Tri Sli And Two Monitors

I know that sli works with dual monitors, but what about 3 way.

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Run Dual Monitors With An Sli Setup

I'm interested in knowing if one can run dual monitors with an sli setup, one monitor for the game and one for desktop to monitor and manipulate teamspeak/gameserverclient/etc. For some reason i thought one couldn't. About 3 years ago i recall a conversation that an sli rig precluded the use of a second monitor. Maybe that was so back then but is that the case now?

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Cant Get Multiple Monitors In Sli With Two Gtx 260

I have a asus p5n - e -sli mb and i have 2 evga gtx 260 running in sli. I have a 2 monitor setup . I have the 197, 45 drivers installed. I cannot get both monitors to work in sli configuration. They will work when i turn sli off but the control panel does not give the option when in sli.

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Asus A8n-sli Nforce4 Sli Bios Settings

Asus a8n-sli n-force 4 sli
Athlon 64 fx-57 1mb cache 939-pin
1 gig corsair ddr pc3200xl xmsx
Dual evga nvidia geforce 7800 gtx 256mb pcie

Currently flashed to asus revision 1011. Can someone help me in setting up my bios correctly. When i first got this machine it scored well over 13, 000 in 3dmark05. I had a few issues and a few bios flashes later i am back to default. Can someone please give me a good point to start with my above setup? I would like to utilize all the jumperfree configs as well as the memory timings.

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Asus A8n Sli Deluxe Sli

I just picked this board and getting ready to buy it but just noticed it is a sli, is that only for duel video cards? Im not really planning on getting another video card soon and i hear having two is pretty much a waste, so im not sure if i should keep this motherboard - although it might be good to keep options open?

Even if i choose to only use one video card would this still be a good choice for a motherboard, or is there any better for around same costs.

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Using Hp 21 Black And 22 Tri Color With Hp Deskjet F2480

Will hp 21 black and 22 tricolor fit in a hp deskjet f2480 printer that takes 60 black and 60 tricolor?

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Hp 818 Tri Color Cartridge Error

Recently i purchased refill kit and i refilled the hp 818 tri color cartridge, but after refilling the cartridge when i installed it on the printer the printer shows error and all the lights in the printer starts blinking and printer switch offs.

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Asus Sli Vs Msi Sli

I am in the process of buying parts for a system i am building, so far i have decided on an athlon 64 3500+, gf 6600gt 128, twinmos pc3200 ddr-dimm 1024mb, fortron/source power supply atx-400woem etc

The 2 motherboards which are available are:

Msi k8n sli platinum mainboard s939nforce4 sli, 4xsata2, gblan, firewire

Asus a8n-sli deluxe mainboard s939 pci-e nforce4 sli, 4xsata2, dual-gblan, atx

Which would you guys recommend? The a8n-sli won't be in stock untill 03-01, if it is the better product, is it worth waiting and extra 2 weeks for it? One thing that would pull me towards the asus is that the msi board had the following on its site:

Msi reminds you. • these two connectors (jpwr1 & jpwr2) connect to the atx power supply and have to work together to ensure stable operation of the mainboard. • power supply of 450 watts (and above) is highly recommeded for system stability. • for atx 12v power connection, it should be greater than 18a. • for this model, you must use the power supply that with a -5v pin supply. While the asus has a chart which shows the loads and power supply each load would need and my 400w psu would do prefectly for now and the future should i get another 6600gt.

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Hp Deskjet D1660 With 300 Tri Colour Ink

Does the 300 tri colour ink work on a hp deskjet d1660 ? I have a hp d1660 deskjet and it does work, but no colour comes out whatsoever, i changed the inks today, and i am sure 100% that they are not empty.

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Hp 818 Tri Colour And Black Color Cartridge Holes

I am buying a new printer. Hp deskjet d1668. It comes with an introductory cartridge no. 818. My dad will not buy new ones when they are used up, what are the ink color holes of this introductory cartridge, and what amount(ml) of ink should be injected. And the amount of ink 2 be injected in black and tri-color cartridge. Answer:- the best and easiest way to find out is to insert a toothpick into each hole and that way you will know the correct color. Do not go by the colors on the label, as they are more than likely not correct. As far as the amount goes, if you are using a ink filler syringe, fill it about an inch or so. With practice you can learn to make the proper adjustments.

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Asus A8n-sli Vs A8n-sli Premium

I am looking to build a computer for my mom, and she is looking for something faster than her 5 year old gateway. I have narrowed it down to the athlon 4200+ dual core, with 2 gb of ram. Now i am stuck, because expense is somewhat of an issue. Would i be able to get away with an a8n-sli motherboard? Or do i need to go with the premium? She is obviously not a hard-core gamer, just wants a decent system to run photoshop and word type applications. I can save around 40. 00, which would be worth it if there is no specific functionality that is gained with the premium. I have tried searching the forums and the internet for comparisons of the two, but have not been able to find anything decent. Thoughts?

The whole system would be: athlon 4200+ x2, asus a8n-sli (premium?), 2x (not sure) 1gb ram, western digital 250gb, ati radeon 9250, (not sure) dvd burner

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2 7800gts Sli Or 1 Card

I have a asrock 939dual-sata2 with an evga 7800gt and i play only bf2 with just medium settings for performance. Any higher and it isn't as smooth. I want to know if i should go sli and will i see a huge improvement in bf2? I will only spend up to $200 on another card. I also will need to buy a new mobo and which one would you recommend and the chipsets important because i don't care for uli/sis because of alot of frozen boot ups.

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Connect Different Cards In Sli

Can i connect different cards in sli? Can i connect graphics cards 1 & 2 to 3

1. > "Zotac 9600gt synergy edition 1gb 256bit ddr3 graphic card"

2. > "Zotac 9600gt eco 1gb 256bit ddr3 graphic card"

To a 3. >"Asus p5n sli professional series" mother board. If yes which smps (ie wats range like 450w or above) should i use. Please give detailed instructions on how i can do this.

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Asus A8n-sli Troubleshooting

My motherboard refuses to boot, system speaker makes repeating long beep (about 2-3 seconds long, award bios).system doesn't display anything on the screen and it doesn't take keyboard input (ctrl-alt-del or numlock doesn't work). I tried swapping memory, and booting without memory or graphics card. Does anybody know what that beep code indicates?

Fault appears to be with a connection somewhere - system booted after some shaking, only to revert back when i inserted original ram. I also tried putting in another ram stick in every slot without any results. Is it a dead board?

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Pc Shuts Off Completely During 3d Apps In Sli

My system will randomly completely shut off during intense 3d apps like games or the luna demo. I am running these specs and everything is brand new with a fresh install of windows. Nothing is overclocked at all. So far i have run prime95 overnight for 12+ hours no problem. I am also currently running just one of the gtx's to see if possibly one is defective. I don't think this to be the case though, since usually if a vid card is defective, it is defective. I have checked the system for heat issues and there seem to be none. Both gpus never break 60c and the the cpu is never above 50c. What has me stumped is that it seems to only happen when running sli and very intense 3d apps. Now i have an sli certified psu with plenty of juice. Does this sound like the psu is bumm? I have read somewhere about crossloading issues with the silverstone, but i do not think i am drawing over 30a on the 12v rails.

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Ultra Psu For Sli ? Or Thermaltake ?

I was looking at this power supply, has anyone out there used this with sli? Can i even hook it up to use sli, i was browsing the site, and they have cables that say pci-e so i am thinking you can, is this even a good choice though, i hope someone can guide me in the right direction.

Thats the thermaltake one, it has two pci express things already built in so i just need to hook up my system. But its not as cool as the ultra, specially because i have a clear case, but ultra doesnt have pci express things, like i had said, i have to buy them seperately, anyone else used ultra to connect sli or pci express, or does anyone else know of a better power supply for sli?

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Dual Monitor And Sli / Xfire

A couple of years ago, i remember that using xfire or sli on dual monitor setups, going into a full screen game and activating sli/xfire, the second monitor would go into sleep mode and not be usable. 1. Has that changed now? Can i have my desktop and other apps still visible/usable on the 2nd monitor?

2. If i only play in windowed mode on the first monitor, should i assume sli/xfire will never kick in, making it useless to have two video cards?

Been using only laptops for couple years now so i'm out of touch with desktops. Looking to build an i7 rig soon.

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How To Overclock Gfx Cards In Sli ?

Just built my new system on an abit an8-sli, got my second gigabyte 6800 gt yesterday setup sli perfect. My question is can you overclock the graphics cards in sli mode and if so what utility to do it with i.e. (Rivatuner, coolbits, powerstrip) ypu feedback would be great my first sli setup so any info is good inf ;d.

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6600gt Sli Video Cards

I want to add a 6600gt sli card so when i get the additional funds, i can drop another in. I am going to buy a msi "k8n neo4 platinum sli" nvidia nforce4 sli chipset motherboard for amd socket 939 cpu -retail for the mb. Any suggestions on the video card?

These are my choices:

Rosewill nvidia geforce 6600gt video card, 128mb gddr3, 128-bit, tv-out/dvi, pci-express, model "r66gt-128px2" -retail - $179

Jaton nvidia geforce 6600gt video card, 128mb gddr3, 128-bit, dvi/tv-out, pci-express, model "video-px6600gt" -retail - $182

Prolink nvidia geforce 6600gt video card, 128mb gddr3, 128-bit, dvi/hdtv-out, pci-express, model "pv-n43ue(128kd)" -retail - $189

Asus nvidia geforce 6600gt video card, 128mb gddr3, 128-bit, dvi/tv-out, pci-express, model "en6600gt/top/td/128m" -oem - $252

Apollo nvidia geforce 6600gt video card, 128mb gddr3, 128-bit, dvi/tv-out, pci-express, model "6600pcx" -retail - $185

Rosewill nvidia geforce 6600gt video card, 128mb gddr3, 128-bit, dvi/tv-out, pci-express, model "r66gt-128px" -retail - $194

Pny nvidia geforce 6600gt video card, 128mb gddr3, 128-bit, dual dvi/hdtv, pci-express, model "vcg6600gxpb" -retail - $206

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Sata 2 On Asus A8n Sli

My only hdd just crashed - a 200gig maxtor sata - so i've just bought a 300gig seagate on ebay. But it is sataii. I didn't think about it at the time (i had only a couple of minutes to get the bid in. And hassles with the kids, etc. ) But maybe my motherboard won't be able to handle sataii. Does anyone know?

I can't interrogate the pc to find out because it is dead. I didn't get a paper manual about the mobo, just a board 'map' and it only says sata on it. And i did get a cd but when i run it - or look at it, it won't 'run' on this computer - there's no information about sata or sataii. I went to asus homepage and turned up my board and found no help.

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Asus P5n-e Sli Problem

My asus p5n-e sli when i first start my computer wont boot. The mobo makes 1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps. I think this is do to a video card or the pci exp slot. The video card is fine though i tested it in my other computer and it works fine. So i'm taking it that the pci buss isn't working correctly. Should i rma the board or am i just missing something obvious?

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Overclocking P5nd2-sli Deluxe

I changed the overclocking options in the bios to manual. I have tried raising the fsb of the cpu from 533 (133x4) to 660 (165x4) and everywhere in between. My problem is the bios will show the overclock fine (3. 3ghz at 660 fsb) but windows xp and cpu-z will not. They still show 2. 66ghz at 533 fsb. Why are the bios changes not showing up in windows?

I have tried using asus's ai booster utility. It works with mixed results. Cpu-z will show the change, but as soon as the computer is restarted it reverts back to 2. 66ghz at 533 fsb. Can anyone help? I would prefer not to use ai booster and just use the bios settings. I have tried raising the vcore. The vcore reads as the new value in cpu-z but the fsb does not. This is my setup below:
Asus p5nd2-sli deluxe
Pentium d 805
Kingston hyper-x ddr2 675 (2x512)
Msi geforce 7900 gs
Ultra x2 550 watt psu

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Sli On Life Support On The Amd Platform

Interesting read over at pcper

My thoughts nv is insane so far on intels side with pci-e going on chip even if they get a dmi license they are done. As for amd they are playing nice with nv all i can think of is this is nv's way to say to amd get your damn cpu business in order get completive with the future intel products or else not be 1 generation behind. Still looks like nv the company that purchased 3dfx may die a slow death.

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Sli Setup Core Clock Error

Running (2) gtx 260 black edition's in sli and according to gpu-z one of my gtx 260's gpu is running at 666mhz and 1150mhz for memory, but it reports the 2nd one as running at 300mhz and 100mhz memory. Is this accurate? Anyone vcard guru's out there that can give me some insight?

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Upgrade On Asus M2n32-sli Deluxe

I currently have a asus m2n32-sli deluxe wireless board with a athlon x2 5400+ processor. I'm thinking about upgrading, but i'm not sure what to upgrade to. We mostly game on this board and whats the computer is mostly for. I know my board isn't compatible with the second set of amd quad-cores that came out, but there are still quite a few number of options. So, what do you recommend? The list is above. I'm asking to make sure because i know its not always the bigger the number the better, so i need advice!

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Using Asus A8n-sli Premium With Sata 2

Does anyone know if the asus a8n-sli premium supports sata 2 ?

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Overclocking Asus A8n-sli Deluxe

I have an amd 3000 64bit 939 chip with an asus a8n-sli deluxe motherboard with 1gig corsair value ram and i would like to overclock it but not sure what i should change? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Memory For Asus A8n-sli Premium

I am going to order an asus a8n-sli premium mobo. I want to know the best memory that i can get for this mobo. I want no less than 2x512mb sticks, and would like to spend $150 or less, but no more than $200. I want lower latency and really just want quality high performance memory. I know the mobo says it supports up to pc3200 but i've seen people who use high speed memory like pc4000. Does this help out a lot speed wise, or are you limited by the mobo?

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I Have To Enable Sli On Mobo When Using Geforce 7950gx2 ?

I'm getting a 7950gx2(rma replacement) the question i have is will i have to enable sli on my mobo for it to work correctly? I have the dfi ultra-d mobo and i know with a quick pencil mod i can mod it for sli. Will i have to? Or will it run fine as she sits. What are the best drivers for a 7950gx2. I know i can probably google it, but then i couldn't rep someone then could i.

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Dual Channel Memory On A8n-sli

2 sticks of corsair 1gb 184-pin ddr sdram ddr 400 (pc 3200) desktop memory model vs1gb400c3

That go in an a8n-sli work for a dual channel? This is my first dual channel mobo, just wondering if this will work.

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