Connect Netbook To Tv

Can i connect my netbook to my tv? Do i just need to use the cable with the blue ends or is there something else i need to do?

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Cable To Connect Netbook To Big Screen Tv

What type cable can i use to connect my acer aspire one netbook to big screen tv?

Answer:- it depends on the t. V. I believe your netbook has a vga port so you should be able to use that, most t. Vs have a vga port. If your tv only has a dvi port you could get a vga to dvi adapter. Cables, click on vga or dvi depending on what you decide to use: http://bit. Ly/7ca4yw

Vga to dvi: http://bit. Ly/cdtsjx

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Netbook Connects Only To Certain Networks

My netbook only connects to certain networks, what is wrong with my computer? I've had this computer for a little over a year now a dell inspiron mini and it has a dell wireless 1510 wireless n-wlan mini-card. I can connect to both unsecured and secure wireless networks but not all of either type. I can connect to my school's unsecured network but not all starbucks', for instance, and i can connect to my brother's secure network but not at my own house with my secure network.

It will detect the networks around but when i try to connect, it sits here for sometimes 10-15 minutes saying "trying to connect" or "acquiring network address" and then either doesn't connect at all or will "connect" and say "little or no connection" and even that doesn't work. I'm really frustrated with this because i got this computer to use around my home and it doesn't ever attach to the network and i can't figure out what the problem is. I've had a couple of people look at it who work with computers on a daily basis and they don't seem to know what the problem is either.

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Difference Between Notebook And Netbook

Answer:- there is no difference between and laptop and a notebook. Different names for the same thing. Or perhaps you are asking what is the difference between a laptop and netbook?

Laptops/notebooks are a full-featured computer; often times capable of replacing a desktop pc. They have large, hi-resolution screens (15-17" are most common), cd/dvd/blu-ray disc drives, full-power intel / amd processors, and large amounts of memory.netbooks are miniaturized laptops. They are meant to be extremely portable, with no optical (cd/dvd/blu-ray) drive, and less memory and processing power as their larger counterparts. They have small (10"/common) screens, and are made to use very little power (since the batteries can also be small). Most net-books include wi-fi, and often-times, 3g chips, as to allow for anytime internet access, which is what most net (get it, internet) books are used for.

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Acer Netbook, Which Is The Best Model To Buy?

I am looking into purchasing an acer netbook. Which is the best model to buy? I'm looking for a light, thin, easy to use netbook. I don't care about gaming at all, what's most important is sound and other cool features that netbooks have these days. I am interested in the acer aspire one. However, i don't know much about the other models. What is your opinion? I am open to suggestions. I would really appreciate an answer from someone who truly knows a lot about these netbooks and could thoroughly answer.

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Dell Mini 10 Netbook Issue

I have a dell mini 10 netbook. Ive had it since christmas and ive taken perfectly good care of it. Now every time i touch or move the charging cord, it just automatically turns off& sometimes it doesn't even charge when its plugged inn. Why is it doing that?

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Netbook With Audio Line-in Connection

Does anyone know what is a cheap netbook that has a line in connection? 2gb memory and audio connection, line in connection not mic in, although it should have a mic in as well. All i really want to do is deliver stereo sound into the unit.

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Change Os In Iball Lil Netbook

How to change os in iball lil netbook ? I have iball lil netbook. In this netbook is use linux os. I want to change into windows xp.

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Asus Eee Netbook Or Hp Mini ?

I need a netbook that is very portable which both of these are. I would like a netbook with a great battery life. I need one that is durable, and can last. I would use this device a lot. I would potentially use it for school work on occasion, but mostly just for networking. I use facebook, and all that good stuff quite a bit. I wouldn't buy a card for it, so i need one that gets good wi-fi connection and stays connected. Also, i cannot stress the fact that it has too be durable. It's hard for a teen like myself too get money, and i really cannot afford breaking it. I won't be throwing it across the room, but i will be using it a lot like preciously stated. Which would you recommend?

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Hp Mini Netbook Running Slow

I have a 2009 hp mini netbook that runs really slow. Is this typical of netbooks since they are little computers? For example, my yahoo chat is very slow when i type (delayed and then posts quickly), and my email takes a long time to load/delete/send, etc. I had the hard drive replaced about 6 months ago because it crashed, not sure why, but it was slow before that too. I do not have any videos and very very few photos stored. Not more than a handful of documents either. I don't even think i have office on here. I just use it for internet, really. Is there something wrong with my computer or is this just what i should expect from it?

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Difference Between Laptop, Notebook, Netbook

Answer:- a laptop is a mobile computer with a full sized keyboard, flip up monitor and space for built in optical or floppy disk storage drives. The term's laptop and notebook are generally interchangeable. Traditionally they refer to any type of portable computer. However, with the introduction of the netbook, a laptop generally refers to computers with screens of 14+ inches. These computers are considered "full featured. "

Full featured means they have regular intel or amd processors and optical drives. A notebook is a mobile computer with a full sized keyboard and a flip up monitor. It does not have space for built in optical or floppy disk drives but instead provides communication ports so that an external drive can be connected. This allows a notebook to be much thinner than a laptop. A netbook or mini pc is a mobile computer with a keyboard smaller than full size (some are less than half the size) and a flip up monitor. It also does not have space for built in storage drives but does provide ports for connecting an external drive. A netbook is a small, ultra-portable defines a netbook as any portable computer with a screen less than 10. 7". They generally weigh less than 3 pounds and have no optical drive. Currently netbooks mostly use the intel atom processor.

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Newegg Extended Warranty For Netbook - Worth It?

I'm thinking about ordering an asus eee pc 1201n from newegg. Since i really beat on my laptops, i'm also thinking about getting newegg's accidental damage from handling coverage. Does anyone have any experience with newegg's extended warranty plans? If so, how has your experience been?

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Hp Netbook Finger Pad Mouse Issue

It preemptively activates the left click button on the first thing i hover the cursor over?

What kind of function is that? What if i hover it briefly over an advert or whatever?

There seems to be no way of turning it off

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Hp Mini Netbook Issues After System Restore

I have an hp mini netbook and i have a couple of issues. My system crashed and i used the hp system restore, now instead of windows 7 starter i have windows xp embedded, totally changed without me touching it. And no sound driver installed? Anyone know whats going on?

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Does Samsung Netbook Nc10 Come With Extended Warranty?

Does the samsung net book nc10 (new) come with extended warranty application form "in the box"? I am thinking of buying a new samsung nc10 net book & i would like to know if samsung offer extended warranty "in the box". Ie a form to buy 2 or 3 years extra cover, most shops offer it but the cost is about half the cost of the product, in my view "a rip off" thanks for any advice.

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Toshiba Netbook Nb305 Sound Problems

I got a toshiba netbook nb 305 a week ago. It uses windows 7. My sound out of the speakers is either really quiet or no sound at all! Also, my mic is very sensitive (even a light tap on the keyboard is very loud) and turns on and off at random times. Today to hear the mic, i had to plug in my earphones. Even worse, my mic can detect sounds that are 'on' the laptop but not sounds only a foot away! I haven't downloaded or installed anything yet because i want to know if it's worth before hand. Any ideas?

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Fix For Hp Mini Netbook Screen Flickers

My hp mini netbook 1000 screen randomly flickers and then goes black. When i adjust the screen or pick it up and apply pressure to the bottom left side(under keyboard) the screen stays lit and flicker free until i move it again. I am no longer under warranty and hp wants about what i paid for it for me to send it in and fix it, so can someone give me some suggestions on fixing this myself or point me to some good links? Any help would be appreciated, i just don't want this purchase to be a total waste of money.

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Sony Vaio W Series Netbook Vs Studio Xps 16

I'm think of buying a laptop and i've come down to two choices. The studio xps 16 is sleek and beautiful, while powerful and reliable. The sony vaio w series netbook has a long battery life, its cheaper and stylish but still powerful. My only concerns are:

-Battery life
-Processor (i3 or i5 or i7?)

I'm a student, so i don't need some much hard drive space, maybe just about 250 gb. I'm on a budget, but i don't mind spending more for better performance. I'm also ok with just 3 gb of ram.

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Hp Mini Netbook 110 Won't Power On

For some reason my hp mini 110 netbook wont power on. I thought maybe it was that battery that over heated, but i bought a new battery and cord and still it doesn't turn on. The power light turns on, and the light that shows its charging turns on when i plug it in, but it makes no noises to show that its alive, and the screen stays off. Ive tried running it on just the cord and it doesn't power on. Lights are on, but nobodies home. Whats wrong and how can i fix it? Anyone else have this problem?

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How Do I Connect My Pc To Tv?

I am connecting my laptop to an hd lcd screen using a vga cable. The problem is that my display settings are set to have the image only appear on the tv. When i connect both components the tv says it is an unsupported device and i can't see anything on the laptop monitor or the tv. I need to know how to go back into the display settings and change it to duplicate screens so that i can fix the aspect ratio and the resolution, the problem is when i have them both connected i can't see anything, and when they aren't connected i can't find how to change the settings.

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How Can I Connect A Tv With A Pc?

I have a flat screen on my tv and it is new. I bought it 2 weeks ago. I know how to connect my tv with my pc. The tv is connected with scart and there are 2 more cables that are coming out from scart. S-video and audio. I connected them and when i press on properties on my background i already set 1 and 2 monitors and now the problem is. I have picture on my tv. The same that is on my computer but the screen is black and white. I have no idea how can i make my screen in color i have nvidia (if that helps) anyway. My pc is new. My tv is new and the cable is just correct. I have no idea what the problem might is. If anyone knows. Please let me know and please explain more about that.

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Why Cant I Connect Pc To My Tv?

I have a radeon hd 4350 with 512 ram in my desktop (hp a6010n) and acer aspire 5515 laptop and neither will connect to my t (samsung pn50b400) !

I have tried using a vga to rgb cable , hdmi to hdmi . Dvi to hdmi and neither the laptop or the desktop show up. The only way the tv will show anything is when my desktop is booting up and the first few secs where it give you option to enter bios setup screen pops up it works on the tv but discolored to a very purple tint and off-set. After that the tv shows a message saying "no signal". And i think i have the latest video driver but to make sure can you tell me the latest version?

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How Do You Connect To Internet ?

My brother can connect to the internet using only the ethernet wire plugged into the ethernet slot built in his motherboard. So i decided to take the wire and plug it in to the slot of my gigabyte ga-965p-s3 (right next to the 2 usb slots). But nothing happen, i can't connect to the internet. I check the network connection and see there is only a "1394 connection". Do i need an ethernet card ? Or the mobo already has it ?

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Connect Four Computers

I just order a dsl line and i would like to connect four computers to my dsl line. How can i do this? Two of the computers are running windows xp professional, one is running windows me, and the other one is running windows 98 sec. Edt. All four computer have a working nic card. Can any one help me out and tell me what i need to do and what do i need to get as far as hardware to get all four computers conected to the internet using a dsl line?

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Best Way To Connect 20 Drives ?

I currently have a tower case that will hold 20 3. 5" drives. Though i do not have 20 drives it is something i would like to work towards. However i'm trying to figure out the best way to hook them up. I've been looking at the megaraid cards from lsi and have found an 8 port card for about $140. I believe this is a slightly older card but i'm putting this together for home use so that's not a huge issue. However, when searching around i ran into sata port multipliers. From what i am reading these allow you to run up to 5 drives off of a single sata port. I realize that a single sata port has 300 mbps bandwidth and a standard drive can use up to 90 mbps of that so there may be a bottle neck there. However if i could put together something for significantly less money it may be a better option. What do you guys think?

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Best Way To Connect Headphones

So what is the best way to connect headphones? Usb, 3. 5mm. Im thinking of getting a new headset and im not sure what to look for in a connector. Im running an audigy 2zs. Ive seen some that have optical and coax connections on them too. What would give me the best sound? These would only be used for gaming.

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Connect Macbook To Tv

How to connect a macbook pro to your tv so you can watch it on tv? My macbook is a macbook pro, and my tv is hdmi.

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Connect Laptop To Tv

Is there any way to connect my laptop to my tv? Because there are a couple same computer non online multi player games that would be so much more enjoyable if i could play them on a bigger screen. So is there any special software or hardware i need to connect my laptop to a tv, and is there an inexpensive way to go about doing things?

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Cannot Connect From Windows 7 To Xp

Now my problem is i have laptop win7 and desktop winxp r. When i go to networks on both wxp & w7 i can see my laptop and desktop. I can access files from xp but when i click xp from w7 it pops up a "enter network password" "enter your password to connect to xp (my xp computer name)" gives two input boxes for username and password, below it says "domain: laptop (my laptop computer name), a check box to "remember my credentials" and an error message "log on failure: unknown user name or bad password".

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Connect To Router Twice

Why do i need to connect to my router twice? When i connect my psp to my router, it always has a problem the first time connecting. So i cancel the connection and try it again. It only seems to work the second time. I know it's my router and not my psp, because it connected fine before to my old router. Oh, and my old router is broken now, so don't tell me to use it instead. So what can i do to fix this?

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