Extending Desktop To Monitor With Dvi Cord

I have a desktop with a vga and a dvi port. My current monitor is plugged into the vga. I want to plug a 2nd monitor into the dvi so that i can extend the desktop. 2nd monitor is turned on. The dell red/green/blue/white "self test feature check" is meanding around the screen. However, when i plug the dvi cord in, my primary monitor immediately displays a "connection lost" on the screen, so i can't do anything further. I have also tried unplugging the vga to my primary monitor while leaving the dvi plugged into the 2nd monitor - that does nothing either. Finally, i have tried shutting down the comp and starting it up with both the vga and dvi plugged in. In this case, i see the pre-boot stuff on my primary monitor, and i even see the initial windows startup icon. However, the screen loses connection again before i see the login to windows screen. I then have to unplug the dvi cord to see that screen.

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Connect Computer To Monitor Using Mini Dvi To Hdmi Cord

Could you connect a computer to a computer monitor using a mini dvi to hdmi cord?

Answer:- sure, if your computer has a mini dvi output and the monitor has an hdmi input.

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Connect Between Monitor Lcd Dvi-d And Vga Dvi-i

How to connect between monitor lcd (dvi-d) and vga (dvi-i) ? I have a benq monitor an its input is dvi-d and vga has dvi-i input how i can connect between them if i have cable with two sides dvi_i . And can i remove some pins from one sid to make it fit to fix in dvi-d ?

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Connect Pc To Monitor With Hdmi Cord

I try to use a hdmi cord to connect my pc to my monitor, doesn't work. Yes, both my dell computer and dell 24" have a hdmi port. I connect the hdmi cable from my pc to my monitor and i switch to the hdmi input setting and all that appears is my standard windows 7 back round and in a smaller size and no icons on the desktop or the task bar appears. Any suggestions on how to make it work, or am i doing it completely wrong in the first place?

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Should I Use Dvi For My Pc Monitor Connection ?

My computer only seems to work through the dvi port, and i when i got it i got a dvi-vga adaptor, and was using that connected to a vga lead, then to my monitor. Got a new monitor/tv combo though with an actual dvi port. I don't have any dvi leads to my knowledge, so my question is would i get any benefit from buying one and using that? And is there anything i should take into consideration, e.g. The type or quality of the lead i buy (i don't really know anything about them. )

Secondly, my 360 is also connected to this tv, so if i freed up the vga port would i then get a benefit from buying a 360 vga lead to connect it by that, or should i stick to component?

My tv/monitor is an lg m2094d, 1680x1050, 720p.

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Vga Monitor For Dvi Port

I have a dell e177fp monitor that i want to set up as a second monitor. I already have another monitor using the only vga port on my system. Now there is a dvi port in my system also which could be used to connect a second monitor. Unfortunately, the e177fp monitor doesn't have a dvi port (neither does the other monitor). My question is, if i use a vga to dvi adapter to connect the e177fp to the dvi port, will this work?

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Dvi Or Hdmi To Connect Computer To Monitor

Should i use dvi or hdmi to connect my computer to my monitor? My screen resolution is 1920x1200 and my monitor has inputs for both dvi and hdmi. I currently have it hooked up using a dvi cable because i don't have an hdmi cable. Would i benefit in any way by switching to hdmi? Would i benefit by staying with dvi instead of switching to hdmi or is it the same both ways?

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Convert Dvi To Hdmi For Samsung Monitor

How to convert dvi to hdmi for a samsung monitor? I am gonna buy a samsung 24" full hd monitor which has a dvi port but not a hdmi. Sometimes i am gonna use my home-theater to connect to this monitor but the problem is that my home-theater has a hdmi conn only and no dvi conn. I asked the dealer , he said that a converter is available , what will the converter do, will it connect the dvi to hdmi, will there be quality loss?

Will this conversion have effect on the full hd 1080p movies i will watch? I have also heard that dvi does not carry sound, so then where will the sound go after conversion and lastly what all effects will this conversion make, and for how much is this converter available and which brand is good.

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Monitor To Ps3 With Dvi Or Vga Connections

Computer monitor to ps3 with either dvi or vga connections from monitor and composite, component, rca to ps3? I have a computer monitor with 2 ways to connect. Either dvi or vga. I have a ps3 with just the standard rca cord. My monitor is not hdcp compliant so i cannot connect hdmi which sucks. So now i am trying to figure the best route to hook all of this up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Connect Xbox 360 Using Hdmi Dvi Into Monitor

How can i connect my xbox360 using hdmi-dvi into a monitor doesn't have dvi input? Ok i bought an hdmi-dvi cable and a dvi-vga adapter to connect my xbox360 to an lg w2242sm monitor which doesn't have dvi so i used the dvi-vga adapter to connect it, but it doesn't work.

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Connect Xbox To Monitor Using Vga, Dvi, Or Composite ?

Since i don't have an hdmi xbox, should i connect it to my monitor using the vga, dvi, or composite? Which is the best quality?

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Extending Drives

Im making a server with 12 discs of 2tb in raid6. Later i want to add another 12 drives and merge them together to 1 drive in windows 2008 r2. What is the best way? Extend volume in 2008 or another?

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Extending The C: Partition

Ok, so i was installing windows on my very first build and at the beginning it asked me to create a volume to store windows in. What i though it meant is that is was going to make that volume store windows in it, then use the rest of the hdd and my c: drive. So i didn't want to waste a lot of the hdd doing this so i made it 5gb. Now this is a 160gb seagate hdd, so 5gb is nothing. Now my question is is there a way to make this c: drive be the whole hdd, or if you cant do that how can i clear out this hard drive so i can start all over again from the beginning. One other problem is i made it into a dynamic disk because i was going to dry and delete the volume after this and restore it to a basic disk so i could start over again. Is any of this possible or am i screwed over, and do i have to go buy a new hdd.

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Monitor Won't Detect Vga, But Works Fine With Dvi

It's a hp w1707 if that helps. Today i'm getting some hdmi cables to hook my ps3 up to my monitor since all i have is a sdtv and can't afford to buy a hdtv. To make things easier on myself, i decided to go drag out my vga cables and hook that up to my computer, and hook my ps3 up to the dvi port so all i'd have to do is just switch the input back and fourth. That's when i ran into a problem. If i plug my vga cables in, it will not detect the display, but the second i plug the dvi into my video card (hd4870 1gig) it's fine again. I'm at a loss, as i said i just wanted to keep both plugged in and just switch between them, so obviously i've already tried switching input modes. I've tried restarting, i've tried setting my card to auto-detect displays (even though i know that's not the issue) i've tried setting my video card to force detection. I've tried having the screen auto adjust. None of it worked. The weird thing is the different results i get depending on the combo of buttons i push on the monitor and the cable(s) hooked up to the monitor itself. If both are unplugged from my comp, but plugged into my monitor, the screen will say no input detected. If both are connected and dvi is plugged in to my computer, it will work fine. If both are plugged into the monitor but vga in computer, it will say auto adjusting please wait, then will only have my background on the screen (no icons no mouse, and if i crtl atl and del the screen goes black) if only the vga is plugged into the monitor, it will say check video connections, if vga only is plugged into both the monitor and computer, it will go to sleep almost instantly.

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Acer Lcd Monitor Dvi Cable Doesn't Fit In Back Of Pc

How can i hook up a acer lcd monitor to a hp computer, the dvi cable doesn't fit in the back of the pc? Explain how it does not fit. Are there not enough pins? You might be using a dvi-i cable to a dvi-d connection, or a dual-link cable to a single-link connection. Or maybe you don't have a dvi connection at all.

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Using Usb 2.0 Cable For Extending An Internet Connection

Will a usb 2. 0 cable of 10 meters work for extending an internet connection?


No. It's the usb 2. 0 part that results in the "no", not the 10 meters part.

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Using A Desktop Monitor For My Notebook

Recently, my notebooks monitor has blow out (either the light or inverter, i have yet to fix it because im just buying a new notebook) but regardless, i hooked my notebook up to a regular desktop monitor and have been trying to play wow (world of warcraft). I get an error every time i try loading the game, and ive had the error before which was just to update the video driver(s). My only problem now is that im not entirely sure on what to update for a driver while using a desktop monitor for my notebook.

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Desktop Monitor Does Not Display

The monitor was working fine. Last week the problem started. First it went off. I press the monitor button two three times. Then it stands for 2 hour. After that again it went off. I changed the power cable and the cable to cpu. Then it worked for another 2 days. Yesterday the display went off again. Now the monitor light is yellow. Earlier when the monitor was off the light was green. Can anyone have any suggestions.

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Dvi-d Connector To Dvi-d Dual Link

Im looking at a graphics card that has a dvi dual link output. The monitors i am looking at list dvi inputs. I am assuming they are dvi-d single link. Can i use a single link cable on the dual link outputs? It looks like the single link just has less pins, are they compatible? I know i wont benefit from the increased resolution and such, but will it work, or do i need to look at adapters?

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Use A Laptop As A 2nd Desktop Monitor

Basically i need more pixels and i want to use my laptop as a 2nd monitor of sorts. More or less this will be used for reading/copying text. I want to do this: 1. Have the laptop monitor act just like a second monitor. Or 2. Be able to switch my mouse from my desktop to my laptop quickly and without unplugging it. Is it possible to do this? Or not at all?

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Connect Desktop Pc Monitor To Tv Via Hdmi

How to connect desktop pc monitor to tv via hdmi ? Im trying to connect my monitor to my tv to use my tv as a monitor via an hdmi cable. I have the hdmi cable connected, but it wont display. Do i have to do anything else?

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Connect Desktop Monitor To Laptop

Can i connect a desktop monitor to a laptop? I work from home and one of the requirements with a company that i'm contracted with is that the screen be 17", but my laptop screen is only 12". I still have a 17" monitor left over from my old desktop, so is there a way for me to connect a 17" monitor from my desktop to my laptop and use it this way?

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Connect Laptop & Desktop To One Monitor

Is it possible to connect desktop and a laptop to the same monitor at the same time and switch between laptop and desktop desktop screens easily?

Answer:- yes, you use something called a kvm switch, this was created for using one keyboard, monitor, and mouse on two different computers, and it will work for what you want.

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Connect Laptop Monitor To Desktop Computer

Connect laptop monitor to desktop computer, can i do this using a simple vga monitor cable. It's a working laptop and desktop computer. What will happen if i connect the two. Any suggestions? I don't have a separate monitor!

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Connect Mac Lcd Monitor With Pc Desktop

Is it possible to buy a mac lcd monitor and connect it to a pc desktop (dell or hp?)?

Answer:- the 30-inch apple hd cinema display, yes, if the dell or hp computer has a dual-link dvi output. (That monitor will only work with dual-link dvi. )

The 24-inch apple led cinema display, no. That monitor requires a computer that has a minidisplayport output, which neither dells nor hps have.

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Monitor Connected To Laptop In Extended Desktop Mode Not Working

Why wont halo combat evolved run through an alternate monitor connected to my laptop in extended desktop mode? I have it all set up with my new 20" monitor connected to my laptop, using the extended desktop feature. The are connected through the normal blue monitor cable, and i have a 512mb ati radeon graphics card. I can run every other game i have, including cod 4, 6, crysis, halo 2 etc on the monitor, perfect, but i start halo combat evolved and it just has a black box in the middle of my screen?

I can run it on my laptop without my monitor plugged in. And i have fiddled around with the resolution because i feared halo might not support what ever resolution i have now (1600x something - forgot lol), but ive tried everything and i cantt gett it to work.

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Difference Displayport-to-dvi And Normal Displayport-to-dvi Adapter

What's the difference in the 100$ active display port-to-dvi adapters and a $15 normal display port-to-dvi adapter ?

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Dvi-i Vs Dvi-d Support

From what i understand, the "d" in dvi-d stands for dual link. It can transmit higher bandwidth. (Ok) i recently bought an alienware with 1920x1080x120hz resolution. This is connected to my custom tower, with an ati 4870x2 video card. Internet browsing looks real good, & games like cod-mw look great. Bf/bad company-2 is still having high-end compatibility. (Getting better )

Question: how do i know i'm getting "full" bandwidth, & not just running on dvi-i from the 4870x2 video card? I'm not concerned with the 3-d affects. I just want great graphics. If i was to buy a new video card down the road, i wonder would the ati 5970, or the new nvida 480 series work better with my monitor ?

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Desktop Does Not Fit In Screen - Scrolling Desktop

I just bought a new laptop and i am changing everything to what i like - which includes the size of the resolution of my screen. Whenever i go to change the resolution from 800 x 600 to make it look bigger (example: 1024 x 768) my laptop has no problems doing that but instead of making the whole desktop fit into my laptop screen, it makes it so i can sorta of like scroll up, down, left, right to see the rest of the screen (but there aren't any scroll bars, they are like invisible if u know what i mean). How do i change the setting so that the whole screen resolution will fit into my laptop screen instead of this scrolling method?

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Connecting Desktop To Laptop So That Laptop Act As Monitor

Is there any way to connect my desktop to my laptop, so i can my laptop can act as a monitor? I have a desktop computer but with no monitor, is there any way i can connect it to my laptop to view the desktop?

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