Can't See Computer Screen After Connecting Vga / Rgb To Tv

Can't see computer screen - tried to connect vga/rgb to tv, changed display settings. ? I changed my display properties to show on tv screen, it doesn't work. Now i can't see computer screen on tv, or computer screen at all. Is there anything i can do? Is there a manual undo button? Can i do system restore by clicking on something?

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Connecting Dvd Vga With Computer Vga

How do i connect dvd-vga with computer vga? I have a dvd player and it has vga port. Now i want to connect my dvd player with laptop through vga adopter. Is it possible.

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Connecting Dell 3100 To Tv Via Vga Cable

How to connect dell 3100 to my hd lcd tv via vga cable? I've been trying to connect my pc (dell dimension 3100) to my hd lcd tv, but am having no luck. I am connecting them together through vga cable but when i change to the "pc" output on the tv, it says "no signal". Can anyone help solve this program? I am using the standard graphics card, which is an intel card, version: 6. 14. 10. 4543.

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Connecting Laptop To Tv Monitor By Vga Cable

I have a laptop (with display at 1366x768) and i have a vga cable connecting to a tv monitor. When i have the settings at 1366x768, my laptop display is great, but the tv monitor displays the screen small and centered to the right, and doesn't show the full screen. If i put the settings at 1280x768, my laptop screen gets a little fuzzy, but shows good on my tv monitor. Is there a way i can have it so the tv monitor is in its best display setting while having my laptop at a different display setting? Or any other help fixing the problem? I want both laptop and tv monitor to show the full screen, i do not want it as one extended screen.

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Connecting Laptop To External Lcd Using Vga Output

My laptop lcd monitor is broken , i want to connect the laptop to external lcd using vga output, how to do so? I tried just connecting the laptop with the external lcd using vga cable, but it didn't work. I think that i need to click right click on desktop then "expand desktop" or something like that, but the problem is that the original laptop monitor is broken and i can't see anything throw it, can't see anything at all. Any idea how to connect it to the external monitor?

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Message: No Rgb Input

Im getting the above message on a m8s pc and im not sure whats causing the problem. The pc is powering up (fans, led on mobo, power led etc) yet there is no input to the monitor. There is no gfx card just onboard vga. Ive tried my 7900gs in it but that didnt solve the problem. Ive reseated the ram & cpu, cleared the cmos (via the jumpers) and basically checked all the connections but nothing has worked

Tbh im starting to think the motherboard has died as its strange that all of the fans and leds are powering up yet nothing else is happening (im not even getting error beeps from the mobo) what do you guys think?

Ps: the mobo is an asus k8v-vm skt 754 with a sempron 3200+ fitted. Ive also tested the said pc on my own monitor using my own vga cable and still nothing.

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Connect Macbook Screen To Pc Using Mini Dvi To Vga Adapter

My macbook (2007) screen broke; i was wondering if i can use a mini dvi to vga adapter to connect it to my pc? I don't know if i can just plug a mini dvi to vga adapter in to my computers and connect my macbook to my pc monitor and assume the macbook screen will just show up on the pc monitor. I really need to get some files off my mac!

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No Signal On Vga Tv To Computer Connection

I have been watching my computer screen on tv for two weeks, then all of a sudden it says no signal. We changed the cable back to monitor and the screen was fine, (i disabled my screen-saver so its not that). So when i change back to the vga, it works on tv again for a while then pops up no signal, and we have to go through the process of swapping cables again before it will work. How do i prevent this please?

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Vga Or Dvi To Connect To Computer ?

Vga or dvi to connect to computer? So i got a new monitor that allows me to connect with a vga, dvi, and hdmi. I am planning to use the hdmi port for my xbox 360. Should i connect the pc with the vga or dvi port?

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Screen Getting Cut Off When Connecting To Tv With Hdmi

Screen getting cut off when connecting to tv with hdmi? Alright so i just got a new hdtv (a friend gave it to me, so im not sure of the exact size, but it's pretty big). I wanted to hook my laptop up to it with an hdmi cord, but when i did, it displayed really nice but each side was cut off a bit, top, bottom, left and right. Not a whole lot but enough that the top of the windows (minimize maximize exit)< where covered. And around half the start bar. I tried changing the resolutions but nothing worked.

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Connecting Computer To Another Computer To Share Internet

How can i connect my computer to other computer to share internet? Well here is the problem, computer 1 has internet which is a wireless internet that is used by a wireless usb adapter which connects to one of my networks. But computer 2 had a virus so i restored it and now it only has "local connections" and not "wireless connections" in control panel under "network connections" and so computer 2 has no internet on it because i can't connect to anything without having "wireless connections" there. So what i was thinking is using a ethernet cable to connect computer 1 to computer 2 and they can share the internet and they both can have it. So i connected the ethernet cable to both computers and now what do i do? Under local connections on computer 2 it says "unplugged" and i'm confused! How can i make it so both computers have internet and none of them connects to a router through wires? I know there is a way, computer one has fully working internet because it has "wireless connections" in "network connections". All i have to do is plug in my adapter and then connect to my network. If it helps to know, the computers are both windows xp. Are you suppose to configure something now that the cord has them both connected to each other? How do i make it so the internet from computer 1 which is wireless internet, connect to computer 2 using a ethernet cable, make both have internet by sharing computer 1 internet! Idk if u guys get it? Like computer 1 is connected to computer 2 through a ethernet cable, i want computer 2 to have internet aswell, is there a way that the internet can be shared like that from computer 1? Please help me and with good instructions! This is my very first time doing this, and i need internet on my other computer, this is my only chance left!

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Computer Displays Post Screen Then Went To Black Screen

My computer has been running sluggish for about two days now. Was searching the web the other day and computer just came to a halt and froze. So i rebooted the computer and then it wouldn't start up. It displays the post screen but after that it went to a black screen with a white bar at the bottom of the screen. Looked like a progress bar. Rebooted again but same thing. Popped in the os disc and tried a check desk and fdisk and it came up with some errors. Got to stage 4 of 5 on them and then stopped at 50% for hours. So today i started it up again and it finally booted to the windows logo and then finally to desktop. Took around 30mins to do so. Hard drive light indicator is always on for the most part and takes forever to load applications. Okay, i guess my question is this about to be a hard drive failure? Never had one so clueless of what it is but would think it would have something to do with the hard drive. Also before it froze the other day, applications started being really slow. For example it took 10mins just for the save file dialog box to pop up to save a file.

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Connecting Receiver To Computer

With no spdif on my mobo and having to buy the digital i/o module ($15) for my sb xtreme music, i was considering this would be a good time to upgrade to a cheap quad core ~$200 for an amd 2. 5 quad + mob w/ spdif (coaxial and digital). 182262

Should i just buy the $15 and wait for better deals on the quad or just pull the trigger now?

I am working with a denon avr 2805 infinity sl50 and sl20 speakers. This scares me. Old school. Replacing my swan d1080mk2 that i'll be connecting downstairs to a laptop/mp3 player.

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None Of Devices Connecting To Computer

Why is none of my devices connecting to any of my computers!? At first it started with my handycam video camera, i would plug it in and then it would just say preparing. It would go the same for all computers that i have in my house(2). But just recently i tried connecting my photo camera and it wouldn't do anything either, i tried with another photo camera i had and it still come up with the same thing on all computers!

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Why Is Computer Not Connecting To Internet ?

Why is my computer not connecting to the internet ? I just bought a comp from a friend and wiped everything and reinstalled windows xp(so what if its primitive, the comp orig ran 97). I connected an ethernet cord from my belkin g wireless router to the new(to me) comp but it won't connect to the internet. I've set up the ip address and the dns server address manually and it got to where the connection status says connected with the speed of 400. 0 mbps but the activity says that there haven't been any packets sent or received and when i try to go to ie it says "this page cannot be displayed" and prompts to "work off-line" but i've connected my wireless router to other things, i.e. Xbox 360, laptop, and other computers and they connected just fine. What is wrong?

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Connecting 3 Monitors To One Computer

So i just bought a brand new computer, pretty high end, atleast, i paid alot lol, but at the back it has a hdmi, a vga, and a dvi inputs, i can get 2 monitors going on the vga and the hdmi, but when i try to connect the third to the dvi, it just turns one of the other 2 monitors gray. Any help?

Running nvidia geforce gt 230
Acer aspire m5810
Windows 7

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Computer Is Slow After Connecting To Tv

My computer is slow after connecting the computer to tv. After i hooked my pc to the tv using vga cables the resolution was weird so fixed it and it loads video files and the internet slow. It was faster than this before i hooked it up. Is there a reason for this?

Answer:- it is because your tv screen is bigger than your pc screen, it also needs to provide more resolution. So the graphics card has to work harder in order to give you better quality. In this case, your graphics card is not powerful enough to produce a high quality output to your tv.consider upgrading it, if you use your normal pc screen, everything should be back to normal.

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Computer Not Connecting To The Monitor

Computer not connecting to the monitor? Did norton screw up my monitor? I got one of those messages from norton that i had to restart the computer to finish some updates. I hit okay and when the computer restarted it wouldn't show up on the screen. I know its not just the monitor because it is showing one of those "no signal" messages. The fun part came when i tried to unplug then plug the monitor back into the computer. When i tried to plug it back in the computer end fell into the computer. I opened it up, put the plug back where it was suppose to be, figured out that it fell through because the little screws came out with the monitor's plug, did a little cleaning, and put it back together. I started the computer back up, still nothing. Can't see jack on the screen other then the no signal message. Is it possible that norton did this or is something else wrong here?

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Computer Is Not Connecting To Wifi

Ok i have a desktop computer in my room with the modem in here. I have another computer in my brothers room that he uses the wifi off of its a desktop also. So the other day i find out my brother was on my computer so i set up a password on my account. He tells me today he cannot connect to the wifi because it say limited access or something but he can see that it has 5 bars of connection he just cant use it. Now that i think about it i remember my computer asking me about make files private so it must have made my internet not be useable for him what can i do to fix this problem?

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Questions About Connecting Computer Parts Together

Just received all the parts of my computer. Now, i'm trying to put it together, but the manual for the motherboard really sucks. So, my questions are:

1) for all the case cords (power, speaker, etc), does it matter if i reverse the positive and negative?

2) never had a sata hd before, so i'm connecting the sata power cable, and i don't want to shove it in to where it breaks, will it stop on its own, or will i hear a click or something once it's in place? And i'm assuming i don't need to connect both, the sata and molex power connector on the drives?

3) i bought a couple of those geforce 7950gt vid cards, as well as a couple of vga coolers. Is there an easy way to take off the factory coolers to replace them with these new ones?

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Connecting Radio Speakers To Computer

I have radio speakers that i want to connect to my computer but im not sure how to do it, it has the rca plugs on the radio with some type of game option not an aux so i was thinking if i just had to get a male stereo cable with a male red, white on the other side and use the game option. Is that going to work?

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Connecting One Computer To Another Using A Usb 2.0 Cord

I've heard there are special usb cords that can connect one computer to another, making a network with usb, or a direct connection with usb. Something called usb-to-usb or direct connection usb, something like that. I wanna use it to keep my laptop, and desktop in sync with each other. I've found the software (easy2sync), but trying to figure out what usb cord i want. Does anyone have these cords? Any opinions on them? Which one should i buy? Are they all 2. 0 usb (that will makes a big difference)? What if my desktop is connect to a network/internet through ethernet, will it screw it up?

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Connecting Computer Using Digital Output

Ok so you know how hp computers now come with this port that is called "digital output" and looks like a rca cable input/output? Well so far here is how i have my comp set up.comp (digital output) > hdtv (digital output) > stereo aux. (Rca cable input)

So now why am i not having sound if my cable tv sound comes through my stereo?

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Connecting Computer To Exterior Monitor

Connecting a computer to an exterior monitor. I'm trying to purchase a tv/monitor for my laptop. I was wondering what the name of the port or cable is that connects to your laptop and the tv. I hear people tossing around hdmi?

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Invalid Format Connecting Computer To Tv

I wanna a try watching a movie from my computer onto the tv and i connected the rgb cable that went to my monitor to the tv and it worked but it said invalid format can someone please help me?

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Connecting Photo Frame To Computer

How come my computer is not allowing my photo frame to connect to the computer? I connect an mp3 via usb and it shows up it my windows media player but when i hook up my photo frame via usb it does nothing. Do i have to go to a different media player to download pictures on the photo frame or go to a different compute all together.

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Leviton Router 1 Computer Not Connecting

I took over a business and the business had 2 computers connected. 1 of the computers burned out so i had to bring a computer i had at home over to the office. The computer that was already there gets the internet and works fine (dsl with sbc, ppp which i believe is public something) but the new computer i brought will work fine if i connect the dsl directly, but will not pick up on the internet with the router. Now it can't be the router settings because it controls all the computers, so that would mean that none of them would work. Now it doesn't ask me for a password to connect, so i always pick dynamic no password/username required on the setup. What else should i check for? I have a leviton 4-port ethernet router lan.computers are running windows xp. I can't figure out why my computer won't work with the router, but will work fine with the dsl modem by itself.

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Connecting Hp Computer To Establish Wireless Network

I nee help connecting an older hp computer to an established wireless network? Have an hp desktop that is a few years old with a linksys wireless card that i am trying to connect to a cisco router. Model number 2100. I have used the wireless card and computer a previous residence. My roommates have a mac and are using an apple modem. Now, my computer and wireless card recognize available wireless networks, but when i go to connect to ours, an error message comes up and says its not allowed, but does not ask for a password. It is a locked network. I think whats happening is that since my computer was used previously, the router thinks i am someone trying to hack into the network. Someone told me that my computer needs to be assigned an ip address that the router will allow in, but im not sure if that is the problem and i don't know how to find out what the problem. I am just frustrated because i know people connect older computers to new wireless networks all the time. Oh, we have comcast, but i have already contacted them and they said there is nothing they can do.

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Connecting Canon Zr830 To Computer With Windows 7

Trouble connecting my cannon zr830 to my computer with windows 7. I am using a firewall cable but when i use movie maker (that comes with windows 7) it does not show the camcorder from which i am supposed to extract the video from.

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Connecting Digital Photo Camera To Computer

Can you please tell the name of a software with which you can take photos on computer while the digital photo camera is connected by usb? And is it possible to use it as a web camera?

Answer:- it totally depends on the camera model. Not all cameras can be controlled by usb, though many of the better brands can. Webcam capability is probably more common on compact cameras (non-dslr), and maybe for those dslrs with movie modes or "live view".

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