Ati Radeon Hd 5770 Vs Nvidia Gtx 260

This is the exact specs description of the two cards in two different desktops i'm choosing between, so which would you recommend out of these two cards? (To run games and multimedia work). Radeon hd 5770

* 1 gb memory

* I/o ports: hdmi, displayport connector and 2 dvi (and vga using included dvi-to-vga adapter)

* This card occupies a single pci express x16 slot, and covers the adjacent slot. Or

Nvidia geforce gtx 260 (double bracket)

* 1. 8 gb memory

* I/o ports: hdmi (through dongle only). 2 dvi-i (single-link and dual-link) - (and vga using included dvi-to-vga adapter)

Both are running on pretty much identical setups of:

Core-i7-860 (l) 2. 8 ghz (95w)
Socket lga1156
Chipset: intel h57 express

Manufacturer: msi
Motherboard name: ms-7613
Hp/compaq motherboard name: iona-gl8e

Power supply
8gb ddr3

I read the gtx runs faster, but the radeon runs cooler and less power, apparently, and the gtx runs on directx 10 and the radeon is on dx 11, if that makes a difference in the future etc.

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Nvidia Geforce Gtx 260 Or Ati Radeon Hd 5770?

Whats a better graphics card? Nvidia geforce gtx 260 " 896mb or ati radeon hd 5770 - 1gb?

Answer:- it depends upon what you mean by "better". The gtx 260 is more powerful and gets higher frame rates in games. It also has physx support for the few games that support it. However it's an older design that doesn't support dx11, and requires more power. In most games, the radeon 5770 is slightly slower than ati's older radeon 4870, while the gtx 260 is slightly faster than the 4870. In call of duty the 5770 actually edges the 4870. However, to run a gtx 260 or radeon 4870 you need at a minimum 550w power supply with two (not just one) pci-e power connectors, while the radeon 5770 only requires a 450w power supply with a single power connector. So a lot of people can use the 5770 without having to upgrade their power supplies. Also, to run those older cards in sli or crossfire requires a psu with 4 power connectors! Also the radeon 5770 has the eyefinity feature for connecting a 3rd monitor., 5.html

So the gtx 260 wins on pure performance in current games, but for features and future upgrade-ability, the 5770 is a better choice.

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Nvidia Gtx 260 Problem

I just purchased an upgraded video card (nvidia gtx 260) for my custom built system and it has given me nothing but trouble. At first whenever the video card would start rendering some graphics (everything from nvidia logo in the control panel, to warcraft) the computer would blue screen. I had the bright idea that it was my psu since it was just meeting the wattage requirements but not the amps for the 12v rail. Long story short i get my new psu and install it, and to my blood curdling amazement it was still blue screening. So i went after the next culprit my operating system/drivers setup. Xp-64 bit has given me so many driver problems before it is hard to believe that i didn't reach this conclusion first. So i install my windows 7 beta on another hard drive and proceeded accordingly and everything was working just fine. So i decided that i would play some warcraft but i had to re-download the client to this hard drive which takes a few hours. So, i go to bed for the night and when i come back to the computer in the morning the computer is not on and it will not start back up. I thought it was the psu so i plugged in my spare and ruled that out. I swapped the video card with the old one and the computer booted up no problem. So i then put the new video card in and forget to plugin the two required pci-e 6pins and viola it worked. So here is the problem: the nvidia gtx 260 is causing my computer to not boot(the led fans light up for about 1 sec). However, whenever i have the two pci-e 6 pins detached it boots. So is this a problem with my motherboard or with the video card?

I am leaning towards rma'ing the video card and starting from there, i appreciate any advice you can give me.

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Evga Nvidia Gtx 260 Not Working

I just got all my stuff for my computer build. Everything seems to turn on (cpu, hdd, psu, mobo) except for the video card. I can feel the video card heat up but the fan does not spin. Also, the dvd drive does not open. But when i unplug the dvd drive from the motherboard and still how power going to it, it opens fine. I tried the same thing with the video card but it still did not spin. My other dilemma is that my motherboard does not have an on-board video card. So once the video card gets going, i have no way of getting anything on the screen until i install the video card, correct? Or should i be able to get something without installing the driver?

Here's the specs:

Motherboard: asus p7p55d
Video card: evga nvidia gtx 260
Ram: 8 gb ocz gold
Processor: intel i7 quad
Psu: 750w antec

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Power Supply For Xfx Nvidia Gtx 260

What power supply should i use for my xfx nvidia gtx 260? My computer is currently a core 2 quad (q8200) @ 2. 33 ghz. I just got a xfx nvidea graphics card gtx 260 for it and i it needs 2 power connectors or something?

So i'm wondering if theres any good power supply with 2 power connectors (i still donno what that is on the power supply specifications table) with it? Also if you could explain how to pick a better power supply in the future for me you'll have my sincere thanks. Notes: i'd prefer not to have a coolmax as i've heard even though they are cheap, that they break easily. I also heard that even if a power supply says 600w or 700w or even 800w (overkills) they not even perform as good as a 500 or even a 550 w power supply because of the 12v rails or something. So if anyone can recommend a (not too cheap but not too expensive) power supply that you know for sure has 2 power connectors or something like that that will fit my gtx 260, i'd be happy.

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Ati Radeon 5770 Problem

My machine runs an intel i5 3ghz with 8gb of ram. My power supply is a corsair 650 watt. I purchased an ati redeon 5770. It ran a little hot but it worked fine for a few days, then it went kaput. Windows wouldn't even detect the device anymore and the drivers were up to date. So i traded the card in for a nvidia ge force galaxy gts 250. Ive had it for the better part of a month and it has worked fine and the temp never climes above 65-66 even under significant load. Anyways for the same money, the radeon seems to be a much better card and i know tons of people who run them. So, i decided to give it another shot. I went and got a new one and have been monitoring the temp. I notice the temp climbs to the mid 60s pretty quickly and the fan maxes out. Now, the when its under a decent load, the temp gets between 69-72. The temp and fan also drop super quickly when i reduce the load on the card. This is with the case open and two case fans btw. My question is, since the card is a bit beefier, does it just run a little hotter? Is the monitoring software included with the card not that great? How hot is too hot for the card? The temp gauge seems to indicate that the temps its running in are still in the green zone, but its a graphic and i don't know if the colors on the gauge are for show, or are meant to be an actual indicator. My power supply seems to be fine and it should be more than enough to power the card. Ive done some research but the answers vary pretty wildly. This is my first ati card, maybe they just behave very differently from nvidia cards?

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Ati Radeon Hd 5770 Temperature

Alright so heres my question, began playing crysis among other graphic power houses since yesterday and well i get around' 72-76 degrees c' which i hear is good as long as it stays under 85. But in idle it's around the 50's ranging from 50 itself all the way up to 59, granted i do have firefox open and some youtube videos with flash and stuff turned on . But still!

I hear my card is low on temp which should be around 46 degrees c', when i got up early this morning it was cold super cold like ice, was around 30 degrees c', nice and frosty. But as the damned sun comes up bam! It settles in the 50's. But when it starts to rain for awhile it drops back down to around 48 to 49 in idle. S. Yeah what is going on? Not sure if i have a cooler so

Oh and the card in question is an' ati radeon hd 5770 - not overclocked, its in normal state. And its a single atirhd5770 card, not a dual otherwise i wouldn't be asking.

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Xfx Ati Radeon Hd 5770 Bottleneck

I recently bought a xfx ati radeon hd 5770, everything installed fine, but i opened up cpu-z and noticed that the core clocks where running significantly lower than they should be, i alt and tabbed out of a game to check what the clocks where while in game, and they still where the same, but a lot of my games are still lagging and i asked someone why and he said it was bottlenecking. Here are my specs:

Windows vista home premium intel pentium duel cpu e2180 @ 2. 00ghz
2gb ram
300w psu
Ati radeon hd 5700 series

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Ati Radeon Hd 5770 Compatibility With Intel D865gbf

Will the ati radeon hd 5770 graphics card work with my intel d865gbf mother board? I want to upgrade my pc and i was wondering if this graphics card would work. If it doesn't can you recommend others?

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Ati Radeon 5770 Run Sc2 On Ultra Settings

Will the ati radeon 5770 run scii on ultra settings? Is the 5830 worth putting out the extra cash for? Is it a lot better then the 5770?

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Run Crysis With Ati Radeon Hd 5770 On Ultra High

Can i run crysis with ati radeon hd 5770 on ultra high?

My pc specs:-
Pentium d @ 2. 66 ghz
His ati radeon hd 5770 1gb grdd5
My intended resolution is 1360x768
Anti aliasing i don't need that. So can i run it on 20 - 25 fps?

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Xfx Radeon 5770 Ati Catalyst Control Center Not Working

Ati catalyst control center not working on new xfx radeon 5770 hd! Today i bought a new ati radeon 5770 hd and installed it into my windows 7 64 bit computer. After installing the card and running the driver install cd (driver version 1. 45) i was brought to a window saying the install was completed with some warnings ( there was a orange circle with a question mark ) but after checking the report log everything appeared normal and there where no errors listed then i tried to open the ccc and it loaded for about 3 seconds and stopped and never opened a window. I tried uninstalling the drivers, reinstalling them, downloading new drivers from the amd website, rebooting and recovering to the computers' factory setting and trying again. But i still cannot open my catalyst control center, everything appeared to be installed correctly in my computer and the device manager brought up no flags. Games appear to run fine with good fps and no problems what so ever. I've been up all night trying to get it working. Can you help a me out?

Tech support is my only other choice and i rather not do that if its a quick fix.

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Gtx 260 - 9800 Gtx Not Putting Monitors Into Sleep

Well, i built a new rig and with my 4850 when i put vista sp1 to sleep the monitor will go into a standby mode (lights turn from blue to orange). However it seems that if i run either a 9800 gtx or a gtx 260 during sleep the monitor would be still on and stuck with "no signal input, check video cable" and stay on. Even if i halt the box the monitors will still have this message and remain on. I have no problem powering both of them off, but it'll be nice to have it done automatically. Anyone know of any solutions?

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Ati 5770 Hd 1gb Gddr5 Vs Nvidia Gts 250 1gb Gdd3

Do you think that ati 5770 hd 1gb gddr5 can beat up nvidia gts 250 1gb gdd3? The 5770 doesn't really shine until you crossfire 2 of them. Gotta remember they are 128-bit interface. They are over rated, by people that are fascinated that they paid $150 for a card and they can play a game. Not by individuals that have owned a 285gtx with full blown 512-bit cards and seen what the difference between 256-bit and 512-bit really is. Once you see that, you would never buy a 128-bit card. I would say, that with the driver crashes and such that many people are having with their all powerful 5770's, that the 250gts is about on the same playing field. And it isn't just one manufacture or style 5770 with this problem it is all manufactures and all styles of the card. I really think that it is a 5000 series card problem altogether. But a person that pays $300 for a 5850 or $400 for a 5870, isn't going to step forwards and say they f'ed up. Cause you see many reviews with all the 5000 series cards with the same issues. http://shop. M570. L1311&_nkw=hd+5770&_sacat=see-all-categories

There is a list of people that had high hopes for a 5770 and are selling out. One guy on there is selling his and says that it will play almost every game maxed out, but he decided to go with a 5970, horse crap. That thing performed so poorly that he thought he needed a $700 card to max. I am playing metro 2033 on max dx10, no shutter, no anything but smooth sailing in the game 100% of the game, one of the best running games i have played on my system besides crysis. My system is a 3. 8ghz overclocked q9550 4gigs 1066 mushkin ram, a msi twin frozer 285gtx and a single 32mb 500gig wd hard drive, with a $20 oem dvd drive windows7 x64-bit. I have a little invested in my system, but it isn't that big and bad of a system either. I game on a 61" projection hdtv with only 30hz, so really that game should be bringing my system to its knees. At the same time, the ati 5870 owners are the ones screaming that 2033 is the new crysis. And they are running on 22" monitors, not even 1080.nvidia how it's meant to be played.

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Sapphire Ati Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb Or Pny Nvidia 6600 Gt

I was looking at the sapphire ati radeon 9800 pro 128mb and the pny nvidia 6600 gt at Both look like amazing cards. I believe that the 6600 gt is 128 bit and not 256 bit like the 9800. And/or if the 6600 gt has other properties that can account for the difference in ghz i guess. My friend has the sapphire and he says it works great. I was wondering if the 6600 gt is better or worse than the sapphire ati radeon 9800 pro 128mb. The 6600gt is slightly less that the sapphire, i want to know which one i will get the most bang for my buck with. You can check out the cards at tiger direct of you want. I need an expert opinion on this because 230$ is alot of money for me. I kno all my system specs and everything i am torn between these 2 cards.

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Xfx Nvidia Geforce 6800 Ultra Or Gigabyte Ati Radeon X800 X

As my system is fried, i am bying a new system a 3200+ with 512mb vdata 333mhz ram sticks & an gigabyte mobo and 40 gb hdd running win xp servicepack1 now for the graphic card i have around 500$ for it not a penny more so i am thinking which should i bye xfx nvidia geforce 6800 ultra video card or gigabyte ati radeon x800 xt from newegg whose performance is better. & One more thing my cousin wants to be either an x300 or 6200 which is better and shall 6200 be available in 8x apg.

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Use 3 Monitors With Gtx 260

I have two 22" monitors and a 32" tv. Can i plug the 2 monitors into my gtx 260's dvi ports and then plug the tv in using an s-video cable to have tri-display.

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Gtx 260 Problem

I just purchased a new mobo, video card, ram, processor and psu but i'm having a real big problem. Well when i have it hooked up and both 6 pin power connectors in it, after a few minutes of doing anything my pc either locks up or goes to the dreaded blue screen saying irql_not_less_or_equal. I have all of my mobo drivers and video card drivers installed. I got the latest for the gtx 260 straight from nvidias website. Can it be that my psu is faulty and not giving it enough power? The card only takes 500w and i have a 550w. Please if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it. Also for some reason on my dxdiag tool it says i only have 3294 ram. How is that possible? I have 4 gigs in. Specs. Mother board - asus p5q-em
Processor - intel core 2 duo e7200 2. 53 ghz
Ram - 4 gigs 2x2 patriot memory 900 mhz pc2-7200 viper series
Psu - 550w cooler master extreme power
200gb sata 7200 rpm hd
And of course my awesome new gtx 260 that i can't even use.

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260 Gtx Crashes Computer

My 6 month old evga 260 gtx crashes my computer shortly after launching games on high resolution, max settings (now i'm no genius but i'm pretty sure this card should handle these settings to an extent without crashing, maybe lower fps but thats all i would expect. )

My custom rig is as follows:

Evga 260 gtx
Asus p5q pro
Corsair 750w
Intel core 2 e8400

4 gig ram (i recently upgraded from faulty ram, the problem with gpu was occurring before, so im guessing it has nothing to do with this. )

Wd cav black 640gb

I do have sufficient ventilation in the case itself. 3 120mm fans, so this shouldn't be an issue. I have downloaded the evga precision tool and gpu-z and increased my fan speed from stock 40% to 100%. Doing this will increase my gaming time and steady temps for a bit but my pc still crashes after a while.gpu-z says on idle my card is at running at ~41c, on load during game it was crashing at ~54c with fan at 40% and at 100% it was crashing somewhere around 60c. Any suggestions?

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Dual Monitors On A Gtx 260

Im about to buy a new 23'' monitor to run in a ''dual'' config with my 20'', the card obviously had 2x dvi ports, but im not quite sure how it will work. ? Will the monitors have independent desktops. ?, Or will it be a stretched desktop across the two screens. ? (Or is that only possible with sli)

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Multiple Monitors With 260 Gtx

I am an employee at compusa, i recently came across a currency trader who wanted to build a custom machine to support multiple monitors and for it to have some decent speed. The whole build was easy for me. But when it came to graphics he wanted to do monitors goin upwards as so:

3 4
1 2

Obviously he wants the ability to scroll up and diagonally to the top two units. I know radeon is the easy way to go, but he has a preference for nvidia, and i am aware almost all nvidia cards only support monitors set up in a linear fashion as

1 2 3 4

But a coworker had mentioned there was a driver update for the 260 gtx's that enabled the monitor set up on top of one another, can anyone confirm me this. Or link the drivers, as i'm goin crazy looking for them and i can't seem to find them. Is anyone doing this or has seen the driver info that could show me a link?

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How To Set Up 3 Monitors On Gtx 260?

I have a gtx 260, and have a 19" and a 17" monitor and have yet another 17" under my bed. I really love having two monitors and wish i had another one (lol). Ive seen it done but can't figure out how, since i only have 2 dvi outputs on my card, and sli can't even run 2 monitors.

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Gtx 260 + 2 Monitors + Plasma Tv Hdmi

So last night i bought a hdmi cord to reach my plasma tv so i can play movies and games from my pc. I have a asus board ( and it has a hdmi onboard. My question is can i draw power from my gtx206 card to make games play better on my tv. Right now when i play games through hdmi on my tv it runs extremely chunky but when i go into my nvidia panel is says i'm linked up sli? I'm new to it all so i'm not even sure if its possible. Os : vista64
Mobo : asus m3n72-d
Gpu: gtx260
Ram: 8 gig dual channel ddr

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Gtx 260 Blue Screen Of Death

Anyway when i play gta iv: after a minute it begins to show weird artifacts, also the textures seem to have problems and then. Bluescreen of death! Oh no. Installed the newest drivers (instead of the ones from the cd) and it was bsod. Then installed the nvidia gtaiv optimized drivers, bsod. Then some-one mentioned if you underclock it with 5mhz it works fine. So i installed ntune from nvidia. But when you go to preferences and you have to accept the license agreement: blue screen of death before it does anything. I don't even see new options or whatever. What to do people? I saw this coming more regularly. If people need more specs i'll look 'm up. Even got a pic of my pc case from the inside but i suppose that wouldn't be much help. I did not overclock anything, installed all the latest drivers, everything is legal, and didn't do anything weird. I bought this whole pc system. Yesterday.system specs:

Intel core i7 920 @ 2. 67 ghz
Nvidia geforce gtx 260 vid card
6gb ddr3 1600 ram
Motherboard: msi x59 platinum
Vista 64 + sp1

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Cant Get Multiple Monitors In Sli With Two Gtx 260

I have a asus p5n - e -sli mb and i have 2 evga gtx 260 running in sli. I have a 2 monitor setup . I have the 197, 45 drivers installed. I cannot get both monitors to work in sli configuration. They will work when i turn sli off but the control panel does not give the option when in sli.

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Play Starcraft 2 With Geforce Gtx 260

Can i play starcraft 2 with a geforce gtx 260 and a i7 core intel processor and a hp pavilion elite hpe pc? I am running it with all the graphics maxed out on an older core2 quad processor and a gtx275 with flawless frame rates. So, i would say absolutely your machine should be able to handle it.

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Crashes And Blue Screen Since Gtx 260 Install

This has been happening a lot. Especially in crysis, but not exclusively just with that game. The bios has not been flashed since i first built this rig so i think it might need an update. Is it likely it might help with the problems i've been having? A 600w psu should be more than enough. I've checked the temps i'm getting with the card and they're more than within the 'acceptable' range. I've also updated the drivers.

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Ati Radeon 9600xt 128mb Or Is Msi Nvidia Geforce Fx 5900 Xt 128mb

I was planning to get a computer, and im stuck on choosing between 2 average videocards. Is the ati radeon 9600xt 128mb a better card or is msi nvidia geforce fx5900 xt 128mb a better choice? Both of the cards are around the same price. Please help me choose. (Sorry if this is a dup'ed topic. But i want to see what people in here say and what people in ati say)

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Computer Keeps Shutting Off - 260 Gtx And 7900gs Card Problem

I have an evga 780i with a 500 gig hdd and an e6600 with 2gb of gskill ram with a fsp 500 watt psu. I tried it with my 260gtx and the computer turned on and lasted a little bit then shut off, i took card out and tried a 7900gs and did the same thing, now this psu only has a 4pin connector while my mobo has an 8 pin connector for the cpu, is this the problem?

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Would Gtx 260 Core 216 Be Bottlenecked By Pci E 1.0 X16 ?

Would a gtx 260 core 216 be bottlenecked by pcie 1. 0 x16? I've already looked around a various forums along with reading a tom's hardware post, but those all seem to be old and for older cards. So what i'm really looking for is anybody with experience with this. I know on paper i shouldn't have a problem but i'm curious if any one is using a similar setup, i.e. Pcie 2. 0 x16 card in pcie 1. 0 x16 slot. Lastly my system specs are cpu: amd athlon ii x4 60 @~3. 0ghz ram: 4gb ddr3 g. Skill 1333 mobo: asus m4n68t-m am3 gpu: gtx 260 216 and my resolution is 1280 x 1024 to about 1280 x 1024.

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