Connect Acer 5735z To Tv

How to connect acer 5735z to tv and view on both screen? When i connect my acer 5735z to tv, i can only see the information on tv but not on my computer screen?

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Connect Acer Aspire 5532 To Tv

Is there any way to connect my acer aspire 5532 to a tv? So that i can watch videos from my laptop directly on my tv screen.

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Acer Aspire 5251-1513 Wont Connect To Internet

I just bought an acer aspire 5251-1513 laptop and when it says my wireless is on, it can't connect to my verizon wireless wifi unless it's plugged in to the usb.

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Acer Vs Dell

Which is better? You can get more for your money, and the option of amd, with acer. Acer seems to offer more memory, bigger hd, dvd burner for the money. I just don't know which is better for reliability. If dell is the choice i was looking at the 600m. With acer, i'm not sure. I've looked at several.

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Which Is Better Dell Or Acer?

Answer:- you can buy dell. There are so many good products in the market its really difficult to choose one but i made up my mind to choose this and guess what i am very much satisfied. 1)dell inspiron i15r-1974mrb 15. 6-inch laptop (mars black)

*2. 40ghz intel core i5-450m processor with 3mb cache and turbo boost up to 3. 06ghz

*4gb dual channel ddr3 sdram at 1333mhz (two dimms)

*320gb, 5400 rpm sata hard drive; 8x cd/dvd burner (dvd+/-rw drive)

*15. 6-inch high-definition wled display with 1366 x 768 resolution; hdmi output

*Genuine windows 7 home premium (64-bit) operating system

Also check out at ebay there are many good reatilers selling this product at good price.

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Asus Vs Acer - Which Would Be Best?

I am trying to figure out which would be best for me - mainly i will be using this new laptop for work (excel and outlook) and school (word and powerpoint). My dad is leaning for asus and my brother for acer. In the end i don't really care and just want to know - which will probably last me longer? Acer is a little bit more expensive but if it will last a year longer it is worth it. Here are the two laptops:

Asus k50i-rbbgr05 notebook intel pentium dual-core t4400
Acer aspire as5551-2450 notebook amd athlon ii dual-core p320(2. 10ghz)

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All Ram Faulty In Acer Laptop

I have a friend's acer aspire 3100 laptop that was having problems, so i ran memtest86+ on it, and sure enough it showed an error in the ram at the end of the second test, and a slew of errors on a later test. The ram card in the laptop was a 200-pin 512mb ddr2 hynix pc2-4200. The laptop's cpu is an amd mobile sempron 1. 6ghz. There are two ram slots on the laptop, only one was in use by the hynix card. I tested the hynix card in each slot and received the exact same result in the memory test for each slot. The weird thing is i tested the same hynix ram chip in my hp mini 1000 laptop with the bios' memory check utility and the memory check utility that comes with windows 7 and it passed perfectly. I then tested other 200-pin ram cards i had that all pass on my hp mini 1000 on the acer. I have a 1gb samsung pc2-6400 card and a generic pc-5300 1gb ram card. I tested each card individually in each slot, and memtest86+ always showed the exact same problems in the exact same memory addresses no matter which card was in the acer. As an aside, if i try booting windows on the acer, it bsod's before getting to the desktop with any of few errors that are all characteristic of faulty ram (irq not less or equal, pagefault in unpaged area. )

So i have no idea what's causing this. All the symptoms of faulty ram, but the ram is fine, and my next guess would be a bad slot, but both slots show the exact same ram address errors.

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Acer Netbook, Which Is The Best Model To Buy?

I am looking into purchasing an acer netbook. Which is the best model to buy? I'm looking for a light, thin, easy to use netbook. I don't care about gaming at all, what's most important is sound and other cool features that netbooks have these days. I am interested in the acer aspire one. However, i don't know much about the other models. What is your opinion? I am open to suggestions. I would really appreciate an answer from someone who truly knows a lot about these netbooks and could thoroughly answer.

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Overclock Acer Aspire 1693

Acer aspire 1693wmli (laptop)
Pentium m 750 @ 1860mhz
512 mb ram
80gb hd

Ok so i found a guide explaining how to overclock my laptop.
(Scroll down on each page as there is large gaps)

I follow it through download both versions of clockgen that they say work. I run both and find the first one provides teh correct data. D845gbv
D845ept2 cg-cy28346
D875pbz cg-ics952618

I cant remember if i set any settings i the second one. Boosted my cpu from 1860 to 2100 as it advises not to raise the pci bus speed past 37. 5mhz. I set these values and nothing happened. I restarted the computer and i get a bank screen. I cant even get to bios. Turn it on and nothing. Fan starts then stops and teh cd drive turns but doesn't do anything with the disk in it. If i left the two copies there is it possible they are fighting one another?

It says on the clock gen website "/! Don't try to use another version of clockgen than the one specified in this table. This would freeze your system".

How do i unfreeze it

I have heard people saying that i might need to clear cmos using a dipswitch or jumper. How will this beat clockgen. ?

Is it possible if i clear cmos to get to bios and run windows in safemode so i can remove the files from teh computer?

If i send it back to the manufacturer how do i explain what i need them to do? Lol

Please tell me anything that could help me.

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Acer Al2051w Monitor Review

I can't seem to find any reviews on this monitor acer al2051w. It has the glossy screen. I saw this monitor at staples and to me it had the best looking picture of all the others. Does anybody have any experience with this monitor or links to reviews?

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Acer E380 Upgrade Issues

I currently have an acer e380 that i've upgraded over the years, right now the specifications are:

Amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ 3. 1ghz
A-data 4 gigs of ram (pc5300)
Asus 9800gt hybridpower
Em61sm/em61pm stock acer motherboard

I have a couple issues with this computer

1. The processor isn't as fast as i would like, only scoring about 2000 on cpu in 3dmark06

2. The ram clock and frequency is wrong. In cpu-z the ram frequency is about 200mhz (ddr2, so 400mhz) while i thought the ram that i bought was suppose to be 667mhz.could this be bottlenecking the cpu?

3. Bios. I wanted to try to update my bios to see if it would fix the ram, but i am quite paranoid of doing it as i heard that trying to do a bios update on this motherboard could be very crappy to recover from, or won't even let me recover it at all. Cause my bios is from pheonix awards or whatever they are called. 4. Video card. The performance from my 9800gt isn't what i expected, getting an overall mark of 9100 in 3dmark06. While other computers are going over 10k. I'm suspecting this is because of the bottleneck from the processor and the ram. Because of all this, i am having some fps issues with games, sometimes stuttering problems. I'm just looking for a way to smoothen things out and maybe even speed things up for the least amount of money. In crysis: warhead, i am not even running it on enthusiast and in even in gamer settings its not as smooth as i would like (stuttering issues, fps drops). So i had to bring down some settings to mainstream. -So, in conclusion, do you guys have any suggestions to improve my performance in games, or somehow fix some of the issues i have?

I want to avoid replacing the motherboard for now. So, is there anything else i should change, or replace out?

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Acer Travelmate 8104wlmi Problem

When i boot up my laptop i receive no image at all on the screen. I do see a back light but no image. An external monitor works just fine. I used to get a weird fuzzy pink tint over the screen at times that would go away with some playing around with the screen a bit. I did eventually send it in to acer for repair. They replaced the mainboard. 4 months later i started getting a blue tint over the entire screen that would go away after i played with it a bit. Then after a while when i would start my computer i would not get any image on the screen. After turning it off and back on numerous times i could finally get a picture. After weeks of this, the screen finally wouldn't produce a picture at all. I haven't ever been able to get an image on the screen since. External monitors still work. I took the laptop apart and all of the cables look fine. The video card is a ati x700m. I'm not sure if i should try a new inverter or a new ribbon cable or if the problem is another faulty board.

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Acer Travelmate 8100 Touchpad

Friend at works touch pad for his acer travelmate 8100 has decided to stop working for no apparent reason. I un-installed the drivers then reinstalled them but that didn't seem to do much. (I did this with the mouse though, should this have been done with just using the keyboard?

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Acer Aspire Hard Drive

I have an acer aspire laptop that i'm repairing for my buddy. After countless hours of trying to figure out what was wrong with it, i finally figure out that the hard drive is corrupted. It's un-fixable by any means other than replacing it, and i'm looking for the correct hard drive that would work for it. I don't want a solid state drive because they are way too costly, i just want a regular hard drive. I searched best buy's website and came across a western digital scorpio blue 250gb internal serial ata hard drive for a laptop (model: wd2500bevsrtl1, sku: 9024147). Would this work for this laptop? If not, could you provide another hard drive that would work that's affordable (under $100)

And one that i can buy at best buy or radioshack or office depot or something? Not from newegg or some other online place because i'd rather not purchase anything online or pay shipping.

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Acer Webcam Wont Work

At the moment, i have an acer intel core2 duo with an integrated hd webcam. Said webcam has all the drivers updated, and i've tried every suggestion i've found. Msn or yahoo will not pick up the webcam, but it'll work outside of said messengers. I really want to see/talk to my friend before he leaves to boot camp. Whenever i click on the webcam icon, it has two options. "View my webcam. " And "video call. " With the first option being grayed out. I have attempted a video call, and it states that no webcam can be picked up, but my integrated microphone still works. I can see my friend, but he can't see me. This is primarily the issue in msn. I have accepted the option of "allow others to view my webcam" and then proceeded through the steps of "audio and video options". Can someone please help me? I've been fighting with this for days.

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Dvd / Cd Rom Removal From Acer Laptop

Can anyone please help me along the way to removing the dvd/cd drive from a acer travelmate 240 laptop, thought a screw would hold it into laptop but doesnt seem to be the case!

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Acer Aspire 5100 64bit Drivers Xp 64

I saw on a newegg review someone got 64 bit drivers working for xp64 on their acer aspire 5100. I'm trying to do the same on a friends laptop and having difficulties. You guys are geniuses though, any help? I just need the wireless card driver and the ati graphics, i'm not even sure what the graphics in this thing is.

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1tb Wd Green Drive With Acer H340

What specific 1tb wd green drive comes with the acer 340 home server? Wd10eacs or wd10eads?

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Acer Travelmate 508dx Boot Password

I got a acer travelmate 508dx off ebay and its got a boot password. I'm just wondering how to get it off. When i brought it i imagined that i could just do it by removing the cmos battery for a few mins and then it would reset the bios and remove the password. But after looking for more information on google i found out some laptops especially newer ones have the password stored in a eeprom which means taking the cmos battery out wont effect the password. Does anyone know if the acer travelmate 508dx or similar laptops has the password stored in a "security chip" or eeprom? If removing the battery doesn't do it then i cant see any way of doing it short of replacing the motherboard :s or does anyone have another idea.

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Acer Aspire 9302 Memory Upgrade

I want to upgrade my acer aspire 9302 memory. Now i have 512*2 gb, and i want to buy 2 more gb. 1. Will it increase significantly my laptop speed (now it takes a lot of time to run multi tasks)?

2. What should i buy, 1 stick of 2 gb and add it to one of the 512 mb sticks i have, leaving me with 2. 5 gb , or buy 2*1 gb sticks and use the dual channel abilities but having only 2 gb of memory.

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Acer P193w Lcd Monitor Issue

I've just got a new monitor, its an acer p193w lcd, its working fine but its way too bright even with the recommended settings, ive been playing with the brightness and contrast for a couple of days but cant get it right, it actually hurts my eyes. Anyone got any help or ideas on how to get it ok? Or the right brightness and contrast settings? I found an option on the menu for changing the brightness of red blue and green and i thought i was getting there but i cant find it again. Ive got it set at 1440 x 900 pixels and srgb.

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Acer Laptop To Wifi Connection Problem

My boyfriend is working out of town. He bought a new acer laptop. It worked fine with wifi in the hotel and then he moved to his new place which includes wifi. He has been able to connect with no problems until today after work. He has made sure his wireless is turned on. He reset all the options to default. He tried rebooting the router twice. The other people in the house are still able to connect. He has rebooted his computer may times. He is ready to throw the computer in the river. Please help if you can. He is using windows 7.

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Acer Aspire 1410 Keyboard Malfunction

I have an acer aspire 1410, which i've had for about 3 1/2 years. It has been working fine up until about 3 weeks ago. When i turned it on, it "beeeeeeeeeped" at me and then after several minutes, the xp loading screen finally came on. Once i got into windows, the odd thing that happened, was that the "u" button on my keypad, would uncontrollably enter itself, preventing me from typing anything else productive. Is this a virus? Or a hardware malfunction/motherboard issue?

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Acer X223w Dvi Connection Problem

I run a packard bell imedia s3720 with a graphics card nvidia geforce g210. I'd like to connect my screen (acer x223w) onto this computer via dvi connection, i have a dvi cable, and everytime i plug it in the screen goes black. I know my computer detects the screen because i recently plugged it in whilst it was simultaneously plugged in via hdmi cable to a tv: the computer ran on the tv fine, and even gave me the specifications of the acer screen, but the screen still went black. (The acer screen still however works on vga = /)

Any ideas?

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Acer Aspire 5745g Or Hp Pavilion Dv6

Acer aspire 5745g or hp pavilion dv6-2159tx. Which do you think is better? Which do you think lasts long.

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Acer Veriton 7200d Memory Upgrade

I'm planning to upgrade memory in an acer veriton 7200. Do i need a special memory type. Many memory online shops claim that most acer pc's, including this model, need a special memory. The official acer support site doesn't mention anything referring to a special memory, they just mention that when upgrading memory "probably" (yes, this is how they put it) a pc 133 sdram, 168 pin dimm, 3. 3 v, cl = 3, non parity will make it (i actually don't understand most of this values). I found that most common pc 133 dimms, even generic, have this values. What should i do? Any idea?

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Acer Aspire 2100 Upgrading To Wireless

I am attempting to upgrade my old acer aspire 2100 'computer to a wireless internet connection. Win 98se, amd-k6, 3gb hard, 128mb ram. I've removed the old internal modem, and replaced it with an adapter card. When i put the card in, the 'computer won't boot up at all. Without the card in, no problems. If i boot up the 'computer without the card, and then insert the card into the pci slot, the 'computer freezes. Doesn't crash, freezes. I've tried running the setup disc and then inserting the card before booting, but no luck. Any thoughts/ideas on why this card freezes my computer?

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Acer Ase380 Video Card Compatibility

Currently i have an acer ase380 ed421a computer. I got it about 2'ish years ago and it's a dang fine computer that's ran without problems since. Unfortunately, it came with quite a crappy video card, a geforce 6150 nforce 430 i believe. I enjoy playing games on my computer but i can't run anything more modern than battlefield 2 hehe. I've been looking on the web and i found a video card that i am interested in buying, a bfg geforce 8600 gts 256mb pcie video card. Of the little i know about this department, i at least know you can't just rip out the old one and shove in the new one and expect it to work.

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Acer Laptop Bios / Video Driver Problem

Just pickep up a new old laptop at a garage sale. It'll be only a slight speed improvement over my current one, p200mmx vs. P166mmx. But this one uses sodimms instead of proprietary ram modules, the battery actually works well, and it has a nice keyboard and a cdrom. It came with win95 in it, surprisingly, and i had to reinstall the video and sound drivers to get it booting into windows. After some preliminary checking i installed 98se clean on its 2g primary partition, after copying the install cd to an existing 1g extended partition. This is when i realised why it still had 95 in it. It won't let me put in the video drivers for the neomagic video adapter. Every time i try and point it to the driver i want, it continues to demand the driver from the w95 cd. I can only guess there is something in the bios controlling this. It's a unisys aquanta en/m, but some investigation identified it as an acer nuovo variant. Acer seems to have drivers for their nuovo variants only for 95 and nt. I was thinking of getting one of the new samsung spinpoint 40g 5400rpm drives for it and putting in 2k when i get the ram maxed to 128mb. (I could move the drive to my next old-but-better laptop in the future and put the existing 3g back in. ) But i'm wondering if i may be limited to nt because of the video issues. The bios is accessible at any time, even in win, through function keys, and is not on the hdd. I'll do more prowling around the acer site for bios or drivers, but i'm not overly hopeful. Any feedback on resolving the video driver issue is gratefully accepted. The acer nuovo variants lack the usb port this one has, and have only one of the two sodimm slots accessible on the bottom. This has both on the bottom. I'll have to see if this matches a different model, like one of the acernotes, more exactly.

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Samsung 226bw Vs Benq G2400w Vs Acer P223w

I do not care about anything except picture clarity (facing directly) and an extremely fast response time for first person shooters. (Little to no input lag). Which one of these is the best?

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