How Important Is Ecc Ram For A Home File Server ?

I'm getting ready to upgrade my servers hardware and was wondering how important is ecc ram for a home file server? Does it even matter?

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Non-ecc Ram

I've just received a dell computer which has a mere 256 ram and integrated graphics. I'm planning to buy a nice geforce soon, but of course, ram is also necessary, at least doubled or tripled. My question is about the specifics of ram and what exactly matters. My current ram (looking at the dell invoice) is a 256 ddr-sdram chip running on a 400mhz bus. It says 400m anyway. It also says "non-ecc" and i have no clue what that means. So i'm looking at some ram which will be 2-256 ddr-sdram chips which are "made" to run on a 400mhz bus (if bus is the right term). These are dual channel chips, while i think my original ram is not, since there is no mention of dual-channel. Would it matter if mixed single and dual channel ram together? Would it even matter if i used 333mhz ram or 400mhz+ ram? What exactly matters or better yet, what should i be searching for?

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Ram: What Does Ecc Registered Mean ?

Will ram that is ecc registered work in machines that have specs for non-ecc registered? What does ecc registered mean?

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Using Old Laptop As Home Server

I have an old laptop with windows xp on it and would like to use it as a print server, music server and a network drive for backups and to store photos on. We have a wireless home network; a printer (currently wired to one laptop); three laptops including the old one (one is a mac); apple tv and an iphone. It would be awesome if we could plug the old laptop into the printer and then print from the other computers. It would also be cool if i could plug an external hard drive into the old laptop and use it as a network drive (for backups, photos and torrent downloads). The main hard drive on the old laptop seems ok but i don't really trust it. Finally it would also be great if we could install itunes on it and access it from the apple tv and the other laptops. I believe this is possible but have no idea how to do it. I've seen a few useful guides on the internet but nothing that explains the basics of the project in simple enough terms for an idiot like me to understand. For example- how do you keep the laptop on 24/7 with the lid closed? Or will it sleep and wake needed? How do we stop the neighbors from accessing any shared drives? At the moment we just turn the computers on and they go; there are no passwords or accounts.

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Home Server Hardware Requirements

I am looking to buy a server for my home and i dont really know what hardware i really need to do this. Here is what i want to do. I want a central location to store all of my files. I am a photographer and i end up with about 750gb - 1tb per year of data. I really only need the last 2 years of data available to share. The rest i would archive. From this central location i want to be able access these files from any one of 3 machines - all running xp. I want all of my application to reside on these 3 machines such that the server is really just a storage device. I would like the server to act as a print server also, so i dont have to install printer software on each machine as i have now. I have no interest in accessing any of these files outside of my little home network. I do not want this to be a web server either.

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Port Forwarding - Windows Home Server

One thing about windows home server is really starting to tick me off. The ip address of my whs is 192. 168. 1. 50. I'm sitting in my living room, open a browser window and navigate to the address. It seems that i must enable "remote access" in order to be able to access the server's web page, which makes sense. However, when i enable remote access, it goes through a setup wizard, making sure that it's reachable from within the network, then performs a upnp check on the router, then attempts to open ports in the router so that it's available to the outside world, then starts to set up a domain name. No way in *** do i want that. I want to be able to reach the page from within my own network, but i don't want anyone on the outside to be able to see my information. So now, even though i check the box to ignore the warning, i'm periodically warned by the network health panel that it was unable to set up port forwarding in my router. Good, because i don't want it to. How do i get it to stop trying to configure my router while still maintain the ability to access the web interface from within my network?

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Http / Https Home Server Problem

I recently bought and tried to set up the hp media smart home server lx195, only to figure out that my isp blocks port 80 incoming connections. My isp is cox communications in arizona. I spent days trying to figure out how to work around port 80 blocks. I finally found this article which helped me. It had me assign a static ip to the homeserver, port forwarded port 80 incoming into the hs, assigned a static ip to my router, and set up a dyndns ip redirect from my custom domain. Everything ended up working great! There's just one problem (as usual). Whenever i got into my home server, the address was http:*mydomainname*.net. So far so good. When i clicked log on for remote access to home server, the address changed to https:*mydomainname*.netemote. It should have been ok except for the fact that it changed to https and locked me out and i lost connection to the website. I tried changing the adress to http:*mydomain*.netemote and it said that "this website requires secure (https) connection". That's my story. My question: is there a way to fix the https to go to http? If there is another fix for the port 80 block workaround or something else, feel free to tell me.

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Home Network Mail Server Outlook Express

My family and i all share the one family email, for important things that we all what to read, family, etc. But we have more than 5 computers in the house and find it quite annoying having only one computer that can access and retrieve the emails. Is there any software i can buy that will let me do this. There is only one way i can think of and that is to leave the mail on the server without deleting it. But i don't want to do this, i just want everyone to be able to access the mail from one computer, just like file sharing. Do i need some special hardware to do this?

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Connect Usb Printer To Home Network Without Print Server

How do i connect a usb printer to a home network with out a print server? I have all kinds of adapters and ethernet tools and it need to be able to print from all computers on the network.

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Ftp / File Server

I've been wanting to do a file server / ftp type of thing. Here's my situation: i'm looking to so a file server / ftp box. It's going to host my:


Basically, all my media so i can stream it throughout the house on the same network. What i also want to do is set all my torrents and downloads to that box. Also, i want the box to be accessible from where ever i am. For example, if i'm at a starbucks downtown somewhere away from home, i want to be able to upload my photos or documents to my ftp so i have them on my server. Calls for filezilla much?

My plan so far: get a box (build or recycle, maybe run this off a external hd?) And throw on ubuntu server or winxp. Throw on filezilla server and set that up. Then setup the filezilla client on my laptop, future netbook and what ever i want to access it with. Lock it down with a common password that only i and close family + friends will know. I got this idea after i was sparked during my research for a netbook. I wanted something like but didn't want to pay for it since i will be uploading over the limit. So, for those server heads, any suggestions on software wise or solutions?

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File Server Hardware Suggestions

I am looking for suggestions on hardware to use for building a file server. This'll be my first server build -

A few things i would like:

- The file server will be running some flavor of linux with samba and truecrypt. - My budget is $1000. I'd like at least 2tb of usable space (is this reasonable within budget?)

- Don't care much about speed, as long as it's not slow as a snail. No video editing or anything. - I'd like as close to 100% uptime as possible, within my budget range. If things happen, i can rebuild the server. - At least raid 1 redundancy. - This server might also get some use as a low-volume vmware vm server or a low-volume web server. - I would like as much disk space as possible within my budget

I'm wondering about:

- Server-specific technologies such as server mobos/procs, scsi, sas, and ecc memory - whether or not it's worth it to go this way over normal desktop-level hardware. - Should i go with one single disk for the os and then separate raided disks for data storage? Or store files and os on the same drive so that the os gets mirrored as well?

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Old Computer To File / Media Server

I have an old computer sitting and doing nothing which i wanna turn it into a file/media server to use it as a hub for my home network. Specs: pentium 4 @ 2. 4ghz (socket 478 - northwood), 1. 5gb ddr memory, abit ic7-g motherboard (intel i875p), 400w psu. I don't wanna spend any money on upgrading stuff other than necessary components that i will need to turn this thing into a full time media server. I plan on installing four to eight 1/1. 5/2 tb hdds and may look into raid build, although i don't really know much about it. The motherboard has 4 sata slots so i'll be good for up to 4 hard drives. If i decide to install more space what kind of card will i need? One thing to take into consideration is that there are only pci slots. Will the cpu and available memory be able to handle all this? Is the psu sufficient enough to power so many hard drives?

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Hard Drive Spin Down In File Server From Sata Card

I'm putting together a file server/backup server and plan to have between 6-12 sata ii drives in it. All drives will remain single and individually accessed (i.e. No raid). The file server will continue to run vista and the drives will be in two supermicro cse-m35t-1b (5 drive hot-swap enclosure)

I am currently using an intel board with 6-sata ports (ich8dh) for the file server and through vista, am able to set the drives to automatically spin-down after about 20 minutes of no activity. This works great as most of these drives are just used once or twice a day (thus don't need to be spinning 24/7). Are there any sata controller cards that will allow windows to spin-down the attached drives (just like the intel ich8dh does)? Preferably, i am looking for a 4 or 8 port pci express card (it doesn't need to have raid). I've been looking at the marvell based supermicro aoc-saslp-mv8 since it provides 8 sata ii ports in a 4x pci express package. (~$110)

I've also looked into using a simple 2-port sata pci express sil 3132 based card with one or two sil3726 based port multipliers (1 sata connection to 5 drives, addonics ad5sapm). (~$100 for both the controller & 1 port multiplier)

The drives in the file server will probably, at most, be used 1-2 at a time, and be accessed via a single gigabit ethernet port, thus overall drive throughput really isn't a concern here. My main concern is getting the drives to spin-down, so if there is another sata controller/hba out there that costs more and allows spin-down, i'm open to that as well. Cfm

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Xp Home And Maximum Ram

Running xp home sp2 and have 2gb of ram installed, wanted to add another 1gb to have 3gb total of ram, thing is i have been hearing that xp will not support ram at the 3gb amount or higher, if thats thats. Not cool, since i have an asus p5b dlx that supports 8gb. So question is does anyone have 3gb installed or higher using xp home os. And does xp recognize it? And at what amount of ram does xp home stop recognizing.

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Low Cost / Low Power Consumption Server For File Serving 15-20 Drives

Like the title states;

Originally, i had a specific set of components lined up for my whs file server but have decided to start over with input from everyone here. Before i go any further, here are the main functions the box will be serving;

3-5 workstations (htpc, wdtv, etc), streaming mainly hd content over a gigabit network and file backup of photos and family videos. Not so distant future, ftp server for remote access to data (2-10 clients max - rarely simultaneous connection). My main priorities, in order of importance;

Low power
Low cost (not too important if cost vs. Performance sacrifice is an issue)

This server will be on 24/7 so low power is extremely important. No raid requirements necessary, jbod done via whs. I've already acquired a norco 4220 w/ fan's modded for less noise, a rosewill rbr1000-m 1000w psu, and a dell sas6/ir.initially, i will start with 5-10 - 1. 5 to 2tb drives, but i would like to purchase all hardware no (while i have money). So my question to all is this; given my server demands (hardly any), what components would you go with - a list of specific components with models numbers would help. If you wouldn't use the sas6 i currently have, what would you used (saslp ?)

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Difference Between Ecc Memory And Non Ecc Memory

I have a dual pii that i am trying to resurrect. The manual says that it requires ecc memory. What happens if i don't put ecc memory in it? Will it blow up? I am going to use the pii to surf, do word processing, and do simple tasks but would also like to leave it on 24/7 to serve as an answering machine and to receive faxes, as well as to let my access data through the internet from other computers.

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Ram Drive For Paging File On Vista

Im finally putting together my new computer build and was looking at getting 8 gb of ram, then converting half of it into a ram drive for the paging file. Is there any way of doing this on vista home premium x64 ?

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Disable Paging File ( Vista, Ssd, 4gb+ Ram )

I've done a bit of googling and forum reading but i can't seem to get a clear answer on this. I first wanted to disable it to minimize the read/writes to the ssd i just put in a friends laptop. He's got 4gb ddr2-800 ram installed and a 128gb g. Skill falcon with vista ultimate x64 installed. The most multitasking he ever does is having outlook and a browser open at the same time. He plays a game once in a while but that's the extent of his heavy use. It's my uneducated assumption that he's never going to need a paging file because there's always plenty of room in his physical memory. Is this incorrect? It sounds like disabling the paging file would lengthen the lifespan of his ssd a little bit and even speed it up some but i want to get a good answer for [h] on this. Most of the forum's and articles are just people bickering over whether it's a critical component of the os or discussing on what other drive or flash device to store the paging file. I have nothing else attached to the laptop to shift it to so we're looking to disable it completely.

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Hp Deskjet F4480 - Save Scanned File As Image File

Using the hp deskjet f4480 printer/scanner, is it possible to set a scanned image to save as an image file? Every time i scan an image using the hp deskjet f4480 printer/scanner, it automatically saves as a .pdf file. Is there a way to set the scanner to save scanned images as image files? (. Jpeg, .png, etc. ).

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Difference Between Ecc Registered And Regular

My server is running ddr2 ecc memory. I'm not sure if it's registered. What is the difference between ecc registered and regular ecc anyway? I'm wondering if i can upgrade with memory that has no ecc at all and not suffer any ill effects, reasoning is there's lots of sales, some on ecc as well, but non ecc is far less costly?

I mistakenly bought ecc ddr memory and rather than getting a refund thought it could be used in another workstation, similar to the question above, is it bad practice to mix that with non ecc memory in a machine - will it even be compatible. As well what happens with mixing memories with different latencies - won't the system just run at the slowest memory speed?

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How Important Is Hd Cache ?

I plan on buying 3-5 hard drives for my next build to put in a raid 0 setup and was wondering how important cache is? I was either going to buy 5 of these with 16mb of cache, or 5 of these with 8mb. The price difference would be about $100 to allow me to spend it on other things.

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Opengl 3.2, What Is It ? Important ?

Looking at the ati 5870 video cards, i find a few, that along with dx11, also support opengl3. 2, which i know nothing about. Is it an important standard for a video card to support, as dx11 certainly is for windows 7?

I did a web search and can only find reference to the missing dlls issue with opengl3. 2. Lastly, are there other important video card standards, one should know about? Not looking for an in depth, detailed, description, just a good overview with a ranking of importance or influence and need for a video card to support. Sorry, but i am not interested on the nvidia side of things and know somewhat about their developments, which they publicly cover to some extent.

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Are Sound Cards Important ?

I just have a couple more things to buy for my gaming rig, and it will be done. I want to know if it's important to have a dedicated sound card in a pc. I know, you don't need one whatsoever to get sound, but what benefits do you get from them? I don't have any real surround-sound headphones (just a cheap plantronics headset) although i do have a 5. 1 surround sound speaker system i can connect to the pc. I've never had the 5. 1 on a sound card before, but it's always sounded pretty surrounding to me. You know, if something makes a noise in-game behind you, you hear it behind you, so they work find with just the motherboard's sound.

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Dx11 Is Not Important Says Nvidia

Nvidia's sr. Vice president, investor relations, mike hara, has played down the significance of directx 11 at the deutsche bank securities technology conference. Instead, mr. Hard insists technologies like cuda, physx and stereo 3d vision are the future. "Directx 11 by itself is not going be the defining reason to buy a new gpu. It will be one of the reasons. This is why microsoft is in work with the industry to allow more freedom and more creativity in how you build content, which is always good, and the new features in directx 11 are going to allow people to do that. But that no longer is the only reason, we believe, consumers would want to invest in a gpu, " explains mr. Hara. "Now, we know, people are doing a lot in the area of video, people are going to do more and more in the area of photography i think that the things we are doing would allow the gpu to be a co-processor to the cpu and deliver better user experience, better battery life and make that computers little bit more optimized. "

It is clear mr. Hara is pushing cuda and compute shader performance over gaming performance. "Graphics industry, i think, is on the point that microprocessor industry was several years ago, when amd made the public confession that frequency does not matter anymore and it is more about performance per watt. I think we are the same crossroad with the graphics world: framerate and resolution are nice, but today they are very high and going from 120fps to 125fps is not going to fundamentally change end-user experience. But i think the things that we are doing with stereo 3d vision, physx, about making the games more immersive, more playable is beyond framerates and resolutions.nvidia will show with the next-generation gpus that the compute side is now becoming more important that the graphics side, " concluded mr. Hara. Read more at the forum.

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Are Specifications Of Motherboard Important ?

Are specifications of motherboard important?

1. Fsb / ram speed limits
In motherboard specifications, it will specify the max fsb and ram speed support (eg 1333 fsb and ddr2 667). Nevertheless, as long as the motherboard supports overclocking, it appears i can overclock fsb more than 1333 and ram more than 800. So what do all those figures really mean? What are they really for if i can simply ignore the figures and pass the limits?

If i buy a ddr2 800 ram, am i able to use in a motherboard which says to support ddr2 667 only? If so, how will the ram run (being underclocked to 667?) ?

What if i overclock the ram, am i able to let my ram run at a speed higher than 667?

2. 3 or more monitors
If i want to use 3+ monitors, i believe i need 2 graphic cards, isn't it? If so, do i need a motherboard with two pcie x16 slots to install 2 graphic cards? What about other pcie slots like pcie x1 slots?

3. Pcie x1
What's the use of pcie x1 slots? Are pcie x1 cards common? Are they cheaper or dearer than the older pci cards?
I would like to get a modem card (to fax with my computer) and ethernet card. Should i go for old pci or the new pcie?

4. Ram compatibility list
I'm a bit worried that the ram i purchase can't work nicely with my motherboard. I wonder if i should strictly limit my choices to those which are in my motherboard "ram compatibility list". Question about ram model number: take a-data ddr2 800 for example, there are several models available even for the same ram speed. Will there be cases where a model from brand a can cause compatibility problems while another model from brand b won't? I just wonder if i should take the model number into account when i try to pick a compatible ram for my motherboard.

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How Important Is A Processor For Gaming?

Im thinking of buying a alienware m15x but not sure about the processor. Im already spending 1400 and thats more then i would like so i really dont want to pay an extra 200 - 1200 for something i might not need. I have a hardrive, memory upgrade, and the best available option for the video card. The games i will be playing are stuff like, wow
War hammer
Dragons age: origins
Mirrors edge

And so on. I would love to run on full settings but main thing is just to run smoothly for me. Im not planing on like playing high end games, running itunes, streaming netflix, watching youtube and all that kinda stuff at the same time. Mostly if im gaming it will be the only thing up, maybe a itunes some times. So to end how important is a processor if im just doing like one major thing at a time. If you want specific specs ill post what i have from dell. Software & services

Genuine windows® 7 home premium, 64bit, english

Intel® core, i3-330m 2. 13ghz (3m cache)

1 year basic service plan

1gb ati radeon, mobility hd 5850

15. 6-inch widehd+ 1600x900 (900p) wled

4gb dual channel ddr3 at 1066mhz

250gb sataii 7, 200rpm

Slot-load dual layer dvd burner (dvd+-rw, cd-rw)

Primary - 6-cell (56watt) lithium-ion battery

Wireless 1520 802. 11n half mini-card

Alienware m15x, cosmic black


Alienfx quasar blue

Alienhead 3d

Steam and portal, factory installed

Automatic updates: on

Also includes

Internal high-definition 5. 1 surround sound audio

Internal bluetooth 2. 1 mini-card - 2. 1 enhanced data rate

Adobe acrobat reader

Standard nameplate

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Make New Installation And Keep Important Data On The Hd

I have 1 hardisk on my pc and i need to reinstall windows xp to clean all the mess! Is it possible to make a new installation and keep my important data on the hd as well?

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How Important Is Hard Drive Performance ?

How important is a fast hard drive to you? I am thinking in terms of 10, 000rpm vs. 7200rpm, or capacity vs. Speed.

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How Important Is Video Card Memory ?

I game on a 2560x1600 (dell 30 inch monitor). What is the optimal memory for a video card? Currently i have a 4870 512 card, and the game i play the most is wow.

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Ati Card - What Features Are Important ?

I have an ati aiw 9600 pro and am looking to buy another aiw 9600 pro for another pc, but there seems to be a scarcity of that card for sale from the price search engines i used; so i'm looking for something that's at least the quality of the ati aiw 9600 pro; on the ati website, they have product comparison feature but i don't really know what features are more important; the aiw 9800 pro is the most expensive but there r certain things that r lower than the aiw 9600 pro so i'm totally confused.

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