Hard Drive Spin Down In File Server From Sata Card

I'm putting together a file server/backup server and plan to have between 6-12 sata ii drives in it. All drives will remain single and individually accessed (i.e. No raid). The file server will continue to run vista and the drives will be in two supermicro cse-m35t-1b (5 drive hot-swap enclosure)

I am currently using an intel board with 6-sata ports (ich8dh) for the file server and through vista, am able to set the drives to automatically spin-down after about 20 minutes of no activity. This works great as most of these drives are just used once or twice a day (thus don't need to be spinning 24/7). Are there any sata controller cards that will allow windows to spin-down the attached drives (just like the intel ich8dh does)? Preferably, i am looking for a 4 or 8 port pci express card (it doesn't need to have raid). I've been looking at the marvell based supermicro aoc-saslp-mv8 since it provides 8 sata ii ports in a 4x pci express package. (~$110)

I've also looked into using a simple 2-port sata pci express sil 3132 based card with one or two sil3726 based port multipliers (1 sata connection to 5 drives, addonics ad5sapm). (~$100 for both the controller & 1 port multiplier)

The drives in the file server will probably, at most, be used 1-2 at a time, and be accessed via a single gigabit ethernet port, thus overall drive throughput really isn't a concern here. My main concern is getting the drives to spin-down, so if there is another sata controller/hba out there that costs more and allows spin-down, i'm open to that as well. Cfm

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Ftp / File Server

I've been wanting to do a file server / ftp type of thing. Here's my situation: i'm looking to so a file server / ftp box. It's going to host my:


Basically, all my media so i can stream it throughout the house on the same network. What i also want to do is set all my torrents and downloads to that box. Also, i want the box to be accessible from where ever i am. For example, if i'm at a starbucks downtown somewhere away from home, i want to be able to upload my photos or documents to my ftp so i have them on my server. Calls for filezilla much?

My plan so far: get a box (build or recycle, maybe run this off a external hd?) And throw on ubuntu server or winxp. Throw on filezilla server and set that up. Then setup the filezilla client on my laptop, future netbook and what ever i want to access it with. Lock it down with a common password that only i and close family + friends will know. I got this idea after i was sparked during my research for a netbook. I wanted something like but didn't want to pay for it since i will be uploading over the limit. So, for those server heads, any suggestions on software wise or solutions?

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File Server Hardware Suggestions

I am looking for suggestions on hardware to use for building a file server. This'll be my first server build -

A few things i would like:

- The file server will be running some flavor of linux with samba and truecrypt. - My budget is $1000. I'd like at least 2tb of usable space (is this reasonable within budget?)

- Don't care much about speed, as long as it's not slow as a snail. No video editing or anything. - I'd like as close to 100% uptime as possible, within my budget range. If things happen, i can rebuild the server. - At least raid 1 redundancy. - This server might also get some use as a low-volume vmware vm server or a low-volume web server. - I would like as much disk space as possible within my budget

I'm wondering about:

- Server-specific technologies such as server mobos/procs, scsi, sas, and ecc memory - whether or not it's worth it to go this way over normal desktop-level hardware. - Should i go with one single disk for the os and then separate raided disks for data storage? Or store files and os on the same drive so that the os gets mirrored as well?

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Old Computer To File / Media Server

I have an old computer sitting and doing nothing which i wanna turn it into a file/media server to use it as a hub for my home network. Specs: pentium 4 @ 2. 4ghz (socket 478 - northwood), 1. 5gb ddr memory, abit ic7-g motherboard (intel i875p), 400w psu. I don't wanna spend any money on upgrading stuff other than necessary components that i will need to turn this thing into a full time media server. I plan on installing four to eight 1/1. 5/2 tb hdds and may look into raid build, although i don't really know much about it. The motherboard has 4 sata slots so i'll be good for up to 4 hard drives. If i decide to install more space what kind of card will i need? One thing to take into consideration is that there are only pci slots. Will the cpu and available memory be able to handle all this? Is the psu sufficient enough to power so many hard drives?

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Hard Drive Died - File Recovery

I am running win 7 and 1 of my drives isn't working right. I have 2. 1 [ sata ]120 gig has win 7 on it, the other 120 gig [ide] for storage is not working. I have to boot with it unplugged or the win 7 tries to check it and after about 20 minutes will finally boot in to the desktop. I can see the drive in my computer but not extract any files from it , computer hangs trying to read it. What software do i us?. Ive tried partition wizard and can see all my files but it wont fix anything. , Seems it wont read in windows. I will try to put it on a xp box tomorrow.

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How Important Is Ecc Ram For A Home File Server ?

I'm getting ready to upgrade my servers hardware and was wondering how important is ecc ram for a home file server? Does it even matter?

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Installing A Second Hard Drive / Don't See In File Manager

I just bought a second hard drive (western digital caviar 250gb, ide ata100). I set the jumpers to slave, while the original (80gb hitachi) to master. After rebooting i had message 'found new hardware. ', but i don't see it in file manager. I bought it as oe replacement from Do i need to format it, or it came preformatted, but something is wrong? The original drive works fine. I have two dvd drives, is this a problem?

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Server Hard Drive Overheat

My company has a small networkwith one server, around 20 computers. Server is running windows server 2000, has 5 hds, (3 of which are used for backup purposes which is done every other night, no mirroring, just normal windows backup). Now 2 days ago, in the morning, the secretary goes into the office, and discovers there's no internet, so she called the tech guy in, and he said 2 of the drives overheated. It was so hot that he had to use a fan on the drives for 2 hrs before trying to remove them. The server is relatively new, built around 4 months ago, running flawlessly until now. Everyone's scratching their heads as to how it happened, tech blames it on cooling system (as there's no central ac in the building at night), but the system was fine for 4 months, why would it suddently overheat? (I'm asking myself) suggestions?

So we're now talking about possible solutions, and he suggested implementing a raid 5 system. Upon some research, i think its generally a good system to have, although raid levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 can tolerate the loss of one hard disk, its still a good system. However, he said it'll cost us $35000 hk to implement it which is around 6g cdn. Now from what i know a raid system only consist of a raid controller and hard drives maybe a software, the most expensive contorller i can find right now is $1000, the cheapest is $100. Am i getting ripped off?

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Hard Drive Pooling Available In Server 2008 ?

I am using whs to currently pool my hdds (as ockie has his setup). Unfortunately, there are a few gripes with it (unable to evenly distribute the data rather than using up each hdd first, quota configuration, etc. ) And was wondering if server 2008 instead or 2010 has drive pooling like whs does and if using one of those options would fix those gripes? I wasn't sure whether to post that here or operating systems, but since it has to do more with storage than the os, id figure i post it here.

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Connect To Hard Drive Server On Wireless Network

I need a network that will share the dsl connection and also have a hard drive in which all can access to. It will have 7 computers. Can i use a wireless router and have all the other computers connect with a wireless adapter? How can i connect to the hard drive server?

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External Hard Drive Enclosures And Media Server Setup

I want to set up 2x2tb sata hard drives (western digital wd20eads) in raid 0 connected to my laptop (usb or esata) and then to my ps3 (ethernet or usb). I think this is this is the most convenient setup to stream blu ray rips from my laptop to my ps3 and also be able to edit files while avoiding swapping connections. From my understanding my hard drive is limiting the transfer rate in this setup. Would an esata external hard drive interface would be unnecessary? Should i just stick with usb connections?

I am having trouble finding the right external enclosure. Some of them on newegg state they support only to x tb so i only found two that i am certain will work with my hard drives with 4tb of space. Can someone clarify if this is only because of when they were marketed or is there something else involved?

Please give me some recommendations on which external hard drive enclosure to choose. My budget is $100. Here is what i'm looking at.

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Spin Down One Drive In Windows 7

Since getting my intel x25-m, i've really been enjoying how quiet my pc is. I planned on using my older hard drive to store pictures, music, etc. , But i'd prefer that it not be running all the time. Is it possible to somehow set a specific drive to spin down after a period of inactivity?

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Raid Drive Spin Down

So this is my first time using raid. I created a raid 0 array of 2x1. 5 tb drives and so far so good. I didn't see any big jumps in speed but that wasn't what i was looking for, i just wanted a large continuous drive. Anyway, the only thing that i cant figure out is how to get the drives so spin down. They run 24x7 no matter what. All the other drives that aren't raided in any way spin down via win7's hard drive settings and there are no settings to control that in my sata cards bios. Is there something special to do this for raid arrays?

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Low Cost / Low Power Consumption Server For File Serving 15-20 Drives

Like the title states;

Originally, i had a specific set of components lined up for my whs file server but have decided to start over with input from everyone here. Before i go any further, here are the main functions the box will be serving;

3-5 workstations (htpc, wdtv, etc), streaming mainly hd content over a gigabit network and file backup of photos and family videos. Not so distant future, ftp server for remote access to data (2-10 clients max - rarely simultaneous connection). My main priorities, in order of importance;

Low power
Low cost (not too important if cost vs. Performance sacrifice is an issue)

This server will be on 24/7 so low power is extremely important. No raid requirements necessary, jbod done via whs. I've already acquired a norco 4220 w/ fan's modded for less noise, a rosewill rbr1000-m 1000w psu, and a dell sas6/ir.initially, i will start with 5-10 - 1. 5 to 2tb drives, but i would like to purchase all hardware no (while i have money). So my question to all is this; given my server demands (hardly any), what components would you go with - a list of specific components with models numbers would help. If you wouldn't use the sas6 i currently have, what would you used (saslp ?)

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Ide And Sata Hard Drive

So i just installed a 320 gb ide hard drive with a 200 gb sata and plan on making a clean format to both drives. Which drive is better to put my personal files on and which is better to put windows xp pro on. I will be playing lots of games on this computer.

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Advice On New Sata Hard Drive

I've just installed a new sata hard drive (not sata 2), my old hard drive is ide and has windows installed on that. Everything works fine, but i was wondering would it make much difference if i refomatted everything and installed windows on my new drive rather than keeping it on the old ide drive. Not sure what the difference in speed it between the both. If it's not gonna make much difference i'll leave it the way it is.

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Ide / Sata Hard Drive

I am currently looking into buying a 120 gb hd. But i see there is ide and sata type hard drives. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what the difference between the types is. And, where can i look to find which type i need? I have looked several places, but i have been unsuccessful in finding the answer. All help is greatly appreciated.

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Sata Hard Drive Not Showing Up

I just upgraded pc to e6750 + ga-p35-ds3r (rev. 2. 0) + 2gb crucial ballistix pc6400 + 8800gts 640mb + seasonic 650w

I am running a 120gb wd ide as windows and have 2x500gb + 1x750gb sata all seagate for storage. 1 of my 500gb isn't showing up, it was working fine on my old comp. But was running on 1. 5gb/s. All 3 sata shows up in bios, but 1 of the 500gb won't show up in windows, in disk management it says missing with an red x. I tried uninstalling all the controllers and changing sata port/cables didn't help. The hdd is full. Filled with data, really need to get this thing working.

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Sata Hard Drive Inaccessible

Laptop has a seagate hard drive in it. While in windows vista, the os froze and i had to hold down the power button to shut the laptop off. After that, the laptop will no longer boot off the hard drive. The bios shows the drive as detected, but it won't access anything on the hard drive when booting. Can't even get into the recovery console or reinstall the os. After removing the hard drive, i tried connecting it to another computer via an external sata connection to usb. At first the drive was detected, and the vista disk management wanted to initialize the drive in order to use it.initialize did not work. Now i can't even get back into the disk management while the drive is connected through a usb cable. It just hangs until you disconnect the drive. Same thing happens when trying to go into my computer with the drive connected. I tried this on two different pcs with vista installed, and also on my server with 2003. While the drive is connected, it just locks up everything until you disconnect it. Any ideas on how to bring this drive back to life, or is it pretty much dead?

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Connecting A Second Sata Hard Drive

Currently there is a sata hard drive that is connected to sata1 on the motherboard. We want to install another sata hard drive. The motherboard has ports for 6 sata drives. My question is does it have to be hooked up to sata2 on the motherboard or can it be hooked up to sata4 or sata6 motherboard ports or any of the other ports?

Our problem is that there is a very tight fit between the sata motherboard ports and the side of the hard drive cage. When i built the computer for my grandson i had a hard time getting the 90 degree sata plug installed or pushed on to the motherboard sata1 port and right now it is not possible to use motherboard sata2 port without removing the 90 degree plug from sata1 port and try to use a straight plug on the sata1 port and the 90 degree plug on the sata2 plug. It is my opinion that it would be nearly impossible to install a straight plug because of so little space. My only other option would be is to go to a larger sata hard drive. The purpoase of the second hard drive is to install windows vista on it instead of on the same drive as windows xp. Motherboard: asus p5n32-e sli

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Installing Windows Xp On A New Sata Hard Drive

I'm trying to do a fresh windows xp installing on my pc with a new hard drive: western digital wd2500ks sata-ii. (This is the only hard drive in my system) in the setup process when it comes to the partitioning part, i have created two partitions, then the setup asks me to format the drive using the ntfs file system, i choose that option but the format progress bar just hangs on 0%. A few notes:

1. The hard drive is shown in the bios and also in the xp setup so i don't believe its sata drivers. 2. I tried more than 1 xp installation cd (with sp2) and more than 1 optical drive. 3. I did a memory test with goldmemory which went out just fine. 4. I tried to connect the drive to the other sata connectors in my board and also tried with another sata cable (new one)
5. My bios have the latest update available. Update: i've created a very small ntfs partition (6gb) using a linux tool called "cfdisk" (used it from a slackware10. 2 cd i got), than when i try to format this partition from the xp installation with ntfs or fat32 file system it still hangs but this time on 1%. I also searched google for this problem and for sata drivers for my board and there is nothing except sata raid driver which i don't even have raid support in my board. I've tried to format c: drive from the win98 boot disk, than it starts formatting and after a few seconds it gives me the message: "trying to recover allocation unit" and there are running numbers in the side, sectors or something, i'm not really sure.

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Installing 250 Gb Sata Hard Drive

I have been using a seagate barracuda iv 20gb ide drive and i replaced it with a western digital 250gb sata drive. When i go to bios the wd shows as a 250gb drive but in win xp it it showing as a 19gb drive. How do i make the system see the drive properly?

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Best Way To Clone A Hard Drive Ide To Sata

I just got a new hard drive and i want to simply clone it without reinstalling anything. I've been out of the loop as i usually just reinstall everything. The reason i'm not doing it this time is i'm going to wait till windows 7 is out, and i hopefully will also have the money to raid ssd's at that time as well. My old hard drive is ide, my new one sata. What's the best free way to go about doing this?

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Hard Drive / Sata Controller Problem

I've been putting together a cheap pc build for my uncle. I intend to install xp on it, just because i have a spare license for it*. Having put it all together, i booted it up and had a quick look at the bios. I saw that the "raid mode" (in integrated peripherals -> on-chip ata devices) was set to ide, so i changed it to ahci (only other option was raid, which didn't seem relevant) and then tried to boot off of an xp cd (slipstreamed with service pack 3 and the appropriate raid driver found here). After going through the initial "loading this, that and the other" stage, it said it was "starting windows" (prior to the part where you agree to the t&cs, choose a partition to install windows to, etc. ). It then suddenly crashed with a bsod quoting error code "0x0000007b (0xf78d2524, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)". I googled this error message and found lots of discussion about how, with xp, you need to slipstream a modern service pack and the relevant sata controller driver for your motherboard onto the xp cd. Which i had already done!

I went back into the bios and found that the hdd isn't even listed as a sata device in "standard cmos features" next to sata1, as it should be. It was there before i changed "raid mode" to ahci, and reappeared if i changed "raid mode" back to ide and rebooted. The boot sequence options also acted oddly. With raid mode set to ide, the hdd is listed as "sata: 3m-wdc wd" whereas with raid mode set to ahci, the hdd is listed as "ide: wdc wd6400" (even though, in standard cmos features, the bios claims it isn't even there). So i then tried setting the raid mode to ide and running the win xp cd again, which really should have worked (all discussions of the bsod error code i'd found had said one workaround was to use ide mode instead of ahci). Nope! Same bsod, same error code. I swapped around the sata power and data cables used and tried plugging the drive into different sata sockets on the motherboard, and then tried everything again. Same results. I used the ultimate boot cd (ubcd) to try and see if i could learn anything more. Dlg diagnostic v5. 04f (western digital): with raid mode ide, it sees the hdd and tests perform ok. With raid mode ahci, it says "no drive found, error/status code 0120". Vivard: with raid mode ahci, it finds the drive, but can't get "smart attributes" or its serial number, just calling it "hdd scsi 0" and reporting its capacity. However a surface scan runs ok and finds no errors. It's been a couple of years since i last put a pc together so i am wondering whether there's some bios setting which i need to change that i'm ignorant of. The only other option i can think of is that either the motherboard or the hdd is defective. Any help would be much appreciated. All (potentially) relevant specs:
- Amd athlon x2 240
- Msi 785gtm-e45
- Kingston 2gb kit (2x1gb) ddr2 800mhz/pc2-6400 memory non-ecc cl5 unbuffered 1. 8v
- Western digital wd6400aaks 640gb hard drive
- Corsair 400w cx psu

(Everything is running at stock speeds, and (to my eyes) the bios settings in general look ok)

There'll be a sata dvd drive too, but due to a screw-up by the online retailer it's being sent separately and hasn't arrived yet. I'm using a usb cd drive in the meantime. This adds to the frustration as it means i can't test to find out whether the motherboard is working with *any* sata devices properly (don't have a spare hdd to test with either). *(I'd prefer to buy and install win 7 if this build were being done in couple of months, but it isn't out yet so i can't, and i doubt my not-very-tech-literate uncle would react well to his os being switched just as he's getting used to the last one. Plus, the problem i'm having seems to be os-independent as far as i can tell, otherwise the ubcd apps would have more luck identifying the drive)

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Hard Drive Installation 160gb Wd Sata

Im currently running vista 64 and i have a raid setup (stripped). Today i purchased a new 160gb wd sata drive to install ubuntu. Its been a while but i remember all i had to do was install the drive into the machine and open up windows and format the drive. For some reason its not showing in windows!

I went into the bios under raid sata where i have both sata 1 and sata 2 enabled and i enabled sata 3 which is the one its pluged in, but now i can only see it on my nvidia raid setup?

What is the proper way to install this drive. Board: its an abit an-m2

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Sata Hard Drive Disappeared From My Computer

A couple of days ago my computer rebooted by itself, i was sat behind the computer but not actually using it. I didn't think too much of it at the time. However, i discovered that my second sata 250gb hdd had disappeared from my computer (xp). I looked in device manager and it appears to be there still. I have opened it up to check the connections and dusted them off but it just gives me the same thing. Would i be right in thinking that the hard drive has had it's final day?

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Connect A Ide To A Sata As Second Hard Drive

Hi, i would like some help with installing a second hard drive to my pc, i partitioned my hard drive to keep documents secure but it's now getting full, so, i would like to install an old ide disk (320gb) to my system as extra backup, my current hard drive is a sata, therefore it does not have the jumper cables to add the slave drive, my cd-rom drive connects through a jumper cable, it has a slave, can i connect the ide to this or it it for an extra cd-rom drive?

Do i have to set the ide as slave?

How would i go about doing all of this?

Anyone know any tutorials on how to connect a ide to a sata system?

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How To Install Another Sata Hard Drive Into System ?

I'm installing another hard drive into my system, so i can put linux on it. When i opened the case i found out the the alienware system used sata not a regular ata hard drive. I never installed an sata hard drive with another one already in there. I'm buying another serial ata 15-pin female-to-4-power connector / serial ata adapter, which looks like this: and a sata hard drive, i also have extra serial sata cable which look like this, and i know go into the motherboard: but is that all i need? I'm confused on how the new hard drive is going to get power, or do i hook up the black end (14 pin) to the new hard drive then hook the 4 pin white part to the female port on the far right hand corner of the old sata hard drive already in my system and thats it? Or do i just connect the connect the black 14 pin into the sata hard drive then connect the white end to that hanging power cord by my ram?

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Sata Hard Drive External Enclosure Problem

I have a sata hard drive that i got from a friend. I bought an external enclosure for it, but i have been unable to get it to work yet (it spins up, but am not detecting the hard drive on pc when connected via usb. It says 'found new hardware' i believe, but it never does anything more than that and the drive never shows up. ) The external enclosure has both usb and esata. My question is this - the enclosure instructions state that the jumper needs to be in the master position. However, i've read sata drives do not require jumpers like pata. Would the enclosure require the jumper, or is that just standard in the instructions (because there are also ide enclosures as well)? I have a jumper, but wasn't sure which position was master (it doesn't have it labeled). I tried all 4 positions without success, and also tried no jumper at all. I'm not sure of the reasoning for requiring the jumper or not requiring the jumper. Anyways, just trying to figure out if it is the enclosure, the hard drive, or i am just not setting it up properly. My next step is to try and squeeze it into my case to test the hard drive. It's just a pain to connect it to the power supply since it's hard to get at the connectors).

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Problem Installing Vista On Sata Ii Hard Drive

I have just built my first computer and cant get vista ultimate to install on my barracuda 7200. 10 sata 3. 0gb/s 500-gb hard drive. When i get to the screen that asks you to select your hd to install vista on, it recognizes my drive but has a message on the bottom of the screen stating. "Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation. "

Is their anything i can do to get windows installed on this hd?

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