. I scanned the computer for adware and viruses and i found a couple of minor things in there that i already erased. I went to check on the computer once again and now when i turn it on the computer the fan to the cpu goes on for like 10 seconds and stops working after that. Has anyone accured to this problem before.

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Asus A8r32-mvp Deluxe, Cpu Fan Error

Basically i got a "cpu fan error!" Message every time i started my computer. My fan speed was good, a bit over 3000 rpm, so i just bypassed it and kept using my computer as usual. After a while the motherboard would beep sometimes and the computer would freeze for a few seconds. This happened more and more often until sometimes it would do that nonstop and i had to turn the computer off by holding the power button. So i go into the bios and disabled the fan speed monitoring. That doesn't help, i still get the cpu fan error message. Here's where it gets interesting: after much fiddling around with the settings and bios and whatnot, it still gets the cpu fan error but now it seems to be unable to detect my operating system (windows xp). It goes through the startup procedure and after the mobo screen it displays "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. " The primary boot device is the hard drive, which used to have no problem starting up as early as this afternoon. (On another note, the cpu fan error seems to have stopped)

I just would like some suggestions as to what is going on and how i can fix this. I'm pretty sure i destroyed my os and will need to reformat or something equally silly. (By the way, i tried putting the windows cd in the drive and booting from that and selecting repair the os. It gave some error about not finding an os to repair. If you think it helps i can go and get that error text again. )

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No Power Up But Mobo Light On, Cpu Fan Spins Briefly

I have a fairly old d915pbl motherboard that i've been using for years. I was using it until i wanted to debug a graphics problem on a different system. I took the graphics card out of the 915 for about an hour. When i returned it the system wouldn't boot. I took out the graphics card and it still wouldn't boot. The onboard led lights up (green) and the cpu fan spins for about 1 second. The onboard light stays on, but the front pannel light never goes on. I was initially worried that the psu died, so i tried a different psu on the 915 motherboard and the results were the same. I still felt that i hadn't eliminated the original psu as the problem so i used the original psu on a different system and the other system powered up fine, so the psu is good. Then i got worried about the front pannel "sw power" connector so i took another system and set it up next to the 915. I plugged the two-pin "sw power" cable from the new system into the 915 and attempted to use the new system's power button. This didn't help either. I'm not entirely sure this test was valid, so i tried the "short the power pins" trick and pressed a screwdriver against the two "sw power" pins, no luck, no power on. I'd like to buy a little power switch to see if that makes a difference, but i'm doubtful. I'm not sure what to do now other than assume the system is fried and upgrade the mobo/proc. I'm also not sure about the cmos battery. This could be a problem, but i read that ususally the bios will post and then complain about the cmos battery. I don't know how true that is though. Any suggestions would be appreciated before i replace the system.

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Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Cpu Fan Spinning Intermittently

My arctic cooling freezer 7 pro cpu fan is only spinning intermittently on my asus motherboard. I have an asus p5n-sli-e. The fan is plugged into my motherboard by the 'cpu' power socket (4 pin, not molex). The cpu power socket it plugs into works - as i was running another cpu fan on it just fine, and occasionally it will spin up for a few seconds but never any longer. Cant use this pc very much as obviously the cpu overheats which crashes the pc.

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Print Thermal Receipts

How do i print thermal receipts? I have an epson tm-t88iv thermal receipt printer. I want to use it to print my own receipts, but i can't seem to figure out how to. I have 3 different pcs i could use for it. One using xp, one using vista (32-bit), and one using windows 7 home premium. I only have the printer and a couple cables. One cable won't fit any of my pcs (lpt1 cable, i think, but the end that fits the pc, also fits the printer, the other end doesn't fit anything i know of), but i had a usb adapter that adapts usb to the phone jack on the back of the printer. With this cable, the xp pc recognizes it as an "unknown device", and says it's installed, but does not install a driver for it. Is there a program i can download to do this? How do i get the drivers installed for it? I only need a very simple receipt. Nothing fancy. And, no, i'm not trying to rip anyone off. Put simply, it would make my job a lot easier.

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Heatsink Paste - Electrostatic Discharge

1. Heatsink paste - do i actually need it when installing my processor into my motherboard and what does it do? (It's a p4 cpu and a gigabyte 915p ga-8i915p duo pro motherboard). There is no mention of it in the p4 instructions manual, however, it is mentioned in the motherboard instructions when installing. 2. Electrostatic discharge - i have never really took this into account before when upgrading my previous pc, however would it be entirely necessary if i bought an esd band or something? Or are there special precautions i should follow? I have asked others who do much pc modifying etc and none have really come across it before.

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Better Keyboard For Copy / Paste / Office Apps

I have microsofts split keyboard, its ok for the wrists, but its a killer on them when you have to copy and paste, which i do probably over 100-200 times a day, sometimes 1000. Are there alternatives? I have an evoluent vertical mouse which only has two extra buttons, maybe i could install the software to reprogram them to copy/paste. What is happening is my hand has to turn left, to reach ctrl, then turn right to click c or v. So my hands have to twist left and right throughout the day to get the ctrl key. I could pull my arm straight back and not change my wrist motions, but it is hard to train myself to do this. Any ideas? Whats the best ergonomic keyboard for under $100 that you have had? Any good keyboards with copy/paste plus ergonomics?

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Mouse Does Not Select Text To Copy And Paste

I was using dreamweaver and started to have issues selecting text to copy and paste to another window in dreamweaver but it would not let me do this, so i tested text selection in notepad and word, still the same. Does anyone know a solution or know what is causing it?

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What's A Aftermarket Cooler ?

Whats a aftermarket cooler ? I'm so not a tech dude. Answer:-
An after-market cooler is pretty much any cooling device not made by a component's original manufacturer. An example would be taking the intel-supplied fan/heat sink off a cpu and replacing it with one made by coolermaster, an after-market company. These are sold because after-market units can be smaller, quieter, necessary for water cooling, or offer better cooling than stock units. For some people who like to display their computer's components with side window(s) in their case, after-market coolers can also be more visually pleasing than stock units.

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