Repairing Laptop Lcd Screen

Have a friend who just purchased an hp pavilion ze5000 laptop but the screen has a "white" screen, the laptop shows fine when connected to any other monitors. I am thinking that this might be a great opportunity for me to get a multimeter and learn how to use it and gain some experience/knowledge in repair but i don't wish to mess up anything in trying or misdiagnose something and have my friend purchase the wrong parts. I already have some great documentation for this but don't wish to have only that documentation to work from so i was wondering if there is anyone here experienced in laptop lcd screen repair who can guide me through the process please or if i can ask specific questions concerning the repair attempt to get some help?

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Using Different Lcd Screen For Laptop

Will a laptop not work if its connected to a different lcd? This is pure curiosity. I know that the lcd might not fit, but could you theoretically change the lcd screens of two laptops or do they have different little connectors. Or even if they fit, would they not work? I've always wondered this since i've changed my laptop's screen.

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Lcd Flickers When Moving Laptop Or Screen Around

My lcd flickers on my toshiba laptop when i move the screen. I went to best buy and they told me that it was nothing to worry about but it is bothersome. And i have already got the lcd replaced once. It normally works fine until i start moving the laptop or the screen around. But if i do the screen normally flickers black and goes back to normal once i stop moving it.

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Repairing A Hard Drive

Is it possible to repair a hard drive (for free)? I've tried installing:

Windows xp: home edition

But none of them worked. It's definitely a hard drive problem. How can i fix the problem? I don't know what the problem is.

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Repairing Ps2 Pin

I have a ps2 with a white pin broken trying to do the knife swap trick. So ive got another one off a mate, does not work so i can use it for parts. Have opened it up, but cannot find a way to remove the white pin. Can anyone guide me with this? Preferably with a visual aid - if you can edit and post back this photo:

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Keyboard With Lcd Screen

Anyone know of any keyboards other than the g15 that have an lcd screen on it for temp settings/cpu/ram etc?

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Screen Dimensions Of Lcd Monitors

I am looking into getting a few lcd monitors, 3 to be specific, for my computer at home. I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why in the world i would need three monitors. I currently have 2 at work at quite often wish i had three. I also want to get a large wide screen for viewing movies as my main monitor and 2 smaller on each side for support. Here's where i'm having some trouble. I'm deciding between either a 20. 1 widescreen or 22 widescreen (the 22 just came out for not much more money, but i wanna wait on some reviews before deciding). For my additional two monitors, they will be mounted by arms to each side of this widescreen monitor, but i want the height of the screens to match up. I can't seem to find many sites that show the height and width of the actual screen to compare. I'm hoping some people out there can post of some dimensions (height and width) along with the designated screen size (diagonal), also if it's widescreen. Or if someone knows a site out there with a chart of these dimensions. Hmm, maybe i should just visits fry's electronics with a tape measure. P. S. If you have a crt, please don't post, i know they lose about an inch from the screen, which will totally mess up my numbers.

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Usefulness Of Logitech G19 Lcd Screen

I have 4 gaming keyboards i like and i am trying to make a final decision. I am wondering about the actual real life usefulness of the logitech g19 keyboard. Does it really help in games?

Do you have to update the keyboard software to include future games as they are released or does it just figure something out automatically?

Does it have a usefulness outside of gaming?

For all you g19 owners, how often does this improve productivity?

Does it have a usefulness in other applications such as photo and/or video editing?

I've read and watched reviews and they don't go much into the lcd screen. Maybe cause there's not much to show, i don't know. Let me know what you all think about the lcd screen. I need to start thinking with higher standards to try and eliminate these keyboards to 1.

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Make Lcd Computer Monitor Into A Tv Screen

I am wondering how i can make my lcd computer monitor into a t. V. Screen? I am looking at a few monitors. One has hdmi and one just has dvi and vga. I have a dishnetwork box without hdmi so i am using component. I was wondering if all i would need to do is get a hdmi to component cord and plug it in? Or do i have to mess with the setting or other things? Also i heard you can get hd channels over the air with a hd antenna. Is that true? And how would it look on my monitor if it can support 1080p?

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Hp Pavilion Dv4 Lcd Screen Replace

How to replace lcd screen for hp pavilion dv4? Ps: don't send me the links for other laptops. I already searched but the screen assembly for this particular model is different thats why i am putting it here.

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Fix Lcd Screen On A Digital Camera

How do you fix lcd screen on a digital camera? Answer:- replacing a cameras lcd is very easy to do. You can usually buy the lcd cheap on auction sites. It might be better to purchase a broken camera with an intact screen. Make sure you get the same model. Take apart the camera and simply pull the connectors out from the end that is attached to the camera and push the connectors back in (might take some force) with the new screen. Although i have had no experience in this exact area, i would hazard a guess that the expense of replacing the lcd panel would outweigh the cost of a new camera of equivalent capability. Nonetheless, the camera, if it has an optical viewfinder is still capable of providing great pictures. You do not need an lcd viewfinder. If you doubt the picture came out, then snap another. The world didn't have lcd panels before and they certainly don't need them now. See the related link below for examples on how to replace a digital camera's lcd screen.

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Small, Portable, Battery Powered Lcd Screen

I'm building a halloween costume that i want to have a small lcd screen be a part of it. Here's what i need:

- A small screen, maybe 4x6in or so?

- No thicker than 3 inches deep. - It will display a picture that i will design and upload to it. - Needs to run on battery power. Disposable batteries would be best since i could replace on the fly as needed. Need it to be on for about about 5-6 hours. -Nothing too heavy

Any ideas? I've been eying digital photo frames but i cant really find any battery powered ones that'll last longer than a few minutes and require a wall recharge to keep going.

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24 Inch Glossy (not Matte) Lcd Screen Monitor

I don't like matte monitors, and light/reflections not an issue for me. I can not find any samsung or lg glossy screen type 24" monitors. I did however find a glossy screen acer 24" . I can't post links because im a new user but its the acer p243waid and you can get it on newegg for 330$. But im willing to pay extra for quality of a bigger name brand. Any help plz? It kind of surprises me samsung wouldn't make a 24" monitor with glossy screen?

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Remove Dry Water Mark From Lcd Screen

How do i remove a dry water mark from an lcd screen? I was using a 'screen target' and it's left what looks like a dried up water mark on my screen - any idea how to remove it? My monitor is a 26" samsung t260, and it's a matte finish, not glossy. I've tried wiping it with a cloth but that hasn't worked. If i go out and get some screen wipes, will they help? Or do i just need to leave it to dry out?

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Hp Vs17e Lcd Flat Screen Monitor Problem

I have a hp vs 17e lcd flat screen monitor, that when attached to my computer displays a message change setting to'1280x1024 60hz'. I do not know how to do this! Plus the monitor blinks on and off, making it impossible to operate the computer, or see the screen to make any adjustments.

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Toshiba Satellite A300 Lcd Screen Cracked

My toshiba satellite pro a300 lcd screen cracked yesterday night and i can find on the internet a replacement one but you have to replace it by yourself and im not this kind of person! Does anyone know any sites where i can send the laptop off to?

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Dell Lcd Monitor With Black Screen Problem

19" dell lcd monitor with black screen - what is the electronic cause of this monitor problem?

Answer:- usually, it's the backlight, which can be confirmed by shining a torchlight into the darkened dell monitor screen. You might see a dim silhouette of the desktop area if the computer has booted up. Replacing the backlight should solve the problem. The other reason (electronics) could be dry joints on the monitor's inverter board. This can be the case if your dell monitor has a bright & blank screen. Dry joints cause voltage drops, which can result in a black screen.

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Asus Lcd Monitor Displaying Grey Screen

Last night my little sister had her friend over, and while i was asleep apparently her friend was using my computer. All i know is she had a webcam hooked up to it. But today when i go to use it, the monitor was displaying a grey screen, and it was totally unresponsive. I couldn't even hard reset. To turn it off i had to flip the switch on my psu. When i rebooted it still showed the gray screen but after a while, like 10 times longer than normal, it finally loaded and displayed properly. I couldn't figure it out, so for the time being, i left it alone. I went back to look at it a few minutes ago. It had been maybe 4 hours. And it responded this time when i moved the mouse, but the screen was grey again. I rebooted (button finally worked again) and still grey screen.

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Can A Laptop Lcd Used On Pc ?

I have been going over this in my mind for a while searching for a cheap way to make a diy projector. I have got myself a overhead projector but need a lcd to put on top to project the image, but problem is i don't wanna buy a desktop tft panel to take apart. Instead i have seen on ebay, quite alot of laptop lcd panels taken out of laptops. Is there anyway i could use those lcd's and wire up a those power boards and a vga controller board and use it as normal desktop panel so i can put it on my ohp and plug the lcd into my pc?

Are there any really deep techniques out there who can tell me if this is possible and how to go about it.

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Connect Laptop To Lcd Tv

How to connect laptop to lcd tv? I got vga on laptop not tv, i got hdmi on tv not laptop, i asked a professional he said i need vga to hdmi. He was wrong what do i need? Here pics of laptop:-

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Connecting Laptop To Lcd Tv

I am having a terrible time getting my laptop computer hooked up to my lcd tv. I want the contents of the computer's screen to appear on the tv (not vice versa). I was hoping someone could offer a solution. Here's the situation: the laptop has a female vga port. Simple enough. The tv is a sony kf-60we610 rear projection lcd, circa 2003. I have a few pictures of the ports on the back of the tv:

As you can see from the images, the tv has a female dvi port but i'm not sure what kind of dvi port it is. It is definitely not a dvi-d. I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures but the horizontal slot along the left side of the port is actually "fake". In other words, it's not really a slot that a male pin can fit into. A male version of this dvi port must not have the horizontal pin because the female (on the tv) does not have an opening for it. I know i can use a vga to component video (y/pb/pr) converter but i was hoping for a cheaper solution. I was also wondering if i am barking up the wrong tree: do i even need to connect to the tv's dvi port? As you can see from the images, the tv has an s-video port. Would it be possible (or better) to somehow connect the computer's vga to the tv's s-video? Is this even possible?

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Connect Lcd Tv To Laptop

Trying to connect laptop to lcd tv, i have a vga to rca(red/white/yellow) converter, i have windows xp, i am trying to see if i need a specific driver for my vga after i reformatted. Mainly i need to know how to get the input to work. I went to my display properties-> settings, then i click "2" the second monitor and check the box "extend my windows desktop on this monitor" i can't get anything.

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Laptop Lcd With Mini Itx

I am working on a project where i want to make a digital picture frame out of a laptop lcd. I have seen diy guides online for this but they all use the existing motherboard from the laptop. Thats really way too much power required for what i am looking for, i was planning on a low end mini or pico itx board with minimal processing power. The reason why i am building it msyelf is well. A) its more fun and b) i hate all the current digiframes out there (too small, not enough memory etc). The problem i am running into is i am not sure how to hook up the laptop lcd to the mini itx board. It is the samnsung ltn150u2 which i pulled from a dead laptop (the screen works i tested it in another machine). It seems as though finding controllers is almost impossible. Does anyone know if the lvds board offered by some mini itx boards would be able to control this lcd directly? I will probalby have to make my own wiring harness. That should be fun too. Any suggestions?

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Connect Laptop To Lcd Tv Goes Blank

How do i connect my laptop computer to my lcd tv? These are the steps i take:

1) turn laptop off. 2) connect lcd tv to laptop via vga cable. 3) set lcd tv to vga input. 4) turn on laptop. The lcd tv shows the bios screen and loading windows screen perfectly fine. When windows loads, the lcd tv goes blank and says no signal. I'm using windows 7 ultimate.

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White Line On Laptop Lcd

My laptop lcd developed a 5 pixel high strange line across the screen less than halfway up. From top to bottom it looks as follows:

3 white pixel lines
1 normal pixel line
1 white pixel line

What makes it strange to me is that all of the white pixel lines can change, albeit very slowly. In other words, if i'm displaying a photo if i minimize it the "white lines" become darker, even to the point that when i restore the photo i can no longer see the white line at some points. I thought it would mean that there was some dead transistors but that would mean that no shading/color or change would happen right? Any bright ideas on what is happening and if there is hope at repair/solution?

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3 Monitors, 2 Lcd 1 Laptop With Docking Station

I am setting up a triple monitor display with a dell latitude d630 hooked up to a docking station. The docking station currently has 2 monitor hookups, one digital and one analog. I have a 17" dell monitor and a 17" samsung monitor that i would like to hook up to the docking station. If i plug in both displays to the current configuration, i am going to replace my current laptop monitor with one of the 17" monitors, therefore giving me a dual monitor display. I plan to use a iogear usb external video card to connect one monitor to the laptop docking station, the other monitor will connect directly to the docking station. I have heard that hooking up 2 monitors this way can blow up the computer. Is there a driver i need to install before setting this up? Or am i wasting my time with this thought because i cannot install a triple monitor video card.

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How To Fix Broken Laptop Lcd Screens ?

Any of you have bad or broken laptop lcd screens and are appealed at the price tag the manufacturer puts to repair your screen? All this at a loss of a few days of productivity? Well, here is an answer to your distress. How to replace a broken laptop or notebook display

I thought you people should know that there is something that you can do about a broken laptop lcd screen other than buying a new laptop or paying the laptop manufacturer a ransom.

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Connect Dell Studio 15 Laptop To Lcd Tv

How do i connect my dell studio 15 labtop to my lcd tv? I cannot seem to get my brand new dell studio 15 laptop with a radeon mobil 4570, to connect to my broksonic 32� ccvg-3276 lcd tv properly. I have searched through to online support items without any success. Another problem i seem to be having is that the online support chat page does not want to load on my laptop. All other websites work fine, but after i fill out my info on the page before the chat i click start session, then the page comes up and after a few minutes tells me i have connection problems. Then i click diagnose connection problems and windows tells me that there is no problem. This problem is secondary to me getting the connection from the laptop to the tv though. I know that the hdmi cable is good, because it is the same cable that we use from the cable box to the tv. I am also using the same input from the laptop to the tv as we do with the cable box. So, i know i have the tv on the correct input. I also know that the input on the tv works fine as well, because when connected to the cable box the picture comes up fine. I know that i have the latest drivers for the radeon mobil 4570. I downloaded them directly from the ati website just to be sure. I think that it was supposed to have been preloaded on the laptop, but when the trouble started i downloaded and installed them.

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Connect Laptop Hdmi Out To Lcd Monitor

I want to connect laptop(hdmi out) to my lcd monitor(dvi-d-24 pin). I don't know which cable do i need to connect. I have acer x233h lcd with dvi-d in monitor and toshiba laptop with hdmi out. Any idea will be appreciated.

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Connect Laptop With Lcd Tv Colour Problem

When i connect my laptop with lcd tv colors on tv are messed up. How can i fix that problem? I have hp laptop (3 yrs old) and toshiba lcd (6 months old) and am using vga to vga cable. Resolution seems to be fine but colors are not good at all. I tried to change different settings on my laptop but nothing works and the picture on my lcd tv is in color but the colors are very weird. I wanted to show some photos from my recent trips to my family but it simply doesn't work.

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