Install Windows Xp - Wd Sata Hdd Cannot Be Found

When i go to install windows xp it states that the wd hdd cannot be found and i should check the connections. I do and they seem fine. I have the sata power plugged in and i have it plugged into the mobo. Any body have any ideas why it is doing this? Also how should jumpers be set if it is the only sata drive im installing.

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Cannot Install Xp On Sata Hdd

I am new to sata hdd, and am not completely sure how the work. I am trying to us a sata hdd as my master hdd but continually get an error when trying to install xp that the startup program cannot gain access to the disk. My question is twofold:

1) how do i get xp to install
2) can sata hdd work as a standalone hdd, or do they have to be configured as raid.

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Cannot Install Windows In New Hdd

I just got myself a segate baracuda hdd (pata), plugged it as primary master, set the jumper accordingly, restarted the computer, got into bios, and the primary master is shown as the segate baracuda hdd just as it should. The secondary master and slave are my two dvd burner drives and these are shown in bios as well. Next, i attempted installing windows xp on the new hdd, on the 'select partition to install screen', it says 'setup could not access this drive'. Next, i tried 'diskpart' from the recovery console, says 'could not access'. Next, i tried my old windows 98 cd, booted to dos, and tried a:>fdisk. Says: warning: could not access disk 1. Tried setting the new hdd as a secondary slave, the secondary master being one of the dvd writers (unplugged the second dvd writer), set the jumpers accordingly. Again, the hdd is shown as the secondary slave in bios as it should, and again, windows could not be installed. Tried all the available modes in bios (lba, chs, large, auto), but the exact same thing happens, no matter what i do. Is the new hdd dead? I even tried a new data cable, same results.

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Is It Necessary To Install Sata Drivers In Windows 7 ?

So i finished installing windows 7 on my system (asus p6t deluxe). Is it necessary to install any sata drivers from marvell on windows 7 or they are recognized immediately?

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Sata Hdd Do Not Show Up In Windows Vista But Shows In Bios

I just bought a new computer with one sata hard drive in it. Everything is fine with the computer. I had an old computer that had two hard drives in it. Ither was one sata hard drive from my old computer which was a secondary hard drive used for storing media. It worked properly in that computer. I then proceeded to plug it into my new computer. Now, only the original hard drive in my new computer shows up under my computer. My secondary sata drive only shows up in the bios. How can i get this to work so that i can enjoy my music and videos on my new computer?

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Primary Hdd 0 Not Found

I am using dell laptop and i had a problem, primary hdd 0 not found, i am not sure what is the problem.

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Not Found Any [active Partition] In Hdd

At boot, i get the following, verifying dmi pool data . Not found any [active partition] in hdd

I'm guessing this is not a particular problem, but, how does one partition such a device. ? I see an empty bay at the front of the device. Is it just adding a floppy, and then using a partitioning tool like partitionmagic/qtparted etc. ?

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Connecting Sata Hdd With Existing Pata Hdd

How to connect a sata hdd with existing pata hdd ? I has bought a 320gb sata hdd. I already have 40gb pata hdd with xp os. I want to know how to connect sata along with pata. As i want to copy my data on sata hdd. Before this should i install os on sata.

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Hdd Not Found On Boot = Disk Error

I recently received a western digital 160gb, as a replacement for a broken western digital 120gb, from western digital. However on boot the hdd is sometimes not found and instead a little clicking noise can be heard, which in turn leads to the primary slave not being found and then a disk error. Usually if i simply turn it off then back on again, then it works fine however sometimes i have to do this multiple times, sometimes i have to turn it off and leave it for a few minutes and sometimes i have to open the case and push all the cables into the back of the hdd and dvdrw a bit more. To me the cables don't feel as though they've come loose and so really this is an exercise of ritual rather than anything constructive, yet it seems to do the job. Once the hdd is recognised the pc works fine and dandy but i'd like to avoid this failure as it is happening more and more. Is this an issue with the cpu, data cables, power cables, hdd, dvdrw, ram?
My system is an asus pundit w/ intel 2. 8ghz, dual 512mb ram, western digital 160gb, sony 8x dvdrw.

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Hitachi External 2.5 Hdd No Driver Found

I've been using a 2. 5" hitachi 80gb 5400rpm sata as an external storage device for some time now. Works fine and all, then one day when i plug it in, i get a "no driver found" and i can't access it at all. I'm thinking either the hdd is dead or my external case holding is defective. Does anyone know of this problem?

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Catalyst Driver Install - Inf File Was Not Found

This issue is driving me insane. To update to the new catalyst, i used the same method i've always used:

1. Boot to safe mode
2. Run driver cleaner for all ati categories
3. Boot to windows normally
4. Install new catalyst suite

Now, at step 4, i get as far as installing the catalyst control center, but as soon as it starts installing anything driver-related, i get the error "driver install: the inf file was not found. " With no choice but to simply press "ok. "

I've searched around on google and tried someone's method of installing the adapter via device manager and pointing it to an extracted inf from the failed catalyst install, and then trying to run the install again, but no luck. This issue seems pretty hopeless, and although i want to avoid it, it seems like it may be one of those great catch-22 errors that ati is so famous for causing and will require me to reinstall windows. Note that i am using windows7, however, i have used this method on previous catalyst installs flawlessly. I've heard of this issue on vista as well while browsing google. Anyone run into this before?

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New Sata Drives Not Found Until Forcing Intel Matrix Scan

Ever since i got my new motherboard (system in sig), sata drives have lost much of their plug-and-play allure. I clone my system drive to a backup drive regularly and i also plug in other peoples drive for repair quite frequently so i'm constantly plugging-in and unplugging sata drives. But now with this new board, drives plugged in won't be found until i either reboot the pc or open intel's matrix storage program and force it to rescan for plug-and-play devices. Am i missing some bios setting? I've tried in both vista ultimate and windows 7 rc and it's the same scenario for both. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Transfer Data Including Windows Xp From Old Hdd To New Hdd

Im getting a new 250gig sataii hard drive, with 16mb cache. Just like to know if there is any simple way of transferring all my old stuff on the current drive onto this new drive without too much trouble. Like is there a way of transferring the whole os (windows xp), all the progs and stuff onto this new hdd through an image or in an easy way?

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Windows Xp - No Operating System Found

I have a emachines t2240 with windows xp. Here it is in a nutshell.netzero software couldn't load-said corrupted and to re-install, i uninstalled it turned my computer off - next day turned it on to a black screen that says "no operating system found" my restore discs (that came when i bought the computer brand new) didn't work, when i turn computer on now if i have a disc in (i also have a windows xp disc) i get the ram - that bios is shadowed etc (im not that computer savvy so pls be patient) but it says
Fixed disc 0:maxtorares64k then atapi cd-rom:cr-4804te then error and under that 0200:failure fixed disk 0?

I have also brought up a ghost (?) Looks like a big file but dont know what to do with it? I also get msg no fixed discs present? Can some please help me. I was running anti-virus programs - had my windows on auto download for updates and still this.

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Cant Install External Hdd

Ive just put one of my "maxtor diamondmax plus 9 160gb ata/133 hdd (6y160p0)" - disks into a "techsolo tmf-3560" external storage case. The harddrive is jumpered as master, but i get the same problem when setting it to "cable select" and "slave". When i connect the case to my acer 5024wlmi with usb 2. 0 i get this error message:
"Found new hardware

A problem occurred during hardware installation. Your new hardware might not work properly. "
After that nothing happens. The device manager keeps updating, but doesent find or install anything. Cant find it in "disk management" either. Both my mp3-player and my usb-mouse connect without any problems. I use windows xp professional corporate, sp2 with all the updates (windows xp professional (5. 1, build 2600) service pack 2 (2600. Xpsp. 051019-1519)). I tried my external drive on my machine with win2003ent, and it worked just fine. But i get the same problem on my third computer also using xp pro corp sp2.

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How Do I Check My Sata Hdd Temp ?

I can only see my ide hd with pc wizard, but for my sata hd i cannot see the temp. I have tried using speedfan and the western digital diagnostics, but after installing either and trying to run them, my pc will just restart. Also my sata hd is making a weird sound, it is as if is spinning faster than usual, like the speed goes up and down making a buzzing sound, like some kind of vibration inside the case. And this is usually with no programs running on idle. After the pc has been on for a while.

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Found New Hardware Wizard Detects Camera, But No Driver Found

I had the quickcam messenger webcam working just fine on my pc. Then the hard disk died, so i reinstalled the same os (windows xp pro) on a new hard disk. To install the quickcam messenger again, i downloaded and ran the current logitech installer (lws110.exe) from Only this time it failed. I've tried multiple times, carefully uninstalling the logitech driver and software each time and rebooting. I also tried the installer disc for the quckcam chat (which i also own), with the same result (plugging in the quickcam messenger). The installer gets to "step 4 of 4" (camera setup), without a hitch. "Congratulations "the installation and setup is complete! "Plug the device at any time to complete the installation and use your new quickcam"

At that point, i plug in the quickcam messenger, and windows xp detects it, as indicated by the bubble that appears above the task bar: "found new hardware camera"

Anyway, after displaying that bubble window, xp runs it own "found new hardware wizard". Whether i click cancel on the wizard, or run it (it fails to find the driver), or let it just sit there for 20 minutes, logitech's own installer never detects the camera. And the driver apparently never gets installed. I searched the logitech disc for a . Inf file that i could point the wizard to, but could not find anything that worked. I've checked for motherboard driver updates, but find nothing for any usb problem (and the usb port appears to be working just fine with everything else, anyway). I installed xp sp3, but that doesn't help either.

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Sata Hdd With Ide Dvd Rom

I just got a sata hard drive, and im wondering if the dvd rom drive needs to be connected to the hard drive, or just the motherboard? Because when i try to install the os on that computer, the drive does not detect any hard drives.

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Hooking Up Ide Hdd On Sata Port

I already have 1 sata hd on port 1, got a 160gb ide wd hd, had to hooked it up on port 2 using a sata adapter. Got it to work fine. But my question is, should i just leave it there or should i hook it up to a regular ide port?

Nf7-s rev 2
Amd 2400+ m @ 2400mhz
3200 ocz 200x12
Pioneer dvd-rw / hooked to ide 2
Ide 1 has no drive connected to. Wd 80gb sata / port 1
Wd 160gb ide / port 2 (<- should i leave it there or no?)

I will eventually get a hold of another 80gb wd to raid them up. Mean while though, got this dilemma now to deal with.

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External Hdd, Sata Or Usb For Backup

Three pc's; two towers (both w/ two hdd's) and one laptop (not used often), not alot of data, but instead of using dvd's to backup, this seems easier, one device for all three would be nice, though the laptop i could live without, it would be used mainly for my main box (tower). Questions;
1. If i went with a usb interface, can i assume the ps is external?

2. Can i then assume most are those damn 'bricks' as opposed to internal ps's within the hdd enclosure?

3. Are there any models w/ internal ps's, or at least a ps that is on a cable so it isn't hanging from the power strip?

4. Between the all in one (hdd, enclosure & ps) vs buying the enclosure, ps and the hdd separately, what's the better route?

5. If i went with a sata drive, are there any enclosures that are tailored to this setup?

6. The cabling from the pc to the unit. Make shift or use a premade pci slot plate w/ connectors (assuming they are available)?

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Asus A7v8x-la Sata Hdd Drivers

I have an hp pavilion a720n with a asus a7v8x-la mb. I added a sata hdd which shows up in the bios and doesn't show problems in the device manager, but isn't picked up by windows (xp home). I think it's the proper drivers that i need, but after a long research, i just can't find them!

Do you know where i could look for them?

And can you please confirm that it's the sata drivers for the mb that i should look for?

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Hdd Upgrade - Sata Vs Ide, Drive Rpm Speeds

I have a sort of old computer with an asus a7n8x motherboard, and it has 2x ide connectors, ultra dma 133/100/66/33. It seems like all the modern hard drives these days are sata standard. So how is sata better than ide? I don't know much about it. I browsed through some available ide hd's, and they seem to be the same in everything as the sata drives. You can get a 7200 rpm ide drive, just as you can for sata. So, apparently ide can handle data transmission just fine, right? So why did manufacturers make the switch?

Further, is there good reason for me to switch? I see that there are sata controller cards. So i could just pop one of those into my pci slot and start using sata drives even with my ide-equipped motherboard.correct? Should i do this? The only problem with ide is it looks like the hd selection isn't nearly as good. I didn't even see any 1tb drives with ide on newegg. The biggest one was 500gb. What's up with that? Is it because hd companies made the switch to sata and didn't bother developing larger ide drives past a certain point?

Finally, how big of a deal is the rpm speed on drives? Back when i built my computer i think they were all 5400rpm. Now many are 7200 rpm. What's the impact on system performance?

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Pata Hdd Vs Sata For Intel D865 Glc Motherboard

What do you think pata hdd vs. Sata hdd for intel d865 glc motherboard? Not having the sata power supply (i.e. Not have the latest power supplies that have the in-built sata connector )

Processor : 3 ghz
Ram : 1 gb ddr pc 3200

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Bsod During Sata / Xp Pro Install

I installed it all in the same lian li case i have always used. The problem is, everytime i try and install windows xp pro it blue screens everytime it passes the first screen. It will do the usual driver installs at the bottom, past the f6 and f2 prompt, but will blue screen before it gets to the "welcome to setup" screen where it partitions and formats. This is my first experience with sata, so i have been googling like crazy but have not found any solution. I tried removing ram to a single 2gb stick, and swapping it with other sticks. I plugged the hard drive into my xps and formatted it - it showed as healthy. I have also tried to perform the windows xp install using the xps with the same blue screen result. I ran the data lifeguard utility to check for errors, in both fast and slow, and it showed no errors. I used data lifeguard to format it as well in a 80/912gb partition. I have plugged the former 40gb ide hard drive into the system and it worked fine. The options in the bios are:

Sata raid/ahci mode (intel ich10r southbridge)
Enables or disables raid for the sata controllers integrated in the intel ich10r southbridge or configures the sata controllers to ahci mode. Disabled disables raid for the sata controllers and configures the sata controllers to pata mode. (Default)

Ahci configures the sata controllers to ahci mode. Advanced host controller interface (ahci) is an interface specification that allows the storage driver to enable advanced serial ata features such as native command queuing and hot plug. Raid enables raid for the sata controllers. Sata port0-3 native mode
Specifies the operating mode of the integrated sata controllers. Disabled allows the sata controllers to operate in legacy ide mode. In legacy mode the sata controllers use dedicated irqs that cannot be shared with other device. Set this option to disabled if you wish to install operating systems that do not support native mode. (Default)

Enabled allows the sata controllers to operate in native ide mode. Enable native ide mode if you wish to install operating systems that support
Native mode. I do not want a raid configuration, and have read that ahci will not work with xp pro. Not sure if this is correct?

I have pressed f6 during install and used a floppy to install the ich10r sata raid driver from the mobo disc and from intels site. Is there anything i need to do to the bios in between?

Tried changing the bios to raid and configuring it as raid 0 with a single disk (i read somewhere that this is possible) but it did not give me the "press " option to set up raid that the manual said it would. Possibly because it only sees a single disk. Tried disabling sata raid/ahci mode, but enabling sata port0-3 native mode. Tried different optical drives. Tried different xp pro disks with just xp pro, sp1, and sp2. Gigabytes web site is horrible, and only randomly lists the mobo, has no real troubleshooting and support hours stink.

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Store Pagefile On Flash Usb Or Sata 150 Hdd - Difference

Thinking of getting a flash usb drive, nothing fancy just a 1gb usb drive to store my page file on, is there gonna be any noticeable difference than having my pagefile on a seperate sata 150 hdd as i have at the moment?

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How To Install Another Sata Hard Drive Into System ?

I'm installing another hard drive into my system, so i can put linux on it. When i opened the case i found out the the alienware system used sata not a regular ata hard drive. I never installed an sata hard drive with another one already in there. I'm buying another serial ata 15-pin female-to-4-power connector / serial ata adapter, which looks like this: and a sata hard drive, i also have extra serial sata cable which look like this, and i know go into the motherboard: but is that all i need? I'm confused on how the new hard drive is going to get power, or do i hook up the black end (14 pin) to the new hard drive then hook the 4 pin white part to the female port on the far right hand corner of the old sata hard drive already in my system and thats it? Or do i just connect the connect the black 14 pin into the sata hard drive then connect the white end to that hanging power cord by my ram?

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Switch Sata Ports After Winxp Install

How to switch sata ports after winxp install? Being new to sata i was wondering if i can switch my 2 raid-0 drives from ports 1&2 to 3&4 without reformatting etc. And how do you do this exactly!? I have a msi neo2 mb with winxp.

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Can't Install Vista Or Win7 On Sata Drive

I thought it would be simple. Does it matter which sata slots are used for a boot drive. There are 8 on my board 4 controlled by intel ichr7 and the others by marvel. Attempts to install windows result in error message that the drive is configured as active in the bios and suggest using diskpart utility to clean the drive? Does sata use master/slave? The hd is a wd caviar blue 300gb. What am i doing incorrectly?

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How To Make Hardware To Install Automatically Without "found New Hardware Wizard"?

I am on xp professional. If i change my mouse or my keyboard for usb one, windows won't automatically install driver for these simple devices. It will ask my help to make the installation (i just need to click on "next"). I would like windows to instal alone this kind of stuff without prompting with "found new hardware wizard". Any help would be appreciated.

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Western Digital Hdd - Windows Does Not Recognize It

Ive had this wd (western digital) 120 hdd for about 3 months now and it never seemed to work correctly, now it says that windows does not recognize it. It says that no drivers are installed for this device. I reinstall the drivers but nothing, any idea?

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