Computer Crashes When Dvd Drive Hooked Up

Got windows runing using a plane cd rom. Dvd drive worked fine on my other computer. I transfered it over. I see it in bios. While still in dos, it says new hardware found, asks if i want to start in safe mode, safe mode networked, last known good startup, or normal. Iv tried them all and it just reboots itself and goes back to the same window. The windows xp statup thing will show up(where the bar goes back and forth), will say welcome, and it just reboots. What do i do.

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Computer Wont Start When Hooked To Hdtv Through Hdmi

Like the title says. The computer powers up, but there isn't the usual beep and nothing shows up on the screen. If i unplug the cable and then turn on the computer, it starts up fine, and i can then plug in the hdmi cable and it works fine, but i don't like having to keep unplugging it and plugging it back in. So. Any suggestions?

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Nvidia Drivers & Dvd Crashes

I have had a dell xps 710 for about a year and a half now. It has the nvidia 8600 gts in it. Since i have had it, i have had to make a choice as far as what drivers to use. If i want the best graphics and options for my games, i have to use the latest nvidia drivers. Makes sense, right? Except that when i do, i can't play dvd's. No matter what software i use, it crashes to the dreaded blue screen every time it tries to play one. It says something about the file "nv4_disp.dll". I can read a dvd and look at the contents. But it will not play a movie or video. I have tried reloading all my dvd devices but it doesn't help. The only cure i have found is reloading the default nvidia drivers that came with the machine. Then dvd's play fine. But then of course i have no nvidia control panel to make my games look decent. Personally i would rather just upgrade my video card but that isn't an option right now. Anyone have any ideas?

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Constant Computer Crashes

The issue started about a week ago, every now and then the computer will lock up to the point i must hard restart it. I have exhausted every effort i know to find the issue. I have ran a hard drive test, memtest (56 tests with no failures, i don't know how many tests there are but it was still going and ive heard 49 was enough tests). I have dusted the computer out and such. The problem started whenever i was playing games but eventually migrated toward just surfing the internet. As far as i can tell it is completely random.system:-

Os: windows vista home premium 64bit
Processor: intel core 2 duo cpu 3. 16ghz
Ram: 4 gigs
Video cards: nvidia geforce 9800m gtx sli enabled

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Dvd R / Rw Drive Cause Computer Freeze

I recently changed cases to the antec 900 since it had more fans and better cooling. I didn't change any hardware except for my power supply (500w to a 550w). I connect everything back up, and my dvd drive doesn't work. The symptoms are as follows. I can put a cd or a dvd in there, and it locks up my pc. It locks up everything but my mouse. I can move my mouse around, but cannot click anything. When i eject the cd or dvd, my computer unfreezes. I do not have to reboot. While the cd or dvd is in there, i can do nothing, but once i eject it, everything else is fine again. I know it is not the ide cables, as it does this with 2 different cables. It smells like a driver issue, but i tried uninstalling both the dvd rom drive and the ide controllers and rebooting to let windows reinstall the drivers, and neither of these attempts fixed the problem. Anyone have any ideas? The dvd drive is a sony dru-800a, and it is the only drive connected to the secondary ide channel. My hard drive is on the primary ide channel. I have no other devices connected to the ide channels. The only other thing i changed when i had my computer in the old case was the 3. 5in floppy drive. I didn't feel the need to install it with the new case.

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Reinstall Xp Computer Crashes And Reboots

So i upgraded my computer's cpu, mobo, and graphics card today. When i go to reinstall xp the whole thing crashes. I turn on the computer with the disc in the drive, and it then goes to the windows instalation screen. But when i click "install windows xp", or the recovery thing it says, at the bottom of the screen, "examaning 762342 blah blah (last three were random numbers i picked)". Then, while displaying this, it just crashes, and reboots. Now, sometimes when it reboots it gets stuck at the first screen where it says all the stuff about your computer. (Cpu, hdds, cdrom drives, not the bios) but before it can list anything else it will stop at "usb mouse" and freeze untill i reboot. So, i go into the bios to see if its really there. Its not! The bios does not detect it. I looked at everything, cables, jumpers, everything. Now, i have 2 hdds, one 80gb and one 30gb. The 80 one does not work, the 30 one does. Also, everyonce and a while it will say somthing about the s. M. A. R. T being bad. Press f1 to continue.

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Burning Dvds Crashes Computer

Each time i burn a dvd or cd, my computer freezes. If i burn a dvd at 1x, the computer is noticably "laggy" but is still usable. If i burn a dvd at 2x, the computer totally freezes. 30 mins later the dvd is complete and i can use the computer again. The burn progress monitor practically jumps from 0% to 100% after 30 mins. I can barely move the mouse in between. This situation happened suddenly. One day it was fine, the next day it wasnt. I did nothing in between that i can think of. Things i know it isnt:

Ram: my ram is fine. I have plenty of it, and a ram monitoring program also confirms there is plenty free. Ide cables: i have tried switching around the ide setup to no avail. Software: burning with nero/roxio/adaptec/fire burner/dvd decrypter. All freeze computer. Drive: the drive works fine for reading, and ripping. Only burning slows the computer down. It works. Eventually. Just cant use computer whilst i burn. Media: have tried plenty of different types and there is no change. Have tried rebooting etc, reinstalling software. Hard drives: have over 100 gb free, and plenty of space on the hd that contains any buffer files. Certainly isnt the reason. Only thing i havent done yet (no time) is formatted my comp. Any ideas what it could be? I dont like to format all that much.

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Computer Crashes - Clicking Noises

My system keeps crashing. The symptoms are some audio clicking noises when i move the mouse, followed by general computer lagging, then pretty soon it just crashes (to a bsod if i don't manually restart before that). I just updated my graphics card (my old one went out) and its been doing it since then it seems. I've mostly noticed it when i play games. Doesn't matter what game really. After a certain ammount of time it will simply start to have audio distortion and then it will begin to lag and crash. And it has crashed while doing almost nothing a couple of times. I ran realtemp, and it appears my gpu is running at about 85c. While my processor gets to around 60c in games. I'm not sure but i don't believe those are temps that would make it crash. I've updated video card drivers, chipset drivers, nvidiaphysx drivers, audio drivers (all on 64bit certified drivers).

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260 Gtx Crashes Computer

My 6 month old evga 260 gtx crashes my computer shortly after launching games on high resolution, max settings (now i'm no genius but i'm pretty sure this card should handle these settings to an extent without crashing, maybe lower fps but thats all i would expect. )

My custom rig is as follows:

Evga 260 gtx
Asus p5q pro
Corsair 750w
Intel core 2 e8400

4 gig ram (i recently upgraded from faulty ram, the problem with gpu was occurring before, so im guessing it has nothing to do with this. )

Wd cav black 640gb

I do have sufficient ventilation in the case itself. 3 120mm fans, so this shouldn't be an issue. I have downloaded the evga precision tool and gpu-z and increased my fan speed from stock 40% to 100%. Doing this will increase my gaming time and steady temps for a bit but my pc still crashes after a while.gpu-z says on idle my card is at running at ~41c, on load during game it was crashing at ~54c with fan at 40% and at 100% it was crashing somewhere around 60c. Any suggestions?

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Computer Crashes - Beeps Continuously

Lately, my computer has been crashing seemingly randomly, and then proceeds to emit beeps from within the tower until i get up to restart it. The crashes seem random, as they occur even at night, when the computer is sitting here not in use. The tower then beeps until it is restarted. I had originally thought this was caused by a loss of memory, as this problem occurred almost everytime i would try and rip a cd with itunes. Now, however, it happens even when i simply run firefox, or even let the computer sit with nothing in particular running.

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Computer Crashes While Playing Cod4

I have a problem that has been urking me for the last week. While i was playing some cod4 my computer crashes it won't turn back on, and i smell burning rubber coming from my psu. Heres the weird part, my psu switch's (to turn off and on, near the power cord input) light is green if i turn it on, the front of my computer case's light is on (near the on switch). When i plugged in my psu in another mobo, it electrocuted me when i touched it (the psu case was open, i was checking for burned components as someone told me to). Nothing powers up accept the psu switch light & the on button light. My system specs are:

Amd socket 940 3200+
2gb ddr2 dual channel ocz gold revision 2
64gb sata seagate hdd
Nvidia geforce 8800gts w duorb gpu cooler
Sound blaster 4. 1 sound card
Demon 480watt powersupply
Ecs k8m890m-m

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Computer Identified The Dvd Drive As Empty

I bought my computer 1. 5 years ago, and other than adding more ram haven't changed it at all. It had an lg dvd dual layer burner, which i have used to burn well over 50-60 dvd 4. 7gb disks. About a week ago it started playing up when i tried to burn a dvd movie (ofcoarse having all corresponding redistribution rights for doing so) and the computer simply wasn't noticing the disk was in there at all. I listened closely to the drive, and it was beginning to speed up, then slowing, speed then slow. It does this for about 2 minutes before becomming inactive. Throughout teh whole process my computer identified the drive as empty, or the browser crashes. I tried many dvd's and none worked, so i tried altering the region code, no luck, so i applied a newer 'hacked' firmware version to the drive, to make it region free, and have an unlimited numnber of region changes. This has had no effect what soeve on it's ability to read dvds. I cannot think what more to do, and i'm sure the dvd drive should have many years still left in it.

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Dvd Rom Drive Lags Computer

I got a lite-on dvd rom drive and when i copy or burn files from a cd or dvd from the drive it lags my computer like crazy. Not sure what the problem coz with my old dvd rom still using at the moment in the same rig it doesnt lag but as soon as i use the lite-on everything slows down. Task manager says im using about 52% of my cpu. With the old dvd rom the cpu usage is basically still in idle.

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Dvd Drive Freezing When I Put Cd/dvd's In The Drive

About a week ago, i built my new computer. When i was all done and finished, i turned on the computer and it was taking forever to get onto windows and also i noticed my dvd drive not reading cd/dvd. My computer would freeze and nothing would happen. I seriously don't know what's causing this.

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Low Volume When Hooked To Two Computers

I have a pc and a brand new mac mini (oct 2009 model). The speakers i am using are logitech z-2300 2. 1. My setup is as follows:

I have 3. 5mm male-to-male cables going from both the pc soundcard and the mac mini audio-out to a y cable with two 3. 5mm female ends and one 3. 5mm male end. The 3. 5mm male end goes to a 3. 5mm female/female connector. The other end of this connector has the 3. 5mm male jack from my speakers hooked to it. With this setup and my old mac mini it allowed me to have audio from both my pc and mac go to one set of 2. 1 speaker system. I could play audio from both sources and the volume was normal. It worked great. However, with this new mac whenever the 3. 5mm jack is hooked into the mac, the audio coming from my pc is extremely low volume. As soon as i unplug the 3. 5mm cable from the mac, the audio coming from my pc returns to a normal volume level. I have no idea why this changed when the only different element in the setup was the new mac mini. How should i go about solving this problem? Should i be using a different setup? Is there a way to boost the volume? I'm pretty clueless about audio, so any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Usb Ports Problem - Device Must Be Hooked Up To Correct Port

Whenever i need to open my case up, i have to unplug everything, including my usb ports. When i replug them back in, i have to make sure each item was in the same place it was before or else it won't function properly upon boot up. For example, my airlink wireless 802. 11b usb adapter won't work unless it is plugged in to the bottom left usb port (out of 4 ports total). If i try to boot up with it in any other port, i get no internet and will have to reinstall the drivers. At least the ps2 ports for keyboard/mouse are color-coded so i know which goes where, usb are not and this makes it all the more difficult when i unplug stuff. I am using win xp sp2, has anyone experienced this?

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Dvd Burner Seen As Dvd Rom Drive Only In Vista 64

I've just upgraded to vista home premium 64 and my sony dw-q28a dvd-rw drive is not seen as a burner for cds or dvds. So if i right click on it with a re-writable disk in i do not get an 'erase' option, when i right click on a file there's no 'send to>cd' option and in media player when i click onto the burn tab, it tells me to connect a burner and restart!

This drive worked just fine in xp, then i upraded my motherboard to an asus p5e3 and installed vista and now it doesn't! I seem to have everything setup ok in the bios, i've tried re-plugging the ide & power cables and the drive name is read as sony dvd-rw but it won't function at all as a writer. Any ideas?

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Liteon Dvd Drive Can't Read Dvd-rw

Pata liteon atapi dvd a dh20a3p can't read dvd-rw yet it can burn data on to them. It can read dvd-r fine and burn on to them. Is there some software missing needed to read dvd-rw or is my drive just not able to read dvd-rw. Edit:-just updated the firmware and it is still unable to read cd-rw discs.

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My Dvd Drive Does Not Read Dvd's Anymore

I just bought hitman on dvd and like half way through the movie it got really skippy and eventually froze to where i had to ctrl alt del media player classic. Now it wont even read game discs and i dont see it under my computer. Is it dead or what?

Btw nothing was overheating while watching it and my cpu was at like 3% load.

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Dvd Rom Drive Will Not Read Dvd Copies

I have an ibm thinkpad a31 with a dvd rom using win 2000/sp4. The drive will not read dvd copies. It will only acknowledge the original dvd. It does this with memorex, sony and other name brand dvd's. How do i get the dvd rom to read the copies so that i don't have to keep using my originals?

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Dvd Drive Wont Play Dvd Movies

I have a dell latitude laptop with a dvd drive. I'd like to play dvd movies on it, but they won't play. Does media player not support dvd movies? Do i need some sort of encoder or driver to make the drive play them? If so, where can i download them? The thing had win2k on it, but i removed that and installed xp.

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Ide Sony Dvd Drive Not Reading Some Dvd

I switched off the power and switch and connected my new ide lg and it got connected and i switched on the power and a screen came saying"reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device" i pressed the button on the lg drive and it opened but whats the use, it is working but windows doesn't start, so i restarted the pc and went into bios and my master drive which was set to samsung 80 gb hdd was not detected and my slave drive lg dvd drive was not detected either. So to get access to windows i removed the cables connecting the lg drive and now the computer is working fine but plz help me abt my disk drive.

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Dvd Drive Shows Dvd Disc As Cd

Everything working fine until yesterday when after visiting a site that threw up a page that started trying to load viruses (which i stopped asap and ran adaware after to clean), the dvd drive suddenly started switching to a cd one when i put in a dvd - and nothings thus getting recognized at all. I've tried sys restore but it says it can't do it (least not the time frame i desire), and i've run all the utilities i can think of but not succeeding easily. Can't find better drivers than what's already loaded to install although no doubt could do so online if i knew what i needed. Running xp sp2, with a liteon dvd/rw drive. Although i'm blaming this possible 'virus' just wondering if it could be down to anything else?

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Dvd Rom Drive, Flash Hard Drive Slowing Data Transfer Speed

Issue a: when i put a cd/dvd into my dvd, the system (my computer/properties) recognizes the hardware, but it will not play. (Drive letter "d". )

Issue b: my computer will not recognize my data (flash?) Cards from my digital camcorder/camera. Issue c: my computer's hard drive (drive letter "c") once accepted my firewire uplink (1333). Now, my nle (pinnacle studio 9 plus) give the error message "drive c is not capable of capturing dv data", meaning it's date transfer rate is too slow. How can i fix these issues? Do i have to buy a new hard drive?

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Connect Dvd Drive As External Drive Through Usb Port

I have a sony dvd-rw drive which works fine when plugged directly as an ide drive. I also have an ide-to-usb cable along with an external power supply for ide devices. I want to connect the the dvd-rw drive as an external drive through the usb port. I have windows xp (sp2). When i plug the dvd-rw drive through the usb port, xp complains that "the device cannot be recognized". It shows up in the device manager as an unknown device under usb controllers. I am have a desktop (p4 1. 4ghz, 256mb rd, usb 1. 0) and a laptop (amd turion, 256mb ddr, usb 2. 0)!

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Dvd Drive Is Not Reading Any Cd's Or Dvd's

Ok guys for some reason my dvd drive is not reading any cd's or dvd's. This happend right after i installed nero and atempted to burn a dvd, after it stoped responding and i forced shut down the app and then when i started it again and tryed to burn a dvd it kept saying that there was no dvd in the dvd drive when their was. So i'm *** clue less. I have unistalled nero, disabled and enabled the drive, unistalled and reinstalled the drive, check the bios (which detects it as well) and still can not slove this problem. Anyone have any idea of what could be wrong and how to fix it, this is the last place i am turning too to get this fixed. Please.

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Hard Drive And Dvd Drive Problem

I am try to connect a 200 gig hard drive to an ide cable that is currently attached to my hp dvd burner. Every time i connect to the ide cable the hard drive it get would be recognize but then my dvd burner would not get detected.

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Lost Dvd Drives In My Computer

Lost both of my dvd drives after new build. Worked then stopped (seemed like when ever i use asus disk) happen twice both times with that disk. Any ways it would come up code 39 error. Would not start drives could not update drivers nothing. In device manager had yellow triangle. Lost alot of time messing with this. Anyways dont know if anyone else ever had this happen. But it sucks when you want to get your new build up and running. It might of been posted before but just in case here's the fix that worked for me. 1) hit start then type run, 2) then type in regedit & press enter
3) * check plus signs next to the following
*Current control set

4) this folder is the dvd/cd-rom class description in registery. Look for any of the following
Names in the right column. *Upper filters
*Lower filters
*Upper filters.bak
*Lower filter.bak
5) if any of the above keys shown in 4 are listed delete them. 6) close registery editor
7) reboot

When starts back up check my computer and see if drives are now being listed. Now this worked for me. Had to delete lower filters now what caused this i dont know but i'm now able to install drivers games etc. Does any one know why this would happen never seen this before and hopefully never again.

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Computer Not Picking Up Dvd Burner

I have a dvd burner which was working fine and was being picked up no problem but now my computer just wont pick it up. Not in bios, not in windows or anything. I checked the cables and everything is fine jumpers are set properly. Can anyone help me with this?

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Sony Vaio Blu Ray Computer Cant Play Dvd

I bought a sony viao blu ray computer, i cant play the blue ray dvd? It said it had to update some key, but it didn't do that. I bought the computer and the blu ray dvd a year ago and didn't find it until now. Should i phone sony or what? I think it said the acca key or something. And i know nothing about any keys. I just set up the computer and that was that. Anyone know what i can do. Does this mean i can't watch any blue ray movies?

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