Lexmark 2400 Not Working

I have a lexmark 2400 and when i plug it in the on light comes on but it wont turn off. When i plug it into the computer it wont do anything, it doesn't show up on my computer. It will not copy either, whats the deal!?

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Lexmark 2400 Unsupported Cartridge

I have a brand new lexmark 2420. I am using drivers for windows 7, and i have installed the same printer on a windows vista computer. I am still using factory printer cartridges. I am getting an "unsupported cartridge" error message. It printed once when i connected the printer to my wireless connection. It printed the wireless information and that is all. I have cleaned the cartridges on both sides. The cartridges do have working ink. The cartridges are the appropriate for my model.

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Lexmark 2400 Series - How To Change Size Of Print ?

How can i change the size of print on my lexmark 2400 series?


It is the application you are using which controls the size of the printed text. However, if you are printing web pages from the internet, you have no control over the size of the text whatsoever. Text sizes in web pages are often small (6. 5pt) to save space on the web host servers. When printed directly, the printed results need good eyesight or a magnifying glass to read it. To enlarge the print for greater legibility, highlight the textual information you want to print out, right click and select copy, open up your word processor and paste the information onto the page. You can then select all the text and set the size of the text for greater legibility before sending the document to your printer.

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Lexmark 2400 Printer Start Button Is Flashing

I have a lexmark 2400 printer and the start button is flashing and it would not print what should i do?

Answer:- read the manual. If you dont have it, it can be downloaded on the lexmark website.

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Ink Cartridge Number 1 Work On Lexmark 2400 Printer ?

Would an ink cartridge number 1 work on a lexmark 2400 series printer? I bought a lexmark 2400 series printer in the us and need a cartridge replacement. I can't find a number 2 here in europe so is it possible a 1 would work ?

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Hp Scanjet 2400 Driver

Where can i find the basic device driver for hp scanjet 2400? It used to run fine with my pc (os win xp) but as my pc has gone bust, i need it to work on my laptop (os win 7 64bit). It won't work. It says "driver not installed" the disc that worked with xp won't work with the laptop. I tried downloading from hp support site about a hundred times but when i run the file a pop-up says "file is corrupted". Tried emailing hp support but they keep saying try downloading again. I keep trying but their site says file is 2. 6mb size, downloading stops before 1. 5mb. Tried telling them it may actually be corrupted but they keep saying "try downloading again" .

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How To Install Hp Scanjet 2400 ?

How to install hp scanjet 2400?

Answer:- if you have the install cd, power on the scanjet but don't connect the usb cable immediately. Run the setup and let the software tell you when to plug the usb cable to the computer. Let it finish and reboot computer. Windows will find it and advise you. If you want to use 3rd party software instead of the hp, don't forget to go to use the twain driver in lets say, photoshop. If you also need the original setup software, here is the link: http://bit. Ly/aaqqnz

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Hd 2400 Pro Flashing

Hd 2400 pro, worth flashing? I just got a new pc with an hd 2400 pro (256) and was wondering if it is worth flashing, i know the 9800 pro is basically the same as the 9800 xt just set differently. So i am hoping the 2400 is made the same.

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Dell 2400 Mobo Fsb

What software can i download so i can find out the fsb of my mobo? I got a 2. 8 p4 in it rite now, and my friend is gonna give me his old 3. 06 p4 /ht fsb 533. I just need to find out if its compatible with my board. I'm pretty sure the fsb on my processor rite now is 533, but i'm not positive.

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Hp Scanjet 2400 Scanner Problem

I have installed hp scanjet 2400 scanner driver and software but problem is that when scan document, one yellow line show on scanned image.

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Dell Dimension 2400 Video Upgrade

I have a dell dimension 2400. I bought a radon 9250 pci card but it will not reconize that the card is even installed in the motherboard. I returned the video card. Which cards are compatable with this machine? And how do i get them to work. My system setup shows the vireo set to auto. I got no help from dell. Just a run around. They tried to tell me i would have to buy an "external slot" that is what customer service in india told me.

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3rd Monitor Problem / Hd 2400 Pci

Ok, we have an hp with an ati 3100 built on. We added a hd 2400 pci. Installed fresh new drivers. But as soon as we enable the monitor on the 2400, the whole system locks up completely. If we leave the monitor on the 2400 disabled the system runs fine.

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Toshiba 2400 S251 Performance Issue

I've got a toshiba 2400 s251 laptop with decent specs. Brand new 60gb hd, 512mb ram, 1. 6ghz p4 processor with a 512 cache, and a brand spankin' new install of xp sp2. However, the computer, even during the os install is slower than molasses running uphill. It's ridiculous. I reinstalled windows. I replaced the hard drive (it used to be a paltry 20gb of indeterminate age, so i kicked it out of bed for something with more surefire measurements). I ran windows memory tester and both sticks checked out fine. My friend even disc-booted gentoo to look at the cpu health and it processed 3, 000 (or was it 3 million?) Instructions per second-decent. The only thing that's wrong is the fan doesn't work (i've already ordered a replacement), but surely that would only affect performance until it overheated and started cooking, right?

For the life of myself and my friend, the hardware geek, we can not figure what in the heck is slowing this laptop down.

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Dell Dimension 2400 Factory Restore

Dell dimension 2400 factory restore? Is there a torrent to where i can download the factory restore? I cant find my disk and this computer doesn't support the restore. Without a disk or torrent

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Dell Dimension 2400 Upgrade For Warcraft 3

How do i upgrade my dell dimension 2400? I need to know how to upgrade my dell dimension 2400 because i had just recently bought warcraft 3 and i would really like 2 play it. My mhz is 400 i have 254mb ram. Answer:-
Well, with the information you've given us, it would take a lot to upgrade your computer to playable warcraft 3 specs. You'd need a new processor and more ram. However, a quick google of the dell dimension 2400 brings up tech specs that are much much better then the ones you have given so you may want to double check your specifications. The easiest way to know if you can run the game or not is to run this website:

It scans your pc and tells you if you have the requirements to play the game.

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Overclocking Amd Sempron 2400+ Cpu

I need some advice on how to overclock my amd sempron 2400+ the motherboard i am using is an asus a7n8x-x. I have a cooling fan that allows me to turn the speed up and down so keeping it cool shouldn't be a problem.

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Dell Inspiron 2400 With Nvidia Geforce 8400 Gs

Ok, so right now i have 50 bucks to spend on a video card for my dell inspiron 2400. I went to comp usa and the guy there recommended using the geforce 8400 gs for just light gaming. Is this card ok for this? If not, is there another card around 50-60 dollars i can use?

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Dell Dimension 2400 Total Ram Issue

A friend of mine started having issues with their computer after they installed a new hard drive (things going really slow), so i told him i would take a look at it. It's a dell dimension 2400, and looking around, it looks like the specs of it should be pc2700 1 x 512 mb ram. However, looking at the bios it says there is a total memory of 97280k, also, when xp boots up, and i right click "my compter", it also says their is 97 megs of ram. Another thing i noticed is when it boots up and detects the ide devices, it says it's ddr333 (pc3200), however, when i enter dell's service tag, it says i need ddr466 (pc3700). So i'm a little confused, did dell mess up and put wrong memory stick in, or are bios and xp wrong? Also, why would it start acting slow after replacing the harddrive? I've tried running memtest, but for some reason it didn't work for me. It wouldn't boot from the cd (it would just hang).

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Upgrade Graphics Memory Of Dell Dimension 2400 Pc

Can anybody give me advice on how to upgrade the "graphics" memory of my dell dimension 2400 pc? Currently, the pc uses intel (r) 82845g/gl/ge/pe/gv graphics controller which is extremely old and slow. Which video cards are compatible with dell dimension 2400? Among these, can you name video cards that have a memory of 256mb or higher? Can the pc cope up with any more upgrades? (Two years ago i upgraded the "system" memory from 256 mb to 1gb).

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Dell 2400 Won't Work With Lite-on Dvd Burner

Why wont my dell 2400 work with my lite-on dvd burner? I have a dell 2400 with a factory equipped cd rom burner. I took it out and put in a lite-on dvd rom burner but it acts like nothing is there. It wont even eject the tray. The little green light on the dvd burner doesn't even come on. Whats the reason for this?Its a lite-on dh-20a4p.

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Lexmark X2600 Help

My printer was working fine a few days ago, but now it fails to print. I can print a test page, but communication with the pc itself fails. It seems to have something with vista not supporting kernel-based drivers and nt 4. 0. I've been searching online for a long time, i even re-installed vista. But i'm getting nowhere. I'm unable to find any lexmark user-based drivers that work with vista. I'm curious, are there any 3rd party printer drivers that i could try? Like just some amateur made driver? Oh, and if anyone has a solution for my problem (short of not buying a lexmark printer ever again), i'd appreciate it.

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Lexmark X125 Xp Drivers

I have an old lexmark x125 on an me on a lan, and want to be able to print to it from an xp across the lan. On the xp, when i try to print a fiile across the lan, a dialog box requests installing a lexmark driver. I downloaded a file that is supposed to install the drivers for the x125. When i run it, the first thing it says is to "make sure the printer is connected to the usb port" (but the printer is actually across the lan). When i complete the installation, a "lexmark x125" folder is created, but it's empty, and i can't find any .ini files or program files for the printer. Do you think the installation failed because the x125 was not directly connected to the usb port of the computer?

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Lexmark Printer Install

I plug in the printer and the wizard window pops up and ask to install i don't have a disk so i click (automatically) and it says it can't find the hardware what else can i do ?

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Lexmark X5270 Not Working

Lexmark x5270 will not print. ? Uninstalled and installed software again. Still not working. Replaced with new inks.

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Lexmark X1250 Software

Lost software disc for a lexmark x1250, printer/scanner. ? I have downloaded the software several times but i only get the solutions center.

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Scan Photo With Lexmark

How do i scan a photo onto my computer with a lexmark? I have a lexamrk, had it for a while. & I can't scan it on. I know it's connected to the computer and everything, and i can put the picture in, then when i push 'start; color' it doesn't work. Any ideas?

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How To Install Lexmark Printer ?

I want to switch my dell printer to a lexmark printer for which i don't have a driver. I will download it. What are the exact steps i need to take to install this printer and get it working?. The ink is cheaper. Do i have to uninstall my dell printer driver first or can i keep it there.

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Lexmark X6150 Driver

How do i get a driver for a lexmark x6150 for an hp 6330? I bought a new hp pavilion p6330f computer and have an old lexmark x6150 printer. How do i download a driver for it? I went to the lexmark website but they all want you to uninstall first and i don't need that. I haven't been able to figure this one out. Any suggestions?

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Lexmark P6250 - How To Scan ?

How do i scan using lexmark p6250 to windows vista? I am trying to use my all in one lexmark p6250 to scan some documents to my system. I have vista as an operating system. I have tried downloading the driver software from both the disk supplied and the lexmark website but neither give me the ability to scan documents. The lexmark website suggests using windows scanner but i can't find this in my programs.

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Install Lexmark Printer Without Cd

How do you install a lexmark printer on your computer without a cd?

Visit the lexmark website and download the driver package from there, you'll need to know the model of your printer and which operating system you are using:

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