Hp Mini Change Wallpaper / Desktop Background

Is there any way to change the wallpaper/desktop background on an hp? I have an hp mini and i want to change the stupid default background. Is there anyway?

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Change Wallpaper On Hp Mini

How can i change the wallpaper on my hp mini? I thought this was a pretty basic feature, but i have searched this thing up and down and i'm not having much luck at all. I saw somewhere that this may only work on windows 7 premium?

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Change Background On Hp Mini

How do i change the background on my new hp mini? I have tried everything. I know where to find the current wallpaper ( under my computer, tools, etc. ) It just won't work.

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How To Change Background On Hp Mini ?

I just got an hp mini today and i don't know how to change the background, i read on another post that you had to upgrade windows 7 to make any changes. Can someone please explain how to do so?

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Hp Mini - How To Change Background ?

I have an hp mini laptop, with windows 7 starter. I was just wondering how i can change the background on the desktop?

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Cannot Change Wallpaper On Home Screen After Itouch 4.0 Update

So i just updated my itouch to the new 4. 0 and everything was fine. I could tell the update had worked because things were different and even better on my itouch. But the one thing that didn't change was my ability to give my home screen a wallpaper. I go to "wallpaper" on "settings" but it only lets me change the wallpaper for when my ipod is locked but i can't change the wallpaper on my home screen behind all the apps, anyone know what might be wrong? Also, just another question if anyone can answer it, how do i put my apps in folders?

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Program For Reversing Colors Of Desktop / Background Etc

I do a lot of typing on my pc and its always black text on a white background (just like now), i have some really annoying eye floaters (if you don't know what they are they're basically black specks or strands that move with your vision) and they're particularly obvious and annoying! When typing against a white screen. So what i'm wondering is whether there is a program that can reverse the colors of my screen when i want it and back again when i don't. Sort of like a negative effect like with photos. This way i wont be bugged by the floaters!

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Tile Picture On Your Desktop Background In Windows 7

In windows 7 can you tile the picture on your desktop background? Where can i find options for the desktop and things like that? Or is there a site were it kind of walks me through these things but as i ask the questions? You know? Like i ask it something and it shows me how. Instead of me sitting through a half hour video of it trying to explain it to me and i learn nothing at all?

Ive asked this question before and this was the answer:

To change the desktop background

Open desktop background by clicking the start button and clicking control panel. In the search box, type desktop background, and then click change desktop background. Scroll down to "picture position" and choose "tile"


But. My computer won't let me. Am i doing it wrong or is the computer messed up? Its a brand new hp laptop that i got in february what should i do?

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Mac Mini Or Hp Desktop

I am undecided with choosing a desktop for school, but will mostly be used for music, photos and from time to time homework. I have a laptop that i do most of my school stuff on and then the desktop is for the "fun stuff" my question is, should i buy the hp pavilion p6510f desktop for $440 (which includes michigan's tax) or buy a base mac mini for the $687(including tax). I love apple and i love microsoft (and hp) so i'm pretty torn. Do you think the extra 200+ dollars is worth it?

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Delete Icons On Desktop Hp Mini

I just got an hp mini, its great but it wont let me delete the icons on my desktop. Anyone know how?


If it is running vista or win 7 go to c:usersall usersdesktop
If xp go to
C:documents and settingsall usersdesktop

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Desktop Does Not Fit In Screen - Scrolling Desktop

I just bought a new laptop and i am changing everything to what i like - which includes the size of the resolution of my screen. Whenever i go to change the resolution from 800 x 600 to make it look bigger (example: 1024 x 768) my laptop has no problems doing that but instead of making the whole desktop fit into my laptop screen, it makes it so i can sorta of like scroll up, down, left, right to see the rest of the screen (but there aren't any scroll bars, they are like invisible if u know what i mean). How do i change the setting so that the whole screen resolution will fit into my laptop screen instead of this scrolling method?

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Background Problem On Windows 7

I have been having this problem for awhile now. It really doesn't mess my computer up too much but it has gotten severely annoying. The problem is that recently i cannot change my desktop background what-so-ever. I mean that i try to use different picture files and click 'set as background', or i go through the control panel and select different themes or pictures and nothing works! It stays a solid black. The only thing i have been able to change so far is the color scheme on the window borders and such. Now, i have search for solutions to my problem and whatever i pull up is close to my problem, but i feel that i need a more specific solution. Oh, and i have already tried going to %userprofile%appdataroamingmicrosoft and deleting the .ini file there in it didn't help. On the other hand it didn't make me worse off either.

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Do Glossy Screens Reflect Much Of The Background ?

To all of you who have used a notebook with a glossy screen (hp brightview, acer crystalbright, sony x-black and so on):

Generally, what do you think of the new glossy screens?

Do they reflect much of the background when you are working with the computer indoor (not in an office environment)? Do you think that the blank/glossy screens are annoying when you work with a computer with a such screen?

Would you recommend anyone to buy a notebook with a glossy screen? (I'm thinking of buying a sony vaio with an x-black glossy screen).

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Dual Monitors With Diff Background Images In Xp

I'm on my first ati card coming from nvidia and so far i love it. I don't game, i just run dual dvi monitors. I have what is most likely a silly question. I am running xp pro sp3 and i've been struggling to figure out how to assign different background images to each monitor. I was reading through help files and saw mention of hydra and enabling multi desktop and that hydra is only available with vista? Does this mean assigning different background images to each monitor is only available in vista with an ati card?

I've been using nvidia for years and have been able to assign different images to each monitor for just as long. What am i missing with my new ati 4670?

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Windows Xp Locks Up With Screen Displaying Background

My computer locks up with the screen still displaying background, window. Etc. No bsod. Mouse non-responsive, keyboard non-responsive. Any help specs:

Ga-7n400 pro2
Amd athlon 2600+ (thoroughbred)
1gb kingston valueram pc2700
Primary: seagate 7200 rpm ata133 120gb hd
Secondary: maxtor 7200 rpm sata 250gb hd
Nvidia 6600gt agp 128mb. Onboard nforce2
Antec 430w truepower 2. 0
Windows xp sp2

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Remove Background Color While Scanning Document

How to remove background color while scanning/printing a document?

Answer:- if you scan using ocr (optical character recognition) software, only the text itself will be saved. It will also only recognize text that is typed. There may well be an ocr package on the cd that came with your scanner, but you'll, obviously, need to install it before you can use it. If you don't have the cd, i'm afraid the chances of you being able to download the ocr software from the scanner manufacturer's website is negligible as there's usually a copyright issue surrounding how it's supplied with scanners. The good news is, there's a free ocr package that you can download. It's not as comprehensive as some of the commercially available pieces of software, but it is fairly accurate in being able to determine most letters and numbers. There may be some confusion when it's attempting to recognize such letters and numbers as o, 0, 1, l, etc. Which means that you're going to have to edit the document to ensure that it turns out ok. Another 'problem' is that it will lose different font types, and formatting, which means that all the text recognized will be put into a standard type font, and indents and line spacing will need to be redone when you edit. Give it a go. As i say, it's free. You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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Printer Wont Print Background In Word Document

Why won't my dell printer print my background in a word document? I'm making a cd for my friend and i made a cover on a word document. All it is is a picture of him as the background and then word art saying "a mix cd". Every time i print it it only prints the "a mix cd" and not the background. Why won't my printer print the picture background, and how do i fix it?

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Hp 3600 Laser Printer Is Printing In White On Black Background

Hi my hp 3600 laser printer is printing in white on a black background ever since i installed windows 7. Does any one know a fix?

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Dell Mini 10 Or Hp Mini 10 ?

Which is better, dell mini 10 or hp mini 10? I'm trying to help someone choose between the two and don't know much about computers, the only specifics i have is what i mentioned above and that they want a webcam with it.

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Print "white" On Dark Background Using Inkjet Printer

Is it possible to print "white" on a dark background using an inkjet printer. Newspapers used to print on pink. ? Anyway of adjusting the settings to create the image of white?

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How Do U Change The Drive Letters ?

First how do u change the drive letters? And what should the max psi be to clean the inside of the comp? Wish me luck, after i get these questions answered i will be reformatting (again) to figure out my god dam problem.

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Whs - Change Os Drive

I've currently got my whs set up as one samsung 320gb for the os and then 6x1. 5tb for the storage. I've a suspicion that the drive is failing and so want to swap it out. How do i install a new os drive without losing the info on the storage drives?

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Change Led In Intellimouse

See, ive got this green theme going on with my mods. I wanted to change the generic red light on my intellimouse and make it green. Anyone know how to do this?

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Change Ram Voltage

I just bought 2 gbs of corsair ddr2 pc5300 ram and it says the ram is rated for v1. 9

I am wondering if i have to up the voltage on my motherboard to 1. 9 or if i can just stick the ram in my computer and it will work. If i do have to change the voltage, does anyone know how?

Also, it has latency timings of 4-4-4-12 , do i have to change those somewhere for this ram to work as well?

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How To Change Dell Pc Password ?

Someone changed my password to my dell pc and now i cant go in, what can i do to get inside and change it?

Answer:- you forgot to tell us what password. Is it a bios password or windows password? For windows password, as far as i know, there are two main methods to solve the windows password problem as follows:

1st method: start system and when you see windows welcome screen / login screen, press ctrl+alt+del keys twice and it'll show classic login box. Now type administrator (without quotes) in username and leave password field blank. Now press enter and you should be able to log in windows. Now you can reset your account password from control panel - user accounts. Same thing can be done using safe mode. In safe mode windows will show this in-built administrator account in login screen. 2th method: windows password recovery software: for example:windows password recovery tool 3. 0 . It is easy and convenient to use. For bios password, also two methods:-
1st method: open you computer box and discharge to the board manually
2st method: use bios/cmos password recovery tool

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How To Change Date On Hp Printer?

How do you change the date on hp l7580 printer?

Answer:- use the arrow buttons around the ok button on the control panel to navigate to your selections. 1. ) Press setup . 2. ) Select tools , and then press ok . 3. ) Select date and time , and then press ok . 4. ) Follow the prompts on the display to enter the correct date and time, using the keypad. Enter the hour in 24-hour format. Use the arrow buttons to move the cursor as necessary. 5. ) Press ok , and then confirm, if prompted. Hope this helps. Try for replacement hp #88 printer cartridges.

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Change The Functions Of The Keyboard Buttons

I have a microsoft digital media keyboard, seen at the top of this website click here. Now most keyboards these days come with a next, play, previous, buttons that work with itunes. Is there any way i can change the functions of the keyboard buttons, i have the microsoft software but it is terrible, there is favourite buttons that you can assign, but you can only assign them to open applications, not function as a play button, etc.

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Partition Change ( Mbr ) In Avg

I started up my computer and did a virus scan with avg(as i usual do) and it said there was a partition change(mbr)in the test result, i thought that was strange but thought it may have been a corrupt file or something and didn't think any more of it. Then about an hour later i went to play bf2 and when i clicked the bf2 desktop icon to start the game it said please put disc into cdrom so i opened up my cdrom and noticed the disc was already in it. I then went to my computer and it had no cdrom drive detected, so i rebooted my computer and when it went to restart it got stuck on the bios logo screen. I then turned off my computer for a minute or two and turned it back on and now everything is working normal again and my cdrom is now detected? Also i don't get a partition change(mbr) in avg anymore.could it be a virus? Could my motherboard be craping out on me(it is a new computer 2 months old) one other thing is i left my window open where my computer sits by and it rained out last night, i didn't notice and wetness on it but could any moisture have caused the error?

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Monitor Not Turning On ? Do I Need To Change Voltage ?

Can anyone help me with something. I have just built a new pc and it worked fine for a while except i sometimes got an error message before it would boot saying 'warning! Now system is in safe mode! Please resetting cpu or memory frequancy in the cmos setup' i could then press f1 to continue and windows loaded fine. However i then changed my case and when i put everything into the new case one of my graphics cards wouldnt work and now my monitor will not turn on or very very rarely, it just stays on standby and the pc stops booting even though the power is on. Can anyone help me with this? I wondered if raising the core voltage would solve this? Its not something i have ever done, which would i need to change vcore? Maybe the graphics card problem is related to this, could it be a problem with the mobo which has caused both problems?

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Psu Change / Problem With Ram

About a week ago, i changed my psu and bought a 550watt new one. First of all, i noticed that the opening screen (the first one that appears when you turn on the pc) has changed. Is the first page's graphics "generated" by the psu? It struck me as weird. Anyway, my problem is not that of course. I noticed that on this same screen it says "memory information" (or something like that) ". 167mhz". I have 2 memory modules, ddr 512mbs pc3200 each, and i know that their frequency is 400mhz. So, why does it say that they are 167mhz. Also, the everest program identifies them as 512mb pc3200 ddr sdram (2. 5-3-3-8@200mhz). Also , it says that "memory timings 2. 5-3-3-7" "command rate 2t". So are they really know working at 200mhz (or 167mhz) or is this frequency something else? If they are underclocked, do u have any idea why this happened (maybe a faulty psu)?

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