How To Restore Asus Notebook Factory Settings ?

How do i restore my asus notebook to its factory settings?

Your system probably has a 'recovery partition', which you can load by pressing one of the function key when you boot your system. One manual for an asus m50 series says that you need to press the f9 key at bootup and follow instructions, though this may not work with your particular model. Of course, depending on what options your recovery software has, this may overwrite any important documents currently on your system. I'd consider booting off of a live linux cd like 'puppy linux', then use a usb drive to backup any important documents on the hard drive before 'restoring' the operating system.

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Restore Toshiba Laptop To Factory Settings

How do i restore my toshiba laptop to factory settings? I've pretty much tried everything, it didn't come with a recovery disk and when i restarted my computer and pressed whatever i pressed it only asked me to do memory diagnostics and to restore system settings with a restore point that i had to set that only set it to a recent point in time, which sucks. I got the computer in 08 and it runs windows vista if that helps any.

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Restore Compaq Laptop To Factory Settings

How can i restore my compaq laptop to factory settings? Ok basically my computer is a mess and i want to make it like it was when i bought it. Apparently i need recovery disks or a previous recovery point, the discs it was suppose to come with or be ordered i never got to so thats not an option, and there is no recovery point anywhere near the time i bought it. Is there a way for me to restore it, but it still containing the windows vista basic it came with and the original program files (ie. Accessories, itunes, hp health and all of that) the files, and programs themselves don't matter, but i would like the original programs that it came with and windows vista that it came with. Is this possible. It exact model is compaq presario cq60-419wm

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Restore Hp Mini 110 To Factory Settings

My netbook hp mini 110 is started to run slower than it normally does. I think this is because i have too many programs installed and it's running low on memory. I am thinking about restoring it to factory settings. My netbook is running windows 7 home premium, but it came with windows 7 starter. Will restoring it set it back to starter? Also, what will happen once my netbook is set back to default factory settings? How long will it take?

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How To Restore Sony Vaio Laptop Factory Settings ?

How do i restore my sony vaio laptop to its factory settings?


Vista factory reset

This will not work if you haven't a pre installed os held in a partition. So, you have nothing to lose give it a go. I assume vista as you don't mention what your os is

Switch off your pc completely and clear the working area. You're ready to go: - on switching on, from a completely off situation, immediately and repeatedly¯ hit f10 (can be manufacture dependant) as it runs up, it'll show/allow you the options, for example repair your computer¯ select this. Answer a couple other obvious questions but, you're looking for their top option e.g. Full destructive recovery¯ this is what you're after. Don't be shy, it will ask many more times, do you really want to do this¯ just keep clicking yes please. 1. This course of action will take about ten minutes and if you haven't saved any files that you might like to have kept its now too late. Remember this will take it back to the day you purchased. So, you can install any subsequent software, printer drivers for example, at a much later date. 2. Sit back and watch while it does its thing¦then bing its back and talking to you, to help you set up your new purchased pc. I suggest you install your (for you i suggest norton 3 user from tescos £24, that's 8 quid each, fit and forget. ) Or some such anti virus now. You'll need to update your system; this can be lengthy, boring and defiantly time consuming. Might i suggest you leave it on, connected, to your modem while you're in bed asleep while these updates arrive?

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Restore Windows Xp To Factory Settings On Dell Desktop

Restoring windows xp to factory settings on a dell desktop. My family's desktop computer is riddled with viruses, so need to restore it to factory settings. All data backed up. With my old laptop i did the restoring thing a couple of times - in start up mode you press f11 i believe? But that was a sony, does that still work with dell?

I know sometimes you need a disc to reinstall windows xp but am not sure if the computer came with one (it's very old), and if it did, i doubt i'd be able to find it!

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Graphics Card Not Working After Restore Hp Factory Settings

I restored my hp factory settings and now my graphics card not working. I restored my desktops factory settings and now my graphics card is not working, 8600 nvidia geforce, not sure whats wrong, i used to set my resolution to 1440x900, and it seems like i can't do that anymore.

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Restore Toshiba Laptop To Factory Settings Without Disk

How to restore toshiba laptop to factory settings without disk? Running windows vista. I get error saying that some program is not designated to run and firewall won't work. Also windows problem reporting not working or the internet. I want to restore to factory settings and i need to do it without the disk.

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Restore Dell Optiplex 170l Factory Settings

I need to restore a dell optiplex 170l to factory settings but don't have a disk, and ive tried ctrl+f11, but it doesn't work, any other way i can do this?

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How To Restore Toshiba Satellite Back To Factory Settings ?

How to restore 2009 toshiba satellite back to factory settings?

1) hold down the power button for 10 (ten) seconds to switch off your machine. 2) press and hold the 0 (zero) key and at the same time, tap the power button once to switch on your notebook. 3) when the machine starts beeping; release the 0 key. 4) when prompted by the warning screen; select yes to continue with the system recovery. 5) select recovery of factory default software; click next. 6) select recover to out-of-box state. Click next again. 7) click next to start recovery.

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Sony Vaio Laptop System Restore / Factory Settings

How to do system restore/factory settings/factory image of my sony vaio laptop vgn-fs215m model? As soon as i bought my laptop i took the system recovery from my laptop into dvds. Now i want to do system restore/factory settings/factory image of my sony vaio laptop vgn-fs215m model

But i have issues with dvd drive, meaning, my laptop is not recognizing the dvds which i inserted into dvd drive! Let me know how to do system restore/factory settings/factory image of my sony vaio laptop vgn-fs215m model?

I have done my hp laptop system recovery by pressing f11 immediately after powered-on the laptop. Pls let me know abt sony vaio laptop vgn-fs215m model?

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Restore Dell Inspiron 1720 Back To Factory Settings

How can i restore a dell inspiron 1720 back to factory settings? It won't connect to the internet through an ethernet cable as it is secondhand. I am aware of dell laptops and their internet security settings. I don't have the windows recovery disc for it but someone told me that i can reboot without it.

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Hp D220 Factory Restore With Cd

My hp d220 has a virus and i'm sure it's wiped my harddrive. Is there any way to factory restore it with a cd? I had an hp computer and it came with disks to restore it to its factory settings check all the disks that came with the computer. You can also bring it in to future shop or best buy and they might be able to do it for you.

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Factory Restore Partition Gateway Laptop

I have a gateway mx6426 laptop. These machines have a d: partition that contains files for doing a factory restore. It also comes with a utility that allows you to create a recovery dvd. When i fist purchased the machine, i created a recovery dvd, using the built-in utility. Now, when i try to create a recovery dvd, i get the error:
"No recovery partition or update cd files found. Process aborted. "

Turns out, i'm not alone. Others have posted in forums requesting help on this one. However, i've yet to find an answer. Since my gatway laptop was a refurb, and my serial number is part of a series of refurb machines that aren't in their database, they will not provide technical support to me (unless i opt to wield the mighty credit card). Gateway support, did however, tell me that they know the solution to the problem - they just won't say what it is. So, anyone out there know this one?

From gateway's response, i'm guessing they put the recovery dvd creation utility on some type of timer or rigged it so that you can only run it once. i.e. I figure they've purposely limited the use of this until. Of course, that's only a theory.

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Dell Dimension 2400 Factory Restore

Dell dimension 2400 factory restore? Is there a torrent to where i can download the factory restore? I cant find my disk and this computer doesn't support the restore. Without a disk or torrent

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Dell Inspiron 580 Restore Factory Setting

Why my computer (dell inspiron 580) wont show up restore factory setting image? When my computer restart and boot up while i press f12 repeat, then select and i select "repair your computer" and waiting for loading window and finaly show up. Then click next and i type password then click to next and now the menu don't show up "recovery factory setting image" from the last select. It weird. At 2 month ago "recovery factory setting" show up and now dont show up. Also i dont have a disc for a reinstalled window 7. And how can "restore factory setting" to show up again on my computer?

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Difference Between Formatting & Factory Settings

What is the difference between formatting & factory settings/image of a hp laptop? I got virus in my hp laptop, so am in dilemma that can i go ahead with formatting or system restore? What is the difference between formatting & factory settings/image of a hp laptop?

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Dell Dimension E520 Factory Settings

How can i reboot my computer to factory settings dell windows 7? Im trying to do as i said in my question but when i use factory restore image thing in the repair mode nothing comes up and i want to restore it, also i don't have the disk and i have a dell dimension e520 i got windows 7 installed later in time. Can any one help me with my problem i know how to do it but you can it wont let me.

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Limited To No Connectivity After Restoring To Factory Settings

I restored my dell to factory settings and everything was fine. I was trying to get my d-link antenna to work. I pulled out the air card while the computer was on and i'm wondering if i screwed something up. Everything seems to work fine except i cannot get onto the internet directly. I tried all the basic fixes like shutting down the cable modem and router and putting them back on. My laptop connects fine and the ethernet cable is fine. I tried repairing it going through network connections and that did nothing.

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Reset Dell Computer To Factory Settings

How do i reset my dell computer to its factory settings? I am trying to reset my dell computer to its factory settings. Ive tried f8 but the advanced boot options menu doesn't come up. Can anyone help?

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Restoring Laptop Back To Factory Settings

I think my laptop (acer 7720g) has got a virus because it freezes everytime i click the internet explorer icon to enable me to connect to the web. I have been advised by some of my friends to restore my laptop back to the factory settings, and in this way i could get rid of the virus. I shall be grateful if some one can kindly answer the following questions -

1. Would restoring the laptop back to factory settings get rid of the virus and enable me to connect to the internet as normal?

2. If so, how do i restore the company settings?

2. I have also been advised that there is no disc/cd available by which i can restore the laptop to the factory settings and that windows vista has an in built feature for doing this? Is that true? If so, how do i go about using it?

3. Finally, once i get my laptop up and running, i am thinking of putting on norton 360 anti virus. In your opinion, is this good anti virus software?

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Reset Sony Vaio Laptop To Factory Settings

How do i reset my sony vaio laptop to factory settings? Basically it is the vgn fz18l with vista. I want to reset it to factory settings but do not want to delete or change anything to do with the drivers just the files/programs etc.

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How To Connect To Internet After Reset Computer Back To Factory Settings?

I just reset my computer in my bedroom back to factory settings and im trying to connect the internet and i cant figure out how. I do the thing on the control panel, network, wizard, and all that stuff and nothing happened. The computer im on now is on wifi but my bedrooms computer's wifi card (or something) is broken, or thats what the at&t internet dude told me. So i run my computer's internet over a usb cable and that worked fine but now i cant create a connection and i don't want to have to make my mom call at&t and all that stuff for a guy to come out to our house.

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Dell Desktop Restore Original Settings

How can i restore my dell desktop to its orginal settings? I have a dell desktop. It's not old, but it's not new, i've been using it for a few years, and it suddenly got the "blue screen of death", and my mom was fiddling with it and i don't know what she did with it but. Once i turn it on, it goes right to a black screen and says. "Strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility". I clicked f1, and it just says it again and makes a little beeping noise. I also clicked f2 and there was really nothing in there that would help me i don't think. How can i somehow boot my computer and then get it so i can re-install windows xp again and get it to work?

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How To Get To 4:3 Settings On Asus Vw266h?

I recently bought the asus vw266h and it's a great monitor for my computer, but when i try to game on my 360 the the picture looks sort of cheap, i'm not sure if i'm being picky or what. Now i don't think it's my monitors fault because it's 1920x1200, even though it says it's 1080p. But i heard something about being able to change the screen format to 4:3 if something like this happens, but for some reason i can't change my screen format to 4:3 on my monitor and when i go to the 360 console settings dashboard the "screen format" section is dulled out.could somebody give me some insight as to why this is please.

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Asus A7n8x Deluxe Bios Settings

I have been trying to modestly oc my mobo but to no avail. I have tried just about every conceivable mem' timing settings incl voltages, but it will not boot up completely. It goes through to just before the windows desktop and then resets itself back to the beginning again. I have tried various combinations using cpu multiplier, cpu freq' and upping the volts to 1. 825 but no good. Before someone suggests clearing the cmos - i have done that too on numerous occasions. Nothing i try seems to work. I'm sure it has something to do with the mem' settings. I have plenty of cooling fans, 2x256mb kingston ddr400 pc3200 ram, western digital 80gb hard drive & an amd athlon processor. Would anyone with a similar setup be able to post their bios settings for me to try or any suggestions as to where to go from here b'cos i'm out of ideas!

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Screen Flickering On Asus Notebook

I'm writing on this forum because i want to know if i'm the only one in this case or not. When i bought my asus a6ja notebook in sept. 2006, it was working quite well, even better than my desktop computer in fact. But few months after, somewhere around february-march 2007, the screen began to flicker very strongly. Here's a video of what happened :

At start, it was just flickering like this in the lower-left corner of the screen. The problem is that i absolutely need my notebook at school (without it, i just can stop going to school, i'm studying in it). So around the summer holidays, i returned it to asus. They decided to replace the whole screen, it cost them around 500. They bring it back to me on september, and after just 2 power up, the same problem started to appear. The same in very worse, the whole screen's now flickering and i'm back to school now. What i mean by "flickering" ? Several pixel-lines of the screen are switching from on to off, and/or moving from left to right, and/or changing colors. They do not flicker at the same speed nor at the same intensity, so the whole thing looks a bit like if the display was crypted. Here's what i learnt :

When i move the lid from closed-state to opened-state, the problem disappears but come back a few seconds or minutes later. It happens when there's bright colors displayed. If i switch my windows skin to a black one, the problem disappears. Heat could be in relation since the laptop is always overheated at 60° or 65°c (fans are working). I tried to put it outside, when the temperature was like 5°c, and the problem disappeared, but came back a few minutes later. The screen always start to flicker from the left side, then it grow form left to right until the whole screen seems crypted. Switching the screen on and off does nothing, brightening up and down does nothing, rebooting doe nothing too. I tried using the omega drivers for my graphics card, but this time, display was totally frozen and the colors seemed to be additive (i mean that, the longer the screen was frozen, the brighter the screen was becoming). If let things becoming worse without moving the lid at all, the flickering grows, and grows, and grows, until display becomes stable again but is totally shifted. Display starts at 2 cm from the left of the screen and 1 cm from the top. So, what should i do ? What is the problem ? Which component is failing ? What sould i do with asus since they seem to keep on changing screens althought it doesn't seem to be the cause.

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Bios Settings For Asus Mobo M4a88td-v Evo

What should be the complete bios settings[advanced menu-> chipset->internal graphics configuration ] for asus m4a88td-v evo so that my graphics card [geforce xfx gt240 ddr5] works. Currently i have installed the graphics drivers, monitor driver but the display in games/movies looks like 16 bit . Please tell me how to solve this. What configurations i need to change in bios, graphics driver.

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Windows 7 Drivers For Asus F5r Notebook

I upgraded my f5r notebook from vista to windows 7 ultimate, but the keyboard is not configured correctly. When i type emails sometimes it sends the email when im typing - not pressing enter, sometimes when typing it starts typing from a few lines up , just like if i pressed the up key several times or pressed the 'pg up' key, how do i locate the windows 7 keyboard drivers for the f5r notebook? I searched in the drivers section on the asus website but there is no windows 7 option as an operating system.

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Asus A8n-sli Nforce4 Sli Bios Settings

Asus a8n-sli n-force 4 sli
Athlon 64 fx-57 1mb cache 939-pin
1 gig corsair ddr pc3200xl xmsx
Dual evga nvidia geforce 7800 gtx 256mb pcie

Currently flashed to asus revision 1011. Can someone help me in setting up my bios correctly. When i first got this machine it scored well over 13, 000 in 3dmark05. I had a few issues and a few bios flashes later i am back to default. Can someone please give me a good point to start with my above setup? I would like to utilize all the jumperfree configs as well as the memory timings.

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