Using Slow Computer With Fast Dsl Connection

If i am using a slow computer, and i have a fast dsl connection, would the connection be slow? Does it matter that the computer is slow? If i use a fast computer, will the connection be faster?

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Fast Connection, Slow Browsing

I have comcast internet, i'm not really sure exactly what speed it's supposed to be since it's managed by my apartment complex and so i don't pay it directly. I called up our comcast representative, but he told me there was nothing wrong. Anyways, when i test my speeds they are plenty fast; like 9mbps down and 10mbps up (yes, faster upload than download). Usually when i download files they go at a decent speed too, although sometimes my internet goes through extremely slow periods. I tried downloading something by torrent and i got really fast speeds; even though utorrent says that my ports aren't open. However my browsing is really slow. Often times it will time out completely, or load up and stop without correct formatting or downloading pictures; it does this on sites even like yahoo (including yahoo answers), google, or wikipedia. Usually if i reload the page 5-10 times it will load correctly; but it's really annoying. It's been like this since we moved in 4 months ago and i haven't been able to do anything to fix it. It's been the case on 4 different computers, and i've tried ie, chrome, firefox, and opera and all of them are pretty much equally slow. I currently use firefox. I use eset smart security, but i've also done checks with windows defender, spybot, adaware, and kapersky online scanner. The only things that have ever been found are a few cookies by spybot and adaware. I doubt it's my computer anyways since it's about the same on all computers. I have a wireless router; but there's still some broken pages and slow browsing when i plug in the ethernet cord directly. It is a bit better though, but not perfect. Any ideas on what i can do? The main thing i hate is the broken pages when browsing. I tried flushing my dns but that didn't help either.

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Fast Internet Connection But Slow Videos And Games

I have a fast connection with slow videos and games, will a great graphics card make vids and games faster?

Answer:- if your videos and games are slow but you have a fast internet connection, the problem is probably with your graphics card. Your system is probably trying to push a higher quality than the card is capable of, which is what's making it sluggish and glitchy. I use the nvidia geforce 9400 gt and i highly recommend it. From the time i put it in, i haven't had any graphical problems. It runs any video you want, as well as any online game (world of warcraft, eve online, etc. ).

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Fast Pc, Slow Response

This is rather a weird problem, i dont know if its software or hardware related (memory speed fault) i dunno, but there's a slight delay when opening programs (that are already in buffer memory) also the start ment > run box takes a second to pop up, the response times are redicilious for a p4ht 3. 4ghz pc, im only guessing, but the delay could be due to a buffer fault coz the programs. Im running directly from buffer (as i already ran it from hdd) take as long as getting it from hdd. I hope this makes sense, i hope someone can help me out on this, the delay is 1 - 3 seconds, i would say there's a buffer fault somewhere, my fpb is 800mhz.

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Mouse Movement Fast In Programs, But Slow In Windows

I have two 19" wide screen monitors and i want to have a constant mouse speed for all applications (except for games) to prevent me from picking up the mouse (i want to do left to right in one motion). I did go into the control panel's mouse settings and increased the mouse speed and turned the acceleration onto high. While the mouse properties window is open it is at a speed that i like. If i keep the mouse window open but click on the desktop, the mouse speed slows down incredibly. If i close the mouse properties window and alt-tab over to firefox, it is at a good speed, but once again if i click on the desktop (or do windows-d to minimize all windows) the speed decreases incredibly again. It seems as if the mouse acceleration speed only works in actual programs and not in windows operation. It is slow in my computer, explorer, network connections, the all programs list in the stat menu, etc. Is there a way i can have one constant fast speed in all windows operations and programs? It is a big annoyance with the speed adjusting in everything i do.

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Youtube Videos Load Fast And Sometimes Times Slow

Sometimes youtube vids load fast and other times real slow? Is it my internet connection? I noticed that when i watch youtube, sometimes the video loads really fast, as in maybe 20x the speed it plays and other times it loads like 0. 2x the speed it plays. I tried this with 1 video. Every time the same video and sometimes it would load really fast and other times really slow. Is this my internet connection or computer? Or is it youtube itself? When i do a speedtest its still as high as it should be.

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Dsl Internet Connection Disconnected

Whats wrong with my internet connection? About every hour to minutes my dsl goes down, i use at&t self support, it tells me that my dsl line is disconnected, but when ever i make a phone call it gets reconnected.

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Verizon Dsl Connection Dropping

For a while i have had a problem with dsl(verizon). At random times in the day the connection will just drop. It would stay dropped for a few minutes. It also happens when there is a storm system near by and the it would drop the connection then connect then drop again. Is this problem common, what coses it and what should i do?

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At&t Dsl Connection Gets Interrupted Very Frequently

I bought a mac. I have at&t dsl. My connection gets interrupted very frequently. How do i fix this?

Answer:- call at&t, this is not the macs fault, its the connection. Maybe you have bad reception where you live?

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Install Router To Work With Dsl Connection

How to install a router to work with my dsl connection? Ok so i just bought a linksys router , but how on earth do i install it and make it work? Will i need to be on the phone with the verizon for like hours?

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Share An Internet / Dsl Connection With Couple Of Computers

I would like to share an internet/dsl connection with a couple of computers. I understand i need an internet router for this? Do i just attach the modem to the router and attach the computers to the router too?

The problem is, i was looking at some routers on ebuyer, and it says its perfect for sharing connection on a network, and i just want to share a connection, not set up a network as such.

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How Fast Is Connection On Intel Core I5 650 Processor ?

How fast is connection on intel core i5 650 processor?

Answer:- intel core i5 650 has 2 ddr3 channels that can run at ddr-1333 speeds. If your real question is "how fast is the connection to the northbridge", the answer is that the dmi connection is 10gb/s each way. Note that the path to memory is now completely separate and not shared with any other data. The core i5 650 also has its own gpu/cpu connection that is not shared with any other connections. There are also 16 pci-e 2. 0 lanes directly from the cpu that are not shared with anything. So the cpu has the following links:

1) two ddr3 memory channels
2) a dmi channel to the southbridge. 3) a cpu<->gpu link. 4) 16 pci-e 2. 0 lanes.

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Why Internet Connection So Slow ?

For the past 4 or more weeks my internet has been moving very slow if not at all. I clocked my speed at anywhere between (1. 13kbs) , and for about five minutes a day i can get up to (597. 56kbs that's about a half a megabits per second. So why am i paying for (5mbs) and lucky to squeeze in any internet at all. Its not my computer i've used 4 laptops and a desktop computer it also disconnect my xbox 360 & ps3 from online gameplay. I tried two different wireless routers , i even removed the router but it's still to slow to do anything with

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Internet Connection Very Slow And Sometimes Unresponsive

For the past 3 days or so my internet(charter) has been very slow and sometimes unresponsive. Half the time the websites don't even load, and when they do pictures don't show. My phone is having trouble too. I can hear fine on my home phone, but the person on the other line complain of load crackling and popping noise. We called the cable co. And when they came out they replaced all the wires that are connected to the modems for the internet and phone, but i'm still having a very bad connection. So is there anything else i can do or what the *** is the problem?

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Slow Connection Speed With Wireless Network

Okay so i have a brand new dell laptop with the nicest wireless-n capable card you can buy and with all of the drivers up to date, i also have a netgear wireless-n capable router with all of its firmware up to date. Here is the problem, i can only get a max of 58 mbps, even though i have the router set to "up to 300 mbps" and i am close to the router with no interference. I have high speed cable internet from cox. When i check the status of my network, it only goes to 58 mbsp max, but sits around 26mbps and fluctuates a good amount in between.

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Does Lots Of Windows Open, Slow Down Internet Connection?

Does having lots of windows open that all use internet slow my connection? And does having windows that use internet up when im in a game slow down my connection as well?

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Is Risc ( Reduced Instruction Set Computer ) Always Fast ?

It's an interview question. I don't know the exact answer but i thing that one rule doesn't fit all. So there must be some cases where risc processors must be slower. Am i right?

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Computer Becoming Very Slow

Just posting to say that my computer has been acting awfully slow in the last few days, this happened to me on my last windows installation until it became almost unusable it was that slow and required me to back everything up and reinstall windows. What i mean by "slow" is its just generally becoming slow, msn will hang and take about 3 or 4 mins literally to reopen sometimes when minimized, which then freezes ie 7, wmp 10 if im listening to music. All i see is white bits on the screen where that active window was and the hourglass symbol. And just a sidenote - my cpu usage goes right up to 100%.

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Computer Is Slow After Connecting To Tv

My computer is slow after connecting the computer to tv. After i hooked my pc to the tv using vga cables the resolution was weird so fixed it and it loads video files and the internet slow. It was faster than this before i hooked it up. Is there a reason for this?

Answer:- it is because your tv screen is bigger than your pc screen, it also needs to provide more resolution. So the graphics card has to work harder in order to give you better quality. In this case, your graphics card is not powerful enough to produce a high quality output to your tv.consider upgrading it, if you use your normal pc screen, everything should be back to normal.

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Computer Is Very Slow And Is Bottlenecked

I just recently upgraded my computer, but my my whole computer is very slow. Some people say my cpu is bottlenecking my system, however i see people on youtube running with crap p4/ dual cores but with good vids cards and they are maxing out games like crysis. Is this true? Secondly, if my computer is being bottlenecked, i have no more money for an upgrade. Also, my cpu is not overclockable. Is there anything i can do like go back some drivers or special software? Please help, i think i just wasted 200$ on an upgrade, lol. Specs:
-Amd dual core 4050e 2. 1ghz
-2gb ddr2 ram
-Windows vista 32 bit
-Ati 5750 512mb gddr5
-Bfg gs-550 watt psu

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Slow Computer With Maxtor 250 Gb

I bought new hd - maxtor 250gb and since then my computer is very slow. I cannot watch movies or listen music, b/c of that. Restart computer doesnt help. But sometimes it's working good (like right now). I have 2 partitions - 137gb and 113gb. I am thinking that maybe some cooler for hard disk may help, but i'm not sure. Any ideas?

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Computer Being Slow - Antivirus Scanner

I am sick of my computer being slow and i just want a new anti virus scanner if any knows of a great one please tell me. I really want one that you know of and that works well, so don't search for one right now and send it to me not knowing about it. I want one that you already experienced and you know it works well. So please don't send me one that will make my computer slower or mess it up!

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Computer Running Ridiculously Slow

This computer is a little over a year old. It was in perfect running condition until i let my mom start using it. She has since then downloaded a few things that i am unsure of and maybe you people know a little more about than i do. First:

Irfanview - i have no idea what this program is at all. Is it possible she could have downloaded it from a shady site and put a virus on the computer?

Farmville toolbar - ah yes. The oh so popular farmville. She's addicted to it and downloaded this toolbar so it will tell her when her crops and stuff are ready. Farmville snagbar from gamers unite - this apparently snags items for farmville or something, another thing i know little about. Now, when i run a full computer scan with my avast antivirus it shows no viruses. However i'm still feeling kind of paranoid about these programs. Any help with how i could get my computer running back in good condition?

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New Hard Drive, Computer Runs Slow

I have a dell inspiron 9100 and last spring my hard drive crashed. It was a 7200 rpm 60 gig. I replaced it with a 5400rpm 80 gig, and reinstalled all of the aplications and got everything set up. It has less apps running now than it did before, but when i load things it can tend to go really slow, or when i play music on itunes it goes extremely slow and the music skips constantly, which in turn makes the computer almost unuseable with more than 2 programs running. I did search but couldn't find a good answer. I never installed a driver for the hard drive, as i thought it wasn't needed but maybe i do. Oh, and i already ran scandisk and defragged it(which took almost 2. 5 hours).

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Computer Boots Slow And Loses Files

Everytime my computer restarts its takes about 10 mins to boot and it always saids boot failure, insert disc then i have to reinstall windows, all my normal files are incontact like installed programs but i have to reinstall windows in order to reboot, any suggestions?

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Avast 5 - Computer Freezes Up / Slow When Start Up

I don't know if it's just me or after i downloaded/updated avast 4. 8 to avast 5. 0 i seemed to have gotten slower on my computer and after i start up i seem to freeze after 5-10 minutes from the startup. Avast 5 is working fine and every-thing's good. When my computer freezes up i can move my mouse but everything else seem "frozen". I then manually restart the computer by pressing the on button. Is it just me or is there something wrong?

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Slow Computer Performance When Playing Cs Source

My pc is not performing as well as i expected it to when playing half-life 2 (cs:source): low frame rates/graphics performance especially when playing in servers with many people (lets say 32 and above). I'm currently using:
Amd 64 3200 processor (socket 754)
Dfi lanparty ut nf3 250gb motherboard
Kingston memory: ddr 1gb 3200 hyper x (2x512mb)
All-in-wonder x800 xt agp video card
Dell p991 19" crt monitor
Seagate 160gb ultra ata/100 7200rpm hd
Enermax eg651p-ve fm 24p 550w psu

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Sony Vegas Pro Slow Down Computer

Will sony vegas pro permanently damage my computer? My computer is a dual processor of 3. 0 ghz, p4, 1gb of memory. Will downloading sony vegas pro slow down my computer? If so can i just uninstall and delete sony vegas pro to make my computer return to it's previous state? I just don't want to ruin my computer with a demanding program like sony vegas pro. I am editing hd video in it.

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Warning - Computer Chip Fan Fail Or Speed Too Slow

I'm looking for some advice. I started getting this message every morning when i boot up. However, if i turn the pc off for 10 minutes or so and then boot up. No error message. There's been no hardware or significant software changes since i had the below installed in march. I'm running pc probe ii and it shows the chassis, chipset and cpu fans running (though not showing a nominal value) and i can see the fans running when i pop the side open. Any ideas of what's wrong?

Amd athlon 64 4000+
Asus a8n-sli
Nvidia geforce 7800 gt

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Slow Computer Startup After Install Printer Hp F4200 Software

Why is my computer so slow in startup after i installed printer hp f4200 software? My computer is performing a very slow startup after i installed hp f4200 solution center software. Just 10min before it was starting up very fast without taking any time. Can anyone plz help me with it? It just cant be said that its because of too many programs installed, as its newly installed winxp sp2.

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