Overclocking Amd Sempron 2400+ Cpu

I need some advice on how to overclock my amd sempron 2400+ the motherboard i am using is an asus a7n8x-x. I have a cooling fan that allows me to turn the speed up and down so keeping it cool shouldn't be a problem.

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Overclocking Amd Sempron 2800+

I have a amd sempron 2800+ = 1. 61 ghz, i overclocked from 1. 61 ghz too 1727. 94 using easytune 5, but temps very high 40-48 im mad because its such a low overclock and i have a small fan on side cover front fan and rear fan. Usually temps are 28-34 non overclock, but the temps change every minute.

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Overclocking Sempron 3100+ To 2.5

Do you think i could oc a sempron 3100+ to atleast 2. 5, with this memory, mobo, and cooling?

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Asus A7v333 With Amd Sempron 3000+

Would the asus a7v333 (socket a) not be able to run the amd sempron 3000+(2ghz)? In bios, if i run cpu/pci frequency at 166/33, and the cpu frequency multple at 12. 0x which should give me 2ghz, i get bios error: "caution: system memory can only operate at frequency higher than or equal to cpu front side bus frequency, please make sure the dram maximum frequency is not less than 333mhz. "
My ddram is 512mb 333mhz. When i downclock the cpu to about 1714mhz, or 143/36, the error ceases and computer works. Anything above 143/36 gives me the error. Perhaps it's some bios setting i have to change, but i don't know which. Bios is asus revision 1017

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Amd Sempron 2600+ Video Card Upgrade

Most problems i have had are from my video card. Well i don't know much about computers but. Current video card is. Integrated s3 graphics unichrome(tm) 2d/3d

Amd sempron(tm) 2600+
1. 83ghz
240mb of ram
Agp 8x universal slot available

If you guys could give me some advice on which card to buy or any advice on the future about my vid card or computer that would be great.

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Intel Cpu Or Amd Cpu For Notebook ?

I am looking for laptop now, i am trying to save some money, and i found out the amd turion cpu is cheaper than intel's, does anyone know what's the different? Which one is better? And which one save more power?

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Overclocking Amd Xp 2600+

I have this computer since couple of years ago, and it served me well. Since i'm a noob, i recently i came up with the method of overclocking. Please tell me if i could overclock my computer, and if so, to what extend so that i wont damage my cpu. I have:

Amd athlon xp 2600+ (i know, its old )
Two ddr 256mg rams (512mb in total)
Asus a78x2. 0 motherboard
Ati radeon 256mb videocard

Supported voltage: 1. 6v
External clock: 166mhz
Multiplier: 12. 5x (i think its on auto, but its on 12. 5 anyways!)
Max speed: 3000mhz
Current speed: 2083

Max. Memory module size: 1204mb
Supported speed: 70ns 60ns 50ns
Supported memory type dimm
Memory module voltage: 3. 3v
Memory module handle: 06 07 08

Current temperature of cpu: 45c (113f)
Current temperature of mb: 29c (84f)
Current vcore voltage: 1. 68v
Current cpu fan at: 3668

Windows xp service pack 2
Asus probe 2 (to easily check for temperature and voltage increase/decrease)

I think thats more that enough info, but tell me if i skipped something. I don't know if i should increase the external clock or the multiplier or anything else. Which adjustment is the best and safest?

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Overclocking Amd Xp 3000+

I need some advice on overclocking my amd xp 3000+ i have done a little research it is the unlocked version could any one tell how to get a stable overclocked system my case has a lot of ventilation
And i have heat sensors on my hardware to monitor temperature.

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Overclocking Amd Athlon 64 3000+

Just received my new athlon and i was wondering how high i can overclock it with stock cooling. I'm not going to modify the voltage or the cooling system. I have a gigabyte k8nmf-9 motherboard.

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Overclocking Amd Athlon Xp 3200+

Is this pretty much pointless, or is it something worth while? If it'll make a big difference, then i'd like to do it. Any guidance would be great. Thanks a lot guys!

Amd athlonxp 3200+ (2191mhz)
2x 512mb ddr400 (pc3200) kingston value ram -dual channel
Asus a7n8x-e deluxe w/ nforce2 chipset
Ati radeon 9800 pro 256mb
350watt power supply that came with the case.

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Overclocking Amd 3200 Venice

Well here is my situation i juss got a 7900gtx but im not getting the full potential of it because of my cpu which is only an amd 3200 venice. Im only scoring 8500 on 3dmark05 which is really bad i can get that score with a 7800gtx. But ne ways i tried to over clock my cpu but it cant go over 210 fsb. I tried reading around too see how i can overclock but it says something like the ram has to be overclocked as well too be in sync with ur cpu. But the problem is i have no idea how to overclock ram. Soo what i did is type everything down on the dram configuration on the bios and mabye someone can juss type what would be good for me haha cause i really have no clue. Ne ways heres my whole setup and my bios settings. Gigabyte k8n pro sli
Amd 64 3200 venice running stock
1. 5 gigs of ram 1 gig kingston value ram 512 mushkin bout 2 years old now 3200 speeds
Evga 7900gtx
Antec smart power 500 watt psu
Creative x-fi xtreme music
Seagate 120 gig hd
Liteon dvd-rw

And here is my ram bios settings

Timing most - auto
Current memclock - 200
Memclock index value - 200
Tcl - 3
Tras - 8
Trcd - 3
Trp - 3
Trrd - 2
Trc - 11
Trfc - 14
Trwt - 4
Read preamble value - 5. 5ns
Asynce latency value - 7ns
H/w memory hole remapping - disabled
1t/2t dram timing - auto
Bottom of 32 bit [31:24] io [do]

My cpu is at

200 fsb
10x multiplier
And at 1. 400 volts

If you need ne thing else from the bios let me know and ill look it up and post it.

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Overclocking Amd 64 Athlon 3200+

Overclocking amd 64 athlon 3200+ which speeds are better?

1) cpu @ 2. 52ghz; htt: 252; multiplier: 10; ram @ 252mhz; timings: 2. 5-3-3-5


2) cpu @ 2. 43ghz; htt: 270; multiplier: 9; ram @ 270mhz; timings: 3-4-4-8

Basically, is it better to have a higher cpu speed, but lower ram speed with higher timings or to have lower cpu speed with higher ram speeds and looser timings? This is my first computer overclocking and i am sort of lost. My specs are:

Amd 64 athlon 3200+ s939 winchester (2. 0ghz stock)
Ocz el pc3200 dual ddr platinum rev2 (2x512 2-2-2-5 @ 200mhz stock)
Xfx geforce 6600gt
Msi k8n neo2 platinum
450w psu (random psu, came with case)

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Overclocking Amd A64 3800+

I'm a new to the whole overclocking scene and would like to overclock this processor amd a64 3800+. I've already tried doing this from the bios, but there were no options in there to do so (an asus amberime m with a pheonix bios). Is there any software to help do this, or am i just overlooking this feature in my bios? I already googled both various time to no avail. If any one could help, that'd be great. I'm trying to get slightly better performance to compensate for my so-so geforce 6600 in half-life 2 and other demanding games.

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Overclocking Amd 64 4200+ Dcore

Im looking for settings that i can run with my stock heatsink. Specs:
Motherboard: nvdaacpi
Basic input output systme(bios): award modular bios v6. 00pg
Central processing unit(cpu) x 2
Amd athlon(tm) 64 x2 dual core processor 4200+
Amd athlon(tm) 64 x2 dual core processor 4200+
+Basic cpu fan that came with it (heatsink)
Physical memory x 2 (kingston ddr2)
Hard disk: maxtor stm3160812as (149gb)
Video card x 2
Visiontek radeon x1550 series
Visiontek radeon x1550 series secondary

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Good Amd Cpu

I want to get a new cpu for my desktop which also acts as my file server. I don't want to get a new mobo, but mainly just a new cpu and more ram, and 2 80mm case fans. I want to go quad core. I will be overclocking so i will also need a good heatsink. I will more than likely lap it also.

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Overclocking Amd Athlon 64 3500+ Venice

I over-clocked my cpu up too 2. 7 ghz, it crashed with a blue screen so i changed it too 2. 5 ghz, anyway. When upping the mhz my mem and ht changes as well. Is there a way too prevent this from happening?

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Overclocking Amd Athlon 64 3000+ 1.8ghz

I'm running a system on the following specs:

Amd athlon 64 3000+ 1. 8ghz
Asus a8v mobo
1gb ram
180gb seagate hdd

And a video card which has already been overclocked. 128mb nvidia geforce 6600gt

So what voltages should i use for these?
None of the tools that i downloaded have the a8v mobo option. So how do i overclock it manually? Or is there a tool that i can use to do it automatically. ?

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Overclocking Amd 3700 San Diego

I have a amd 3700 san diego with mobo asus a8n-e, i have 2 gigs corsair ram

I overclocked and it crashed my computer, now it says, windows can not start because it is missing dll files, cant even go to bios? Any way to fix this? Or what error is it, did i mess something up

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Overclocking Amd 64 3000, K8n Neo2

Overclocking amd 64 3000, k8n neo2, if anybody has this motherboard then please, let me know what does the cpu voltage over vid means, and how to use it, also what settings should i enable and disable in the bios so i can overclock my chip to 2. 6 ghz. Should i set the voltage to 1. 55, and then over 5% thing? Do i multiply 1. 55 by the 5% to get the voltage or what? Need some feedback please. Id just like to get it up and running. I have geil ultra x ram, 1 gb, ive got it at 2. 85v, im gonna set the multi to 9*290, to get 2610, and my timings will be 2. 5-3-3-7, just need to know how to get 1. 65 or 1. 7 cpu voltage, could someone explain. Do i need to enable aggressive timings too?

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Amd Vs Intel Cpu Recommendations

Intel core i5-750 2. 66ghz or amd phenom ii x6 1055t 2. 8ghz

I do a bit of everything on my pc, and am looking to build a new box. I game heavily, and also do some light video & audio encoding work and need something that is good with rar compression and high data software based encryption tasks. Which would you choose and why?

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Overclocking Amd Athlon 939 X2 4400 Toledo

How do i overclock an amd athlon 64 x2 4400+ toledo 2mb 939 socket 2000ht. I am a complete noob to this so help is really needed.

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Overclocking Amd Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+

I was wondering if an amd athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 4400+ is a good processor to overclock. Any suggestions?

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High Performance Workstation Cpu Amd - Intel

What are some of the most powerful, high-performance (speed and multitasking) workstation cpus (32bit, 64bit) present to end-2006? Most of my time is compiling software source code on windows and unix/linux platforms. I would really appreciate cpu(s) coupled with various necessities that will allow for maximum performance when developing and compiling multiple software projects simultaneously. For instance, nice to have cpus that will produce maximum performance when compiling windows, linux, and watch dvd all simultaneously. The key is maximum performance especially multitasking. Is the 64bit opteron from amd the answer? From my experience, the 64bit opteron dual core is very impressive especially multitasking multithreaded applications. My only concern is cpu speed/price. My workstation is running on 750 athlon from amd. 64bit opteron dual core from amd multitasking is impressive. Intel p4 em64t dual core speed is impressive. (Is em64t true 64bit architecture?) What is most important: more bits (64bit, 128bit) or maximum cpu speed (present and future)? How much does this cpu cost? What is its longevity in terms of not needing to upgrade? What are some high-performance workstation cpus (32bit, 64bit) for multitasking multithreaded applications on windows and unix/linux platforms present to end-2006?

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Asus M4a78lt-m Le Support Amd Phenom Ii X6 Cpu

Will "asus m4a78lt-m le" mobo support amd phenom ii x6 cpu ? I know that i have to update bios, but will cpu work long enough for me to update bios (i.e. After installing windows)?

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Overclocking - Put Cpu To Different Motherboard

In my computer i cant overclock because my motherboard is an intel one. But my brother has the same socket as me and he can overclock cause he has a foxconn motherboard. So what i am trying to say is that can i put my cpu (socket 478 3. 0 ghz) in his motherboard and overclock it to lets say 3. 4 and put it back in mine. Will mine still be 3. 0 ghz or will it turn to 3. 4?

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Will Overclocking Cpu Shortens Its Life ?

I have been wanting to overclock my cpu for awhile now, but i have been worried that it could shorten its life.

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Dvd Encoding Speed, Amd 32bit Vs Amd 64bit System

I'm going to upgrade my computer after christmas and not sure what to do. That's where you fine folks come in. I'm only a medium gamer. But i'm stuck between up grading my computer from my present computer amd barton 2500+ oced to 2. 2 with an abit nf7-s v2 with 512mb of kingston hyperx pc400 and a g-force 4 ti-4400 video card. Now my choices are to go with a better video card and the one i'm thinking is the g-force 6800 gt. Or upgrading my system to a 64 bit amd. Which would be amd 3200+ socket 939-90nm cpu with maybe the msi neo 2 but not sure with the mobo. Now i'm not a real heavy every day gamer so i'm leaning towards the 64 bit system. I do alot of copying my own dvds and i use dvdshrink 3. 2. One of my questions is: with using dvd shrink 3. 2 what kind of speed increase can i expect with a 64bit system over my present system. For instance i just bought dodgeball the movie with ben stiller. I have a 8x dvd burner which is the benq. It usually burnes dvd movies with nero at 8min 20sec. And it took 28min 48sec to encode dodgeball and burn it with dvd shrink 3. 2. I'm not sure if dvd shrink includes the burn time in with the 28 min 48 sec. So all you guys out there with 64bit systems how long does it take to encode a normal dvd. I use a liteon xj-166s 16x dvd rom to rip the movie and the benq 8x dvd burner to burn them. Any info would be great. My system specs are below. Please help me decide. I do everything with my computer. Watch tv, play games, listen to music, watch dvds, do spread sheets with excel 2003. Also what 939 mobo do you recommend and why. I'm leaning towards the nforce 3 chipset. I would like the new nvidia sli chipset but looks to be way out of my budget.

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Uninstall Cpu Drivers When Installing New Cpu ?

Do i need to uninstall the cpus ''drivers'' in the control panel? Or just switch it with out doing anything?. Switching to a q6600 soon from my intel c2d e4400 2. 0ghz.

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Hp Scanjet 2400 Driver

Where can i find the basic device driver for hp scanjet 2400? It used to run fine with my pc (os win xp) but as my pc has gone bust, i need it to work on my laptop (os win 7 64bit). It won't work. It says "driver not installed" the disc that worked with xp won't work with the laptop. I tried downloading from hp support site about a hundred times but when i run the file a pop-up says "file is corrupted". Tried emailing hp support but they keep saying try downloading again. I keep trying but their site says file is 2. 6mb size, downloading stops before 1. 5mb. Tried telling them it may actually be corrupted but they keep saying "try downloading again" .

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Lexmark 2400 Not Working

I have a lexmark 2400 and when i plug it in the on light comes on but it wont turn off. When i plug it into the computer it wont do anything, it doesn't show up on my computer. It will not copy either, whats the deal!?

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