Pc Shuts Off When Access A Game

Every time i access a game my pc shuts off or sometimes the monitor only shuts off and i can hear some noises from the game. I searched and searched in the internet how to fix this problem but many came up with replacing your v card so i did, but in fact my new v card "radeon 9550" works fine but after 2 hours the monitor again shuts off unexpected the symptoms again showed up. Until i installed a speed fan and discovered my pc is heating up to temp:60c even if there is no active application, and in fact i have 2 fans blowing towards the cpu and i removed the cpu skin. But the problem persists.

When i played "warrock" with my new v card it turned out well but after a few minutes the monitor again shuts off and i heard sounds of that game i pressed ctrl+alt+del luckily the monitor again starts back up because warrock has been ended using task manager the same thing happens with my old v card. After a few minutes i executed again warrock and opened the speed fan(application)it went temp:70c after that it gone busted and i tried to view the task manager under the performance tab i saw 100% cpu usage.guyz i was wondering what made the heat so intense even if i had only a single application running and last week even i accessed the internet chatting with yahoo and executed warrock at the same time it turned out well and no signs of computer failure and back then it is my old v card.

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Computer Shuts Down When I Play Online Game

I have a problem that i dont know the source. I am running windows xp pro, athlon xp 2400, 512mb ram, and plenty of space on harddrive. When i play this online game, ( Au), my comp always shuts down in the middle of the game. However, if i do normal surfing or play single-player game, watch movies, on my comp, it's fine. Does anyone know what might be the problem? I am suspecting that my motherboard could be the source of the problem, but not sure!

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Access Type - No Internet Access

I have a sony viao laptop, it works fine with my wireless network at home but when i take it to work & try and connect to that network it won't connect, i have windows 7, it finds the network no problem, i click connect, it says connected, but i can't get on the internet, in the connections window thing it says access type - no internet access, in the diagnosis thing it says there is a problem with the router but there can't be as every 1 else gets on the internet no problem, this also happened to me in a hotel network, its seems i can only connect to my own home wireless network.


1.control panel connections
3. Right click on your "active" wireless connection
4. Properties
5. Left click on "internet protocol tcp/ip"
6. Properties (which is under)
7. Look if you are using a stable ip or a static ip
. Stable ip= obtain an ip address automatically (and dns)
Static ip= use the following ip (and dns server)

If you are using a "static ip" change it for a "stable ip" (same for dns server), if you are not, then this will not work.

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Access Freenas From Wireless

I have been looking at and researching freenas for a while and finally built one. It was actually pretty simple, even though i made a few newb errors, i was able to research my problems and set it up. I know am able to access it and was able to map network drives to my windows 7 and xp systems. The problem i am having is that i cannot access the freenas box from any of my wireless computers. For example, my work laptop can access it when i am wired to the network, however, not wireless. Here is my setup:

D-link dgl-4100 wired router

I have an airlink 680 wireless router set up as an access point (dhcp turned off) to integrate wireless into my existing network. So, my d-link router is 192. 168. 0. 1

My airlink is 192. 168. 0. 250

My freenas box is 192. 168. 0. 240

Any computer is assigned by dhcp from the d-link. From the wireless computers, i am able to access the airlink, d-link and two network printers through their webgui. Not freenas. Cannot even ping from a command prompt. I have searched google and these forums and cannot seem to locate a solution. I suspect it may have something to do with static routing, however, i could be off base. I am sure there must be some simple way to fix this.

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Memory Access Violation

I was playing spongebob odyssey 2 on hp games on my pc and i suddenly get an error: memory access violation? What is this error, i only bought this laptop yesterday, i have 3gig ram. I was just wondering, is this a big problem or just a warning, is this a virus, malware or anything? My video card is ati mobility 4250 hd graphics.

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Hp Brio - How To Access Bios ?

Anyone know how to access the bios on an old hp brio running windows 98? My 14 year old nephew has an old hewlett packard brio that his mom bought him on ebay. It's running linux dsl. I've tried pressing f2 to enter the setup but it gives me a screen that requires a password. After you enter the wrong password three times it locks up and you have to reboot. Is there anyway to clear the password and enter setup so i can change the boot sequence? Just pressing enter doesn't work. Someone told me to switch the jumpers around but i don't want to do damage to the kids pc. It's old and slow but he wants to play some games from windows. His mom doesn't have the cash to buy him a new pc. Any ideas?

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Pc Detect My Usb Drive But I Cannot Access It

Anybody knows what to do if my pc detect my usb but i cannot access it?

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Modem Access Internet On Its Own When Idle

I'm still using a (cough) 56k modem to access the internet, but recently it seems to have a mind of its own. My browsing/downloading speed is not affected, but when the computer is idle, it sends and recieves large amounts of data on its own. For example, when i just connected, i left it idle for 10 minutes. In that time, it recieved over 6mb of data and sent 2. 5mb. My initial thoughts were spyware or something similar, but i don't know how to investigate that further. Any ideas?

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Remote Access To My Win Xp Laptop

I work at home, so i currently have my campaq nx9030 sitting in my room. Now it really sux having your office in your bedroom. So what i would like to do is to move my office to a different room in my house. Problem is that i still want access to my machine from my room so i can listen to music and stuff.could someone out there tell me what the easiest (and cheapest) way to have some kind of remote terminal in my bedroom to my laptop in my office would be.

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Dvd Drive - Access Is Denied

My drive keeps coming up as:

Access is denied. E: is no accessible. How do i fix it plz! I need it for samp. And yess. I have tried other disks and checked the connections. Is it a setting?

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360 Access Network Problem

Moved into a studio apartment part of a hotel complex for uni this year, the problem i am having is that i can't seem to get my 360 onto live, i think it has to do with the setup of the netowrk considring you have to log in on a html page to access the net (pops up when web browser opens). How do i get around this ? So far the only thought ive had is to somehow segregate my local network (router, 360, pc) and somehow connect the two diferent networks so that the hotel network thinks that my routers ip is the local ip that is logged onto their system.

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Cannot Access Network Connection Properties

This is is networked and is the admin. But it won't allow me to access the network connections properties. When i try to right click properties, the following is displayed. "You do not have sufficient privileges for accessing connection your admin. "

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Access Locked Laptop Hdd

A friend got a laptop sold to him by a guy when the plane is about to take off, my friend didn't know that it was locked - we have removed the bios password after messing with the laptop's inner mechanism, but we cant access the hdd cause it is also locked, hope you guys know a way to get rid of the password for the hdd .

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Cannot Access 160gb Drive After Moving It From Old Pc

I had a pentium 2/500mhz system with 2 ide drives. My d: drive is a western digital wd1600(160gb) drive. I just bought a new pentium 4 and wanted to move the 160gb drive, since my mother board fried on my p2, to the the new pc as my new d drive. I had lots of digital family pictures and music files on it. The bios can see it as my slave drive on ide1, but the os cannot mount it. If i go to disk manager, it can see it, but the status says foreign. If i right click on the drive it says that i can switch to basic, but i will lose all of my data. I am desperately trying to save the old data. What am i missing?

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Manual Connection Access Configuration

What about manual connection/ access configuration? We required a remote desktop connection manager software that the user can manually enter the connection information. What about manual connection/ access configuration?

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Hp G72 Laptop - How To Access Webcam ?

I just purchased an hp g72 laptop, how do i access the webcam? My hp laptop has a built in webcam, how do i get it to work?

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Hp Scanjet 5300c Sorry Cannot Access Your Scanner

I have an hp scanjet 5300c scanner [c7690b]. I am trying to get it to work with a windows xp computer. I already have the scanner program installed. When i try to open it it reads, "sorry cannot access your scanner. " I would like to know what this means. Please i need help from somebody. Is it outdated or what?

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Unidentified Network No Internet Access

I left the laptop on my desk and went to eat. When i got back i had the yellow triangle on my wireless internet connection saying "unidentified network, no internet access. " I spent a lot of my time trying to google the problem and nothing has worked yet. I even tried system restoring back to a few earlier dates and i still got the same problem. I've restarted my internet card, tried doing router delete 0. 0. 0. 0 on command prompt, tried changing it from public to home, but nothing. One thing i noticed was when i did a diagnose it told me this problem. (By the way i use windows 7, it sucks so bad i've been having so many problems with this program)
Here is what is says, "issue found" "wireless network connection2" doesn't have a valid ip configuration. It also said something about my "internet protocol version 4 and 6 (tcp/ipv4 and 6) i think it said no internet access to both of them can't exactly remember but it sounds like its linked to the first issue. If you have any idea how to fix the problem?

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Compaq Laptop Webcam - How To Access ?

I know there is a webcam in my compaq laptop but how do i access it?

Look in the devise manager to see what your imaging devise name is then see what program in the "all programs" has that name and then access it from there, or read the manual for your machine.

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Laptop Connected With Limited Access

I have a gateway laptop, and it was working fine last night, but today, i went to go online, and it said it was connected with limited access. I've tried restarting various times, and i even unplugged the router and plugged it back in. I've tried many suggested things and nothing has worked. The wifi works fine on my ipod, but not my laptop. I have windows vista.

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Wifi Is Connected But No Internet Access

I have windows 7 and i tried to connect to the home wifi and it worked but they tell me that i have no internet access. I don't understand why cause it worked well a few weeks ago and the wifi works perfectly with my iphone and my mac. I troubleshooted everything but my comp doesn't seem to find a thing.

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Restricting Access To Other Drives On Local Computer

I want to restrict drive access from them but not the use the internet. I've turned on the guest account and put a password for my account but now would now like to make my other hard drive invisible to them. Does anyone know how i can do this! I can them to be able to see drive c: in xp but nothing else! They keep smooping through all my picture, video and office files!

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Slow Windows Explorer Folder Access

I noticed that when i'm accessing folders in windows explorer that sometimes when i click on a folder there would be a 'lag' (maybe 1 sec) before the folder contents would show up - i can hear the 'click' sound generated by windows but then a noticeable lag before the contents are available. This occurs even for folders that have very little contents (maybe a couple files) and i can make it occur if i just keep switching clicks going back and forth between two folders. I ran burn-in tests for 24 hours and also ran the long test of seagate's diagnostic software, but they all passed. Is this normal? Is there some incorrect setting? Or is a particular component (e.g. Hd) defective?

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2 X 750gb Array Drive / Cannot Access Within Windows

So i have two raid0 arrays on my p5k-e wifi/ap (p35/ich9r), both report as healthy, are seen in the intel matrix storage console, and i can even verify the data on the raid array that is being problematic. It's my 2x750gb array that i cannot access within windows, i haven't tried from another os yet, but if this software can see it, why can't i access it in windows. Any other information you might need to help me with this?

It just started acting up today, and i can't think of any reason why as it's reporting healthy and been working just fine.

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Mapping Hard Drives Xp Access Problem

I have my two computers, one running vista, one running xp pro. Vista reads the xp drive fine and is mapped into my computer happily. Xp however, see the drive and has mapped it, but will not let me access it. Atm my firewall is disabled as im tweaking and will set it up once i know its working. When i try to add my computer to the permissions it doesn't give me any options to choose the xp pro computer?

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View Workgroup Computers Access Denied

Before i begin, let me explain how the cpu's are setup, i am now on wireless, i use to be on hardline but it still didn't work, i want to connect to cpu connected to wireless router connected to internet. We both have xp but i have home and the other cpu has xp pro. I made sure file sharing was enabled on both and ran the network setup guide. I have both on the same workgroup name (home), and both have at least one folder being shared. When i click view workgroup computers button in my network, it kinda freezes up a little bit like it's trying to find something and then i get this message "home is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network the admin of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available. "

I am stumped. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but both the cpu's don't have that security tab when you right click ->properties on a folder that allows one to select who they want to see or access that folder and i don't know how to get that to appear.

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Can Access Usb Drive Only Through Disk Manager

I recently upgraded to xp pro sp2 (from home). Before i used my ipod and flash disk on home (mass storage). After installing xp pro i found that it couldn't recognize them in explorer!. Heres what i have tried and other info:i have installed the latest chipset drivers. Tried removing all usb devices and rebooting. Tried using other usb flash sticks all other usb devices do work, just mass storage that doesn' info:
Windows xp pro sp2
Dell dimension 4600

I can access the drive only through disk manager. I think its got something to do with windows not automatically assigning a drive letter on startup.

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Connect New Laptop To Current Internet Access

How do i connect a new laptop to my current internet access? I currently have a desktop computer with internet access through charter. I'm looking to buy a new laptop (with built in wifi), and i want to make sure i'll be able to connect to the internet on it at home and when traveling. What is the easiest way to do this? Do i need to set up a "home network" through charter, or purchase an additional data plan? This seems like it should be simple, but i can't seem to find a straight answer anywhere.

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Cannot Access Printer Connected To Network Computer

Why can i not access a printer connected to another networked computer, even though i can access its documents? I have a desktop that has two printers connected to it via usb. The desktop is configured for network access, and is accessible by every computer in the house. I have three laptops with a wireless connection. All three can successfully connect to the desktop and see it's documents and connected printers. Only two of these three laptops can access the printer and print on it. The two laptops that can print have windows 7 and vista. The third laptop that cannot print has vista. It can see the desktop, it can connect to the desktop, it can see files, read files, and create files on the desktop. However, when i try to add the printer from the desktop to the list of printers on the laptop, it says access denied - however the other two laptops added the printer fine and can print without any trouble. Again, this one laptop that can't print seems to have full access to the desktops files. Any idea how to get this third laptop to add and send print jobs to the printer connected to the desktop "hub" computer? Because "add a new printer" button isn't working and continues to give me errors.

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Wireless Internet Connection Only Have Limited Access

Why does my wireless internet connection only have limited access? For a while i have not been able to get internet connection unless i am connect manually, when i do try to connect it says i only have limited connection and i should try to reset my ip address or repair it but when i do that it says it's not able to? Can i fix this myself or do i have to go to a best buy or something?

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