How To Turn On Webcam For Skype In Hp Touchsmart?

I can't figure out how to turn on the webcam for like skype and stuff on hp touchsmart computer. How to do it?

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Best Webcam / Mic For Skype

I haven't ever had a webcam, always thought they were a bit superflous for what i needed. However i need to use skype now for some things and i was wondering what sub-$100 webcam would be good. I would like an integrated mic as well just because it saves deskspace. The internet connection is dsl 1. 5mb down / 768kb up and i normally get 1. 2mb down/ 600kb up.

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Hp Touchsmart 600 - How To Turn On Ambient Light On ?

How do i turn on the ambient light on my hp touchsmart 600. ? I've hit the start button and typed ambient light and nothing comes up.

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Ideal Skype Setup (headset + Webcam)

I've been using a shoddy webcam for skyping. It hasn't worked too well. Video quality sucks, audio is awful and cuts out regularly. Yeah. So, i want a good quality setup for skype video chats. This, to me, means good webcam + headset with noise canceling. For the webcam, i've seen a lot of recommendations for the logitech quickcam pro 9000. What do you all think?

As for the headset - i have no idea. Any ideas?

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Asus Webcam Freezes During Skype Calls

I just bought a new asus laptop with a webcam and every 30 seconds my video feed would freeze on skype, and i would have to restart my video call. Is there a way to fix this before i call asus support?

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Hp G62-219wm Notebook - How To Turn On Webcam ?

How do i turn on the webcam for my hp g62-219wm notebook pc? Okay, i just got this laptop. It says it comes with a built-in webcam, and when i went to use it, i couldn't. I've checked for webcam drivers - there aren't any. As far as i can tell, this webcam doesn't have quickplay, either. The microphone works fine. Is there a driver or something i can download somewhere so that my webcam works?

I've got an hp g62-219wm notebook pc, and it's running windows 7 home premium (64-bit).

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Asus Eee Pc 1201t - How To Turn On Webcam ?

How can i activate / turn on the built-in webcam on asus eee pc 1201t? I already installed the livcam 1. 0. 9 driver from the setup cd. Please help me. And also i believe that it has a bluetooth on it. But then when i install the bluetooth driver from the setup cd, it says 'no device found' or something like that.

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Hp Touchsmart Pc Opinion

I want that pc and my parents order it for me but now they are having second thoughts cause my cousin is now working in the hp company in cyprus and he says that they arent very popular. So can u tell me your thoughts? And if you don't recommending it can you please tell me cool pcs for teens? Well i do have two notebooks and they didn't work out so well. I just asked if you can give me facts why you dont like it, and maybe suggest a pc which is good!

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Skype Video With Delay

After upgrading from skype 2. X to skype 3. X. I noticed that my friend in europe getting my video with 20-30 seconds delay (doh). I am receiving his video with no delay. Both internet connections is cable (fast) and voice. Is back and forward with no delay for both ends. It is either my computer sending only video with delay or his computer do something with video (delay) but voice is with no delay. Can you give me advice to where look for corrections ?

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View Hp Touchsmart Desktop On Tv

How can i view my hp touchsmart desktop on my tv. ? The touchsmart does not have a vga cable out, however i do have a dazzle capture card. Is there a way i can use my t. V as a monitor for my computer?

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Hp Touchsmart 300 Mouse Not Working

My hp touchsmart 300 mouse is not working? Was playing peggle and my mouse just stopped working i tried replacing the batteries and pressing the connect button but that didn't work.

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Hp Touchsmart, Sony Vaio, Imac

Which computer should i get? Hp touchsmart, sony vaio, or imac? I'm looking for a touchscreen computer. Features i would want are:

-Large screen, slim all in one computer. -Blu-ray compatible . -Web cam, windows home&&student. -Great entertainment features, i'd like to also use the computer i get as an hdtv. I want to know which is more reliable. Which computer is better by far, and if you could provide links, that would be much appreciated.computers that i need to choose between are:
Hp touchsmart 600-1120
Sony vaio l
Imac (not as interested, but i hear its a good competitor)

Which computer is better over all? I'm a high schooler so i need a good student computer, & a great entertainment center. I'm planning on getting a game system later on.

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Sony Vaio Or Hp Touchsmart Tm2t

Which is better sony vaio or hp touchsmart tm2t? I need to compare the two. I am leaning more towards the hp? Any advice

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Hp Touchsmart 600t Included Applications

What applications are included in the hp hp touchsmart 600t? Im looking to get one and was wondering if the applications included were set in stone can i add applications or does it come with whatever it comes with.

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Internet Connection Skype Issues

I am having internet connection / skype issues. I like to use skype to have video chats with friends, it worked perfectly fine on my computer a month ago. Now however, if i start skype my computer starts having connection issues; it will disconnect and reconnect over and over again, never staying online long enough to start my webcam. Is there anything i can do to stop it from disconnecting? I'm currently using a hp laptop with a wireless dsl connection.

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Hp Mini - Can't Hear On Skype

I just got a hp mini the other day and when i try to use skype i can't hear them and they cant hear me. Answer:- go to skype settings and change your inputs for mic and speakers.

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Microphone In Skype Stopping To Work While Playing

Basically the other day i formated my computer from windows 7 rc to windows 7 professional. One of the first things i did was installing skype again, but this time the new version that is download-able from the site. So i started a skype conversation and everything worked as it should. But when i start playing heavy full-screen games, in this case call of duty modern warfare 2, people can't hear me anymore while we are playing. Sometimes they can hear parts of what i'm saying, but mostly nothing. But this is only when we are actually playing. When we are just in the menu in the game everything works fine again. And the weird thing is that other programs like steam sound, ventrilo etc. Works fine while playing. But skype don't. Any idea what the problem could be? I am asking here because i'm only having problem with skype. I have tried to run the program as administrator. I have downloaded the newest sound drivers and windows updates. Basically it seems like skype wont record my sound when the pc is under heavy load in the fullscreen game i think.

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Using Hp Touchsmart 300z Pc As Monitor For Macbook Pro

Can i use my hp touchsmart 300z all-in-one pc, as a monitor for a macbook pro? Anyway i was wondering if i could use it as a monitor for my new macbook pro that im getting?

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Hp Photosmart Touchsmart Printer Prints Slow

I have a hp photosmart premium touchsmart web all-in-one printer it prints so slow what can i do? We just bought it and i swear it takes like 5 min to print single page just type print no graphics. What am i doing wrong. I up graded from a wireless hp printer no real problems with that.

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Toshiba Laptop - How To Make Skype Video?

On my toshiba laptop how do i make skype make a video?

Answer:- assuming you can make a video call with skype you need software like camstudio to capture the images and create a video that way. There is other software that will do this, but camstudio is free.

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Echoing / Loud Noise On Skype Call

Ok guys i been pulling my hair out on trying to fix this for the longest time, i've tried everything to messing with my audio settings and my friends settings. To getting different mics / using a different call program. The problem is i'll hear my self echo with a loud strange noise at random times (usually within 2-5mins it will start happening) if i tap on my mic about 6-7 times it will make it go away only to repeat 5 mins later. For the first few minutes the call is perfect no echos no noises or anything. I use headphones to hear audio and use a mic to talk that's plugged into my laptop. My friend uses a headset and is also using a laptop. I wouldn't think the problem would be coming from my friend because he doesn't have the same problem as me.

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Dell Webcam Center - Your Webcam Driver Is Not Installed

I am using a dell laptop that has a built in camera. I have the dell webcam center. Now i am viewing the dell webcam manager and it says "your webcam driver is not installed. Please install the driver in order to launch the webcam console. " How do i download the driver so i can take pictures?

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Webcam Manager For Built-in Dell Webcam

Do you need to install webcam manager for a built in dell webcam to work? Inspiron 1520, i changed hard drives and want to know if i needed to reinstall it for it to work.

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Webcam Software Other Than Dell Webcam Center

Any webcam software to replace dell webcam center? So my dell webcam software doesn't work anymore, and there's no way to fix it. Is there another software out there for my built-in webcam (i have a laptop)? Something that allows me to make videos and take pictures?

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Why My Pc Does Not Turn On ?

I am learning how to fix computer, but unfurtunately i dont hava any idea of what can be wrong with my pc. This is what happened. I usually leave the computer on 24 7 and when i woke up one morning to use the computer, the pc was off. The night before it was raining hard, perhaps thundering messed it up, so i think something might have blown. When i opened the case, i noticed that when i hit the on button, the fan for the cpu and power supply spins for a second or two and then stops. Then a few seconds later i hear a tiny sound like if something recharged and when i press the on button the samething happens.

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Pc Lights Turn On For A Second But Then Go Off

Computer doesnt switch on. When i turn the power on the green led on the motherboard lights up and stays lit. But when i press the power switch the fans and lights turn on for a second but then go off again and nothing works. I thought it was a motherboard problem so i tried a new motherboard. Same problem. So then i thought must be cpu. Tried a new cpu. Same problem . Then i tried a new power supply. Same problem!

The case and power supply are brand new, they were being used in a differant pc for about a week . Then everything just switched off while it was on and it hasnt been able to switch on since.

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Computer Will Not Turn On

I hit the button and no start-up(worked fine night before). I took off side cover and the cpu fan was spinning and the chassis fans were on, also the front led lights were on although looked dim. The mother board green light was also lit up. The power supply fans(2) were not working at all. So. I figure its the power supply. Almost bought a new one too. But i take the power supply out and stick it in old computer and it works fine. So. I put ps back in new computer and it basically does same thing but not exzactly. Mother board light is on still, fans do not work, led light does not turn on, cpu fan does not work but spins briefly as power is disconnected. (Note: no monitor or any other outputs were hooked up>> this may make the difference?)

Any ideas as to what this is exzactly? The motherboard or power supply possibly even though it is working n another comp, cpu? Or ram? >>Could those cause a complete no start situation? Switch?
Anyone ever hear of this before or have a good idea as to what it could be let me know asap. I don't wanna just start buying and replacing stuff. Also dying without a good computer to play world of warcraft!

I would love to know how to use a multimeter to test the voltages n stuff but afraid to due to lack of knowledge.

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It Is Now Safe To Turn Off Your Computer

Microsoft's support site had a big checklist to go through, which didn't quite work. When you tell it to shut down, it says the error message "it is now safe. Blah" then you have to do it manually. If you press the power button while the computer is on, it immidiately shuts off. Any ideas?

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Desktop Wont Turn On

So the power in my room went out, i assumed that it was the storm that we are having right now in texas. I randomly go downstairs, see that other lights are on. Turns out my breaker flipped, which makes no sense, all i was doing was browsing the internet, its not like my room was taking a lot of power. Well anyways, now my desktop wont turn on, it was hooked up to a surge protector. Ive tried different outlets, leaving it unplugged, etc. Everything in my room works but my computer, so my question is where do i go from here? Hopefully its just the power supply, but is it possible that everything was fried? Cpu, gpu, etc?

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Pc Won't Turn On

Ok, so i was away on holiday for a week and left the power to my computer on (not the computer switched on) and when i got back it wouldn't switch on. Tried resetting the cmos, fiddled about with a few bits and pieces but nothing is working. A green led on the motherboard sits on all the time but nothing happens when i hit the power button.

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