Hp F380 Scanner Not Showing Pdf Option

In my scanner hp f380 not showing pdf option. My com. Op.sys is windows xp and already acrobat reader 7. 0? How can i get scanned in pdf file ?

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Hp Scanjet 3670 Scanner No Destination Option

I have tried to un-install, re-install with no success. When i press the scan button, it opens a window in which one of the options is to indicate destination for the scanned image. It's a drop-down menu but it is blank and gives me no option what so ever to select any destination. It will not scan if there is no destination so i'm stuck. The scanner software that comes with my windows xp works and communicates fine with the scanner but it is the hp software that won't work. I also tried re-downloading drivers and software with no positive results. I have no clue.

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Hp Deskjet F380 Scanner Not Working

Why isn't my hp deskjet f380 all in one scanner working? Well i'm trying to put in a drawing on my computer, but when i press scan the power button just blinks. What do i do?

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Hp Deskjet F380 Scanner Problem

I have the hp deskjet f380, everything is working fine but the scanner. When i try to scan something from it, computer says that the printer is not connected how can i fix this?

Answer:- remove the usb cable from the hp only and power on the unit. Now , begin a fresh install and you will re-connect the usb only when the install program asks you and not before. Let if finish setup and reboot the computer after. Windows will tell you it found new hardware. You are ready to use it. Put a document or pic face down on the glass. Now go in your start menu and look under hp folder. Select hp solution center and click on it. Look at the upper left, their is an icon scan pic. That's it

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How To Save Scanned Doc As Pdf Using Lexmark Scanner ?

Lexmark 7600 printer/scanner, how do i save a scanned doc as a pdf? Is a tiff. Similar to rtf. ?

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Hp Scan To Pc Option

Why wont my hp scanner/printer/copier scan to my pc? My scanner used to give me the option of scanning and saving photo or document to my pc. Now, suddenly, i only get 2 options "scan and save to memory card" and scan and reprint.

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System Restarts When Choose Shutdown Option

I am using windows 2000 professional with sp4 installed. Whenever i try to shutdown my system by choosing shutdown, the system getting restarted. I am very much irritated.

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Hibernation Facility / Option Disappeared In Windows

I had a problem with my laptop, which led me to using the windows xp recovery disk supplied plus the utilities disc as supplied. It solved the problem i had, but created a couple of others. Firstly my hibernation facility disappeared despite me going through the process of enabling it. Secondly, when i boot up, the windows size (max and mim) always start on mim and i have to maximise it manually. But on booting up again all the windows are on the minimum size again. Of course i can live with this, but it is very annoying.

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Hard Disc Error - Remove The Windows Exclusive Option

My problem is that i have found a security descripter error on my windows xp computer. The problem is that when i run a scan (using symantec disc doctor) it finds the error but when i run it with fix errors enabled it says that it cannot perform the repair as windows has exclusive use to my hdd. It schedules a reboot scan and that scan come back with no errors. Does anyone know how to correct this problem or remove the windows exclusive option with out reformatting which isn't an option as the error is on my c drive.

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Hp Deskjet F380 Drivers

How do i download hp deskjet f380 drivers or where can i download it?

I can't offer a direct link to the page that you need as you didn't stipulate which operating system your computer is using. You can, however, check the link below, and then select which operating system you need drivers for: http://bit. Ly/dmfkhh

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Hp Deskjet F380 - How To Scan ?

I have a hp deskjet f380 how do i scan a document to my computer?

To scan an image with vista. Go to start > all programs > windows photo gallery, select the file tab and select import from camera or scanner.

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Hp Deskjet F380 Install Without Cd

How do i install hp deskjet f380 printer without cd?

Answer:- go to the following hp site link, select the operating system from the given menu to install software and drivers for hp deskjet f380: http://bit. Ly/blozq2

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Hp Deskjet F380 Will Not Copy Or Scan

Hp deskjet f380, will not copy or scan. Whenever i press the copy button, it will take the paper, but then stops and will not scan the paper. So i tried to scan it, but it won't scan either. Why won't the scanner work?

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Hp Officejet L7680 Scan As Pdf

Hp officejet pro l7680 all-in-one. My scanner hasn't worked for awhile again. I can only scan documents as a jpeg file again. I'm only able to scan everything in picture format. Why and how can i scan it as a pdf?

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Hp Photosmart C6380 Scanning As Pdf

Trying to scan on my new scanner, and i don't know what any of these computer terms mean. I don't have my entourage set up, so can't scan to that, no apple mail to scan to either. What are these terms and what do they do (the scanner book doesn't help me at all):

Tiff to preview
Pdf to preview

I kind of understand what ocr to textedit and msword are, but that isn't what i want. I want the actual document just scanned into a file onto my computer, just like i could do on my older aio, but now am too software illiterate to do. Is my only option jpeg to iphoto, even though i don't want it as jpegs, but as pdfs instead?

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How To Scan Pictures With Hp Deskjet F380 ?

How do i scan pictures with a hp deskjet f380 printer/scanner? I press scan, but the on/off button just flashes, how do i get it to scan?

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Print Pdf Files With Hp Photosmart

How do i print pdf files with hp photosmart?

Answer:- download and install adobe acrobat reader, open ur pdf file with adobe acrobat reader , click "file -> print. "

Get adobe acrobat reader from: http://get.

And here, there are some tips u should note when printing pdf file: if u encountered problems when printing pdf file, such as, can't printing pdf file, only printing part of pdf file, try following solution:

(1) the problem may causing by the printer driver, try to download and install the latest driver of ur printer from website of hp. (2) if the problem still exist, try to print the pdf as image:

Choose file / print; in the print dialogue window choose the advance button. Near the top of the dialogue screen, tick the box "print as image"

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Hp Deskjet F380 Not Compatible With Windows 7 ?

Hp deskjet f380 not compatible with new windows7? It says my current operating is windows xp 64 bit. ? I have a hp f380 printer and it worked with my old laptop, well it crashed and i got a new one with windows 7 on it. I tried to install the printer again but it says my operating system does not match the printers operating system. This is what it tells me when i try to install it:

Current os: windows xp 64 bit
Supported: windows 2000, windows xp

I have heard there is a way to get by this, but i'm not sure what to do!

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How To Reduce Pdf File Size After Scan ?

My hp c4440 scanner producing pdf files of large size. How to reduce the file size? I have an hp c4440 scanner. I am scanning documents, but the output pdf files are of large size. Is there an option by which the file size can be reduced?

Answer:- reduce the file size of the scanned pdf document by opening the original pdf which is of large size in "adobe acrobat reader" or "adobe acrobat professional" and click on save as option to save another copy of the same file and check the size, you will sure have the file size reduced, also there are huge number of softwares available, try google.

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Hp Deskjet F380 Won't Scan

Why won't my hp deskjet f380 won't scan? I have a hp deskjet f380 all in one but one when i press scan the power button flashes (it's plugged in though) yet it'll print and photocopy things fine. Any idea why?

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Hp Deskjet F380 Printer Wont Print Text

Hp deskjet f380 printer wont print text (only pictures)? I have a hp deskjet printer and it will only print pictures. - I open microsoft office (2007), and type an essay. It moves the paper up and nothing is printed. I then copied a picture with color, and printed. It works fine. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Hp Scanjet 5590 Software To Scan Pdf File

Scan to pdf software for hp scanjet 5590. I am looking for a free software which scan document and convert it to pdf, previously i was using adobe acrobat professional for this task but now i am looking for something free. Hp scanjet 5590 comes with a document feeder and i usually scan multiple pages and save it on a single pdf file. Its there any hp utility to complete this task?

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Hp Deskjet F4210 Doesn't Scan Pdf

Hp deskjet f4210 doesnt scan pdf, i wanted to scan a file as a pdf so i started the scan and for file type i looked but pdf but not their. Any help for me. If you need more information i'll add more details.

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How To Scan Multiple Pages To Pdf Using Hp Solution Center ?

Using the "hp solution center" with the hp officejet prol7590, how can one scan multiple pages to pdf? I can successfully scan one page to pdf format. The scanner tries to detect a second page for scanning, but this stops before i have time to turn the original around, and place it onto the document feeder again. Are there ways to do this without actually using two hard copies of the source document? (I hope i am clear enough).

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Hp Laserjet 3050 Scan Document Into Pdf Format

How can i use the hp3050 and scan document into pdf format. I can see jpeg, png, fpx, tif, gif, bmp but no pdf?

Answer:- u can try foxonic, a powerful image to pdf converter and very easy to use. 2 steps to convert scanned images to pdf with foxonic:

(1) click "settings" -> set building mode to "all to one" and set destination pdf file name, location. (2) select all the image files and right click the selected source files, click "build selected files to pdf", then all the selected files will be converted to destination pdf file automatically. U can download and try it for free from here:

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Toshiba 232 - Scan Multiple Pages Into One Pdf

I have a toshiba e-studio 232 printer, scanner and copier and i want to scan multiple pages into one pdf? I have 30 booklets with 50+ pages each and i want to be able to scan each of the booklets into one pdf file. When i scan a booklet the printer just puts each page as a separate pdf file.

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Using 'middle Click' Option On Compaq Presario Laptop

How do i use the 'middle click' option on my compaq presario cq60 laptop? I'm downloading a game on my computer and it says that the middle click option will be needed. Does anyone know how to activate it? Or is it already on my computer? If not, please tell me how to make it like that.

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Does Windows ' Turn Off Hard Disks ' Option Affect Drive Lifespan ?

Does anyone know if the windows (xp home in this case) "turn off hard disks" option in power options properties > power schemes will affect the amount of wear and tear on a hard drive or how long the drive will last? I'm not worried about the power consumption, i just want to avoid excess wear and tear on the drive.

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How Do I Use Hp Scanner?

It's a hp deskjet f2480 all in one printer, scanner, copier and i'm not familiar with scanning. When i put what i want to scan under the thing all it does is copy it on to paper. I want to scan it onto the computer not copy it. How would i scan it? There are 3 buttons. One is a red cross next to it it says cancel, a white square next to it it says black, and i blueish green square next to it it says color. What do i need to do to make it scan onto the computer and not copy onto paper?

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Scanner With Feeder

I currently have a dell branded all-in-one printer. Its pretty much useless except for the scanner. I use it to scan magazines. About 50-60 percent of the time it works well. Otherwise is jams. This happens most often with time which uses thin glossy paper. Does anyone have experience with a scanner with a respectable document feeder that can handle many different types of paper. I'm not looking for professional grade, but i am willing to spend the money for quality.

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