Wireless Receiver Desktop

I currently have a dell inspiron 9300 laptop that came with the dell 1350 internal wireless card. I live in a residential development and my neighbor across the street told me i could use his wireless if i could pick it up. It turns out i can pick it up great (along with a couple of other wireless networks actually). I am selling the laptop for a new dell desktop, probably an inspiron or optiplex, and would like to still be able to use this signal. I have read so much and there are certainly varying opinions on what is better. A pci or usb adapter. Also, wireless-n or will g work ok?

Basically what i would like to know is. Is there an adapter out there that will perform atleast as well as the one in my laptop?

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Use Logitech Mx 610 Wireless Mouse With Different Receiver

I purchased a logitech mx 610 wireless mouse and it came with a usb receiver. I seem to have lost the receiver, however i have another one that is the same brand and same power (2. 4ghz) i plugged the receiver into my usb and turn on the wireless mouse, and it doesn't work. Is there some way i can set it or a program that can help get the two to work together?

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Receiver Alternative For Sony Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

I was given a sony wireless keyboard and mouse by a friend that lost the receiver.

Keyboard: sony pcva-kb6/u
Mouse: sony pcva-ms2

I checked out sony's parts website and they want $77 for a replacement receiver (vgcra83).

http://servicesales. Sel. Do

It doesn't seem to be cheaper anywhere else either. The sony parts website claims it's an ir receiver, although there's no indication on the keyboard and mouse that they use ir. There's no way i'm going to drop that much money on a receiver for a used keyboard and mouse. Is there any chance of this keyboard working with any other receiver?

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Connect Non-wireless Desktop To Wireless Network Via Laptop

Connect a non wireless desktop to wireless network via laptop? I will soon be moving to a new home. This home has a wireless network, but my desktop computer has no wireless adapter, and room is nowhere near the wireless router. I have a 100ft ethernet cable that i currently use to enable internet access on my desktop. Is there a way to use the ethernet cable to enable access to the internet (i don't care about the rest of the network) on my desktop via my laptop's built in wireless card?

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Remote Desktop Wireless Network

I have a wireless router to share my broadband connection to my laptop and desktop. When i'm connected to my home wireless network i can use remote desktop connection no problem, but i was wondering how i can access my desktop when i am on my school wireless network? I don't know how i would do it because my router assigned ip addresses to my laptop and desktop, but i don't know what ip address to type in when i'm at school. I'm running win xp pro on both my desktop and laptop, my laptop is a celeron 1. 6 gig, and my desktop is a 733 celeron. I'm using a seimens wireless ethernet card, and a netgear wireless router in my home network. So basically my question is what do i type in the remote desktop connection in "computer" when i'm connected to my school wireless connection?

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Connecting Desktop And Laptop With Wireless Router

I am trying to hook up a wireless connection between my desktop and laptop. I have an sbc dsl modem on my desktop already and i want to connect it wirelessly to my new laptop. I have a wireless router, but when i tried connecting it to my laptop, the screen read that i need software for it before i can proceed. I didn't receive anything other than the router and telephone line, so can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

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Connecting Laptops Wireless Connection To Desktop For Wired Internet

How to connect your laptop's wireless connection to your desktop for wired internet? Ok so my laptop has wireless internet, i just set up a desktop but the modem is on the other side of the house, i already have my laptop and my desktop connected with an ethernet cable, what do i do next? I am using windows xp: home addition on both computers. A quick how to or step by step instruction here would be awesome if possible.

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Desktop Does Not Fit In Screen - Scrolling Desktop

I just bought a new laptop and i am changing everything to what i like - which includes the size of the resolution of my screen. Whenever i go to change the resolution from 800 x 600 to make it look bigger (example: 1024 x 768) my laptop has no problems doing that but instead of making the whole desktop fit into my laptop screen, it makes it so i can sorta of like scroll up, down, left, right to see the rest of the screen (but there aren't any scroll bars, they are like invisible if u know what i mean). How do i change the setting so that the whole screen resolution will fit into my laptop screen instead of this scrolling method?

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5.1 Receiver With Optical

I have a m2n-sli deluxe mobo with an optical output connected to a sony receiver. Aside from the that connection there is only a coax and 3 rca connectors on the back. From what i have been reading there is no way to allow 5. 1 from my pc because pc optical only carries 2 channels. Is this true? Is there any thing i can do short of buying a new sound card to allow me to play games in 5. 1 with my current receiver?

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Headphones And A/v Receiver Suggestions

I can't stand it anymore, i need a good set of cans to shut off the outside world. I read the forums and head fi alot back in the desert, had it planned to order a set of darth beyers and a decent soundcard and amp; then i came home and the wife had other plans for money and time. Such is life. Now she is in a completely different country, and i am about to re-enlist with a bonus. I have money, i have time to wait and set it up proper. I just need suggestions. I still want a darth beyers -770s, and unless someone tells me different iíll be getting those. I do need to know what sound card would be appropriate for gaming/movies/music and a decent audio video receiver for switching from pc to xbox360 to digital cable box. Eventually i will have a home theater setup, but for now iím confined to a crappy apartment, and i donít want to *** off the neighbors. So, a creative x-fi card and darth beyers?

Help please, guide my credit card.

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Connecting Receiver To Computer

With no spdif on my mobo and having to buy the digital i/o module ($15) for my sb xtreme music, i was considering this would be a good time to upgrade to a cheap quad core ~$200 for an amd 2. 5 quad + mob w/ spdif (coaxial and digital). 182262

Should i just buy the $15 and wait for better deals on the quad or just pull the trigger now?

I am working with a denon avr 2805 infinity sl50 and sl20 speakers. This scares me. Old school. Replacing my swan d1080mk2 that i'll be connecting downstairs to a laptop/mp3 player.

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Hook Up Receiver To Computer

I built a computer that has a core2quad on a gigabyte ep45-ud3p mother board. I have a pioneer vsx-d412 that has surround sound hooked up, i get sound for it on my cable tv, dvd player, am/fm stereo. Is it possible to get sound from that when gaming or playing music. Or do i have to use seperate speakers hooked up to the motherboards audio?

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Use Logitech Mouse And Keyboard On The Same Receiver

I just bought a g7 cordless mouse. And i have a logitech keyboard. Is it possible to use both the mouse and the keyboard on the same receiver? The keyboard did not come with the mouse. I already had the keyboard. Will i have to have two receivers?

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Receiver For Simple 2.1 Computer Setup

I don't feel like i need to buy a big home theater receiver if are smaller ones that are used for simpler setups like like the one i'm putting together. I'll be connecting via optical from my ep45-ud3r board. (If there's a real reason to buy a new soundcard for something like this, i'm open to that. )

I watch a few movies, play a few games, and listen to music. I don't expect anything audiophile quality, but rather something that sounds better than the hollow computer speakers we're all familiar with. Given a budget of ~$400 for both receiver and sub, are there any suggestions for a) receiver, and b) sub that won't shake my apartment neighbors' walls?

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Receiver And Floorstanding Speakers Recommendation

Alright, not quite computer audio as much as audio in general, but i want to get rid of my harman kardon avr147, polk tsi200 fronts, and tsi100 rears and center. I want to go the stereo route and am going to pick up a sl1200 turntable and cd player of some sort. Anyway, can anyone recommend a nice receiver and floor-standing speakers? Receiver + speakers i want to stay around $500, no higher than 6.

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Using Koss 5.1 Receiver With Active Monitors

I have an old 2002 koss 5. 1 receiver lying around my apartment not getting any use along with the sub that came with it. I currently use swans d1080mkii's on my computer for listening to music, and watching the occasional show/ playing a few games when i get the time, but the koss receiver has one rca output and i was wondering if i run the audio from my computer (which just uses the alc889a audio codec) to the receiver and hook up the old sub and plug the d1080's into the receiver, would i experience improved sound quality?

I cant seem to find any information on how low the sub will go frequency wise but here is a link to the old system i have:

I plan on upgrading to "real" receiver and sub soon, but i plan on continuing to use the d1080's for a time with the receiver (and sub) until i can afford the passive speakers i want to get. Is it worth it to get the receiver and sub now and use them with the d1080's or is it better to just wait and get everything in one go?

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Active Monitors Vs Receiver And Bookshelves

Pros and cons for a very small bedroom? Gonna be used for 70% music, 20% movies, and 10% gaming. Source is an audigy 2 zs. From what i've read on-line i've put these 2 setups together. Krk rp8g2 + bic h100, pa 120, or whatever else in the <$275 price range. Including stands and shipping this comes out to around 770. Or av123 elt525m + onkyo 606 + bic h100, pa 120, or whatever else in the <$275 price range. This comes out to around 820 shipped. Budget is 820 shipped. Thoughts?

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Passing 5.1 Eax Over Optical To A Receiver

I have an x-fi fatal1ty titanium with an optical out. I've been toying with the settings trying to figure out how exactly to either decode or pass eax to my receiver. So far nothing works. I either get stereo or some form of dolby digital / dts but no true eax. Anybody able to help me out here?

The receiver is a marantz sr 5003. The sub finally showed up today (velodyne deq-12r), so i'm trying to get this thing functional. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Computer Speakers Vs Receiver + Bookshelves (2.0)

Goal - 2. X sound for music, games, movies from my pc. I have a dedicated 9. 2 home theater so i am not looking for surround sound - just good quality stereo for the computer i use the most. Option #1 - computer speaker set (something like maudios, or a logitech z2300 or some such. Willing to spend maybe $200. Option #2 - i have a couple of decent av receivers that have been retired and are sitting powered off on a rack. For example an onkyo tx-sr702. I don't have spare speakers lying around but it seems to me i could get some decent bookshelf speakers for the same $200. The space for #2 is not an issue with my setup, i have a shelf where i can keep the receiver. Given the two approaches, which way should i lean?

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Monitor / Receiver Setup Under $400-$600

I am not knowledgeable when it comes to computer audio equipment. I have a little cash to spend on a decent setup, $1200 (changed budget, was $600). Of course, i'm willing to bump up that budget if needed, based on your recommendations. I really don't know what to get, but i know what i want. I would like some quality monitor speakers (m-audio looks great) and any other audio hardware that will allow me to listen to music at the highest quality possible, based on my budget. I game a bit, listen to tons of music and dabble with sound when editing my videos. One thing that must go away is the hissing and static in the background. I'm used to having mid-level pc speaker setups, but nothing near high-end. I prefer 2 speaker setups, as i am limited on room. I want something that not only sounds great, but also looks classy and clean when displayed on my desk. I don't know if i need a receiver or not. Can i use my onboard audio out? I've seen a lot of folks with large receivers in their computer setups (and they look great), but i am hoping for something a little bit smaller if you do recommend one. Maybe for some future expansion?

Also, do i need any adapter cables to connect to the receiver/speakers from my pc? My new motherboard supports 10 channel audio with 7. 1+2 channel multi-streaming. Here's a pic:

I don't know if it's best to use the optical out or the separate audio out. I leave that to you, the audio pro's. Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated!

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How To Connect Satellite Receiver To Lcd Monitor ?

How to connect satellite receiver to lcd monitor?


Just plug it in. Make sure the monitor has an input to match the receiver's output, whether it's vga or hdmi or whatever.

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Microsoft Media Center Ir Receiver Replacement Usb Cable

My new puppy chewed through the cable to my microsoft ir receiver. I thought of soldering it back together, but i pulled it apart and there is a white clip-in connector on the board. Can i purchase that usb/connector cable alone? Any input/thoughts would be appreciated.

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Wireless 802.11b D-link Wireless Card Issue

I connect to my network with a wireless 802. 11b d-link card. Sometimes my internet stops working. The green light on the card remains a solid green color which means it's connected, however i completely lose the ability to use the internet. The really annoying thing about this is windows will not shut down or restart after this happens. If i take the card out, nothing happens; the icon in the tray is still there and windows does not play that tone when a piece of hardware is removed. Then if i put the card back in, still nothing happens, no tone that normally plays when a piece of hardware gets connected, the green indicator light on the card doesn't even light up, and i still have no internet. Then if i try to restart or shut down, windows will sit at the "windows is shutting down. " Screen forever and do nothing. The aggravating thing about this is that it's completly random when this happens. For example, i could have the computer running for weeks without any problems, then i wake up one morning and after 10 minutes of browsing, the internet it stops working. Then the problem plagues me every 5 minutes for the rest of the day. Then goes away. I could be browsing these forums fine, then when i type out this message i can't post because i have lost my internet (this happened the first time i tried to post). It is not a problem with the signal, it remains "good". I haven't made any changes to anything lately. The newest driver is installed. I have tried re-installing the device countless times. This problem was the sole reason i went through the pain to upgrade to xp pro service pack 2, but that didn't fix it either.

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Connect Ps3 To Wireless Connection With Netgear Wireless Router

How do i connect my ps3 to my wireless connection with a netgear wireless router? We have tried password, we have tried the security pin on the back of the router and still cant figure it out.

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Can Wireless Keyboard Disrupt A Wireless Router Signal ?

Does anyone know if a wireless keyboard or mouse can disrupt a wireless router signal or vice-versa?
If it could, how can this problem be avoided?

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Connecting Wireless B Wireless N Routers, Wep/wpa

I used to use a linksys wireless b router at home with some b adapters. Recently i upgraded the router to a linksys wireless-n router. However, i am too lazy yet to buy the g adapters for upgrading. However, my laptop is equiped with wireless-g adapter and so as one of the desktop at home. Now, i connect everything to the new wireless n router. Perfect. Everything works. The laptop is connected with the router at 54m while the pcs with b adapters are connected at 11m. Since wireless b only support wep and not wpa, so i was using wep all along. On top of that, i read from somewhere that if there is a single pc connecting wirelessly with wireless b, even though some pcs are connected at 54m, they are indeed running at 11m. So here is what i did today. I took out the old wireless b router, connect it with the wireless n router with a network cable. I set the wireless b router address (192. 168. 1. 2) different from the wireless n router address (192. 168. 1. 1). I disabled the wireless b router's dchp, i setup ssid (e.g. Abcd) with the wireless b and a new wep key. At the wireless n router, i use another ssid (e.g. Efgh), enable dchp, and use wpa. And i setup each pcs accordingly. Perfect! Now the pcs with b adapters and connecting with the wireless b router (wep) while the pcs with g adapters are connecting to the wireless n adapters (wpa). Everything works!

Now my question is, in theory, should the pcs with g adapters running at 54m true speed? Please note that the gateway for all pcs are 192. 168. 1. 1, the ip address of the wireless n router.

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Connecting Wireless Gateway To Wireless Access Point

Connect a wireless gateway to a wireless access point. ? I have a actiontec gt724-wg router and a linksys wrt54g gateway. I want to use the linksys to get a connection to the actiontec wirelessly to run other computers in the house, including my ps2.

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Connecting Wireless Access Point To Wireless Bridge

Can i connect a wireless access point to a wireless bridge? How my network is set up right now. I live on a farm. We receive satellite internet at our neighbors house, and the internet is shot over to my house. They have a modem, router, and then bridge it over to my place. There is a router with another bridge halfway. Basically the whole farm is a wireless hotspot. Now the issue is i want to get a better connection in my house, right now it is low -> very low. -Would i be able to get a wireless bridge and connect a wireless access point to the bridge? I don't want to run cables all around my house. -Or can i just get an access point, i do not have a modem or router in my house though. The closest router is approximately 100ft away from my house. -What i want to do is set up an access point in my house. How can i do that without having any wired connection already in place? I know a wireless bridge receives a wireless connection and changes it to a wired connection, so can i run a ethernet cable from a wireless bridge to a wireless access point?

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Connecting Verizon Fios Wireless Internet But Pc Does Not Have Wireless

I have verizon fios wireless internet and i want it to connect to my desktop but my pc doesn't have wireless? Hat should i get for it to have a wireless connection? My pc is a dell dimension e520

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Lexmark Wireless Printer Without Having A Wireless Network

Can a lexmark wireless printer be used on a system that hasn't got a wireless network? I mean as just a normal printer via a u s b lead.

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