Make My Computer As Silent As Possible

Okay guys here's the deal, my new rig is awesome, runs really well and all that shiz except coming from a laptop background i'm not used to the fan noise. Thus im' enlisting your help to make my case as quiet as possible while keeping it as cheap as possible. My case is the raidmax smilodon which i am insanely happy with, i did replace the stock raidmaz fans with silent x ones running at around 14dba i think. The main perpetrator for the noise is the front 120mm fan, any hints on how to make that less noisy would be handy to. I've rubber mounted all the fans as the silent x ones came with these nifty silicone screw thingos however it dind't really seems to make that make difference. So tehre you go guys, gimme all the tricks of the trade and little tips as to how to make my comp as silent as possible. P. S. Does acoustic dampening stuff you stick on this inside really work? Is it worth the money?

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How To Make Hard Drive More Silent ?

I just got new seagate 250 gb sataii hard drive. Seagates have been usually pretty quiet. I can't say that this is noisy but it's noisier than other computer. What is the best and cheap way to reduce noise from hard disk? Or is there any? My case is antec sonata ii.

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Silent Computer

I've been forced to listen to the lawnmower like noise of the fan attached to the heat sink of my xp1900 for two years, and i'm sick of it. I want a silent computer, or as silent as one can be, but i don't want to sacrifice power in the process. I know it's possible to make a powerful computer, but keep it quiet at the same time, and that is my goal. This seemed like the most relevant place to put a thread about building an entire computer, if not, just move it. Help, input, and comments appreciated.

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Make Computer Be A Tv

I have a really noob like question here but what would i need to make my computer be a tv? I have an ati 3d rage pro agp 2x and i don't know what software or cables etc i would need to get it to work as a tv. I got it from some bankrupt stock with no instructions etc.

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How To Make Computer From Scratch ?

Are there any websites that can teach you how to make a computer from scratch like, a desktop, laptops etc? And has videos as well, possibly? I would like to learn how to make a computer just starting from a tower and then building it from there, like putting a cpu, graphics card in it etc.

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Moving The Mouse Causes Computer To Make Sounds

I am been complaining on and off about my computer being slow, and i realize that every time i move the mouse, it makes a high pitched sound, like the sound that some hard drives make when they are reading and writing, the mouse is usb, but could the mere act of moving a mouse cause the hard drive to be accessed?

Or can a power supply make wierd sounds when it is being driven to hard, i might swap the psu with another one and see if i still get the sound, or unplug one of my hard drives, or the cd rom or smoething, but this is wierd, any ideas?

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How Do You Make A Double Hard Drive Computer ?

Can any one help me? And tell me how to make a double hardrive computer.

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Make Lcd Computer Monitor Into A Tv Screen

I am wondering how i can make my lcd computer monitor into a t. V. Screen? I am looking at a few monitors. One has hdmi and one just has dvi and vga. I have a dishnetwork box without hdmi so i am using component. I was wondering if all i would need to do is get a hdmi to component cord and plug it in? Or do i have to mess with the setting or other things? Also i heard you can get hd channels over the air with a hd antenna. Is that true? And how would it look on my monitor if it can support 1080p?

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Quiet Or Silent Keyboard

My wife is "ruining my life" because my keyboard is waking her up, even though she is in the other room from my rig. Its a lenovo, non click. Im impressed with her hearing. Does anyone know of a truly silent keyboard? Advice much appreciated!

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Sound Card Output Distorted And Silent

I accidentally plugged output of my integrated sound card to output( instead of auxiliary in) of my stereo. Sound is gone. On full volume i can hear sound, but it is very distorted and silent. Is it possible to fix it?

Sound card is sigmatel audio

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Samsung R451c Turn Off Silent Mode

How to turn off silent mode on a samsung r451c? I got a straight talk cell phone from wal-mart. I went to a movie and turned it on silent, i have no clue how i did it but it did. Now i've tried everything to turn it off silent mode, but i can't get it? The phone is straight talk samsung r451c.

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Fanless Or Completely Silent Water Cooling Units

Have any of you ever thought about building an absolutely silent pc. I think that would be really cool. There are silent psu options in the antec phantom500 and some thermaltake units, the nothbridges nowerdays are coming with heat pipes. Some gfx cards have no-fan heatsinks and you can buy some good fanless ones too you could get awaywith no case fans if you dont plan to oc at all but the stumbling block is always going to be the cpu cooler. Are there any fanless or completely silent water cooling units out there?

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Would Asus Hd 4350 Silent Fit In Hp Pavillion Slimline ?

I'm planning on upgrading the graphics card on a hp pavillion slimline desktop, however my main wonder is whether or not getting a graphics card, asus 1gb - hd - 4350 silent: http://amzn. To/9hrhcn

For example; would it 'fit' as a replacement for the little intel built-in express graphics card?

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Play Gears Of War Game On Asus Eah4350 Silent

Can you play gears of war game on a asus eah4350 silent/di/1gd2 pci-e graphics card - 1gb?

However the asus hd4350 isn't that powerful. Even with the healthy 1gb of ddr3 memory its 800mhz memory clock and 64bit memory interface wont allow it to run this game at anything higher than 1024x768. It will run at 1280x1024 however it wont be playable and 1024x768 is a fully playable resolution

What i tend to do with demanding games like gears of war is tweak the detail and resolution settings, best thing to do is lower the resolution to 1024x768 and all detail settings to minimum/low then run the first chapter and check how playable the game is at those settings. If they are fine then slowly higher the detail and run again. You have several options open to you for example run at low resolution and higher detail or higher the resolution and stay with lower detail also run the frame rate utility "fraps"( ) which will allow you to monitor the frame rate at each settings

Bare in mind 25fps is a smooth and playable frame rate so use this as a reference rate, however 20fps can also be playable, it depends on the game.

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How To Make Ramsinks ?

Can anyone post a how to make ramsinks? Like out of cpu heatsinks? I have searched on the forums and have not found anything about how to make ramsinks. It would probably help oc the ram (due to lower temps) of the video card which is why i am posting in video card overclocking. Thank you. Well, since i couldn't find any tutorial on how to cut the heatsink, i decided to try it myself, took me about 1 hour to cut peices for 4 chips. The heatsink is made out of aluminum. I basically clamped the heatsink to a table and but it up using a handsaw. I can post a picture showing it clamped down upon request. I will now post pictures of before and after cutting up the heatsink. After sawing them or cutting them into pieces, you might want to file the edges to trim it, just to make it flat, or just to make it look better. Might also want to sand it if you really want a professional looking job.

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How To Make A Windows 98 Startup Cd ?

I just purchased a laptop that doesnt have a floppy drive to use a windows 98 startup floppy disk. I wanted to know how i could go about making a windows 98 startup cd instead. Is this possible?

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Make My Own Mouse Pad

I am considering making my own mouse pad, what would be the best material to use?

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Raid Two Different Hdd Together To Make One

Is there a way to, i guess raid two different hdd's together, or somehow trick windows into thinking its 1 giant hdd?

My bit-torrent folder just reached 80 gigs and im at about 130 gigs left on my hdd, and i don't really want to get another drive and have to deal with like moving files over and stuff. Maybe and external?

Advice? Suggestions?

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How To Make A Mac Ac Adapter ?

Ok i have a mac 1400c lappy with 64mb ram and a 166mhz cpu, but i dont have any ac adapter, my friend did not find it, i got it free . So i charged sometimes the batteries with my friend g3 charger but i cant charge it everyday , so i'm trying to make a ac adapter or a charger, the mac charger is a conventional charger. I have 1 or 2 ac adapters laying around. One of them is a sanyo one, the end is like a nintendo ac adapter. Now could i put just a piece of metalin it and plug it in the lappy or do i have something else to do

Now the output is 9v at 300ma but i think i'll need a 12v. I cant find a 12v, maybe i have one somewhere well could i just feed 9v? And how could i make one?

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How Do You Make Download Faster?

Answer:- downloading faster is based on three main factors:


Your internet speed is an obvious and big factor in just how fast you can get that directors cut of avatar. Unless you can afford to fork out the extra redies to upgrade your broadband, there's not much you can do here. Server side connection:

If you're downloading something that's sitting on a server in the next town, chances are you're gonna get a fast connection. Download something that has to pass through many servers around the planet, and watch the download speed drop off!

In short, you can only download something as fast as the hosting server can upload it. Bandwidth:

If you're already downloading the entire "best of queen" album, while playing counterstrike with 11 mates, talking on teamspeak and running msn, chances are good you downloads will crawl along at speeds reminiscent of the eighties, when dialup was king!

If you're downloading somethign and want it to be as fast as possible, close as many programs as you can that will simultaneously use your internet. This includes, but isn't limited to, msn, skype, teamspeak, any mmorpg, other downloading programs like limewire, bittorrent etc. Also, other computers that share the internet connection through a common router will also put a drain on the available bandwidth if these computers are also downloading data.

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Make New Installation And Keep Important Data On The Hd

I have 1 hardisk on my pc and i need to reinstall windows xp to clean all the mess! Is it possible to make a new installation and keep my important data on the hd as well?

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How Do I Make My Hard Drive Removable In Xp ?

I have recently built my own p4 machine (specs outlined at the end of message), and am attempting to configure my second hardrive (this is configured as the primary slave on the system) as a removable device as it is housed in a caddycase. The purpose of this task is not to enable me to have a multi-boot system , (as the primary master is designed to just run the operating system and all associated programs) but to enable me to remove the primary slave (second hardrive) at will, which is designed to just store all my data & is not dependent on the system to run, as the primary master hardrive has enough capacity to do this. Also once this system has been configured so the primary slave can be removable, how do i then configure another system which may be using xp or 98 to then be able to use this hardrive in the same respect as configured on this system?

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Mem Test Errors What To Make Of It ?

Comps been real naughty lately so i decided to check my ram! Im running a asus p5k black pearl board and patriot extreme 1066 ram 2x 1gb. I think my rams like dead. Havent even given it much voltage tested it @ 2. 4v before its rated for 2. 35v but initially patriot had this ram on thier website stating 2. 6v :o. Also what are soem pointer for taking pictures of the bios screen? I think i was to close to the screen, the picture looks crappy and haves waves in it.

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How I Can Make My Usb Partition Active?

I was following how i can install win7 off usb drive website but i got stuck at point where it talks about diskpart that's where i can tell they are talking about some body is doing off vista os. Cause when i do dispart with list disk i do not see my usb. From cmd it says do following diskpart select "my usb drive". I do not see my usb drive. So i can't format or make the partition active, any hint(s)?

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Make A Ide To Usb Cable

Is there a way to make a ide to usb cable? Or are you required to buy one? I'm just cheap, and i'm good with a soldering iron, that's why i ask.

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Make An Rf Wireless Mouse Into Bluetooth

I have only two usb ports on my laptop and i want to have them both free. Since i prefer using a mouse for most of my work (a full-sized one, thank you very much) and my current favorite is a logitech vx750 (i believe) cordless, i thought that the best way to facilitate this is to install a bt module in the laptop (i can get one for my hp dv4z-1200 for about $25 on ebay) and hack my mouse with a bluetooth transmitter from on of logitech's bt mice, none of which currently carry the features i want and like, namely size, shape and buttons. A search with has yielded me a big fat zero. Has anyone else seen or heard of such a thing being done?

If not, then i might be headed into new territory here, and maybe i can write an article or two on the process. Provided, of course, i find the time, money and patience to actually carry out the experiments.

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Make Large Partition Size

Okay so i just bought a new 250gb hard drive for the computer i built and when i have it in as my only hd and pop in the the windows installation disk it tells me that the max it can partition is 131gb which is the same problem i had when i bought a 160 gb in the past but i didn't care back then. But now i do. I would really really like to not have to partition it like my cousin 100 100 50 i hate partitioning i read that updating bios could fix this but i did and still no luck. I'll take any suggestions i can get. Also my bios is award bios i have an amd 3800 processor and and my mobo is an asus a8n sli.

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How To Make Screen Lighter And Darker ?

How to make screen lighter and darker?

On your tft/lcd screen, theres should be some buttons on it? Press the + to be light and - to be lighter. Or adjust through control panel.

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Make Internet Faster On Powermac

How can i make my powermac (10. 5. 8/os 10) run faster? Connecting to the internet is really slow. I have dsl level 3 do i need a higher level so i can download and upload faster!

Answer:- internet speed is dependent on your isp subscription. Sometimes when the isp says "up to 1mbps speed", you rarely get that maximum speed. Fast subscription package = fast internet speed.

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Is It Possible To Make Sublimation Printer Ink ?

Why is sublimation ink so expensive and is it possible to make your own?

Answer:- you can't make your own ink. There are various chemicals in it that make it "stop" [fasten it's self to the paper] and to stop it drying out in the cartridge as well anti clog agents to stop it blocking the ink jets. In other words, ink for printers is a very precise science!

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