Nvidia Gt 9400 Cannot Detect Hdmi Tv Connection

My nvidia gt 9400 can not detect my lcd tv connection is hdmi to hdmi, any advice?

Answer:- right click desktop and select, nvidia control panel, you need advanced mode, find display look here for dual display setting and choose 2, as you need to enable here before you can enable in windows, then right click desktop and select properties and then display setting, now you can select dual display select extend desktop, this gives you independent control over the 2 monitors. Tv is 16:9 ratio with 1920 x 1080 or 1366 x 768

You monitor maybe 16:10 at 1920 x 1200 or 1440 x 900

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Nvidia Card With Hdmi With Audio 7.1 For Gigabyte Ga-945gzm-s2

Nvidia card with hdmi with audio 7. 1 for gigabyte motherboard ga-945gzm-s2 (rev 2. 1)? I need a nvidia card with the qualities as said above for my intel core2duo processor 2. 4ghz

With 3gb ram motherboard mode is

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Hdmi Connection Not Work On Monitor

Why doesn't my hdmi connection work on the monitor? My motherboard and lcd have hdmi ports. I used an hdmi cable to connect them, but it doesn't display anything. I have a video card installed, but it doesn't have an hdmi port. Any suggestions?

I figure it doesn't work because i have a video card installed. I hope i'm wrong.

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How To Know Monitor Could Run Hdmi Connection ?

How would i make sure that my computer monitor could run a hdmi connection? I am wishing to run my playstation 3 through my computer monitor via a hdmi to vga cable (my monitor does not have a dvi input). How would i check my monitor will be able to support this?

My monitor is a lg flatron w2243s

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Hdmi Connection To Sony Bravia Tv From Laptop Not Working

Hdmi connection to sony bravia tv from sony vaio laptop not working at all?
Tv : sony bravia kdl-32s2010
Laptop : sony vaio fw4 (customized)
Ati mobility radeon hd 4650
Has direct hdmi connection
Vista home premium, 32-bit

I have a hdmi cable which i use to connect my laptop to my tv. It used to work when my laptop was relatively new, but lately when i've been trying to make use of my wireless keyboard/mouse the tv refuses to output any sound or video at all and my laptop doesn't recognize it at all either. My drivers went funny one day, but i did a system restore and everything seemed fine. I updated the driver for the graphics card more recently and i can't decide which affected it or if either affected it at all?

The computer is aware of the hdmi connection in the sound "playback devices", but does not output through the hdmi cable. The ati ccc does not even mention a hdmi connection, and even when i try to force a connection, nothing happens. I spent most of today updating drivers but to no avail. Please help, it used to work so i don't see why it shouldn't now.

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Vcard For Inspiron 9400 Laptop

I just got a inspiron 9400 with a 1. 83ghz dual processor. I think i am limited to a 256mb card. I will be using it more as a work station than a gaming station. The main application i will be running is a program called ecabinets. I don't have a budget but price is always a concern. Thanks for your recommendations.

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Connecting Ps3 Through Hdmi To Monitor Without Hdmi Port

Can i connect my ps3 through hdmi to the back of my computer but display it on a monitor without an hdmi port? The computer is an inspiron 570 and the monitor is hd, but has only a vga port. The back of the computer tower does have an hdmi port.

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Connecting Ps3 To Laptop Via Hdmi To Hdmi Cable

Can i connect my ps3 to my laptop via an hdmi-hdmi cable? The other day i went to a store to see if they had an hdmi-dvi cable to connect my ps3 to my laptop (an hp compaq presario cq611) and asked for help to a man who was there he said that the hdmi-dvi cable would not work in my laptop and told me to try to connect via an hdmi-hdmi cable because this transmits everything (image, sound . ) I've tried but it didn't't work.

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Dell Inspiron 9400 System Restore

How do you do a system restore on a dell inspiron 9400?

Do you have a restore disk? If you do then put it in the dvd drive and on boot it will say "hit ant key to boot from dvd" so hit the enter key and follow the prompts on the screen. If you don't have a restore disk then you will need a windows disk that matches your installed os. Then you can use your coa# from your windows sticker on the computer.

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Built In Hdmi Or Dvi - Hdmi Adapter

Does it matter? I have a biostar matx 939 board with 3000+ venice with 7800gt and 1 gig of ram. I'm wanting to use this pc as a very light game machine (civ 4: colonization and other strategy, probably never fps cause i hate playing from my couch) and all purpose computer in the living room. I'm looking at a 4830 or so, maybe 4670 depending on price. Want to spend less than $80 - $90 shipped. I need the card to output sound. I want to run a single cable from the pc to my 47" 1080p tv which outputs sound via optical to a surround sound receiver. Will a card with no native hdmi out output sound, making the adapter worthless? Or?

I don't see any free shipping on 48xx cards with an hdmi port built in from newegg. Needs:

Play sound through hdmi
Light gaming
Eventually be able to play bluray discs (will eventually get a blu ray drive) (cpu will probably need upgraded though?)
$80-$90 shipped

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Inspiron 9400 Pci Express Card Slot

I have a insprion 9400 laptop with an expresscard slot on the side. I talked to dell and they don't make an adapter to go from the express-card to a type ii slot. I want to get singular wireless internet and they only offer a pci card that works with a type ii slot. Does anyone know of a company who would make such an adapter or would it be better off changing the slot out? How difficult would that be?

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Cod2 Run Better On Radeon X300 Than Geforce 9400 Gt ?

Why does cod2 run better on a radeon x300 then a sparkle geforce 9400gt pci? Having trouble running cod2, on the other computer i used to run it fine, any solutions?

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Will Geforce 9400 Gt Graphics Card Support Samsung 793s Monitor ?

Will geforce 9400 gt graphics card support samsung syncmaster 793s monitor?

Answer:- yes of course it supports i'm using the same and my brother is using the samsung 793s crt 17inch monitor, but check with the resolution it must be 1280x1024 not more then that.

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Nvidia 1gb Gts 250 Vs Nvidia 9500 Oc

I'm not very up-to-date with video card news, so i need some help. Around 2 years ago, i bought an nvidia 9500 (gtx overclock i think. ) 1gb and i've been pretty happy with that, but it's starting to struggle to play newer games on higher resolutions. I've found a cheap (relatively) nvidia gts 250 1gb for sale in my local computer parts store, and i was looking for any comparisons on how they compare. Obviously, the 9500 is an older, budget card, so i don't want any "just buy the new one" answers, i would like some estimations about how much better the 250 would perform. I am currently playing:

Mass effect (runs quite well most of the time), assassin's creed (pretty laggy all of the time), crysis (runs badly on anything higher than med-low settings), race driver grid (runs fairly well, but there is laggy, unresponsive parts), fallout 3 (runs well until the bullets start flying and the effects kick in), dragon age: origins (runs slow with any amount effects enabled).

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Detect 2 Different Speed Memory

I have 1 x 512 pc2700 ddr ram in slot 1, i have 1 x 256 pc3200 ddr ram in slot 2. It is only picking up the 512 meg chip. Is there anyway to make them both be detected, i.e make the 3200 chip run at 2700?

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Pc Detect My Usb Drive But I Cannot Access It

Anybody knows what to do if my pc detect my usb but i cannot access it?

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Bios Does Not Detect Keyboard And Mouse

The bios in my pc does not detect key board and mouse. They are fine as they work on other pc , and i've tryed other keyboards, the same result. It's asking me to press f1 or f2 to load bios defaults but i can't cos keyboard does not function, but it does one flash at the start when i push power button. Is it keyboard port problem, is any way to fix it?

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Macbook Cannot Detect External Display

Had a 19" lcd display running nicely through dvi on my macbook for some time, i unplugged it tonight from the dvi adapter and plugged it back in and now it won't pick it up again, any ideas how to sort this?

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Computer Can't Detect Hdd

I have a very weird problem, once i boot my computer the memory shows and all is ok, then it gets to the drive detection (hdds, cds etc. ) It writes the line "detecting ide drives. " And just gets stuck, i tried:

- Only plugging my dvd writer without my hdd - the computer detects it, all is ok and it keeps on booting. - Plugging nothing at all - the computer just writes:
Master - none
Sec. Master - none
Slave - none
Sec. Slave - none
And keeps on booting. - Changed the ide cable - didn't help. - Changed the ide port from the motherboard - didn't help. - Put a different hdd - didn't help. - Reset the bios, meaning, cleared the cmos by removing the battery, switching the jumper back and forth - didn't help. - The jumpers are ok (hdd is on 'master or single' and dvd is on 'slave')

I don't know what to do, maybe it has something to do with the bios? I don't know much about the bios. Does anyone have any tips? I really don't know what to do anymore.

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Bios Cannot Detect Hard Drive

I have an dell inspiron 530. Yesterday after moving the tower to another room, when i plugged everything back in, i booted up, but the bios screen took much longer than expected ( 2 mins) then it wanted to boot from the disk, which was weird because the boot sequence was set to hard drive first. I restarted and went back to the bios screen. Sata 0 detected nothing but the hdd was definitely connected

Sata 1 detected my optical disk drive

Sata 4 & 5 had nothing

2&3 were not installed in the first place

No matter how many times i reconnected the sata cables, it still wouldn't auto detect it in the bios screen. But i noticed the hard drive itself was spinning inside and the fact that it took a while in the bios screen when i tried to press enter and it said "detecting hard drive" in sata 0 but the others instantly said nothing was detected. Apart from the cd drive. Should i try and reset the cmos and try again or shall i take the hard drive to a repair shop and have them test out the hard drive if it is defective?

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Unable To Detect Usb External Sata Hd

I have recently had what seems to be a power bump on one of my external hard drives. It's a western digital caviar re2 model number wd4000yr-01plb0. I had this drive in a sata enclosure with proper cooling and connections. I have tested the enclosure on 2 other sata drives and they function fine. The on-board diagnostic checks out on the drive, however my computer will not recognize the drive. Nothing in disk management or device manager. Anyone have anything that i could do to try and recover the information on the drive? I am unsure in which direction to go next as this is my backup drive and it would truly suck to loose the info stored on it.

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Moniter Cannot Detect Any Input From Video Card

I was blowing dust and stuff out of my computer last night and i pulled out the video card and pulled dust out of the fan and put it back in. Anyways now when i hook the computer back up the moniter cant detect any input from my video card but sometimes after like 10 seconds it will goto a black screen and come back saying it cant detect input. My moniter is an old phillips i got almost 6 years ago and it's starting to die (screen will go black and i slap it to get it back lol) my vc is a geforce 4800. Any ideas to what i f'ed up or maybe there is a way i can fix this. Oh yeah and i was on carpet but i was touching the metal of my case a lot last night so i dunno i hope i dont have to buy a new video card.

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Bios Does Not Detect Hard Drive Properly

Windows will not load, error comes up on the screen saying "boot disk error, insert system disk an press enter. I go into my bios and i see wdc rom model-hawk being detected instead of my harddrive. The hard drive is a western digital caviar 250gb (sata)the mobo is a gigabyte ga-m57sli-s4. I got it to work once somehow, windows seemed to boot fine, i logged it, around 3 minutes after a bsod flashes (i couldn't see the error) and the computer rebooted printing the above error again on the screen. Also when the computer posts, i see "hard drive controller" and "multimedia device" on the same irq.could this affect something?

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Sata Dvd Drive Wont Detect In Xp

My dad got a new sata dvd burner and it came in today. I plugged it all in and the drive gets power as i can open the drive via the button on the front. However, it is not being detected in my computer. I have never dealt with a dvd drive of this interface before and would appreciate some help. I dont see why i would need a sata driver as the sata hdd works just fine. I really dont want to have to reinstall the os again as i just finished almost 12 hrs ago. Thoughts?

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Computer Cannot Detect Usb 2.0 External Hdd

My computer cannot detect my usb 2. 0 external hdd, it was working only a few minutes ago, then i removed it through "safely remove hardware" after that i realized i forgot something so i plugged it back on. The light of my external hdd is on, but my computer isn't responding, it isn't showing any signs of another hdd in "my computer" and also in the "safely remove hardware" thing. I tried in my other computer and it's the same. I've scanned through for viruses previously, and cleared 3 trojans. Shouldn't be of a problem tho. Is my newly bought external hdd faulty ? Or has my computer gone mad?

P/s i also got this common problem that my external hdd couldn't be read directly, i have to - rightclick - explore. I believe this is a common n00b mistake i have done to my hdd or something.

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Computer Can't Detect Keyboard When Mouse Is Connected

I always get a "cannot detect keyboard, press f1 to continue" error msg during startups unless i disconnect my usb mouse; but i'm free to connect my mouse again when i boot into windows. This first started when i replaced the old pci graphics card i had with an agp graphics card while the old card is still in the system; so i thought it might have been an irq conflict issue (i had alot of ide devices connected to the computer). I have since tried removing either the pci card or the agp card and other extra ide devices, but the problem still persists. I've also tried switching the cmos battery from another computer, didn't help either.

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Samsung Ddr400 512mb Ram Unable To Detect

I just got a second stick of samsung ddr400 512mb ram. I have gotten it all installed, but have been unable to get the computer to detect it as 1gb. This is what i have done:

1) tested the ram individually in each bank, and tried different combos. 2) updated my mobo/bios. 3) played around in bios for like an hour. The computer will still not detect it as 1024mb. The ram is installed correctly, snapped in tight. I currently have a stick in bank 1 and 2, leaving 3 empty. The first stick i bought last year when i built the system, has a slightly different item number then the new one i got, but i doubt that should make a differerence. They are both ddr400 pc3200 184pin 512mb. Only visible difference is on of the sticks height is a couple mm larger. Would the item # have to be identical to work? I can't see it.

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Computer Wont Detect Pci Video Card

I recently tried to install a pci video card on a friends computer but when i re-booted the computer it was not detected. I dont have detailed specs on the computer but here are a few things:

He has a celeron cpu, diamond multimedia internal modem, his video card was manufactured by aopen, intel motherboard. If this makes a difference the computer is about 3-4 years old. The computer was givin to him from his former employer so i dont have the manuel to the motherboard to see if it has something to do with the bios settings. I tried to find his motherboard manual on-line but had no luck. I advised him to return the pci card and get a agp video card instead.

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Macbook Won't Detect External Display

I use a macbook pro 3, 1 2. 2 ghz, 4gb ram, 128mb nvidia something together with a samsung syncmaster 215tw. For the past year i was using my external screen without any trouble, connecting it via dvi to the mac. Every night i turn down the lid putting the notebook in sleep mode and switch off the monitor. Exactly as i did yesterday. But this morning however the external display didn't wake up as usual it did just nothing - was not even detected via the detect display function. And this is still the case right now. So when i plug (or unplug) the dvi to the external something is still going on. I get the blue screen (don't get that wrong that used to appear just before it would expand the desktop to the external screen, but then it switches back as if there would be nothing connected. No relevant entries in any logfile.system profiler shows "status: no display connected". The display itself says some no connection message if unplugged and - get this - falls to sleep mode right after i plugin the dvi connector to the mac. I tried all this:
-Reboot (with display connected & without display connected and all other imaginable combinations) - no positive result
-The display via dvi-vga adapter works (but the image is not as nice unfortunately)
-Reset pram (boot with option+command+p+r)
-Reset the entire thing (no power, no battery and hold the powerkey for 10 secs. ) Nothing
-Connect some other external display to the mac via dvi - works perfectly
-Connect the display via dvi to an other macbook pro computer - works perfectly too
-Hard reset the display via the (red) support menu - no result
-An other dvi cable - no result
-Booted from the leopard install cd - same thing
-Booted from an other harddisk with 10. 4. 10 (removing the internal disk)- same strange behaviour with the old system
-Booted ubuntu linux 8. 04 - even here the same problem x doesn't recognize the external display if it is attached to the dvi port also no entries to the logs here. -Switchresx and tried to reset the display setting from there (vendor id 4c2d & product id 213 & 214) but still no success. - Called the apple support and my distributer of trust - no ideas but could be a hardware fault (mmh ok. But why do all other display i tried work perfectly with that beast of macbook pro but not any syncmaster 215tw?!? That worked great for the whole last year)

I guess the macbook had a very bad dream that very last night about mac eating foo-bars that crawl through dvi cables from any 215tw display. As for now i have a date with the local apple service partner - in three weeks (it's holiday time in g. O. Germany). Don't know what to tell him: probably i'll need to go there with the screen to show them the entire scenario. Hopefully they (still) think it's a problem with faulty apple hardware (or system software) and replace the logic board. But i'm still in hope! Is there anybody out there having an idea with what i could try next to bring back the love between my macbook and the lovely 215tw display?

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Computer Wont Detect Scanner On Hp Photosmart Essentials 3.0

When i go to import photo in hp photosmart it only comes up with two icons. A cd which is drive e and then a folder. It doesn't ever have the scanner show up. I tried updating the drivers and reinstalling them onto the scanner but it didn't make a difference. So how do i get the scanner to scan? And when i try to push the scan button on the scanner it just sits there and does nothing, and i know it works cuz i did it this same way on hp photosmart on my old computer and it worked perfectly fine. Whats wrong with it?

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