Emachine - Power Led Only Flashes

Alright, i have an emachine here that will not power on. When power is hooked up to the psu the light around the button just sits and flashes. The psu fan will run but no beeps, hard drive spin up or cpu fan spinning. I have tried multiple psus and i'm guessing that the mobo is dead but what are some of your thoughts?

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Hp Deskjet F4200 Power Button Flashes

I cant get my scanner to work! I have an hp deskjet f4200 and when i push scan the power button just flashes. ?

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Power Switch Works But No Led

I have stacker 830 and jetway motherboard and the leds don't seem to work. I have read the manual on both case and motherboard. I have tried different variations of putting the pins but nothing! The only thing that works is the power switch. The power button doesn't light up and nor does the activity led. I'm really confused on this issue. It actually really bugs me even though it not a big deal. I don't know what im doing wrong.

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Monitor Goes Black But Led For Power Stays Green

I have a dell 17in monitor that will show a pic for a second then goes black but the led for power stays green and doesn't change to amber. This means it still thinks it is getting information but will not show anything. The back-light is going off so it looks as if the monitor is off but the green light begs to differ, anyone have any input on how to fix it ? It does this on multiple computers.

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Power Issue On Shutdown, Fans Do Not Stop, Led Flicker

Just put together a new machine, but using an old antec case and 350w psu (antec sl350s) and some other old hardware. First i started just plugging in the mobo with ram and heatsink (so, no peripherals connected, not even hd or the video card) and i notice that when i power down by holding down the front power button, the cpu fan stops, but the case and psu fans keep going! I have to switch off using the psu switch to shut everything down. Well, that's weird, but i still move on. However, with all the new hardware plugged in, the problem gets worse. Now when i switch off using the front power button:the case and psu fan are still onthe power led is off, but the hd led starts flickering very rapidlythe floppy drive starts grinding loudly and angrily; leave the system in this state, and the grinding dies down (but never goes away), then comes back after a few minutes, although i haven't done anything (the box is just sitting there)

The real problem is, the system does not boot after that! If i turn off the psu switch, then turn it back on, the clicking/flickering comes back. Pushing the front power button makes the cpu fan jerk, but it does not start on and the system does not start booting. But if i wait a few minutes with the psu switched off, i can boot up after that. This need to wait for a while is bothering me. What could be going wrong? Are these symptoms of a faulty power supply? How should i proceed diagnosing this?

So to conclude, my system goes into this weird twisted state where hd led flickers and floppy clicks at about the same rate and the power/reset button do nothing. The state is reachable if i power down using the front power button, or if i flip the psu switch off and back on after that (but if i wait for a few minutes before switching it back on, then fans do not come back on and i can boot just fine). My system (items marked "new" are the stuff i just bought, the rest is components that have been working for at least a few months):

Cpu: amd athlon 64 x2 5000+ 2. 60ghz dual-core (new)
Cpu heatsink/fan: noctua nh-c12p cpu cooler (new)
Motherboard: asus m2n-sli (new)
Ram: 2 x 1024mb ocz platinum revision-2 pc6400 ddr2 800mhz dual channel (new)
Video card: evga geforce 6200 256mb ddr2 pci video card (only bought it because mobo doesn't have on-board video, dang) (new)
Psu: 350w antec sl350s
Hard drive: 160gb sata 3. 0gb/s samsung spinpoint
Other peripherals: promise 2-port sata 3. 0gb/s raid controller card
Case: antec slk3700-bqe
Case fan: some 120mm antec fan that came with the case

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Drivers For Emachine C3060

I did a fresh windows xp install on my friends computer. This is my first time working on an emachine computer. Do you guys know where i can get the drivers for this computer? After i did a fresh install i noticed that this had a recover partition (pc angel). I am not sure i can the drivers from this partion or if they are avaialble online.

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Emachine - No Boot Disk

I've been working on this old emachine for a woman down the street and i finally got it running but it's acting a bit strange. She called me up today and said it tells her she has "no boot disk". Now, i know i was just there and had windows xp boot up. So i go there, turn it on. And boot up normally. So i make sure everything else is working. I turned it off and on a few times, everything was normal. I left and an hour later she calls me back. "It's a black screen that says "no boot disk" on it". She says she didn't turn it of/restart or anything. I'm trying to get a handle on what's wrong here. I can't get a handle on it because i'm never there when something goes wrong. It's a 3100+ sempron with 256 mb ram and a 100gb ide hdd. Integrated sound, network, and graphics (chrome s3 i think). Any ideas? Is it possible that her psu is shutting down and resetting her boot settings? I'm sure the hard drive has a recovery partition (but that should also be bootable). Maybe her psu and the motherboard batter are both hosed. I don't know anymore lol. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Emachine 400i3 Dvd Issue

I just received my 2 disc drives. One is a dvd|toshiba 16x sd-m2012, and the other is an cdrw/dvd asus| cb-5216a. To tell the truth, i only bought the toshiba for the dvd capabilities, and the asus for burning, and know little of the two. I know both play dvd's though. The problem i have is this, i have an old e-machine 400i3 and i am keeping the drives in it until i can get my other computer built. I wanted to check out the whole 52x speed and all, but all i can run is 16x on a cdrw, when the specs show that 32x is capable. Is it because of my old computer? Or may there be something wrong, otherwise? Oh, and the sound does not work when i play a dvd, yet, if i play music, its fine.

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Connect Emachine Desktop To Flat Screen Tv

How do i connect my emachine desktop to my flat screen tv? I am connecting the cable from the emachine's tower to the vga port behind the tv, but am getting an error on the tv saying that it is not a supported format. How do i fix this problem? If you need more information let me know.

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Sapphire Radeon Hd 4850 - Emachine Et1331-02

My computer only has one visible power slot for a graphics card with two connectors? My computer model is an emachine et1331-02. As i've already had enough trouble breaking open the back of the case's metal slots (problem described here:, now another problem arises. I'm only 14, and i don't know too much about computers themselves. I recently got this new graphics card to enhance my computer, a sapphire radeon hd 4850, and its power connector has two individual slots, and in my machine, i can only see one visible slot to plug it in. Do i need both to power the card? If not, which one do i use (one has 3 wires connected and the other has 5)? And if i do need both. I only have one slot.

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Monitor Flashes But There Is No Action

My m8 is havin probs with his pc and he gave the tower to me to look at. U power it up and the monitor flashes but does'nt fire itself(tower starts up fine all fans working). Upon shuttin the tower down and unplugging the dsub lead u can hear the monitor switch itself off so it is gettin a signal. The motherboard is an abit sg72 (478) pentium 4 onboard vga and it has got an agp slot. He has some sort of creative vga card in the agp slot and i have tried the onboard graphics and the agp card. I have tried clearing cmos and removing the battery from the mobo, i've tried a different stick of ram in there and that doesn't work. I have had his hd plugged upto my pc and done a virus scan, nothing detected(virus wise). I think it might of been an overclock that's gone horribly wrong either that or mobos goosed.

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Emachine C1904 Cpu Fan Stops Working After 10 Seconds

I have a friends emachine c1904. I found the problem to the computer, it was the power supply and memory that werent working. I bought a new power supply and i used my memory stick and the computer booted right up. I scanned the computer for adware and viruses and i found a couple of minor things in there that i already erased. I went to check on the computer once again and now when i turn it on the computer the fan to the cpu goes on for like 10 seconds and stops working after that. Has anyone accured to this problem before.

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Temporary Flashes Of Garbage On The Monitor

I just finished installing red hat on a new machine that someone had left out on the curb to be trashed. I had to stuff an old hard drive, some ram, and an old cdrom in it, but it's a working p2 celeron 433mhz now. I'm using my really old aoc monitor on it now that i was using on another linux box. I don't think i was having this problem before when the monitor was hooked up to my other box, but now i seem to be getting a lot of temporary flashes of garbage on the monitor. This happens both in x and just from the shell. e.g. , If i hold down the return key in the shell, i can see color stuff with random characters flashing at the bottom of the screen as it refreshes. It goes away when an image is still, but it appears to be more than normal. Do you think i have the horiz & vert refresh rates set improperly? Red hat seemed to auto-detect them as it auto-detected my monitor brand correctly. This doesn't just happen in x, so i'm not sure where to change the refresh rate. Oh, also, i should mention that the power supply makes funny high-pitch noises whenever it's plugged in. It's very subtle when the machine is just plugged in but not on, but they become more pronounced whenever the hard drive or cd drive are spinning. But i don't know if this would affect the monitor since the monitor has its own power supply.

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Connecting Laptop To Tv Flashes Colors

I am trying to connect my laptop to my tv so that i will have a bigger monitor. My laptop has vga out and my video card should support the tv out signal. The tv has rca-component. So, i ran the vga from my laptop and plugged the component cables into my tv. I know there is something you have to do on your computer to transfer so to speak the video onto your tv. I went in and changed it to "clone" monitor 1 and that didn't work. So then i chose to just use monitor 2(tv) that didn't work so well either. After adjusting the resolution, i could see a lil static and then i saw a flash on my computer screen on the tv then it started being flashes of colors and static with the computer screen showing every few seconds through all the static. Please help me be able to see this on my tv. And yes i know i need separate audio. I already have that cord too. Ready to go, if i can just figure it out.

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5850 Flashes Black Pixels When Enabling Aa

Pixels or artifacts, whatever you want to call them. It looks like a bunch of dead pixels blinking around the screen at random. At first i thought it was all games, but i've narrowed it down. It only happens when aa is enabled, and only in dx9 games. Here's a list of games i've tested thus far:

Dawn of war 2:
Aa = artifacts
No aa = no artifacts

Company of heroes:
Dx10 aa = no artifacts
Dx10 no aa = no artifacts
Dx9 aa = artifacts
Dx9 no aa = no artifacts

Team fortress 2:
Aa = artifacts
No aa = no artifacts

Left 4 dead 2:
Aa = artifacts
No aa = no artifacts

Call of duty 4:
Aa = artifacts
No aa = no artifacts

This game doesn't have aa so therefore no artifacts

It's an odd problem to have, and a disappointing one at that. I was really hoping i could finally get a video card that just worked out of the box as it should, but it looks like i'm going to have to fight with this one too. Any suggestions besides rmaing this thing. I've already contacted xfx, but was hoping maybe there is some magic cure, that or maybe someone who has had a similar problem can chime in so i don't feel so alone.

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Radeon 9200se - Screen Black Flashes

I got myself a "sapphire radeon 9200se 128mb ddr pci dvi tv-out lite retail" and after spending ages trying to get it to install because of my previous on board card i finally got it working, all was going fine until all of a sudden the graphics went jump and every now and again the screen black flashes. My system specs

Epox ep-3wtm motherboard
1. 3 celeron
256mb ram
Onboard 8mb trident video accelerator

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Hp Photosmart C3180 Turn On Button Flashes

On my printer / scanner. I want to scan something but i don't know how, this is the first time using it, i've put my paper in a, d i've said i want a copy and whenever ''start scan'' the button that you press to turn on. That just flashes.

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Imac Wont Start Up - Flashes Pictures Of Apple

Imac wont start up- just flashes pictures of apple. Just recently i had been having huge problems with it crashing, my internet browsers locking up, programs freezing and having to restart two or three times in an hour long session. But now it wont even start up. It will flash pictures of the apple symbol, a folder with a question mark on it and a sign kinda like the do not enter sign. I read that i should re-install osx , which i can do, but, will i lose all my data? I'd like to rescue all my music in itunes, i have resume stuff on there, and i have loads of photos that i unfortunately don't have stored anywhere else, will all this be gone? Is there any way to save it?

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Change Led In Intellimouse

See, ive got this green theme going on with my mods. I wanted to change the generic red light on my intellimouse and make it green. Anyone know how to do this?

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Changing Mouse Led Color

I would like to ask u guys whether is changing my optical mouse led color from red to blue or white or infrared is better?

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Lg W2286l Led Monitor 1080p

Can the w2286l led 22 inch monitor do 1080p or full hd?

According to its specifications, it can. Its resolution is 1680 x 1050. So how can it do 1080p?

Any explanations?

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Sony Bravia Led Tv Better Than Plasma ?

Ya just got sony 52 inch led tv. I played my ps3 game with hdmi full 1080p and it wasn't as bright as my old samsung plasma tv but very clear. Is led good? Or lcd or plasma better? Is led long lasting?

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Linux - How To Flash The Hdd Usage Led ?

Assuming that a hdd in my linux software raid array goes bad (r-5), i am thinking that the easiest way to figure out which drive is /dev/sdx would be to flash the usage led. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Seagate Barracuda Hdd Led Is Always Red

Recently my computer often stops functioning while i was operating, and the hd led is always red , it does not flicker. After i pressed reset , the hd led is still red until loading windows. Sometimes, windows cannot even be loaded, and the led is still red. But some other time, it's ok again, i guess there might have been some serious problem with my hd , since i've already tried the disk tools in windows. I'd appreciated it very much if you could give me a hand with this. My hd is seagate barracuda 7200 rpm , 80gb

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Ps2 Blue Light Led Stays Off

About a week ago, i was playing my ps2 and suddenly the controller led turned off. The controller stopped working but the game continued. I turned off and didn't restart my ps2 until about 3 hours later. As i turned it on i noticed that there wasn't any video in my screen. I looked at the ps2 and noticed that the blue led (eject button)wasn't on, only green. The cd tray wont open. Its weird because if u press the eject button the ps2 will still turn on along with the fan but the blue led stays off and cd wont spin.

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Hp Officejet V40 Green Led Blinks

We have hp officejet v40 all in one printer its green led continuously blinks, it shows only initializing in lcd display, i have checked cartridges, back door, carriage path, film strip but nothing happens, plz share your knowledge to fix the problem.

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Connect Led On Asus A8v-e Se Motherboard

How do i connect power switch, reset switch, h. D. D led, + p led, and - p led to my mother board? I have a asus a8v-e se motherboard and i lost the manuel. I really cannot figure out how to plug in the power switch, reset switch, h. D. D led, + p led, and - p led to my mother board.

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Computer Just Shuts Off And Green Led Starts To Blink

Ive built a computer with an athlon64 3200 processor, everything works perfectly however from time to time the computer just shuts off all of the sudden and the green led starts to blink, i have to unplug the power cable for about 10 seconds from the bank of the computer and then i can start the computer again. My power supply is an antec 350w i believe.

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Keyboard Led Lights Started Blinking In Sequence

My keyboard and mouse quit working, and the led lights on the board started blinking in sequence: num-cap-scr and back. I tried another keyboard and the same thing happened. Of course, i can't shut down or type, or anything. Has the port gone bad? Is this a motherboard issue?

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Computer Wont Boot - Red Hdd Led

Recently i got a 1. 00ghz celeron (coppermine, 100x10) from a friend for free. I was planning to use it in an older computer of mine, a system with a celeron 433 (mendocino, 66x6. 5). I removed the heatsink, installed the processor, applied thermal grease, replaced the heatsink, closed the system up but when i tried to boot it up, but all i get is the red hdd led, instead of the green "power" led and (older) "turbo" led which both is supposed to be on. The motherboard i tried it on is an asus mew-aml which is supposed to support processors on the 100mhz fsb. I remembered to change the jumpers (because it will only run at 66mhz if i dont). After it refused to boot, i reinstalled the original processor, but i ended up with the same problem. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? I need to know if my motherboard is fried.

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