Usb Causes Reboot

When i plug a usb device (i've tried a digital camera and a ms internet pro keyboard) into my computer, it immediately crashes and reboots without any error messages. Device manager shows under universal serial bus controllers, both an intel pci to usb universal host controller and a usb root hub that appear to be working. I have windows 98 second edition on a pentium iii homebuilt with an abit motherboard. Any suggestions?

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Usb Devices Cause Xp Reboot

Running xp home addition, on a p4 1. 8 cpu and 512 ram. Any usb device, even a thumb drive, causes system to crash and reboot when it is plugged in. I get the "your system has recovered from a serious error message" when it reboots. Is this an os problem? Any suggestions, other than reinstall the os?

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System Reboot When Plugged Into Usb

My system (winxp pro sp1) is rebooting out of nowhere when i have something (printer - hp 6110 all-in-one) plugged into either of the two usb ports on the back of the computer. If i have nothing plugged in, the system is stable. Any ideas of what to check? Seems like a conflict but i can't figure out what it is.

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Reboot Repeating

My pc froze during a disk clean - sounded like an aircraft taking off too. However, when i tried to stop the action, the screen froze and i switched off and restarted pc. Problem is now that it won't boot up! Gets past the windows xp splash screen, goes black for a few seconds, then simply reboots, and simply keeps doing it! I have tried rebooting in safe mode but to no avail. I am loathe to do a system restore as i think i'll lose so much. Help anyone? Using windows xp pro by the way.

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Continuous Reboot

I have a cheap emachine t 1300 computer using windows xp and when i click turn off computer, windows logs off (slowly) and as soon as cpu power light goes out it immediately powers itself back on. I have went to the startup & recovery section and unchecked automatic restart, but it still does this.

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Reboot Loop

Starting about two weeks ago my computer would occasionally get stuck in this "reboot loop" when i try to reboot. It would boot, then restart itself before the bios screen, then restart itself before the bios screen again repeatedly until i manually turned it off at the power supply. Now, since installing windows 7 professional 64-bit, it won't reboot at all. Instead it just goes into this reboot loop until i manually turn it off. I know that there's problems with creative's drivers and win 7, but i'm wondering it it's my mobo. Any suggestions?

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Sporadic Reboot

Not my first system build, but i'm more of a hobbyist than a tweaker. I'm really building this one for work, and i'd like to get 3 raid arrays set up. I set everything up, turned the unit on for the first time, i went into bios and did my set-up in there, only changing things minimally: i set boot order, i set the sata mode to raid, and set the outboard sata control mode to raid. I monitored the pc hardware for a about 15 minutes using the health section of the bios, confirmed stability, i then saved cmos to bios, and exited saving the rebooted, giving me a single beep indicating that everything is posting fine, and detected all 6 sata drives appropriately. I did the ctrl+i to configure arrays, and successfully configured 3 separate raid arrays. I exited, rebooted again, and finally got to a point where i was installing the os. Before i could get the raid drivers installed using the f6 method, i the computer shut down, and re-started. When it went through the boot sequence this time it found that the device connected to raid port 4 was no device detected, and registered my raid array as "degraded". As i was attempting to discover the source of this, it would randomly shut down and reboot itself. Finally i manually shut the system down, and re-started it. It then correctly detected my missing hd, but listed it in the raid array listing as "rebuild". Thinking it may be a hd malfunction, i disconnected that hard-drive that was giving me problems, and it does seem to boot faster. I do think there's a problem with that drive, but the primary problem of sporadic rebooting seems to persist. I turned it on this morning and it ran for 15-20 minutes, reset itself, then before it was through the post sequence, it rebooted itself again, and now has been running for about an hour just in bios. I've been monitoring temperature and voltage, both of which have remained constant. I started working on it, installing os, and it shut down again, at about 1 hr. 25 minutes of runtime, all temps and voltages seem constant. It shut-down during hd format, now hd's are recognized within their raid configurations, but the windows setup will not recognize that there are drives installed. I'm a little lost on this one. I'm not even sure what could be causing the problem at this point. Any suggestions?

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Remote Reboot

I've been asked to come up with a solution to remotely reboot network equipment that goes down at off site locations (around the country). I've been able to find a few options, but have not been able to find any reviews on them. I was hoping some of the members here might either have experience with the products, or could point me in the right direction. We need to be able to reboot a modem, router, and possibly switches when we lose internet at a remote location. I feel that the best solution is one that will let me "call" the equipment and have it cycle power. One of the devices i'm looking at is the power mate - black box. Seems to fulfill my needs at a good price

Dataprobe also makes a good product (or so i think) but it is a little pricey. I am looking at the ibootbar. Does anyone have any experience with these devices or possible guidance? It would nice to not have to "test" something out by spending $200+.

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How To Reboot Pc With Keys ?

What are the three keys needed to reboot a computer? Reboot as restart the computer. We installed a sound device from dell and it said to restart the computer. How do you do this safely?

I assume you mean ctrl +alt +del although this doesn't reboot your machine it opens task manager providing you have a windows operating system. Generally used to monitor programs, processes, computer resources and to end non-responsive programs.could add some additional details on what you want to achieve by doing this? If you are running windows, click start > shutdown > restart. That is the safest way i know of and has never caused any problems for me.

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Computer Will Reboot Itself

Twice in the last few weeks my computer will reboot itself while im searching the web or playing games. At first it reboots and windows comes up, then it reboots again and brings up a screen that says my dram is too tight or wrapped too tightly. I have no idea what this means or how to prevent this from occurring again. This is my build right now:-
P4 2. 4
Msi i865 neo sata motherboard
1 gig corsair select sdram 3200 i believe
Geforce 5900x vid card
120 gig seagate sata harddrive
350watt ps
1 cd/dvd player that hasnt worked in a bit
1 plextor cd/dvd burner
Windows xp os
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Pc Random Reboot Problem

My pc will randomly reboot. Usually, it means that the cpu is overheated. But in this case, the cpu fan is still running normally and the reboots mostly occur when i just boot up into windows xp. Also, sometimes, when i power on or restart the pc, the pc will just hang at the part where the motherboard brand and name is displayed. It will not continue to boot up the diskette drive or the hard-disk. I have to switch off the main power and power up the pc to get it to boot properly. Pressing the restart button doesn't work. I feel dat it could be caused by the motherboard. The motherboard's brand is 'soyo dragon ultra', does the problem lie with the motherboard?

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Pc Just Shut Down And Reboot Repeatedly

It's an abit kv7-v with a sempron 2600+ i believe, 512 mb with a radeon 9200. I can get more details if you need. Anyways, starting a few months ago it would just shut down and reboot, repeatedly doing this, sometimes after it had booted to the os and ran for 15 minutes, sometimes during the boot progress so i don't think it's a virus. We replaced the psu, for some reason the hardware monitor in the bios is detecting the processor at 200 degrees fahrenheit! This cant be right, the fan is sinning the heatsink is applied correctly with thermal paste so i'm thinking either the mobo or processor is shot. Can anyone shine any light on this?

P. S. I replaced the psu because the computer would'nt boot when plugged into this power strip of his, sometimes when he opened the garage door the computer would reboot, and when he shut the computer down the case fans would still run unless you actually shut the power switch off on the bakc of the psu. Maybe this actually indicates a mobo problem? Although the 200 degree processor temperature, even though it's obviously not true of or the proc would have melted by now still worries me anyway in regards to the processor.

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Hp 4000t Goes Offline After Reboot

I have just upgraded our file server on a peer to peer network to winxp pro. The "print server" (really just another peer which does little but run the printer) is running w95, as is most of the rest of the small network (one client on win98se). Upgrading the other computers (hardware or software) is not currently an option. When i set up the printer (hp lj4000 t) on the win xp box as a local printer (which i have to do in order to be able to name it what i need to), everything works fine, until a reboot. Then the printer is listed as offline, and i cannot bring it back online without re-installing it from scratch. Efforts to do so bring various error messages, none of which want to happen now that i want to transcribe them . How can i get the printer to remain "online" after a reboot? Queries for obvious details that i have forgotten to include will be responded to promptly! All suggestions that involve working with current hardware/software will be tried.

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System Unstable After Reboot

I've a quite strange hardware problem on my system. After reboot system becomes quite unstable, so in windows i usually get a blue screen of the death. If the system survives about 24h to 48h running, it becomes stable. It's not a software issue since i've reinstalled xp, and have also the same trouble on linux (ubuntu). Memory test (with memtests) says no problem. And video card changed and problem persists.

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Hard Lock And Reboot

At stock gpu clocks machine runs fine. When oced machine locks up in cpu test of both 06 and vantage. Attempted solutions:

Reinstall os, drivers, software, etc. Tried different drivers
Running gpu fans at 100% with 130cfm fan on top of cards
Reseated everything on mobo
Upped vgpu in bios

What do i need to do to solve this?

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Computer Shut Down And Reboot

My computer seems to reboot all on its own without no warning of a problem. I've replaced processer, memory, harddrives, video card, cpu fans, etc. I can't figure it out.

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Freeze And Reboot Problems

I wanted to see if maybe some of you could help me find the source of my computer issues. Ill make the story short, i ran into some problems with old hardware and ended up buying a new hd, mobo and cpu. Its a pentium 4 3. 0 on an msi 865gmv3-v board and a wd 120gb hd. Its nothing special, just as a less pricey solution for now. Everything is running fine with a clean xp home install, but when i play music and mostly when i play graphic intensive games it freezes up momentarily then reboots itself. No blue screen, no errors when i reboot, nothing obvious to tell me what did it. I have the latest drivers for video and audio, updated bios, ran full antivirus and spyware scans with pc-cillin 2007, ran a memory test with windows memory diagnostic program, checked for any relevant errors in event veiwer (no errors correspong to the reboot times), run norton's disk-doctor and windoctor. I also have pc alert 4 and checked the temps and voltages when i start playing games- it gets up to about 25 degrees c at high load and 15-20 with no load. After all this im at a loss what to do next. Are there some other tests you guys can suggest to help me isolate this problem? Any help would be awesome.

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Endless Reboot Loop

I have a computer that is stuck in a reboot loop. The computer was fine until i connected it to the internet today, so i am under the assumpton that it is a virus. The error message is this:

"The process c:windowssystem32lsass.exe has terminated unexpectedly and windows will shutdown and restart in 60 seconds. "

It gives me a countdown which i can't end and then it restarts. This is a clients computer, and they didn't even have the xp updates installed, of course i just assumed that they did, so that is my fault.

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Random Lockups And Reboot

Not too long ago i had a problem with my computer locking up. I tracked the problem down to the mobo and now i am getting a similar problem, just not as often. On my other motherboard i flashed the bios, with this i have done nothing to mess with it. At one point i thought it was my xp due to some issues i had during that install. After a reformat and a month or so later it started happening again. I have run avg, spybot, adaware, advanced windows care, and so on. I haven't got spysweeper on my system right now, but i do have a license. Should i install it and give that a go?

I checked the event viewer when ti happened this morning and this is what happened right before my crash (that just rebooted the machine)

Event info: guide creation error. Process: defaultdomain
Object name: media center guide

Just now the computer froze and left no events in the log. Anybody know what the heck is going on here?

Edit: would be possible itunes is crashing the computer? I think both times today it happened itunes was open and playing music.

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Forced Reboot W/o Bsod

I just built a new system with a core i7 920, evga x58 sli le, 3x2gb corsair xms3 1600 8-8-8-24, corsair 750tx, and a reused geforce 8600gt. I am using the windows 7 enterprise trial. Under normal use everything has been fine, but i haven't loaded any of my more stressful software (cs4) onto the system yet. Last night, i ran prime95, and it crashed after a little over 2 hours. The event log says, "the previous system shutdown at 7:57:34 am was unexpected. " It appears there was no bsod error or memory dump when it happened. Prime95 also listed no failures. Today, i reran the specific test prime95 was on, and it passed without a problem. Then i decided to run the windows experience index test since i hadn't yet on my new system. During the cpu test, my monitor went into standby, and the next thing i saw was post. Again, no bsod, no memory dump, and the event viewer just said, "the previous system shutdown at 4:36:48 pm was unexpected. "

I haven't oced anything yet, just using stock speeds, stock voltage, and the stock cooler. When running prime95, the highest temp my cpu reached was 60c, at which point my fans kicked in to full voltage, and it dropped to 58c and stayed there. During the windows experience index test, my cpu never reached 100%, and the temps were lower as well. Is there anything i can do to isolate the problem, and have some real information to determine what i need to return to microcenter for a replacement? I don't plan to oc for a bit, but i'd like to be able to, and that won't be happening on a system that isn't stable at stock. I've been checking my temps by the led on my motherboard, the documentation says that it is a cpu temp, but it is idling around 28c, which is only slightly above the ambient temp of my room, which leaves me questioning it a bit.

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Pc Reboot When Set To Shutdown

I have a hp dc5700 and i just installed a nvidia 8400 pci. When i shutdown the pc it restarts. I tested without the card and the on board video works fine and the computer shuts down properly. Tried reinstalling the drivers and un-checking automatic reboot to see if it was blue screening, but nothing. There are no errors in the log and the pc works fine. I am leaning toward hardware (either the motherboard or video card). Any suggestions?

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Cpu Error On Every Reboot

Every reboot the motherboard detects a new cpu and prompt me to select f1 to enter setup or f2 to load defaults and continue. If i select f1, the bios will load, but if i save any changes in the bios, the computer will again detect new cpu and prompt. If i select f2, windows will boot. I never removed the cpu or heatsink, but i did move the computer. I have tried so far:

Update bios
Replace cmos battery
Clear cmos

My specs:

Asus p4p800-e deluxe (bios version 1010. 001)
Asus ct-479 p-m adaptor
Pentium m 725 1. 6 ghz
2x512mb crucial ballistix pc4000
Albatross 6800gt
Enermax 485watt noisetaker

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Random Reboot During A Game

Random reboot after playing a game for about 1-2 minutes (in case you were wondering, the games were cs:source and the matrix online). Here is when this started. I've mentioned before, but i have one stick of kingston 512 pc3200 and another stick of mushkin 512 pc2100. I understand that the pc2100 slows my pc3200 down, so i decided to take it out and allow the pc3200 to run at its full potential. During the boot-up process, i decided to pay a visit to my bios. My fastwrite option was enabled, so i disabled it. Saved the changes and rebooted the computer. This is when the random reboots began to occur. Nothing would happen unless i was playing a game. So i put the stick of ram back in there, enabled the fastwrite option again, and now its back to normal. However, the games are a lot choppier than they were before. Specs:

Amd athlonxp 3200+
Asus a7n8x-e deluxe nvidia nforce2 chipset (bios may be outdated)
Ram = see above
Ati radeon 9800 pro (256mb)

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Old Pc Randomly Reboot - Turning Off Video

The system is a pentium iii 900mhz, with an asus motherboard. It has been running fine for many years now without any issues. The only thing that was done to it over the years was a memory upgrade, and there were no issues for over a year after that. All of a sudden when using it, the monitor would shutoff or it would reboot sometimes going into the bios screens. This happens very randomly. They are using windows xp, and to eliminate any software problems, i completely reinstalled the system, installing all the latest patches, anti-virus, spybot, etc. It is now a completely clean system. I ran prime95 to stress-test the memory/cpu, and it ran for 8 hours with no problems. I replaced the video card, checked the voltage of the psu with a multimeter, everything looks good. Of course it works perfectly when i'm there, but the moment i leave it acts up. It must be the psu dying slowly possibly working fine most of the time then a drop in power at random intervals. With my experience of dying psus, usually they die completely, as in you can't restart the computer, i have had 2 do this over the last 15 years. Or possibly something wrong with the motherboard? Is it possible the battery on the motherboard needs replacing? Does anyone have any suggestions other than replacing the psu or motherboard?

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Have To Reset Battery Everytime To Reboot Pc

One fine day my computer didn't boot and there was no post. There was no beep sound and the monitor led was blinking slowly. I called up hardware techies. After a lot of time and frustrations i got my computer back, but now the problem persists. I can boot if my battery is reseted. I have to reset my battery everytime to reboot. There is no problem when i restart the computer, but when i switch it off and switch it on its not booting, my computers specifications:

Celeron 766mhx
Via chipset motherboard
128mb ram
Operating system:windows 2000 professional

It has been close to 21/2 years since i bought this computer.

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Problem With Raid After Default Reboot

I did the oc debug mod on my board and was able to run at 3. 0 ghz just fine, but was having trouble tweaking the memory. Decided to start from scratch, so instead of just resetting bios values that i had changed, i hit f9 to reset to default. I forgot about the setting in bios that sets sata to raid. When defaulted, it goes to ide. Well, after waiting what seemed like an eternity for it to reboot, finally windows started and everything seemed ok, except i had gotten a message about spd? And it seemed that windows had installed a filter?

Anyway, i noticed that something was not right and realized my mistake in not setting sata to raid. I went back into bios and selected "configure sata as. " Raid. After that, could not get windows to start, i kept getting a corrupted screen and a dead keyboard. I was able to start windows when i changed "configure sata as. " Ide, but obv i want my raid. Any hope of restoring raid, or am i looking at another evening of reformatting and reinstalling?

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System Boot / Reboot Issues

The system seems to run fine except for two issues i have been having: 1. When rebooting the system will shut down and then on restart it will make some carzy beeping and halt. This does not occur however when shutting down. 2. During boot after verifing th dmi pool it will try to boot from cdrom and then say it failed. However if i hit enter the system continues to boot fine. This problem even occurs when only the hard drive is selected in the bios to boot. I have search all over and found no information about these problems and i would greatly appreciate if someone could give me an idea of what to try.

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Pc Reboot Automatically While Playing Far Cry-2

I am nvidia xfx 8800gt alpha dog 512mb display card and i was using original driver from cd which came with the display card box. Everything was running smooth even crysis and moh-airborn & pacific assault and even crysis war-head and assisin creed. When i start playing far cry-2 i got the message that drive is too old and i should upgarde and after that it start the game which still works properly. Now, recently i have upgraded my display card driver and driver was downloaded from nvodia offical site according to my o/s (xp-pro) and display card (8800gt)

Now i can still play crysis & crysis war-head and even starting far cry-2 normally but problem is only in far cry-2 and that is whenever i am collection medic kit, my computer screen just flash (blue screen comes) and pc is restarting. I was using max resolution (1280x10nn somthing) when above problem happend. Then i reduced my game resolution 1280x9nn (something) and now far cry-2 is again working as normal. But i want to play game in full resolution and don't know exactly what and where is the problem. May b a faulty display driver. Then how to fix it. I am using c2q 6600 4gb-ram and got lot of free hd space. Need ur help and pls let me know if u need more info to solve my problem.

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Random Reboot / Power Off During After Post

During boot, post, entering/configuring bios setup, and also windows xp pro startup, computer will shut down as if power was disconnected, sometimes not attempting reboot, sometimes it tries to reboot. When it tries to reboot, the system and fans kick on for a second, and shutdown, then try again a few times. Sometimes when it wont try again, i have to turn psu switch off, then back on, before it will attempt another boot. Here is how it went down:

I assembled the following parts on kitchen table, no carpet, using esd wrist strap:

-Asus p5b-e motherboard
-Intel core 2 duo e6400 2. 13g 775 2m
-Antec sp-500 power supply

-1gx2|patriot 240p memory
-320 gig western digital hdd, 7k, 16m sata2
-Samsung ide optical drive
-Nvidia vga xfx pvt71pudp3 7900gs 256 mb

Detailed history

1. Assembled parts using esd wrist strap. 2. Upgraded bios from p5b-e601 to pfb-e706 via usb flash drive. 3. Installed ms windows xp pro, mobo drivers, other drivers, nero, and lastly mcafee antivirus, the mcafee forced a reboot without confirmation. 4. During post, "error: overclocking failed"

5. I reboot, and set bios to defaults. will not boot all the way now, usually rebooting during post, often failing after only a few seconds, then trying again. 7. To get computer to attempt boot, i have to turn power switch on back of psu off, wait till mobo light goes off, then turn on. Mobo light turns on again, i press chasis power on, and same thing, it boots for about 2-30 seconds, then powers off without warning. I hear 2 beeps followed later on by 2 more beeps, same length. 8. After waiting 30 minutes with psu switch turned off, i turn it back on and attempt another boot. It gets only slightly further, then says again, "warning: overclocking failed. , Press f1 fo setup, f2 to continue. 9. I press f2 for the fun of it, it starts loading windows, then powers off again. -

Is this a bad power supply? I suspect its a hardware issue, but i need to find out which piece of hardware to send back before my return policy expires.

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Multiple Crash Bsod Reboot

I need some help, maybe some information on why my system gets multiple crash bsod reboot. All drivers are at the lastest to known date. Ok so i bought some ram on ebay another kingston hyperx pc4000 matching the sticks i already have. I get the ram, i test it individually on my system. It checks out fine , using the full memtest86 0-11 "memory test all", taking about the whole day, no errors. So i figure the ram was good and put back my 2 sticks and ran them at 2-3-3-7 timings. I rev up counter-strike source. 20min's later crash/bsod. I reseted the machine, got back in windows, open firefox 5min's later, browser crashed. So i tested each slot individually and found dimm a2 slot was causing errors. So i called up asus rma dept. Said send asap. I get it in there, and realize my sata hdd won't boot. So i deleted the partition on it and reloaded windows. No errors running the sticks at 2-3-3-7 timing, load everything back on there. Tested the browser, everything look like it was ok. Open up counter-strike source. Ran fine for the first hour, then it crash and gave me the irql not equal to or less than equal error, noticed that it was the nvidia drivers causing it so i reloaded those drivers. And remember i'm running all 3 sticks. So i open up c-s:s again, about 40min's later it bsod and gave me the 0x000000ao error, so i ripped out the 3rd stick in dimm a2 slot, and tried again at 2-3-3-7 timings.system ran fine for hours on end, until i got tired and went to bed. The next day i swapped the ram that i yanked out with the ram in dimm a1 and ran dual channel. It too worked fine, so i go ***? So i move that one back in dimm a2 to see if that was causing the errors again nope it work fine even though i lost a bit of performance for not running in dual channel. Read more at the forum.

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