Hp Color Laserjet C4600 Printer Problem

Hp c4600 printer problem, i replaced the ink cartridges and now its messed up. I got the printer for christmas and it had working just fine until now. I love taking pictures and i print off a lot of them. Before the prints were great, but now that i replaced the ink cartridges, all of the pictures have a really distinct red hue. It's very annoying and i don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help me?

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Hp Color Laserjet Cp1215 Printer Jam

I have an hp color laserjet cp1215 printer. I am trying to use the printer to print invitation envelopes for a party, and it prints the right side of the envelope nicely, but for some reason, it keeps saying that there is a jam after it rolls the left side through, and the return address gets smudged. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?

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Print Count For Hp Color Laserjet Printer

How do i get the print count for my hp color laserjet 3600 printer? We have a hp color laserjet 3600 printer. We need to know how many color and black and white pages have been printed on this computer.

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Hp Color Laserjet 4700 Printer Shows Processing

Hp color laserjet 4700 we sends the print job to the printer, the printer shows it as "processing", the data light blinks and then all disappeared. I already replaced formatter board. The same thing. Why?

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Hp Color Laserjet Cp1518ni Printer Wont Print

Having trouble with hp printer that wont print. ? Just got a new hp printer at work. Model is cp1518ni. The drivers are loaded and it worked fine at first. Now it sometimes will not print. You can see the icon for the print job in the system tray, then it disappears without having printed anything. Rebooting the pc doesn't always fix it. The correct printer is selected when i choose "print". This happens in all applications.

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Hp Photosmart C4600 Printer

So i got a new laptop and this printer is hooked up to my old computer which wont turn on, my laptop doesn't has a cd drive but i need to install the information from the disk to my laptop i don't know what to do and don't want to break or ruin anything help?

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Hp Laserjet 1200 Print In Color

How to make the hp laserjet 1200 to print in color? My printer only prints in black and white and theres only one button so how do i do it to print in color?

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Scan In Color With Hp Laserjet 3015

How can i scan in color with a hp laser jet 3015 printer/scanner?

Answer:- put the picture in the scanner. Make sure its connected to your computer and its turned on. Go to control panel and find where it says printers and scanners. Click on the scanners name, probably hp 3015 or something. Make sure its in the color setting, and just keep clicking next. It should scan and then save the picture in the folder you want.

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Hp Color Laserjet Cm1312nfi Scanning Software

This may be a stupid question, but do you need the software for this printer in order to scan from it? I don't know where the software is, so i was wondering if there was a way to scan without installing the software on the computer to which i would like to scan. If there is a way to scan without the software, please tell me how?

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Hp Color Laserjet 2600n Installation For Windows 7

How to install network hp color laserjet 2600n for win7x64?

Answer:- i'm kinda answering my own question and wanted this solution to be out there because i couldn't be bothered to register with forums just to post it. 1. I installed hp pcl5 universal print driver with dynamic settings. 2. Keyed in the ip of the printer, it detected and installed, but test page didn't print. 3. Download hp driver and install but left hanging at "attach usb" phase. 4. Run windows add printer, windows detected and installed automatically. 5. Remove universal print driver (it appears on ur printer folder). 6. Cancel hp driver installation. I would think windows obtained the driver from the universal printer driver but it could also be the hp driver installation since the inf extracted to a temp folder. But the former is more likely. If you are confused, i ran two installation utility, one was universal and one was printer specific. So i have no idea which driver windows took but it works in the end. The printer works fine now. I got printing pref and all.

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Hp Color Laserjet 2600n Doesnt Print

My hp color laser jet 2600n doesn't print. Tried changing the toner and driver as well. Answer:- really need a lot more info than that to be of any help. Like: what is the operating system you're using? What application(s) are you using to print from? Can the printer print a self test page from the control panel? When was the last time it worked and is there anything you did, added or changed in the computer since then? Have you re-seated the cables and made sure they're fully seated? Is the printer set as the default printer? How is the printer connected to the computer?

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Hp Color Laserjet Cp1515n Printing Dark

Hp color laserjet cp1515n color printing too dark? I already search all the net about this problem, but seems no solution yet, any of you facing the same problem and got your secret way to solve it? My color printing always darker than my screen which makes my design not accurate always.

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Hp Color Laserjet Cm1015 Mfp Scanner Not Working

How do i get my scanner to work? It is a hp color laser jet cm1015 mfp? Whenever i try to it says not setup on pc.

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Hp Color Laserjet 4700 - Black Fades On Side Of Page

Just replaced the black toner on my hp color laserjet 4700 and the black fades on one side of the page on every print. I need a quick solution or trick if any one has one.

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Change Printer Layout On Dell 1320c Color Laser Printer

How do i change the printer layout on a dell 1320c color laser printer? I am making business cards and there are 8 per page, but i need to change it to 10 per page for my pre-perforated paper. I am using a dell 1320c color laser printer.

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Hp Printer Will Not Print In Color

So yeah, i have something due for class tomorrow morning that involves printing color pictures, so when i went to print, it tells me that it needs magenta, or it won't print in color. So, i go out and buy the big pack that has all 6 cartridges since i'll need them all later, replace the magenta, and go to print. It still tells me that i need magenta and won't print. So then i went through and replaced all the other cartridges just in case, still yelling at me (the screen on the printer said "official hp magenta installed" or something like that when i put it in. So yeah, this is due in around 11 hours, any help?

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Hp Photosmart C4600 Issues

I have an hp photosmart c4600 all-in-one that i am trying to make work with my macbook (version 10. 6. 4). I am confused by how this problem is possible, but it will not print "added text. " I need to print a pdf file, and it will only print the outline created for the file and not anything added afterwards (mind you, i did not alter the file between downloading and printing). Same for websites: will show very general outlines for the page, but nothing user-added. Any document i try to print from pages will only show any pictures i put in it. I have tried so many things, mostly with altering printing preferences and drivers. I suck at computers so the drivers task was way above my knowledge level. I don't have the original cd, so i tried both drivers from the hp website and the apple website. I am just so tired of trying. I need my printer to work by tomorrow morning, which is why i allowed myself to spend over 4 fruitless hours of trying desperately to make any real progress. Just to give an example of how this is printing, imagine a pdf form created by a company to be filled out whenever necessary. Now imagine someone opens the pdf and types in all their information on the appropriate lines. This person now sends the pdf to me to print. I open it, can see the entire document, but when i print it, it eliminates the answers added. Why?

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Cost Effective Color Printer

I need to buy some color printers for about a dozen users. Ink jet printers are cheap, but cartridges are expensive. Iím looking for a cost effective option. There are so many options available but i really donít have any good way to sort through them. Does anyone know of a forum or magazine or something that reviews products and deals with issues like this? If i could just sort the results in pricegrabber by tco iíd be happy.

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Color Laser Printer Recommendations

A customer of mine emailed me this morning asking me if he should buy a dell 3110cn colour laser printer, but reviews say it's slow with very average print quality. As alternatives i've looked at the lexmark c530dn, the xerox phaser 6130/n and the brother hl-4070cdw, but all models seem to suffer from very mixed reviews and it's doing my head in. Any recommendations from you guys?

The printer needs to be colour laser with an ethernet network socket and duplexing. After that things like print quality, speed and low cost of consumables are desirable. For every printer i look at i seem to find user reviews *** about the cost of cartridges.

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Hp Color Printer C6180 Repair

Okay, so suddenly while i was doing my project my color printer just stopped on me. It kept saying it was jammed but it wasn't. So now my printer is broken therefore my parents want it fixed instead of buying another one. Can you please help me find a hp printer repair for c6180 in or near north bergen new jersey.

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Refilling Color Laser Printer

What is the cost of refiling of color laser printer canon lbp5000, hp colorjet 2650, samsung clp315? Refilling color laser printer.

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Hp Deskjet F4480 Printer Not Print In Color

I bought an hp deskjet f4480 printer about 8 months ago. It will not let me print in color. It is showing that it is using the color ink as well but will not print anything in color. What steps can i do to try and get this to work?

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Lexmark Z45 Printer Does Not Print In Color

Lexmark printer says full color, but why does it not print color? I have a lexmark z45 and it says that i have full color ink, but when i go to print with color, it shows up blank. I've tried reinstalling it, and it does not work. It fills full too. What can i do to see if it is full or not, and if i can fix it?

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Hp Photosmart C4600 Print Cartridge Problem

I have an hp c4600 all-in-one printer, i did all of the installation stuff and it keeps flashing up with this message that says "print cartridge problem" i tried doing just about every troubleshooting thing imaginable, but nothing has worked. Can anyone help me?

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Color Printing Problem Using Canon I560 Printer

My printer was working fine up till recently but it won't print anything color. I've switched computers that the printer is attached to, the color tanks are brand new, i did deep cleaning and other maintainence stuff from the printer properties. My printer is a canon i560. It's about 1. 5 years old. Since i changed computers, it has to be a problem with the printer itself. Has it died already?

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Lexmark Z12 Printer Always Use Color Ink Cartridge

My lexmark z12 printer has always used color ink cartridge #g60. I really don't need color print; is the g50 black ok? I don't want to purchase the g50 black lexmark ink cartridge unless i'm certain it will work in my lexmark z12 printer. From the start i've always spent a fortune on the g60 color ink jet cartridges when i really don't even like printing color pages. Can i assume the the all black ink will work fine (same size cartridge?

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Lexmark X2600 Printer Print In Magenta Color

Why does my printer print in a magenta color but the supply is almost full of color? I have a lexmark x2600?Tried to trouble shoot but failed to fix the problem.

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Printer Laserjet Around $200

Just yesterday my inkjet printer ran out of black ink, and it's been out of color for quite awhile. The thing is as old as the dinosaurs, and i'm looking into getting something better. 99. 9% of the time, i only print black and white, so i'm in the market for a new laserjet i suppose as i understand they're much better overall for just black/white stuff. The printer would be just for me and speed isn't of the essence, so i don't need something that cranks out a thousand pages per minute. I'm mainly looking for something solid and reliable that'll last me awhile. Budget is probably < $200.

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How To Open Up Hp Laserjet Printer ?

How do i open up an hp laserjet 4000 to repair a broken on off button? How to remove panel? My hp laserjet 4000 power button is stuck in the off position, i think the spring is jammed. How do i remove the side panel to inspect or repair? I am not a computer expert.

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Hp Laserjet 5p Printer Problem

I have a very old hp laser jet 5p printer here at work. I cannot get an upgrade printer. I recently had to replace the ink toner. When i printed out the page it would print blurry and would double print. I did a print test page. It was blurry and the paper has turned grey and on the back of the paper is grey also. The page also has white lines that run up and down the page. So my question is how do i fix this printer issue? I must have the printer to perform my job. There is nobody at my office except for me.

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