4gb Ram And Vista 32 Bit Edition Readyboost

I was wondering because 32bit operating systems can address upto 4gb of ram (without the use of pae) so if i was windows vista 32bit edition and had 4gb of ram then if i plugged in a flash drive to use readyboost would it still be able to use it?

I'm not planning on actually doing this as i know i can't actually use a full 4gb of ram on a 32bit os but i was just wondering what would happen is this situation happened, would readboost still work?

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4gb Of Ram - Updated Vista To Sp1

I have just changed the dvd burner from the purple slot gsataii 1 port to gsataii 3 and i updated vista to sp1 and now it show me i have 4gb of ram in my startup welcome screen before this it was 3. 32 of memory why is this?

A big problem my hd light stays on and my mouse don't move around the screen and the blue screen shows up and i have to re-start windows could it be because i changed the dvd sata burner from one slot to another?

Btw my mb is gigabyte n680sli-dq6.

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Disable Paging File ( Vista, Ssd, 4gb+ Ram )

I've done a bit of googling and forum reading but i can't seem to get a clear answer on this. I first wanted to disable it to minimize the read/writes to the ssd i just put in a friends laptop. He's got 4gb ddr2-800 ram installed and a 128gb g. Skill falcon with vista ultimate x64 installed. The most multitasking he ever does is having outlook and a browser open at the same time. He plays a game once in a while but that's the extent of his heavy use. It's my uneducated assumption that he's never going to need a paging file because there's always plenty of room in his physical memory. Is this incorrect? It sounds like disabling the paging file would lengthen the lifespan of his ssd a little bit and even speed it up some but i want to get a good answer for [h] on this. Most of the forum's and articles are just people bickering over whether it's a critical component of the os or discussing on what other drive or flash device to store the paging file. I have nothing else attached to the laptop to shift it to so we're looking to disable it completely.

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Os Does Not Recognize 4gb Ram

I decided to take out two of my 1gb sticks of ram, my 32-bit os doesn't recognize all 4gb and i don't want the extra heat. I think one of the sticks is messed up to, so i am leaving 2gb in to see how it runs. So should i just keep the sticks out or what?

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Can I Fully Use 4gb Of Ram ?

I have a intel core 2 duo e6600 chip and windows vista home premium 32bit os and i have been reading that with the x86 chip because of the way the addressing works you can't use a full 4gb of ram. What i want to know is that as the core 2 duo is x64 (i think please correct me on this if i am wrong), and i have a 32bit os could i use the full 4gb of ram?

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Windows Xp Pro And 4gb Ram

I am going install matched pairs of dimms (1 gb each, 4gb in total; dual memory channel) on my asus p5b deluxe (intel p965/ ich8r). I have to run windows xp pro 32-bit. How does xp pro deal with 4gb ram? Will xp pro 32-bit make use of the full 4gb in dual channel mode? What is the effect on virtual memory and page files?

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4gb Ram Issue - Windows Shows Only 895 Mb

Ive just installed a new motherboard/cpu and ram. Motherboard : msi p35 neo
Cpu : intel e2200
Ram : 2* samsung 2gb ddr2 800mhz

Its all working fine except the fact that out of the 4gb i can only see 895mb in windows. In the bios it shows as 4gb. However when booting on the post screens it says extended memory 896mb and then once in windows it shows 895mb. If i remove one of the memory modules it then only shows 400 and something mb. Its like its only making 25% of the ram available. I'm running vista64 and windows 7 64.

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Asus P5p41d Has 4gb Ram Installed But Os Shows 2 Gb

My asus p5p41d motherboard has 2x 2gb corsair xms2 ram installed and my os only notices 2gb why? Im running an asus p5p41d motherboard with 4 sticks of ram (corsair xms 800mhz 2gb) and an intel core 2 duo e6850 and a nvidia 7900 gtx. When i put in 2 sticks of the ram the pc boots fine but only notices 1 stick (2gb) of the 2 (2x 2gb) sticks so i end up with 4gb total but my pc only notices 2gb if i add another 2gb stick it wont even boot. Im running vista ultimate 32bit and i know my board can have more than 2gb of ram installed can any1 help?

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F5d7000 Driver Issues On 64-bit Vista

Well, this piece of crap belkin product doesn't work so good on 64-bit os'es. The connection drops often and the speed is very slow (around 20k). I want to know is there a fix to this since belkin doesn't even care if their products don't work correctly. Or should i get another wireless adapter for my desktop in my bedroom?

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Dvd Drive For Vista 64-bit And Windows 7

I don't need anything fancy or expensive. I primarily use my dvd drive to install/play games and occasionally burn something to a dvd. It should be compatible with vista 64-bit and windows 7. Any recommendations?

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Hard Drive Not Recognized On Vista 64 Bit

I physically installed the wd1600ys western digital 160gb caviar hd into the computer. Pata and sata cables. However it is not recognizing it. I had the old install disc for xp version which will not work on my vista. Now that being said i am unable to find the drivers needed for my computer to recognize it. I believe it needs western digital tools. I called the tech support at western digital and they stated the drivers are only available for vista 32 bit. My vista reads 32 programs. He couldn't tell me where those drivers were. He was pretty aggravated when he picked up probably because someone called him and complained that their cup holder( disc drive) was broke when it spilled the drink. Please direct me to a website where i may download the driver to recognize my hd.

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Logitech Mx700 Keyboard Work On Vista 64 Bit ?

Will my logitech mx700 keyboard and mouse work on vista 64bit? I currently have a logitech mx700 cordless desktop (keyboard and mouse). I will be upgrading my system in the next few days which will include vista 64bit. I was wondering if anybody has the mx700 and does it work on vista? I can't find any drivers on the logitech site.

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Asus P5b Vista Edition Or Asus Striker Extreme

I am going to build a new computer very soon and my choice of a mobo is the asus striker extreme. Since vista is out though, i would love some input if it would make sense to buy one of the new "vista ready" mobos asus makes, like the p5b premium vista edition. What is your take please? Striker or p5b vista?

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Bios Not Using Full 4 Gigs Of Ram On 64 Bit Processor

So the problem i'm being faced with is that my bios understands that there are 4 gigs of ram, but tells me that only 3. 3 gigs are available. What i don't get is why it's doing this. I haven't the rest of the ram to anything else since there are no bios settings to do that (not even for my shared video ram) so i'm wondering where the other 700 megs of ram are going, since they're unavailable

And yes i do have a 64 bit processor, and i'm also running both ubuntu 64 bit and windows 7 64 bit so that's not the issue. Not that the os's matter since the bios is what's telling me that only 3. 3 gigs are available.

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Is There Problem In Running 32 Bit Software On 64 Bit Cpu ?

Is there any disadvantage/problem in running 32 bit software on 64 bit cpu? I'm interested to upgrade a amd box to 64 bit cpu. However most software available are 32 bit. Would it be similar to owning a powerful race car able to run 300+ km on a road of 100 km speed limit. What is ultra320(80pin) hd and compared with sata.

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Change Color Quality / Resolution From 16 Bit To 32 Bit

I need to change my color quality from 16 bit to 32 bit. The only two options i have is 16 bit and 24 bit. I'm on a 600e series ibm thinkpad laptop with windows xp professional installed. How do i get to 32 bit color quality?

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How Much Ram Do I Need For Vista ?

I just got a new vista. Its an hp pavilion with 3 gb of ram and a 32-bit operating system. Its fine for playing games like combat arms but for a game like wow (world of warcraft) it somehow fails. To make it run without a delay i have to lower the resolution to the point were i cant make out most of the words. I also have a mac with 1 gb less ram and i can run wow on it at a higher resolution and it works even better than my vista. My friend said this was because vista takes up too much ram just being idle. I dont know much about pcs (especially vista) because im a mac freak. I just want to know about how much ram it would take to have wow run normaly. My friend suggested 8 gb with a 64 - bit operating system. Like i said before, i dont know much about pcs but i do know that buying 5 more gb of ram is going to cost a lot. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Readyboost - Flash Drive Size

The other night i found my old 24x flash drive (usb key). I plugged it into my machine and tried it out as a readyboost key. Diddnt notice any difference to be honest, but i think its an awefully old slow one and it was only 1gb big. Whats the maximum usefull size for a usb readydisk. And what speed is best (as they come in different speeds). What speed usb key am i looking for if i want the best performance? Also. Do i need it with 4gb ram in vista 64bit? Will i feel a difference?

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Ram Drive For Paging File On Vista

Im finally putting together my new computer build and was looking at getting 8 gb of ram, then converting half of it into a ram drive for the paging file. Is there any way of doing this on vista home premium x64 ?

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Ntfs Vs Fat32 For Readyboost Thumb Drive

I've got a cruzer micro u3 4gig drive for readyboost, should i ust ntfs or fat32 ?

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64-bit Or 32-bit Computer

I have been asked by two friends of mine to build pcs for them (one each), my problem isn't with building them, i know quite a lot about this, but what i can't decide is to build them 64-bit or 32-bit computers. The computers will be running a windows operating system (they are both used to it and want it), if it's a 32-bit system it will run windows xp home edition if it's a 64-bit system it will be running windows xp professional 64-bit edition. The main problem i am having with deciding between the two is compatibility, will they be able to run the programs they want on a windows 64-bit operating system? They are average users i would say, using microsoft office products and the internet mainly and instant messaging. I am guessing that 64-bit systems won't be too much help to them, but the thing which is slightly worrying me a bit is that i am finding it hard to find 32-bit processors (will be using amd to keep costs down and i just like amd). So i was wondering is 32-bit processing being discontinued and in the not to distant future will most programs be for 64-bit systems? I am thinking of the time between now and three to four years because that's how long they will probably have the computer before getting new ones.

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What Is The Fastest 4gb Flash Drive ?

I'm looking to buy a 4 gb flash drive for ready boost. I tried googling reviews on flash drives but i get a lot of results from like 2007/2008. Just wondering if there are any new usb flash drives that are highly optimized for ready-boost. i.e. Really fast 512k and 4k read and writes.

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Networking Issues Xp Media Center Edition

Where i work we are having some networking problems, so i brought in my laptop since i know everything is working properly on it to do some troubleshooting. I've run into some issues i can't seem to get worked out. Issue #1: whenever i get onto the lan it doesn't see the network for about 10 min or so. Then, all of a sudden the network will show up and i can access it. Anytime i reboot it's the same thing. Another oddity is that the server would let me get right on without a username or password, but restricted certain folders because i wasn't logged on as the administrator. The only way i found around this was to map the drive and enter the user name and password there. Which worked so it's not that big of a deal. I just don't like having to wait forever to see the network. Issue #2: i can get on the lan, but i can't get onto the internet. The signal flow goes cable modem>firewall>8 port switch>linksys wap11. The ip address is set automatically. There are other hard wired computers on the network (connected to the switch) and all of them can get on the internet. The ip address, subnet, default gateway, and dns server is the same on all of the computers including the laptop i brought in (with the exception of the last number of the ip address). So i can't figure out why it's letting the hardwired computers on, but not the wireless computer. I've changed the wap11's ip from static to automatically configured but that hasn't fixed it. The laptop is a fairly new hp. It's running xp media center edition.

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Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Side Panels

Do they sell thermaltake v9 black edition side panels anywhere? I recently got a thermaltake v9 tower for free. I was wondering if anyone knew where i could buy just the side panel from the v9 black edition to replace the side panel on the kind i have. A link or anything like that would be great. Ive tried looking everywhere but haven't been able to find anything.

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Web Vendors For Icemat Mousepad 2nd Edition

Anyone know a good usa vendor that sells the new 2nd edition icemat? Newegg sells the older one, but i'd prefer the new larger one. I cant seen to find anyone, outside of europe, thats selling them right now. Anyone know of any web vendors? Ordering it from the website is just to expensive. Its not worth 45$ and shipping is like 15$.

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Amd 5000+ Black Edition Or C2d E4500

I'm looking to update my current rig, 3800x2 939 with a newer setup. Looking to spend aroudn $200ish (max $250) for a cpu, board and 2 gigs ram. Given the choice, should i go with the 5000+ be or an e4500? I plan on keeping my 7800gt since it will work in the new setup, possibly going with an 8800gt if it ever hits around a $150 mark. I've got an xp-90 and look to take whatever cpu i get to around 2. 8 - 3. 0 ghz. Are there any comparisons that show those 2 cpu's?

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Media Center Edition 2005 Tv Card Drivers

Basically, i have a hp pc, and it came with a hp edition of media center edition 2005. And included in this were the drivers for my tv card. My tv card is not sold retail (i don't thin so, anyways) it's made by asus, and is described as asus hybrid capture device or something like that, but i have no drivers for it since i formatted and my mce 2005 disks were messed up. The only way to get more is to order them from hp. I don't want to do this, tbh. Can anybody help me find drivers, or does someone have the same machine as me?

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Video Card For Tiberium Wars Kane Edition

What is the best video vga card for tiberium wars: kane edition and what are the prices for those cards, also i wanna know about the cpu does it support also the motherboard.

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Windows Only Detects One Of Multiple Wd My Book World Edition Ii Drives

I'm having issue with these wd my book world edition ii hard drives. I have 3 wd mbwe ii's that i connect to my router (d-link dir-655) via network cables, which are all detected by the router and identified properly as three separate drives via their mac addresses. However, windows 7 or vista (both x64) can only detect 1 of the 3 drives (whichever of the three drives is connected first). The drive appears in the network as "mybookworld, " regardless of which drive i connect to the router or even if i connect the drive to my pc directly. I'm unable to rename the drive as there's no option for it through right clicking and bringing up the contextual menu. The only options available are open, explore, or create shortcut. The wd discovery software failed to detect any of the drives even when windows was at least detecting one of them. Can anyone suggest how i can ensure that all three drives are detected properly and under different names?

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Usb / Flash Memory Not Showing Its Full / Total Space Of 4gb

I have a 4gb flash memory. Recently a virus affected my usb and i was compelled to format it to get rid of all viruses. After formatting it shows only 1 gb memory now and not full / total space of 4 gb. It doesn't allow me to copy any files to it once it reaches 1 gb limit. Also if i copy any song or video in it, i cant play it directly from it. I have formatted it many times but the same problem is there. Can anybody guide me please how to fix this?

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