Delayed Write Failure Error

Recently, i purchased a western digital premium es 500gb external hard drive. I formatted the hd from fat32 to ntfs, and reinstalled all the original software that shipped with the device. Transfering files from my pc to the my book works fine. However, when i attempt to transfer large files (usually above 2gb) from the my book to my pc, i receive a "delayed write failure" error message. The device stops responding, and i have to power it down and restart it. I am running windows xp sp2, and vista ultimate. I have experienced this problem in both operating systems. The device is connected to a usb 2. 0 pci controller card i purchased two years ago. All the ports have worked fine in the past, and i have never had problems with other peripherals connected to the port. All connections appear to be kb article 908673 discusses this issue and is releasing a hotfix (kb908673) w/xp sp3. I found and installed the hotfix, and continue to have the same problem. Has anyone experienced similar problems with an external hard drive? Does anyone know of a solution for this issue?

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Whs Error - Delayed Write Failed

Getting the following error on my whs: delayed write failed "windows was unable to save all the data for the file c:fs11$mft. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere. " It's popping up about every 2 to 3 minutes. Dead drive, something else? Any ideas?

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Usb 2.0 External Hdd Error Windows Delayed Write Failed

I purchased a western digital 40 gb, 5400rpm usb2. 0 external hdd(2. 5") recently and when i try to copy large cunk of data, windows gives me an error

"Windows-delayed write failed"
Windows was unable to save all the data for the file deviceharddiskvolume6. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file else where. But small chunks of data can be saved. Also when this happens, windows does not recognize the partitions of the usb drive and shows only one letter for the drive without any contents!

My pc's configuration is as follows:

850mhz celeron
256mb sdram
Internal 20gb samsung hdd(54000rpm)
Pci-to-usb - pci card fitted into pci slot(has 4 usb outlets)
Windows 2000 professional with sp4

I have no conflicts whatsoever with the usb drivers. One more thing; i have not faced the above problem when i try to transfer data from another system which is of a higher configuration than what i have mentioned above. This system's configuration is:
Windows 2000 professional service pack 4 (build 2195)
1. 93 gigahertz intel pentium 4
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
256 kilobyte secondary memory cache
512mb ddr-ram

Any fix?

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Delayed Write Errors On Server 2003 Raid 5ee Array

One of our file servers consists of 10 hard drives on a raid 5ee array. Recently, we began getting delayed write errors:

"Windows was unable to save all the data for the file xxx. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere. "

I've talked to adaptec and sent them diagnostic information from the raid card and they said the card is in perfect working order, and the hard drives appear to be as well. I hooked the server up to a different port on the switch, used a different cable, and switched to the 2nd nic on it as well. I'm still getting these errors, and we've lost several documents. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this problem? I'm almost at the point where i want to just format the entire thing and start over.

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Display Memory Read / Write Failure - Pc Gives 8 Beeps After Power On

I just installed an athlon 64 system. I kept getting 8 beeps right after i turned the power on and once in a while. According to by motherboard manual it means "display memory read/write failure" i never had this problem before with my old athlon xp system. What's wrong here?

Computer specifications:

Gigabyte ga k8ns ultra-939
Athlon 64 3200+
512 mb ram(had to take out 2 slices because the mb doesn't support 3 slices of ram)
Evga geforce 6800 gt

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Backup: Can Not Write To Disk, Disk Write Error

I was saving the backup file in quickbooks & have done this thousands of times. During the backup it said can not write to disk, disk write error. Than the error started popping up for tons of folders on the same drive. This drive is my secondary drive, not the main drive. So i restarted my computer. & Chkdsk ran so i let it do its thing. It got to step 3 & said insufficient disk space to fix the bad clusters file. Chkdsk aborted. Which did not make any sense because this drive has over 200gb open. So now the computer is running ridiculously slow & my f & g drives (same hard drive partitioned) is now not being recognized. So i tried to run chkdsk on those drives & it said the drives are raw. The drive can not be raw because it has over 250 gb of files on it. So did my hard drive crash? I have had a crash in the past, but this seems different. When i go to my computer i see local disk f & g but that is not the names they used to be called & the drives dont open if clicked on them. Luckily i have everything backed up pretty regularly on 2 other drives. However it has not been backed up for a week or two so that part sucks. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Cannot Write Data Error - Cable Problem ?

Ok, so all of a sudden i go this cannot write data error when i was doing a bittorrnet, then my computer froze and shut down. So i restarted and during post it doesn't detect any ide devices. Not even my disc drive. So i put in my brand new gigabyt mobo ide cable (i was using rounded light up ones) and it works. Can cables just go bad or should i test it out in another computer.

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Cdrw - Read / Write Error Or Bad Medium Detected

A friend of mine bought my old hp 7200i 2x2x6 cdrw off me and is getting a burn error with nero and goldenhawk. The error seems to be the same and the drive acts fine otherwise. It worked great and nothing has been changed [ide wise]. Error: write command failed on device 1:1:0
Read/write error or bad medium detected 04h 00h 02h 03h 73h 02h

It happens right at the beginning of the burn-process, just after the lead-in is written.

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Problems With Seagate Hdd - Cable Test: Write Sector Error

My hd' setup consists of

2x500gb raid0 seagate st3500320as
1x1tb seagate st31000340as
1x500gb western digital wd5000aaks

Now everything worked nicely until one point when my os started to "stutter", as in, the mouse cursor froze for a few seconds and i was unable to do anything, and releasing itself for a second and then froze again. I've scanned the drives with spinrite level 1 scan and it didn't find any problems. Now i've downloaded seatools and ran generic tests, of which all of them passed, though, i was unable to scan the raid array at all. Then i though maybe i should try wd data lifeguard and proceeded to do so. It shows ok for smart status for all drives though when i try to run a diag on any seagat edrive it shows this. Now, my os is on the raid array and boots up and works just fine despite that error. The other 500gb seagate stutters when i try to read or write data to it, preventing me from using the os up until i somehow manage to break the operation or unplug the drive. The other 1tb seagate drive allows me to read or write without problem. I'm confused now. I took both 500gb and 1tb seagate drives and put them into my other computer and ran the same test using wd software and it returned no errors.could my mobo be possibly damaged somehow? I'll confess i did some hot-plugging with my drives. Maybe the bios is slightly corrupted. Any thoughts?

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Error 0200: Failure Fixed Disk 0

It is hard for me to throw away things that have been working. I am the owner of two dell inspiron notebooks. One is an 1100 (2003) and the one that is currently giving me the problem is a 2500 (2002). So you can see who you are dealing with. I upgraded the memory on both machines to 1g and 512mb respectively, not that long ago and they were working fine. Then i got this brainstorm to try to teach myself ubuntu and wiped out xp on the 2500 and burned an iso image of a ubuntu version and it was working ok except i couldn't connect to the internet even via ethernet cable. Time passed and then by the time i came back to it - there was a problem that i really can't recall - i posted on some other sites and the bottom line was, i thought i needed a new hard drive. So i purchased a compatible drive (i did a fair amount of research) and got the drive about 2 months ago and just tried to get it going this morning. I replaced my hitachi 20 gb drive with a seagate momemtus 5400. 3 40gb drive. When i boot up, the initial screen does show that it recognizes my new drive (model st940815a).

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Hard Drive Failure - Unknown Error

When vista loads, it gives me a message telling me one of my hard drives need to be checked for consistency. If i let it run, it either freezes, or aborts with some kind of unknown error at some point (happens at different points in the process, randomly). When i finish booting into vista, the hard drive is there, but it needs to be formatted before it can be used. If i keep letting chkdsk run is there a chance it may be able to repair whatever the issue is? It seems to get progressively further, but how far away from completing chkdsk it is, i have no idea. Edit: actually, i'm going download wd lifeguard tools, and see if i can scan the drive first, and see what it tell me. Will update when done.

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Error 692: There Was A Hardware Device Failure In The Modem

I just built a computer (in my sig). I loaded xp and tried to connect to the internet. I'm using an old modem from an emachines that was just working a couple weeks ago. I get an error that reads. Error 692: there was a hardware device failure in the modem [or other connecting device]

Does anyone know what i can do to fix this problem?

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Hp Photosmart 8250 Error - Ink System Failure

Hp photosmart 8250 error 0xc18a030a ink system failure. Tried everything from hp website, spent so much on replacement ink, this thing has never worked and i don't have the receipt.

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Delayed Blank Screen On Boot Up

I just got an aiw x800 xt, upgrading from a 9800 pro, and the screen goes blank on boot up. It's not always at the same time. Sometimes i can go into my bios and wait around for the display to go blank, and other times i can almost get into windows. Actually, i did start to see the blue background in windows one time before the display went out. And when it goes blank, i can't simply push reset and have the display come back. I have to turn the power completely off and then back on in order for the display to work for a little while. I have an asus a7n8x deluxe motherboard. My power supply came with my case, which is an antec performance something or another case. The power supply is a true power 450 or 480, i can't remember. I'll try to get more detailed specs, but if anyone has any idea of what could cause the display to just give out like it's doing well, it would definitely help me out a lot.

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Htpc Issue (delayed Audio/out Of Sync)

When i play blu-ray movies or just play 1080p trailers, after a couple of seconds the audio becomes out of sync. Now, is this because i'm using the 8200 off my mobo? Do i have to buy a new cpu or buy a dedicated low-profile gpu?

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Write Protection

I have been trying to save files from my c drive to a 128 mb usb flash disk and i get an error that the usb has write protection and i should remove it before trying to save or use another disk. How do i remove "write-protection" and what has cuased this so that i can avoid encountering this problem in future?

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Xp Write To 4.7gb Dvd

Usually i can drag a file onto a cd and windows can then write the file. But i have bought some 4. 7gb dvd+rw disks and when i try and copy a file to them i get an error. Also, sometimes when i first put the disk in, an alert box says its not file formatted. I can write to one of these disks using nti cd/dvd maker so basically my question is why can xp not work with these disks directly?

If these disks just require formatting, why do older style cds not require formatting and why don't the disks come pre-formatted?

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How To Write Video In Dvd?

Answer:- write video in dvd, first you must have a dvd burner drive(hardware) on your computer, most dvd burner drives have a text "dvd rw" on drive panel, you should check your computer to validate there is a right dvd burner drive on your computer, then you need to use a right dvd burner software. Oh, if you just want to write/burn your video onto a dvd disk as as a data dvd for backup, you can use a right software to directly burn your video into any dvd disk, you can try rz free dvd burner, it's free and easy to use, it can directly burn any files or folders to any dvd disk as data dvd, but you should note, the burned data dvd only play on computer, can't play on dvd player. So if you want to watch the burned dvd on your dvd player, you need to use a right software to convetr and burn your video to a video dvd that can be played well on dvd players, you can try rz dvd creator, it can convert any videos to video dvd and write/burn to any dvd disk(dvd+r, dvd-r, dvd-rw, dvd+rw, dvd-r dl, dvd+r dl, etc. ), And the burned video dvd can be played well on your dvd players. You can yahoo or google search and download rz free dvd burner or rz dvd creator, both easy to use, hope them can help you.

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Write Delay Errors In Window Xp

I started getting write delay errors in window xp mce 2005 and bsods. Now the bsods i think were coming from the video drivers (i was using v91. 37 at the time) but the write delay errors i can't explain. I currently have the 300gb sata ii drive partitioned into an 80gb drive (which is my main c drive) and the other 200gb partition as my main data drive (music, files, downloads, personal projects, etc. ) I also have windows xp x64 on a different physical hard drive but i never experience these write delay errors in xp64. These write delay errors will happen when i'm just surfing the web, getting ready to load a game, copying files, etc. What is odd though is that it doesn't happen all the time but is instead kind of sporadic. I even did a full reformat last night thinking it would maybe solve the problem, but it didn't.

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Recommended Read / Write Drives

I was hoping that the forum members could offer some recommendations as to a read/write disk drive. You know for installing software and saving date and on read and writeable disks. I would like one that can do reading, writing, reproducing (burning) etc. I would like a brand that the forum members think is reliable and handles all the different media types that disks come in.

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Hynix Usb Drives Write Problem

I bought these 4 gig usb flash drives and we need to write to them and cannot do. We have read the chip it is a hynix. Chip number hy27uh084g2m. Tcb-535a-m8sa7058. Can anyone please help with this problem.

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How Important Is Random Read / Write 4 Kb Speed ?

I've recently bought an ocz agility 120 gb and installed it in my laptop (hp hdx16t). I bought this one over the intel because it offered a better gb/$ ratio and i really wanted the extra space over the 80 gb intel (and the 160 gb intel was out of the question due to price). After a fresh win7 64 bit install, the performance was truly great with some things and not as great as i was expecting with others. Not all things (like firefox, for example) immediately snapped up. So i downloaded and ran crystaldiskmark and checked the data rates. They appear to be not quite as good as they appear in the anandtech recent intel x-25m g2 review. Speed was good for sequential read/write and random read/write 512kb was good too, but random 4kb read/write was about 14mb/sec and 7. 5 mb/sec, respectively. I understand these scores are much better than a hdd, but according to reviews the intel's are getting closer to 50mb/sec read, 35mb/sec write for the random 4kb test. So my question is - how important is the 4kb random test? There are actually some areas where the ocz beats the intel (like sequential write and 512kb random write), so if these areas are just as important, maybe its worth keeping the drive. Should i keep the ocz and just be happy with it, or return it in favor of the smaller drive even though it would make data storage a little uncomfortable?

Any thoughts?

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External Esata Drive Write Protected

I have an external drive i am using for backups with acronis home and the damn thing keeps getting write protected. I can remove the write protection with diskpart only if the drive is open in explorer and in a day or two it goes back to write protected and acronis can't save to it.

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Usb Drive Disappearing / Reappearing On Write

Recently purchased a hdd dock, the type where you push the bare drive into the top. Everything appears normal after inserting a disk until i try to write to the drive. When i try this the drive will disappear from 'my computer' and an error message appears informing me the disk is not available and a moment later the auto-play prompt will appear informing me the drive has been added. It's worth noting however a few small mp3's managed to copy over fine. What i've tried

1. Tried different hdd's
2. Different usb port and different usb cable
3. Tested on another computer
4. Changed the drive settings i.e. Write caching on/off

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Benchmark For Read And Write Speed Of A Usb Drive

Whats a good free benchmark for seeing the read and write speed of a usb drive?

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Usb Key ( Flash Drive ) - No Write Access

I've bought an expensive usb key ( flash drive ) and i've been successfully using it for a month or two. Suddenly i can no longer write to it (tried several computers). I can still read from it, so is this a physical problem or something to do with the file system (i should mention that i don't exactly take care of it, it doesn't have its cap etc. )?

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Blu-ray Drive With 8x Write Speed And Lightscribe

I am looking for a blu ray burner that has a write speed of at least 8x and supports lightscribe. Does one exist? Oh, and black if possible. I'm getting a pioneer bdr-205, but i need a fast blu-ray lightscribe burner to accompany it.

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Total Pc Failure

Copying cd and computer went blank with no video signal. Re-boot no effect- no boot sequence noises and no video signal. Swapped video card checked connections, swapped monitor - no go. There is power to components. Motherboard failure?

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Intermittent Boot Failure

The problem is intermittently the system powers up but fails to even attempt to boot - no bios beeps, and bios and vid. Bios screens not displayed. Drives spin up ok. Have tried different case and psu (in fact system is currently in borrowed case). The system only ever fails to boot if the system is cold-started - the system warm-reboots ok. Tried different ram, had m/b replaced once, new m/b been returned to dealer where they (supposedly) found no problems when tested with other kit and with my psu, but system not been professionaly tested as a whole. Have also tried different graphics card, removing modem and sound card, running system from hdd only, but still having problems. All connectors are firmly seated. There are no config options in bios or jumpers for ram and the cpu is set up correctly and automatically. Have used 375 and 300w psus with system (300w seemed better then system started playing up again)
Nvidia geforce4 mx440 agp8x graphics card (8x is supported by m/b), and have also tried geforce2 4x. The os may be irrelevant, but i've tried winxppro, win2000, winnt4, mandrake linux 9 and a linux distro that boots from cd (knoppix). All drivers installed ok. Won't even bother with win9x/me because i hate it.

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System Failure ( Restart )

Built this and it has never run without having a system failure resulting in a restart. I tested the old power supply, and the 5v connector failed. So, i bought a new one and figured that this would be the fix to the issue. And no. Any suggestions on what i might look for next? I'm lost.

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