Keyboard And Mouse - No Input Device In Windows

Recently unplugged my ps2 mouse and keyboard and attached usb mouse and keyboard. Everything worked fine. However, returned to my ps2 mouse and keyboard yesterday and they dont work. I have no input device in windows (although both mouse and keyboard operate until windows loads, so i am able to access pc setup and boot screens). In haste, i tried to reinstall windows, but now i am stuck in the middle of installation and cant press ok to continue.

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Basic Wireless Mini Keyboard Without A Built In Keypad Or Mouse Device

I've been looking for a basic wireless mini keyboard without a built in keypad or mouse device. Basically as small as possible while retaining the basic qwerty and arrow keys and at least a close to normal key size. I purchased this and basically got what i paid for: a non-working garbage keyboard. What's out there for me besides the dinovo keyboards?

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Mouse And Keyboard Freeze When Windows Xp Starts Up

Sometimes when windows xp professional starts up on my computer, the mouse will not work properly. It is just frozen at the welcome screen. However, i can still use the keyboard to login. The mouse is a ps/2 mouse. After windows finishes login in and shows the desktop, the mouse is still frozen. Sometimes the mouse will function properly on the welcome screen. However when my computer enters standby mode the mouse and keyboard are both usually frozen when i try to bring the computer out of standby mode and the computer is unresponsive. I think this has also happened after a few minutes of not using the computer while the computer was running.

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Mouse And Keyboard Problems, Windows Is Making The Sound

For some reason all the sudden tonight my mouse and keyboard are turning off and on and the windows is making the sound like it would if you unplugged the keyboard and mouse from the usb and plug it back in it shuts up ill hit the mouse button a couple times itll make a sound and come back on, any explanations why its doing this while i play games and everything else?

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Keyboard Input Lag

I've noticed since building the new rig that my typing would occasional feel choppy, like there is a display lag for some reason. I can definitely just by typing this post as well. Does anyone have any ideas?

It's a fresh win 7 x64 ultimate install with very few things on it. I7 920 stock, evga x58 micro, 6gb ram, 5870 w/ 9. 12 hotfix, x25-m g2. Has latest windows updates, mouse and keyboard drivers (using microsoft sidewinder x6 keyboard sidewinder mouse, no issues with these on my asus laptop). Example: if i hold the "z" key, like this:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I get a skip/pause every 20 characters or so. What could be the issue?

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Windows Xp: Wd Passport - Usb Device Does Not Recognize Device

I bought a wd passport 160gb. And it worked fine i left it running on my computer for 2 weeks and now its not working error (usb device does not recognize device) so i thought i broke it, i went out and bought another one and i am getting the same error with the new one and old one, on mulit computers that it worked on in the past, i even tried in on new computers. Any ideas?

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Keyboard Input Creates A Clicking Sound

Does anyone know of a way to disable the small "clicks" that windows (i assume) makes when receiving input from the keyboard? Although i can only hear them at very high volumes, i would still like to know how to get rid of them.

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Random Keyboard Input - Delay When Typing Letter

Today i bought a new radeon hd 4850 video card (and 500w ps for it) and while the card itself works fine, i now have a problem with my keyboard i didn't have before. Occasionally i get random keyboard input (random gibberish) and sometimes i get delay when typing (i'll type a letter, and three keystrokes later it'll come up). I'm typing this on another keyboard i borrowed (which works fine) and my keyboard worked fine on my old video card, they just don't seem to get along together.

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Wireless Keyboard Input Lag / Inputs Are Not Registered

When i type things there is noticeable input lag, and sometimes inputs aren't registered. Then there is the one time i typed a bunch of stuff, went afk, came back and there was one and half pages of l's in ms word. The batteries are fresh, so i don't know what to make of this. Anyone have an idea?

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Define Audio Functions To Input Buttons Of Keyboard / Joypad

Trying to build an input system, it records audio functions and substitutes them as input functions for the joystick or keyboard. The first bit is easy, but does anyone know how i can relate my functions to the w, a, s, d, keys, or to the 8 point axis of an analogue joypad, esdsentially looking for ways to define my audio functions to the input buttons of a keyboard or a joypad.

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Ergonomic Mouse Device - Suggestions

I'm on the comp alot, and my wrist hurts from all the mousing around. I tried looking into two products so far, and neither are really working for me. The first was a handheld touchpad that i got off of ebay. It's ok, but even after using it out for a while, the speed is just not there with day to day tasks. (Mousing around, right clicking on a link and telling to it to open in a new tab. I do this alot with most of my web surfing). The one i'm currently using is the evoluent vertical mouse. First thing is right out of the box, it has "stuttering" issues. If the mouse is completely motionless, the pointer will sometimes stutter around the screen, as if i'm shaking my hand. This obviously makes for some mis-clicks with things. Also, as great as it sounded, it's just not entirely working out speedwise either. I am no where near as speedy as with a regular mouse of clicking on things and navigating drop down menus to click on options, etc. So, does anyone have anything they use that they like? I was recently thinking about a pen mouse or such. Thinking about it, there wouldn't be any need for useability retraining of my hand, we've all been using/holding pencils/pens for a long time. Looking at the grip though, holding a regular mouse, and then going to holding a pen, there isn't much change in the wrist/hand, so i wonder if that would even give me any benefit? (I also use 3 monitors, so if that makes a difference, i think i saw something about using multiple monitors and not being able to use mouse pen pads?

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Pc Usb Mouse Problem - Device Not Recognized

I have a few mouses in my house and they have all worked just fine for almost half a year on my computer. But now whenever they are plugged in a "device not recognized" message comes up. Other usb devices still work and the mice work on other computers still. To fix this i've tried:

- Reinstalling usb drivers
- Trying all usb ports
- Unplugging for a while
- Even full system restore

And it still didnt work. My laptop is a toshiba satellite a200/a205.

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Suggestions On A Mouse, Keyboard, And A Mouse Pad

I have around $110 to spend on a mouse, keyboard, and a mousepad. Its for gaming so please, if you suggest something, make sure it is good for gaming. My friend has dual opticals on his mouse. He says its great. Also what mousepad should i get? Nothing too fancy please. I kind of want to go wireless btw but some people say it isn't as good for gaming?

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Windows 7 I/o Device Errors

Installed w7 and the intel p35 drivers for vista64 (since they didn't have a w7 variant). http://img526. Imageshack. Us/img526/4265/ioerror.png

I've been trying to get rid of these errors. Seems when i multi-task on one drive i get issues.

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System Report A Malfunctiong Device - Ps2 Mouse Problem

My computer fails to detect my ps/2 mouse. First i suspected that the mouse itself is malfunctioning. I tried another one, but, still it is not not being detected. Then i tried using a serial mouse. Still my computer is not detecting it. I tried a usb mouse. The systems was able to detect it, but then later on, my sytems just drops it from the device list and fails to detect it again, and report a malfunctiong device. I tried all port with the same problem. I am already running out of solution how to solve this problem. I am thinking , if my motherboard is having a failure? My mother board is an old msi k7t266 pro (ms 6380) i bought from pcclub, usa, way back in 2001. ( I asked for their help and they just told me to replace my board( not very helpfull guys). My cpu is athlon 1. 3g. I have 128 mb ddr memory. 40 g maxtor drive. So far this is the only problem that i cannot comprehend. I also tried flashing the bios. I already cleaned my motherboard hoping it will go away. Still the same problem.

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Usb Device Not Recognized On Windows Xp

I have been using my usb flash drive ok for a long time. But lately, each time i want to use it i suffer. It always shows the message "usb device not recognized", sometimes it works, but after plugging and unplugging it for 100 times, this happens on my winxp machine, but it works ok on the 2000 computer. Any idea why this is happening?

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Windows Xp Not Recognize Any Memory Device

My windows xp not recognize any memory devices (installed on my notebook acer 4720), like pen drives, memory cards, etc. I tried a lot of things to solve this problem. Can somebody there help me?

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Keyboard Works In Windows Xp Pro But Not In Windows Vista

After cleaning up my hard drive yesterday, my keyboard would not work in vista ultimate 64bit. I tried 2 other keyboards. Neither of which would work either. 2 were ps2 keyboards and one was usb. Now, each keyboard was identified at post and would work in the bios. Now here is the really weird part. I decided i would go ahead and do a fresh intall of vista, as i was about due for it anyway. Just in case. I also cleared cmos just in case i somehow change something in the bios that was causing this (though i doubt it since the keyboard worked in bios). So, i reinstalled vista, and was able to use the keyboard to put in the activation key. So, i thought i was all set. However, once windows fully booted, none of the keyboards would work again. How is it possible that this problem carried over to a fresh install?

At this point, i became very frustrated. I decided to try installing windows xp pro. The xp installed, and now all of the keyboards work perfectly in windows. This would be fine, but i've got use to vista now, and would prefer to use it. Anyone have any idea what this might be? Could it have anything to do with installing vista too many times, so it started to disable functions.

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Usb Not Working, No Information In Windows Me Device Manager

My usb port has stopped working. When i tried to transfer pics from my camera to my computer, i could not get any connection. I have transferred pics from the camera to the desktop several times without any trouble. When i looked in the device manager, no usb information was listed. When i looked in the rom pci/isa bios () cmos setup utility, the only place i could find usb information was in the pnp & pci setup and the usb irq was enabled. I am on a desktop computer running windows me. I just changed running my dsl from the usb port to the ethernet port so i could run a wireless lan. This is the first time i have tried the dsl port since i installed the ethernet card and changed the dsl from usb to ethernet. Any suggestions?

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Usb Not Charging The Phone Device After Reinstall Windows

My motorola q cradle used to charge my phone through usb. I had to reformat my computer and reinstall windows and now it doesn't supply power at all. What is the difference (if any) between a usb port that will supply power and one that won't? I've had this problem on a few other computers. I've tried installing using the "find the best driver for my device" garbage with no luck, as well as the motorola usb driver. Neither is able to install.

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Cd Drive Does Not Show Up In Device Manager / Windows Explorer

My girlfriends brother just got given some old laptop. However the cd drive doesn't seem to be working, so being the person who knows the most about computers that he knows, he gave it to me to take a look at. So here's what i can see. It doesn't register in windows explorer

It doesn't show up in device manager, at all. However it does flash its little light when i put a cd in. I would like to perhaps reformat but i cant do that without a cd drive. So ideas?

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Keyboard And Mouse For Around $30 - $50

As the title says whats a keyboard and mouse for reasonable price around $30-$50 good for gaming and everyday use .

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Keyboard / Mouse Unresponsive

I had put in my usb flash drive, then my computer rebooted, so the computer boots back up, and now the keyboard and mouse functions do not work, i can no longer log into windows. I thought maybe it was a random thing, so i reboot again and it does the same thing, no response from my input devices. So i check to make sure these devices are still working by hooking them up to my other pc, sure enough, they still work. So then i test to see if i can even get into the bios. Well, thankfully i can, so it must be something while booting to windows after the post, cause the computer sees the hardware and lets me use it during setup, but not on the windows login screen. I even tried different ports, and different keyboard and mice ( ps2 and usb ) and they all will not work on this now dysfunctional pc. Can somebody help me as to why this is happening? This is rather strange, i changed no setting. Why working only in bios?

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No Signal, No Mouse, No Keyboard

When i turn on my computer, the lights go on and the fans go on, but nothing else. The monitor light is orange, theres no light on the keyboard, and my optical mouse is not lit. What's going on? I've got an amd athlon 2800+ barton, 512mb ddr, 160gb hdd, radeon 9800 pro.

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Keyboard / Mouse Freeze On Xp

The mouse always works until you try to type something, and then the keyboard and mouse quit working. The computer itself is not frozen. Sometimes the computer has to be restarted 5+ times to get it to work right. Do you think it is an issue with the keyboard, or the ps/2 ports? I could not find a virus. It has a cheap lite-on keyboard and roswill mouse.

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Gaming Mouse And Keyboard For Less Than 50$ Each

I am getting *** with my free keyboard and my $10 mouse, so i need a new combo. What are the better gaming mice and keyboards? I would prefer it to be less than 50$ each. Fire away.

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Mouse Headset And Keyboard Under 30 Each

I'm looking at either the microsoft habu or the razer diamondback, how different is the diamondback in terms of shape since i found the habu to be very comfortable? Headset wise i'm looking at the plantronics gamecom 367 or the sennheiser pc151 headset i don't really like logitech since the last two headsets i've had were logitech and their sound quality has been pretty awful. This combined with the complete lack of durability (one of the earpieces in my current headset died randomly and the other one fell off and refused to reattach) has put me off logitech. I was looking at the saitek eclipse ii or something in that sort of price range. I'm only willing to pay up to 30 for any of the peripherals.

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Bluetooth Keyboard / Mouse

I have a customer looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse but he needs it to go 16 feet without any issues. I think the bt ones can do that no problem but they all seem to cost $200! Does anyone know if there is a decent kit in the $100 range? If not are there non-bt models like the 2. 4ghz ones that can do that range?

I saw some of the logitech wave kits with 2. 4ghz but in the reviews cust said they started having problems over 10 feet. Any suggestions would be great he doesn't want to spend $200+ on a kb/mouse but he needs the range!

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How Is Bluetooth For Mouse / Keyboard ?

I really need a new mouse and or keyboard for my living room. The problem i have been having is that unless the receiver and keyboard are "exactly" lined up sight wise i have problems. I am sitting about 6. 5 feet from the computer. I am thinking about going bluetooth here. Whats the opinions on this?

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Keyboard Mouse Kvm

Is there a kvm that can use a wireless keyboard / mouse combo )example: logitech wave)?

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