Computer Keep Restarting After Installing Video Card

I just recently tried to install a video card and the card was bad. I had to restart the computer so when i turned the computer off and installed my old card back in "working card" i started the computer in normal mode and when it get to the windows display page it restarts every time. I tried to start it in save mode so i can get the video drivers out and put my drivers in for my old card back when i go safe mode after the partitions all scrolls down it restarts .

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Installing Games Card And Workstation Card On The Same Computer

If you use your home computer as a graphics workstation and a gaming computer, can you install a gaming card and a workstation card in the same tower and use some sort of switch to switch between them. Alternatively, could one use a card and quickly change the firmware to switch between game processing and graphics processing?

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Computer Won't Even Boot After Installing Sound Card Drivers

I built a new computer yesterday and all was good updated the bios and made a floppy for the raid and installed windows all was working great. I then further went on and installed a load of drivers and installed my new sound card. I did also have a go at changing the auto overclocking settings in ai booster. Now it wont even boot, it dont turn my screen on automatically when you turn the rig on and when you go to turn it off the rig off wont turn off either unless you use the swich on the power supply at the back. Please help what do you think i have done and how can i fix it? I have now removed the sound card still no diffrent i have dissconected the hdds and still no good. I have taken the graphics card out and reseated it still no good. I am thinking the psu carnt see why it is new and a gooden but with it not turning off when pushing the power button just gives me the feeling it is the psu. Thing is i dont have any spare parts to even specifications:

Asus p5wd2-e premium intel 975x
Intel pentium 4 950 dual core
Ocz 2gb pc5300 dual channel gold gx xtc series el-ddr2
3d connect ati radeon x1900 xt 512mb
X2 western digital raptor 74gb
Fsp sparkle fx600-gln epsilon 600w atx2. 0 psu
Thermaltake vb1000bws soprano
Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro cpu cooler
Creative sound blaster x-fi sound card

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Computer Keeps Restarting

Ok i turned my computer on this morning. As soon as i did, it loaded perfectly to the windows load up screen. When it reached the window load up screen, it took a long time till for it to go to next step which would be the start of windows. The computer than restarts on the window load up screen and loads up again till it stops at the safe mode page, it gives me the options to run safe mode, safe mode with networking, run last time the computer ran good, safe mode command prompt, and finally normal. The only ones that would work and take me pass the window screen was safe mode, networking and command prompt one. I try shutting it down propertly from safe mode, but it does the same thing it did when i 1st started the computer. Which was restart. Any ideas?

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Computer Constantly Restarting

My dad got me a new computer a few months ago. I hadn't had any problems with it really, until about two months ago. I shut down the computer and left the room, but when i walked back in the computer was still running. So i shut down again, but my mum later told me i'd left the computer on. Ever since the computer refuses to shut down - it simply restarts. I have to turn it off at the mains. Then today, i wanted to watch a dvd i got for christmas. I turned the computer on, and for some reason got the screen that requests you to select which mode to start windows in (start windows normally, safe mode etc. ) I can select any one of the five options that i am given and the computer begins to load - however, i am then shown the 'no input signal' screen and the whole system restarts. The computer has restarted about 30 times so far. I have tried switching off at the mains to no avail.

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Computer Keeps Restarting At Startup

Ok so yesterday i was on my computer and it froze so i shut it off. When it started up it had the windows has recovered from a serious error so i looked into it and it said something about 2 temp files, so i went into my temp folder and i think i deleted them. My computer was working fine and then i come on it this morning and it is off, when i try starting it up it goes through the bios screen then just restarts, the screen stays on. I can get into the bios screen but im not sure i can do much. Ive had this computer for a while (2+years) and ive had it fixed a few times. Any possible reasons why this is happening.

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Bsod - Computer Restarting By Itself

I got a intel celeron@1. 8ghz, a 350w power supply , a radeon9200se, 1, 5 giga kingston rams:1 giga+256 +256, 200giga western digital hard drive. Before i bought the 1 giga ram it was everything fine, now my computer crashes all the time, when i'm listening to music or for example playing most wanted, i've had tested the new rams they are working fine without problems and the computer still crashes, could the problem be the power supply?

Ohh i almost forgot, sometimes it is restarting by itself, closing applications, or it is shutting down by itself.could be the psu the problem?

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Use A Computer Without A Video Card

This may get allot laughs, but it seems like it would be possible these day. I have a separate computer. Im waiting on the video card but its there anyway i can use this computer to "see/use" my other computer over a network or such. I have no clue, its a dumb question, cause its like "man just get a damn video card" haha but i was wondering, i know like you can get to computers via internet, but i think you have to set it up on the first computer, so if anyone knows.

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Computer Restarting, Freezing, Bsod

Ok every time i try to play a demanding game like fear or vanguard, after a short while of playing my computer either restarts, freezes, or i get the blue screen of death. I used everest and my gpu temps are around 45 idle and about 55 while playing. I have run windiag and memtest and nothing shows. When i take out one stick of ram it dosen't crash but i have replaced both sticks with new ram. I have tried reinstalling windows. This is what i got when i get the blue screen. Stop: 0x00000050 (0xb25dc000, 0x00000000, 0xbfcdd35c, 0x000000c0)
Nv4_disp.dll - address bfcdd35c base at bf9d5000

Beginning dump of physical memory. This is my computer core 2 duo 2. 4ghz e6600, geforce 7800 gs oc, asrock 4coredual-vsta/a/asr mobo, 1gig x2 kingston ram, seagate 250g barracuda hd, windows xp pro.

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New Video Card Is Causing Computer Not To Post

I just got a gt 240 to replace my 8800 gts 320mb for my htpc. However, the computer isn't posting now. Nothing appears on the screen. Any ideas on what is wrong?

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9800gx2 Video Card Freezing Computer

I am running a 9800gx2 on an asus p5q deluxe mobo under xp. My problem started last night while playing a game. My display froze up and i had to hard boot. The problem seemed to happen during game-play at this time. However it persisted today and got worse. It is locking up my pc after a few minutes (the screen goes black after a bit). I looked in event viewer and found a few errors such as the driver getting stuck in an infinite loop. I dkid all i could think of to find the problem or fix it. First earlier today (when it only seemed to happen during a game) i monitored the temp to see if it was overheating, it wasn't getting any higher then normal. So i then updated the drivers. Throughout the day it seems to have got worse. The last thing i did was take the card out and make sure it was clean and connected firmly. All of this did nothing to help. I didn't install anything recently and i scan my comp daily for viruses, etc. The only thing i can think of now is to get a new card .

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Computer Constantly Restarting, Reboot And Power Back Up

My friend has a custom built computer with asus motherboard, and a intel celeron 2. 33ghz processor. It continues to reboot and power back up. I checked the power supply and it is ok, and tried unplugging power to all components, and then plug them back in one at a time. It appeared to be the dvd/cd rom, as that corrected the problem for a day when i left the power to that unplugged, but now this morning it is doing it again. I'm not sure where to look now. Any suggestions?

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Computer Wont Detect Pci Video Card

I recently tried to install a pci video card on a friends computer but when i re-booted the computer it was not detected. I dont have detailed specs on the computer but here are a few things:

He has a celeron cpu, diamond multimedia internal modem, his video card was manufactured by aopen, intel motherboard. If this makes a difference the computer is about 3-4 years old. The computer was givin to him from his former employer so i dont have the manuel to the motherboard to see if it has something to do with the bios settings. I tried to find his motherboard manual on-line but had no luck. I advised him to return the pci card and get a agp video card instead.

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Tried To Switch Out Video Card - Now Computer Won't Work

So yeah, for whatever reason i thought my old psu had two connector ports for my new 260, but unfortunately that was not the case. Anyways after finding this out, i went back to resetting my old vid card. I went to fire up the pc and what do you know. Nothing (no fans, lights, nothing). Anyone have any idea why this must be? Any suggestions as to what i could try to get it working again?

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New Card Installing - Do I Have To Uninstall Drivers ?

Okay just got my new aiw x800xl card from futureshop today and i got a question. My card that i have in right now is the 9200se and the drivers are all up to date. Do i have to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them for the new card to work or can i do it the lazy way and just switch cards out?

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Installing Pci Parallel Card

I purchased a moschip pci parallel card to connect my scanport sq4830 scanner to the now computer i built. I put the vista driver on the computer but when i try to locate the scanner with with the swiss knife software i get the message " no host adapter found" what should i try to fix the problem?

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Usb Card Reader Installing Problems

I am having problems installing a new usb card reader. I currently have an 8 in 1 card reader installed and connected to one of my usb 2 ports. Purchase of a new camera with a different type of memory card meant my current reader was no longer suitable. Therefore i got a 23 in 1 card reader to cover all possible options. I thought installing the new reader would be just a matter on unplugging the old reader and plugging the new one in. However although windows xp detects the new device it gets so far and then say "problem installing device it may not work properly". When you you go into control panel there is an ! Against usb mass storage device and its says "device not working properly (code 10)". If i plug the old reader back in it works fine. Do you think there is a problem with the new card reader or just a problem with the way i am installing the new reader. For example should i uninstall the old reader, then shut down xp before installing the new reader? Would this make a difference? Or is there a different fail proof installation procedure i could try? There are no other spare usb ports for me to try using instead, system windows xp sp2, pentium iii 800.

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Tv Tuner Card Problems Installing Drivers

I get a bluescreen that flashes by when my driver is installing a file somewhere along the name of noremotepci. My friend accidentally flashed my tv tuner card instead of my video card if that helps you maybe fix the issue. I don't know how to flash yet so if that's the way to fix it.

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Installing Network Card On Hp Laserjet Printer

Can i install network card on my hp laserjet m1120mfp printer? I have purchased hp laserjet m1120mfp (non-network printer) about a year back. I could not go for the network version then because of cost. Now, i would like to convert it into a network printer. Can i install a network card (hardware) onto my printer? If so, please let me know how? & Where?

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Installing Usb Drivers For Xd / Sm Card Reader On Win 98

I recently bought an xd / sm card reader from sandisk (sddr-95). Can't get the usb driver that comes with it to install. Apparently, it doesn't work well with windows 98, which is the os i run on my pc. According to their web site, there are some patches that could make it work for win 98, but i haven't been able to get them to work. Win 98se seems to be the lowest version that is fully supported. Does anyone have any experience installing usb drivers/patches for win 98? Are there any inexpensive card readers that would work with 98, or would i have to upgrade to 98se or me?

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Use Video Input On Video Card For Streaming Or For Webcam

Is there any program to allow you to use the video input on a video card for streaming or a webcam?

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Video Card - Pixel Shader Vs Video Memory

My pick are these two video cards for my old computer for my basic needs(don't need to burn my expensive laptop). Asus radeon hd 3450 256 mb ah3450 8x agp low profile


512mb pny geforce 6200 vga/dvi/hdtv agp vcg62512aeb

>Both almost the same price(not buying from the links above)

>Gf6200: twice the video memory of the radeon hd 3450. Supports directx 9. 0, shader model 3. 0 and opengl 2. 0 support

>Radeon supports directx10. 1 and shader model 4. 1 enables stunning and complex special effects opengl2. 0 support

I might not use that that old crap to play games that needs directx10. 1(shader4. 1) but i might consider someday. Gf6200 has twice the video ram though. Any suggestions?

I will be playing games that only needs directx 9. 0c(shader3. 0), so i'm assuming direct10. 1(shader4. 1) will improve graphic qualities? But it has halve the video ram than the other.

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Integrated Video Card Can Use Ram As Video Memory?

I want to know more about my video card(intel integrated extreme graphics 2 [circa 2003]) cause i don't understand, i tried googling for a while with no result:

1) how much exactly video memory does it have?

2) i heard that if it's integrated, i can go to the bios and make ram be shared with my video memory in case my video ram isn't enough? Is that true? Is that true with my integrated card too?

3) i'm of course going to buy a video card(agp type) capable of handling at least pixel shader 2. 0. If question 2 is "yes", can the new graphic card also be shared to use ram if necessary?

Depending if my integrated video card can use ram as video memory, this will help me decide whether i should get more ram or an agp video card that has a lot of video ram

I can't test the bios because i just ordered the old desktop and it will take a while to come:

Compaq evo d510 cmt

Windows xp professional

Intel pentium 4 2. 4 ghz single core

512mb(768ram) 80gbhdd agp slot

Integrated card extreme graphics 2 (circa 2003)

http://h18000. Www1.

If anyone should know, i have a powerful laptop already and i don't want to kill it by hours of basic stuff this old desktop can do.

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Dual Monitor Using Integrated Video Card And Pci Card

I have an integrated video card as well as a pci card. Would i be able to set up dual monitors using those two ports? Or would i have to buy a multi-monitor card/another pci card?

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Difference Between Video Card And Graphic Card

What's the difference between video card and graphic card? I have installed vista in one partition, it says i have to add the video card. What i wanna know is can i go for a graphic card which can serve as video card or am i going totally wrong.

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Video Card For Improving Video Quality On 22'' Monitor

I am seeking for help to improve the video quality of the 22'' monitor. It's samsung t220 and the max resolution it supports is 1680 x 1050. Currently, it's connected through vga with the onboard intel integrated graphics. Say if i connect a video card and then connect monitor through dvi, will i be able to see considerable improvement in the video quality? Please advise how do i get the best out of the monitor. Also, can i see hd content on this monitor? It does support hdcp. And i found this ati radeon 4350 hd video card - which looks decent enough for movies and casual stuff. I don't plan to game on this machine. Is this card fine for my purpose?

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Pc Restarting Itself

I'm having problems with my computer. It has been restarting itself, and worse the monitor goes blank leaving me no option but to switch it off without being able to close down. It usually has been when i first start it up, it will go for 5 or 10 mins at a time. After a few try's it usually runs ok for the rest of the day. I took it to the shop the other day and they reloaded it and it has been better but the monitor has gone off a couple of times since. They said it had a bug, the writing was wobbly which is a sure sign as he said, and when he tried to run a virus scan it turned itself off. The writing is still wobbly, i tried to run a virus scan earlier and the monitor went off and it then restarted itself and monitor went off again. So i tried defragging and running symantec something called error killer it has said it killed 25 errors but there was 14 left i would have to upgrade symantec as i just downloaded the free version, but as it didn't say how much the updated version was and not sure if it is actually any good i left it. I am running xp, don't know if anyone can understand what i have just typed bit rambled i know but any idea's whats up anyone, this probably won't go up for a while so will check back tomorow".

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System Keeps Restarting

My system keeps restarting i beleive it is to do with the memory as i have ran memtest and it found 12 errors on the ram. The system is also crashing alot. I have turned automatic resart on crash off and now i just get the blue screen of specifications:

2800+ xp
256mb ram

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Pc Keeps Freezing And Restarting

My mate was having some problems with her pc, she kept saying to me it keeps slowing down freezing and restarting, and once i got round to look at it i found hundreds of problems ranging from bad drivers, to low memory and a complete clutter of spyware and viruses, so i thought ok im gna format the hard drive and reinstall windows, she at the time had 256mb of ram so i recommended to her to upgrade it to 512mb of ram which we did and that made the pc faster, but after reformatting the restarts were still there and the pc still kept freezing. Since that time the pc completely shut down and wouldnt load windows, so i reformatted it again and it was fine but still the random restarts and freezing returned. I'm not too sure what to advise to her now im completely confused, are the freezing and restarting two different problems? Or inter-related? New formatted and clean version of windows xp with sp2 and all updates is installed, can this problem me software related? Can itunes and java script cause problems?

Before formatting her pc she used to get error reports after each restart relating to javascript because she has programs like limewire and other websites which are java based which could have caused restarts but what i dont understand is after formatting these error reports did not appear again and her pc seemed fine but the random freezing and restarting still continued! Her pc does also get quite hot when on for just a few hours so i advised her to keep her case open but still it freezes and restarts, does any1 have any idea what could be wrong?

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Pc Restarting Randomly

I have had several pc's (which was self assembled) which restarts at randomly. It is mostly for office use, so i doubt that it has something to do with overheating.could it be something i do wrong while assembling it? Or could it be just faulty ram something like that?

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