Whats Better Hp Mini 110, 210, 10 ?

Whats better hp mini 110 , hp mini 210 , dell mini 10 or something else? When i say best i mean at using the internet, watching videos and using word and why is it best what are the specs.

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Restore Hp Mini 110 To Factory Settings

My netbook hp mini 110 is started to run slower than it normally does. I think this is because i have too many programs installed and it's running low on memory. I am thinking about restoring it to factory settings. My netbook is running windows 7 home premium, but it came with windows 7 starter. Will restoring it set it back to starter? Also, what will happen once my netbook is set back to default factory settings? How long will it take?

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Hp Mini 210 2bg Ram Upgrade

I just bought a hp mini 210 windows 7 starter and was just wondering if i could install a 2gb ram because i wanna run more at the same time and i also want it to be a bit faster and i want know how much it will be and were i can buy one.

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Webcam Application In Hp Mini 210-1014tu

How can i find webcam application in hp mini 210-1014tu? I erased it on desktop by accidentally.

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Hp Mini Netbook 110 Won't Power On

For some reason my hp mini 110 netbook wont power on. I thought maybe it was that battery that over heated, but i bought a new battery and cord and still it doesn't turn on. The power light turns on, and the light that shows its charging turns on when i plug it in, but it makes no noises to show that its alive, and the screen stays off. Ive tried running it on just the cord and it doesn't power on. Lights are on, but nobodies home. Whats wrong and how can i fix it? Anyone else have this problem?

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Hp Mini 110-3030nr Microsoft Word Key Invalid

My hp mini 110-3030nr came with microsoft word. Wont register, says my key is wrong. What now?My product key is as on the sticker. Prompt says it's wrong. I've verified and re-entered several times. It says invalid. How can i register so i can use word? I open word but can't type: says the function is locked.

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Hp Mini 210-1100 Ram Wont Work

I just bought an hp mini 210-1100, and it came with 1gb of pc3-10600 ddr3 ram. I've wanted to upgrade this to a 2gb stick, but when i purchased and installed one, it would not boot. I couldn't even get into the bios, just gave me a black screen. The new stick was also pc3-10600, and was supposedly 1333mhz. Now according to the hp service manual, the included 1gb is only 667mhz, and i must replace it with another 667mhz. How is that possible when they're both pc3-10600. ? How can one be 1333mhz and one is 667mhz?

In either case, i've returned the ram, and need to find whatever it is that is compatible with my laptop. Anybody know what i should do? Oh, and don't even try to tell me that my laptop can't handle 2gb; it was an option in the customization, i only didn't choose it because it wanted me to buy windows 7 to get the upgrade (which i already had a copy of and have installed already, 64-bit). Oh, and my bios is up to date as well.

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Overclock Dell Optiplex Gs 110

I have a dell optiplex gs 110 733mhz p3. Questions:

1. Can i overclock to 800mhz?
2. Can i do it in the bios?
3. How to do it?

Note: to play games.

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Is Nvidia Geforce 210 Is Good?

I've checked the specs and it sucks but the thing is, it promises less pressure on cpu and it can run hd smoothly. Here's what i want to do:

-Edit 18 mega-pixel photo on photoshop (raw files are 24mb each pictures)

-Full hd video editing on sony vegas 8. 0

-Open up demanding application at the same time (photoshop and sonyvegas)

-View hd content online without lags


Atleast run games that are made from 2002-2006

I currently use, uhh some cheap crap intel integrated onboard graphics. Budget $50 and i"m getting this card at a price $40. Is this the best bang for the buck? Is this the best i could possibly get with my needs and budget?

Btw my pc is a lil low profile, small case but can fit gt 210

1. 8 ghz dual core
2 gb ram (forgot what ddr and what mhz)

220 w power-supply, but i think i can get away with that mount cuz my motherboard, ram and cpu doesn't look like it's running at a full 220w.

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Dell Optiplex Gs 110 Video Card Upgrade

Dell optiplex gs 110, pentium iii 733mhz, 512mg ram with ati radeon 7000 pci 64meg. I am looking for some good old pci video card to improve games performance. Nothing more than $100. Any suggestion?

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Dell Xps 210 Toggle Between External Monitor

How to toggle between vga external monitor on a dell xps 210 ?

Answer:- try the "fn" (function) key along with the "f8" key. Fn + f8. This is the usual key combination for dell computers to switch between external and internal displays.

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Hard Drive Runs At Constant 100, 110 Degrees And Make Noises

I've got a maxtor 80gigger, 7200 rpm ata133. A way long while back i had a dumb idea and kept my box in an enclosed space so no heat got out and no cold air got in. My hdd and video card took a blow. I had it there for 2 weeks before i noticed things were getting too hot. My hard drive started making clicking noises every once and a while, and was running real slow. I asked someone, they said it's a symptom of overheating and that i should keep my computer off for a bit and backup my files. I left it off for 2 days, and when i got back it took me over an hour to gather maybe 400 megs of stuff to save. It shouldn't take that long, 10 minutes at most (bathroom break included). It was running that slow. I run over to circuit city and buy a hdd cooler with a hs to cover the whole thing (except the bottom of it) for 20 bucks, i think it's served me forward a few months, to now, where my hard drive runs at a constant 100-110 degrees farenheit, and still makes the clicky noise. Performance is ok until it clicks, so it locks windows for a brief second and goes back. I'm wondering the temp is ok and if there's anything i can do about it (front mount intercooler, anyone? ) Any advice is highly appreciated.

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Asus Psn-e Sli Compatibility With Nvidia Geforce 210 Pci-e

Will an asus psn-e sli motherboard work with a nvivida geforce 210 pci-e graphics card? My monitor won't turn on with my pc, so i replaced the graphics card. Seems hard to find a simple answer. Graphics card specs is: pci-express 2. 0 x16, very hard to find my motherboard specs, can someone tell me if it's compatible?

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Whats Bottlenecking Me ?

I'm using farcry as a benchmark and it just doesn't seem to be going at it's full capacity. I'm wondering why parts of my ground are blacked out, colors seem way to bright and weird. The water doesn't reflect like i've seen screen shots of it. I'm wondering what i can do to boost my performance on farcry. Having a 6800 running my system i have high expectations so it would be great if anyone could get back to me on what a easy fix would be (cheap too would be awesome)

I'm thinking eventually i'm going to to spend quite a bit of money on rebuilding my system since right now i'm just running on a compaq motherboard that came with the original system i took apart to build my current set up.

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Whats Your Computers Name ?

I thought this was a bit srange. I was over a friends house the other day and he started to refer to his computer by name. !?! Has he crosed the line of insanity? Or are there others out there that also have a name for thier computer. Besides the usual @^%#*!$

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Whats Up With All These Buttons On A Mouse ?

What do they do, what happened to the left click, right click, and scroll option? If someone could explain would be nice because i'm looking for a new mouse any suggestions.

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Silicon Power 4gb Touch 210 Usb Flash Drive Issue In Winxp

I have the same problem, i bought a silicon power 4gb touch 210 usb flash drive, and when i plug appears a message "usb device not recognize". I try in vista she works fine. I use other pens in xp usb that connect ready. What can i do?

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Whats The Difference Between A Sata Hd And A Regular Hd ?

Whats the difference between a sata hd and a regular hd? I'm looking to build the best system i can for around $ 700, what are some of the pro's and con's ?

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Whats A Good Encryption Program ?

I want a semi-user friendly, windows-based encryption/decryption program compatible with windows xp professional sp2, any recommendations?

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Whats Up With All Of The Hard Drive Failures Lately?

I have been shopping around for hard drives on newegg and i dont understand why there are so many bad reviews. Every hd i look at seems to have a large failure rate. I read stuff like 3 out of 5 drives were doa and some times worse! Even seagate which i have always had good luck with. Whats going on? Did maxtor buy all of the hd companies? Whats the best bet for large 750gb-1tb drives right now?

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Whats A Good Router For Gaming ?

Whats a good router for gaming? I have a linksys wrt54g right now, which from what i have seen isn't that great. I am looking for something that will increase the stability so i won't get dropped while gaming. Also, i am looking for something that won't break the bank, like $75 max.

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Whats The Basic Steps To Completely Reinstall A Os ?

If i have the xp pro cd, what do i have to do to clear my hd, and reinstall xp? If someone can give me a step by step, that would be killer!

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Whats The Current Dominating Northbridge Chipset ?

I dont know much about the northbridge chipset but i do know that it handles the communication between cpu, ram, pci bus, xpci bus and etc. In order to make an overclocking experience worth while, which northbridge chipset should i take into consideration and which chipset should i try and dodge completely?

So far from my search the intel p35 chipset is a pretty solid northbridge.

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Whats A Good Headset / Microphone For Gaming ?

I've been doing alot of gaming lately and i was hoping to get an good headset/microphone for gaming. Ill be mostly using my microphone mostly but occasionally at night might use the headset for the sound also to watch movies. Any good ones out there? For 20-30

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Whats The Difference Between Ide And Sata Dvd Drives ?

Are there any difference in quality or speed?

For ide, i just need one ide plug to connect 2 drives to the mobo right?

For sata, it would need 2 sata plugs and it would take up 2 sata ports?

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Dell Mini 10 Or Hp Mini 10 ?

Which is better, dell mini 10 or hp mini 10? I'm trying to help someone choose between the two and don't know much about computers, the only specifics i have is what i mentioned above and that they want a webcam with it.

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Whats Different From Normal Keyboard To Gaming Keyboard ?

Just wondering what difference are there from a normal keyboard to a gaming keyboard? I was thinking about buying a new keyboard but i was wondering whats the difference between a normal and gaming?

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Mini Media Server

Ok i want to make a mini computer using a mini-atx board, this will be just for playing media files, short video clips and music files, nothing else, no apps no nothing. The hdd wont need to be over 40gigs and i wont need much ram i presume, also i would need a really fast booting os, im thinking maybe some linux distro with a nice enough gui that supports a media player program with codecs. The processor doesnt have to be too fast either as i will just be playing media files, but i do want something that will run cool. Any ideas?

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Dell Mini Problems

Three days ago or so, my dell mini unexpectedly crashed. First, it went to a blue screen and then when i restarted it, it said:

Media test failure, check cable

Exiting pxe rom. Operating system not found

I am unable to log on and gain access to everything i have on it. Is this normal? What can i do to fix this?

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Change Background On Hp Mini

How do i change the background on my new hp mini? I have tried everything. I know where to find the current wallpaper ( under my computer, tools, etc. ) It just won't work.

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