What Is A Good Touch Screen Laptop ?

My neighbor asked me for a favor to look into a touch screen laptops. I found pics of it on-line, but wasn't able to get a big selection to choose from, especially not knowing exactly what to look for in those things aside from normal pc specs. He is not trying to spend a lot of money, but wants something "fast" and something that he can use with ease to like write a book or something on. And perhaps play some occasional games on, however this is not a priority if it will significantly increase the price. Not even sure what to expect for the price either. Suggestions, links, pics are appreciated.

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Good Keyboard For Touch Typing

My current keyboard is good but ever since i went to the dt department in my school and tried their keyboards (stone by microsoft), i realised i could type so much quicker, easier adn even touch type way better. So i need some help on what keyboard i should get preferably in the uk eg aria, ebuye, ebay and others. I was considering a apple keyboard but can't really remmeber how well i typed on it. Or am i saying complete nonsense as all keyboards are practically the same and that was just a lucky day. The keyboard i used wasn't thin button normal standard size but flowed beter and was less pressure needed to press a key down.

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How Is Samsung Mythics Touch Screen ?

I might get this phone but heard how it can be unresponsive and doesn't have a good touch screen and isn't worth it. Can someone please clarify this and tell me if this phone is worth it or not.

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How Is Samsung Impressions Touch Screen ?

I might get this phone but i heard that it freezes a lot and has software bugs, can someone please tell me if the touch screen is any good and if this is true because i don't want to waste my money if it's not good.

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Do You Use The Touch Pad Or Keyboard Joystick On Laptop ?

Just curious as to how many laptop owners use the touchpad over the joystick. I know many are annoyed by the joystick but i found it much easier after switching to using only that. Moving the mouse around the screen requires no effort at all with the joystick imo.

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Touch Pad Wont Work On Toshiba Satellite Laptop

My touch pad won't work on my toshiba satellite l300 series laptop. I'm not great with technology, and i can't seem to understand why my touch pad won't work. I'm currently using a wireless mouse, but i would like my touch pad to work as well. Can someone explain to me how to fix that? I use windows vista as my operating system.

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What Is A Good Dell Laptop ?

I have recently been looking for a new laptop since mine is busted. I was considering, dell. They seem to be quite reliable. The dells i have been considering is the

Dell studio 14

Dell vostro 3400

Dell latitude e5410

Here is what i am looking for in a laptop. 2+ gb memory

A dvd drive

Not more than 14"

Windows 7 (hate vista)

If not dell then what about the macbook?

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What Are Some Good Laptop Companies?

When does the new line of asus computers come out, what are some other good laptop companies? I'm going into grade 12 in a month, i have a desktop now but its dieing and i wanted to just buy a nice expensive laptop/notebook for uni in a year too. My parents are spending 1000 dollars on it maybe another 500 as a present and the rest is my money so what is a good company to look into?

I know asus is a good company but im waiting for their new ine up and back to school sales if they have them to purchase my laptop but when will this be and what about other companies when will their new line ups come in. I also may be playing some games like starcraft 2 so i want a laptop for this and over all im willing to spend 1500 dollars plus my parents so at the most around 3000 i also want the laptop to be good for the price but its not tha important and anywhere from 6+gigs in ram.

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Laptop Brands: What's Good ?

Looking into getting a laptop mainly for school, (keep in mind my school work involves programming and development) but also some fun on the side maybe. Im just starting to look around, but wanted to get some input on what a good brand is. Ive heard good things about sonys, but ive seen just as many people with dell's toshibas and whatnot running around here. What do you guys think?

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How Much Ram Would Be Good For A Gaming Laptop ?

No doubt ram is an important part of a computer but i am not sure about how much ram would be good enough for a gaming laptop. I have installed 3 gb ram and could any one tell what should be the ideal processor speed and is there any relation between both. Before moving further with replacing laptop parts i just wanted to be sure about it so that i don't have to go for a laptop repair soon.

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Asus Laptop - Is It A Good Brand ?

I am thinking about getting an asus laptop from best buy. I wanted to know what people who have an asus laptop think about it and is it a good brand?

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If Disconnect Laptop Screen, Will External Screen Still Work ?

If i disconnect my laptop's screen, will an external screen still work? I have an acer aspire5315 laptop. What i am doing is i am putting it into a custom case that will not fit the built-on screen. The laptop does have a vga output (so i can connect it to another monitor, or hdtv. ) So, if i disconnect the laptop screen completely from the motherboard, will an external one connected via vga still work?

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Connecting Laptop With Broken Screen To Another Laptop

How do i connect a laptop with a broken screen to another laptop? I need to connect a laptop with a broken screen to a laptop without a broken screen so i can see what's on the broken-screen laptop, is that possible/how would i do that?

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Which Touch Pc Better Msi Or Hp ?

Which all in one (touch pc) better msi or hp? Tell which is better , im going to buy one of them i want for gaming and good speed nice hardware. Hp is expensive msi is cheap but tell me major difference in processor vram and ram.

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Can Ipod Touch Have 3g Connection ?

Can an ipod touch have 3g connection? Like can you go to an apple store and install 3g to your ipod. And if there is any other way. Answer:-
If you want 3g you have to get an iphone or an ipad. 3g is a cellular data technology and the ipod touch isn't a cell phone and isn't cellular data capable.

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Touch Ram Chips With Fingers

I am confused about this; can i or can't i touch ram chips with my fingers. I was thought that touching ram chips with my fingers will fry the ram strip. However i was watching a repair guy doing this and the ram still continued working normally. This also apply for the processor (he was building a computer and put pressure directly on the cpu). So is it allowed or not?

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Connecting Ipod Touch To Wifi

I have a wireless modem. I have the key and password. I turn on wifi on the itouch, i see my network, even though i turned off the lock on it the lock still appears next to it. I connect to it and it asks me for the password. I type in the password. It says, "unable to join the network. "

So how do i fix this? What is dhcp, bootip, static?

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When I Touch The Computer Case I Get A Shock

I think my computer is building up static by it's self, as in the computer is being charged as it runs. Every time i touch the case i get a shock, or when i try to plug in a usb drive. If i just touch a metal part on the computer, i get a little shock. The computer is under my desk, my room is carpeted but i have the computer sitting on a wooden board. I think that it should be grounded as long as it's plugged into the outlet. Can anyone help me, i don't want to accidentally touch a part and discharge on that.

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Usb Touch Sensor For Input Into A Program

I am building this project for my freshman engineering class and it involves a touch sensor. Does anyone know of a touch sensor thing that is like a physical button that you push and then it can be registered in a program? Sort of like a mouse; when you push the left click on a mouse, it registers it on a program. Specifically, what i am thinking of is like a one button wireless "keyboard" that someone can push and it will send a signal to the computer; whatever it might be. I was thinking of taking 2 wireless mice and hook up one touch pad to the left click and the other touch pad to the right click. So then whenever someone wants to activate the switch, they just touch the pad, which will then activate the mouse clicks, which will then register in the program. Also, i am looking for a motion detector that will do the same thing; send a signal to a program.

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Soft Touch Keyboard With Standard Layout

I've got an ms "digital media pro" and i've finally beaten it to death, dropping it at a lan. The easy choice to replace it was a logitech g11 or g15, but after using one in person i hate how they changed the size/layout of some of the keys, specifically the space bar. Can someone reccomened the me a soft touch (quiet to type on) keyboard, with a more standard layout?

Preferably from a more well known brand, just so its easier to find and order one. Edit: wired and wireless options are ok, however i'd prefer wireless options only if you've used one and know what kind of battery it uses, and how long it lasts.

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Connect Ipod Touch To Schools Internet

How to i connect my ipod touch to my schools internet? My schools wireless internet is not protected by a password, yet it is unaccessible unless you give it to the it department, where they do something to enable you to connect. We are a mac school. Also, one of the it guys has connected his ipad to the network. How would i connect with my ipod touch? What settings on the ipod touch need to be changed and can i find the information in the network settings on a macbook that is connected to the network?

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Laptop Screen Problem

I have a big problem with my laptop screen. I have a hp zv6000 15. 4 widescreen. My laptop was fine. I put it in the case and traveled in the car with it for a few hours. When i took it out i now have this huge mark that basically goes from one corner to the other. Sort of an arch. I look very similar to a permanent marker. I found a dead pixel tester online and downloaded it to see. It seems that they the screen doesnt have dead pixels. I am assuming the only way to fix this is to replace the lcd screen itself. I was hoping maybe i could replace the inverter and be ok but i doubt it. I wanted to double check with someone that maybe has some experience with this issue.

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Swapping Laptop Screen

What factors are relevant in determining screen compatibility between laptops? My laptop was taken out in a lightning storm, and it doesn't look like it's worth fixing. However, the screen is perfectly good. And there are a lot of people who'll sell laptops with busted screens for dirt cheap. So i figure if i can find a laptop in need of a new screen with which my old one is compatible, i can save some dough. There's the question of what happened to a laptop which has a dead or cracked screen, and whether or not i'd want it in light of whatever the *** happened to it. But it seems worth investigating to me. I know some obvious things - such as it having to the same size, of course. But i'm unaware of all the factors that need to be identical for one screen to work in another unit, or whether there are any resources out there that can simplify the process of determining compatibility. So if anyone could let me know what things must be identical in order for this to work, and if there are any websites, etc. That can help make the process of determining compatibility easier, that'd be great.

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Broken Laptop Screen

So i had a stoke of bad luck and my laptop fell off the table, the screen is cracked and needs to be replaced, it will cost me 500+ to get it repaired so i was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly how hard it would be to buy the lcd screen and repair it myself, i've built countless desktops in my day so i'm good with computer hardware but have never delt with laptops before as far as building, so if anyone knows what it would take to do this please let me know. I don't know if it makes a different but the laptop is an alienware area-51 m5550 15. 4" screen, also if anyone knows where i could get the parts needed for this as well it would be very much appreciated.

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Dual Screen Laptop

The thinkpad w700ds appears to be the first laptop ever to sport two lcd screens - a 17-in. Primary and a 10. 6-in. Secondary screen. Lenovo thinkpad w700ds dual-screen laptop.

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Connect Laptop Screen To Tv

All i am wanting to do is present my movies thats on my laptop, on my tv for my family to enjoy with me! Please help. I have a usb to rca cable that i just bought offline. I have windows 7 and my laptop has the projector thing where i can duplicate, extend, or projector only picture. I don't know if i have to have some certain kind of software for it to work or something, but i know i just need help, and soon so we can have family night!

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Using Different Lcd Screen For Laptop

Will a laptop not work if its connected to a different lcd? This is pure curiosity. I know that the lcd might not fit, but could you theoretically change the lcd screens of two laptops or do they have different little connectors. Or even if they fit, would they not work? I've always wondered this since i've changed my laptop's screen.

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Connect Pc Screen With Laptop

Can i make my laptop's screen off and connect to the pc screen? I want to use my laptop as a tower. Also i want to have a separate keyboard and mouse.

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How Do I Connect Laptop To Tv Screen?

How do i connect my laptop to my tv screen? I bought a dynex vga display cable and plugged it into the rgb? Plug into the tv. What do i need to set up on my computer? The salesman at best buy said all i need to do is plug it in. Anyone have some suggestions for me?

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Maxtor One-touch 250gb External Hdd Issue

I have a maxtor one-touch 250gb external hdd. I have had it for some time now and i have had no problems with it. I plugged it into my computer yesterday and i backed up all my stuff, just use it like i normally would. Then i disconnected like i normally do by going to the green icon in the task bar and ending the hardware plugged it. I found out a couple of hours later that i needed to use it again, so i plugged it like i normally do (using firewire port), and my computer recognized that the maxtor external hdd was plugged in as when i went to the green icon it says that the maxtor drive is plugged in. However, i can't get into the drive because the drive that was originally shown as b: drive is no longer in my computer. I went to device manager, and it says that the maxtor hdd is working properly. I went to disk management, and it doesn't show anything about the maxtor drive. I went to scan disk, and it doesn't show up there either. I tried to uninstall the driver and reinstall. But, same problem, it installs normally and winxp says its successfully installed everything, and the green icon shows saying that it is connected. But no icon in my computer. Furthermore, i tried to go to "run" and type: "b:/", but nothing. Can't find it. I'm not sure why i can't see it in my computer when winxp says its connected and working. Any ideas?

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