Ps3 Connecting With Wifi Printers

Is ps3 connecting with wifi printers? I am going to buy wifi printer and i need to know if ps3 connecting to wifi printers?

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How Do I Connect Ps3 Through Wifi?

Answer:- you need to have the password to the network if you have a password. 1. Go to settings

2. Scroll down to network settings

3. Click internet connection settings

4. Click easy or custom. I prefer easy. 5. Click wireless

6. Click scan

7. Select your wifi network and select a security type. Most new routers come with wpa/wpa2 but older ones come with wep or none. None isn't recommended. 8. Type your password. 9. If it's successful, it will return you to the network settings page. To test it, go to internet connection test. Ps you will know if you are connected to the network because a small green light will glow (by your hdd indicator) and this will blink when you are accessing the network.

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Connect Phones Internet With Ps3 Using Wifi

Im trying to connect my phones internet with my ps3 using wifi is it possible? I used my phones internet on my laptop can i do the same with my ps3?

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Adapter For Connecting Ps3 To Monitor

Which adapter should i buy for connecting my ps3 to my monitor? Ok so i want to connect my ps3 to my monitor as stated above now im not sure on which adapter i should buy i see i have two options and they are

Method 1

Hdmi (male) to dvi-d (female) this would mean using the dvi-d cord for the connection

Method 2 hdmi (female) to dvi-d (male) that would mean using the hdmi cord for the connection

Im not sure on which would give the better picture or if it would be the same.

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Connecting Two Computers Via Wifi

I need to connect two computers (later on more comps) via wifi to play counter strike amd stuff like that. How can i do that? Currently the comps are connecting via same wifi network(hotspot). Can that be of any use?

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Computer Is Not Connecting To Wifi

Ok i have a desktop computer in my room with the modem in here. I have another computer in my brothers room that he uses the wifi off of its a desktop also. So the other day i find out my brother was on my computer so i set up a password on my account. He tells me today he cannot connect to the wifi because it say limited access or something but he can see that it has 5 bars of connection he just cant use it. Now that i think about it i remember my computer asking me about make files private so it must have made my internet not be useable for him what can i do to fix this problem?

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Encrypted External Wd Hdd For Connecting To Ps3

I have a wd my passport which is encrypted with western digitals default software for encryption (128aes) but i was wondering if i could connect it to my ps3 (which i can do without encryption cause it is fat32 formatted but i haven't tried it once encrypted and cba to go down and try it so simple enough will it connect/prompt me for password ect?

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Connecting Ipod Touch To Wifi

I have a wireless modem. I have the key and password. I turn on wifi on the itouch, i see my network, even though i turned off the lock on it the lock still appears next to it. I connect to it and it asks me for the password. I type in the password. It says, "unable to join the network. "

So how do i fix this? What is dhcp, bootip, static?

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Gateway Connection When Connecting On Wifi

Randomly appearing gateway connection when connecting on wifi. I've never had this happen before. I was connecting to wifi, which i'm one of the bad people i guess, using someone's internet freely, but when i went to connect, on the network connections screen, there was a new "part" to it, away from my connection that said "gateway connection". I've never seen this before, and i'm guessing it was in the way of my connection, because my computer would tell me i'm connected, but when i went to my browser, it wasn't connecting. Also, now my connection says that it's connected, shared, and fire-walled. I've known it's fire walled, and i can't seem to get the right exception for it, when i go the exceptions part but that doesn't seem to cause a hassle like the gateway thing is. I'm wondering why randomly it was saying that i'm sharing my connection when it hasn't said that before, and also why this random gateway connection is appearing.

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No Internet Connection On Connecting To Wifi

I got a macbook pro a few days ago and am having trouble connecting to my wifi at home. Right now i am connected to my neighbors. It is very slow, and frustrating. I have 2wire if that makes a difference. My wifi does show up on my computer, and i can connect to, but there is "no internet connection". I know i typed in the password right. Does anybody know what's going on, and how i can fix this?

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Trouble Connecting To Wifi Network

I have an imac with the airport application on it, which is connected to the internet by a cable modem, not wifi. I set up my airport application and internet sharing stuff, but when i try to connect to network on my windows 7 (toshiba) laptop, it doesn't work and it says windows was unable to connect. I cant make it work and i was wondering if i have to adjust something on my laptop? Everything on my i mac seems to be in place.

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Connecting Ps3 To Computer Using Hdmi To Dvi Adapter

If i connect my ps3 to my computer screen using an hdmi to dvi adapter, would it display in hd or dvi quality? Also which quality is better, hdmi or dvi?

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Connecting Windows Xp Computer To Existing Wifi Connection

I have a relatively old windows xp tower computer. The pc itself is a dell dimension 3000 and i have a verizon wifi connection in my house. This computer, however, doesn't detect my connection, even though there is a card with two short plastic antennas in the back. It's in range, though.

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Connecting To Wifi Network On Ohio State Campus

How do i connect to the wifi network on ohio state's campus? I just got a laptop and would like to connect to osu's wifi network but when i attempted the first time, it was asking for a log in name and password and all the jazz. Any suggestions or answers?

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Connecting Ps3 Through Hdmi To Monitor Without Hdmi Port

Can i connect my ps3 through hdmi to the back of my computer but display it on a monitor without an hdmi port? The computer is an inspiron 570 and the monitor is hd, but has only a vga port. The back of the computer tower does have an hdmi port.

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Connecting Ps3 To Laptop Via Hdmi To Hdmi Cable

Can i connect my ps3 to my laptop via an hdmi-hdmi cable? The other day i went to a store to see if they had an hdmi-dvi cable to connect my ps3 to my laptop (an hp compaq presario cq611) and asked for help to a man who was there he said that the hdmi-dvi cable would not work in my laptop and told me to try to connect via an hdmi-hdmi cable because this transmits everything (image, sound . ) I've tried but it didn't't work.

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Cannot See The Printers On Network

Here is my dilema, i have a pc that i am putting on the network here at work. This computer will need to be able to print to the copy machine, the ticket printer and an hp printer in the office. This needs to all be done via the network. The system is running windowsxp pro. Here is my problem, i need to set it up so that everyone that uses that computer will see those 3 printers that i mentioned above. I logged in as an admin and installed the printers, but whenever someone else logs in under their name they cannot see the printers.

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Laser Printers

Why do people still use laser printers to this day, aren't today inkjet printers better have better printing quality? I'm not looking to fight, just curious, i saw one in my fedex truck (heavy).

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Hp Printers On Macs

How can i get hp printers to work on macs? Is it possible?

Answer:- yes, you need printer software 4 mac that can b downloaded from hp web site.

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What Are Some Of The Name Brands That Produce Printers ?

1. What are some of the name brands that produce printers?
2. Stuff to look for wen u purchase printers? Cost of catdridges? And wat else? Speed? Or something. Just generally wat do u look for wen ur buying a printer
3. Some of the current standards for a printer?
4. Where can the components be purchased seperately

Im trying to buy a new printer, and i just dont wanna waste my money on a piece of junk, i wanna decent printer- no scanner or fax or anything, just a normal good decent printer that i can depend on.

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Do Hp Printers Work On Macs ?

Do hp printers work on macs? I have an hp printer from my brothers old computer and he gave it to me and i have a mac. Do you think it works on it or do i need a different printer?

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Continuous Ink System Hp Printers

Does continuous ink system works on hp printers?

Which model, exactly? Most printers (including hp's) have little 'chips' buried in the ink cartridges, the printer 'marks' the cart. Every time it's used and when it thinks the ink is low it refuses to print. Most (but not all) printers have 'service codes' that can be entered to over-come this refusal to print. Needless to say, you won't find these codes in your printers manual or on the manufacturers web site. I suggest you focus on those printer models where a continuous ink system already exists.

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Are Hp Intentionally Selling Their Own Ink Cartridges With Printers ?

Are businesses that sell ink cartridges and printers like epson and hp intentionally building and selling? Printers that can only recognize their own ink and/or ink cartridges? My hp vivera printer won't recognize any of the generic or re-manufactured cartridges that i install. An error message keeps popping up on the screen, i turn and off the printer and reinstall the software. Nothing works. I know that that some companies put micro shapes into their printers so that the printer can only recognize their brand of ink or cartridges.

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Using Pc Keyboard On Ps3

Ive just connected my play station 3 to the internet, i find it very slow to chat using the key board on the screen. Can i use a pc key board connected through the usb port to the ps3 ?

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Should I Get An Xbox Or Ps3?

Well it all depends on what type of games you want to play, if your more in to sports i would get the xbox because the sports games on the xbox are just better, on the other hand if you like fps games i would get the ps3 cause they play better on the ps3, now there are some exceptions like halo and gears of war. Also you have to think about how much you are willing to spend while they cost about the same with the xbox to play online you have to pay a monthly fee. All around i prefer the xbox, because i play halo, and they have a better online community. Xbox- $299 + $47/year


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Ps3 Vs Computer Gaming

The ps3 combines state-of-the-art technologies featuring cell, a processor jointly developed by ibm, sony group and toshiba corporation, graphics processor (rsx) co-developed by nvidia corporation and scei, and xdr memory developed by rambus inc. It also adopts bd-rom (blu-ray disc rom) with maximum storage capacity of 54 gb (dual layer) , enabling delivery of entertainment content in full high-definition (hd) quality, under a secure environment made possible through the most advanced copyright protection technology. To match the accelerating convergence of digital consumer electronics and computer technology, ps3 supports high quality display in resolution of 1080p(*) as standard, which is far superior to 720p/1080i. With an overwhelming computing power of 2 teraflops, entirely new graphical expressions that have never been seen before will become possible. 2 teraflops? I recently learned that the 4870 makes the claim of being the first graphics card to hit 1 teraflop but 2 teraflops?

Is gaming with the ps3 that much better than using my computer? I ask because gaming is the only reason i buy high end graphics cards.

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Ps3 Usb Splitter

Can you use those usb splitter things that make one usb port into two? Or will that like override the system.

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Is It Possible To Connect Ps3 To Monitor ?

Is it possible to connect ps3 to computer monitor? I have bought a brand new ps3 slim 250 gb and i wanted to know if it is possible to connect my ps3 to a computer monitor using an hdmi to dvi cable without causing my ps3 to blow up or something like that?

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How Can I Connect Ps3 Through Laptop?

I have a 4g clear usb modem on my laptop im trying to connect it to my ps3 to have internet access when i put the ethernet cord in the laptop from my playstation it sits for a while as if its going to connect then the local area network pops up and says limited or no connectivity i noticed on my ps3 it finds the ip address and mac address other then that dns and default getaway are blank. Well it just says automatic as if it cannot find it. I'm really confused if i have to do the settings manually on my ps3 its a certain extent to were the i. P. Address have to be on the ps3 and computer.

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I Have Ps3 Should I Buy Xbox?

I own both systems and i can tell you from experience, its all about what kinda gamer you are. Both systems are pretty good i personally think that the ps3 is better when it comes to graphics, exclusives (like uncharted 2, killzone 2, god of war 3, metal gear 4). I mean the ps3 does it all. So if i had to choose one id choose the ps3 but i will say this about the xbox, personally i think the multiplayer is better then the ps3. Halo, gears of war, left for dead are some of the best multi players ive ever seen. So if you just like playing with all your friend and online yea get the 360 but if you just like plugging in to your system for a couple days and knocking out hours of game play stick with the ps3. Alot of the games on xbox are on the ps3 anyway now so good luck with ur decision.

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