Ata / 100 Harddrives Not Running At Full Speed

Two of my systems at home (one windows, on linux) each have two hard drives installed. The problem being that the secondary hard drive on each machine is only being used in udma mode 2. These drives shold be functioning in udma mode 5. I have been through the hardware device configuration on the windows xp machine. I can only toggle between pio and udma modes, i cannot increase the speed of udma modes. Thus, my second wd harddrive always reports udma mode 2. I am using an asus p4p800 mobo, and according to the specs, both channels will run at udma 5. I want it at 5, dag nabbit!?

Now for the linux machine. You'll notice i have both drives on the same channel for this one, but i still have the same issue. The primary drive is working at udma mode 5, while the secondary drive is only at udma mode 2. Shouldn't they both be in mode 5? I've been using hdparm to try and force the drive, but it will always fall back to udma mode 2. I can't figure it out. At first, i thought the hdd cables weren't capable of reaching ata/100, but they indeed are the right cables in both machines. I've even switched the drives around in each machine to see if anything would change. No matter what i do on either machine, the secondary drive is always defaulting to udma mode 2.

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Sata Vs. Ata Harddrives

My kid's harddrive crashed and burned yesterday. The damm wdigital 120gig drive i purchased in 2004 apparently only had a 1yr warranty (i swear the damm box said 3yr warranty. I don't buy drives with 1yr). So it's out of warranty. My question. Anyone know of western digital trying to pull a fast one like this (about changing 3yr to 1yr warranties)?

Secondly, i found a 300gig maxtor at office depot for $50bucks (after rebate). No way in *** the kid is gonna use all that. But if i update the kid's system in a couple of years will an ata hard drive work with the new sata motherboards? I know it's only $50bucks, but still!

Or. I have an old seagate 8. 2gig drive i could put into the system. But with winxp taking 1gig and most of these damm kid games using up about 300-500megs each. Well that space would be gone in no time flat.

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Ultra Ata 100 Harddrive, Ultra Dma 33 Mobo

I read in another thread that ultra ata and ultra dma are the same thing. So i know that part. My question is this. Will an ultra ata 100 harddrive work on a motherboard that only supports ultra dma 33?

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Ide (ultra Ata) To Serial Ata Adapter - How Will It Work?

I just bought a brand new 120 gb 7200rpm samsung sata hard drive to replace my 80gb maxtor 5400rpm ata hard drive because it was acting up and i decided to get a new one. Anyways, i just got it in the mail and to my dissapointment i have ide connections and a ata interface/motherboard. I looked online to find an adapter and i did find a few but dont know which one/kind to get. I dont want to buy a new motherboard or a 80$ sata card or anything. I have ultra ata and want to connect my serial ata hardrive to it. But these adapters im looking at i think work for serial ata motherboards to hook to ultra ata hardrives. Or can it work the other way around? I think i got the jist of it and can hook it up if i did get one. Can i use my ide cable to hook onto the 40 pin adapter slot then the other end into my motherboard or does it have to go somewhere else. Im just a little confused thats all from a picture i saw on a website that hooked one up. Can anyone help me here?

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Multiple Harddrives

I was woundering how many harddrives can a pc support? i.e. How many ide controller cards can i install to get multiple hd's. Also i need to put one cd-rom in the mix.

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Can I Run Both Ide & Sata Internal Harddrives At Same Time ?

My main hard drive is an sata drive; however, i have an extra internal 200 gig 7200rpm ide drive that i'd like to use as a backup drive. Can i run them both?

I want them both installed but i only want to boot off the sata and simply have the ide as a spare drive; does running both require that you boot from the ide? Is it simply as easy as selecting the boot device in the bios?

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Usb Message: Hi-speed Device Plugged Into A Not Hi-speed Port

I'm rebuilding my system, and have two pci cards with firewire and usb ports. I remember before the rebuild i plugged them in and they worked. That was nice. Now, i installed them one at a time. The first one prompted no notifications, but when i plugged a device into it it warned me that it was a hi-speed device plugged into a not hi-speed port. I installed the second one, and it prompted the new hardware wizard, asking for drivers, but said it couldn't find them although i had dsl connected. The cards did not come with any disks and there was no problem getting them to work before.

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Usb - High Speed Device Is Operating At Slower Speed

My motherbaord has usb 2 ports on it, and i can swear my case usb port is also however whenever i plug something in it tells me that a high speed device is operating at slower speeds(aka a usb2. 0 device is connected to a usb1. 1 port). But the thing is, it shouldn't be saying that. Whats up with it?

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I7 Chip Memory Speed 1066 Vs Ram Speed 1800

Just learning so i thought i would ask something that's confused me. The specs on the intel i7 chips say memory of 800/1066 (for both extreme chips 975 and 965). Now i look at various ram and i see speed upwards of 1800. Why the huge difference? Why should i get ram that quick if my processor cannot handle it?

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Is Ata 133 Faster Than Scsi ?

Someone i know says that a 7200 rpm ata133 drive smokes a 15k rpm ultra3 scsi drive. I don't think this is true, but i could be wrong. So what's the deal?

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Serial Ata And Optical Drives

I was wondering if a motherboard supports serial ata hard drives, then what kind of interface does the dvd and cd (optical) drives use?

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Big Ata-6 Laptop Drives

Was looking for a new drive for this pata laptop but i couldn't find anything big(largest was a 320 that was only 5400rpm), did anyone ever make a 7200rpm drive in pata that was larger than 60 or 80gb?

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Notebook Ata To Sata Adapter

Does such a thing exist? And if so, would i also need a separate adapter for different power plugs? I have an older powerbook g4 that i'd like to update with a new, faster hard drive and there don't seem to be many around that are ata.

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How To Know If Cd Drive Has Sata Or Ata Connection ?

How do i find out if i have an sata or an ata cd drive connection? I've got to buy a new drive and i want to get the right kind. Where would i go to on windows xp home edition to find out what kind of connection my cd drive uses? And do you recommend external cd dvd rw drives?

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Ram Speed Match Fsb Speed ?

Ok i'm trying to upgrade this emachines computer here's some specs on it:

Cpu: intel® pentium® 4 processor 631
Hyper-threading and intel® em64t technology
Operates at 3. 00ghz | 2mb l2 cache | 800mhz fsb

Memory: 512mb ddr2 (1 512mb), 533mhz (pc4200)
Expandable to 2gb
2 ddr2 slots (total) | 1 ddr2 slot (available)

Ok and my question is i'm wanting to max out the ram to 2gb. And now as you see the cpu has an 800mhz fsb! But currently the memory installed is a 533mhz (pc4200). I thought i read (at i think) that that speed should match your fsb speed?

So shouldn't i be getting two 1gb ddr2 800mhz (pc2-6400) sticks? For max performance or no?

Cuz on my dell dimension b110 my fsb is 400mhz i believe and it says i need ddr400 which i have installed in it. Anyways back to the emachines. The sites like (, and they scan the computer and shows me only the pc4200 (533mhz), and the pc5300 (667mhz) to purchase. (Oh and how important is the clocking speeds of these? Like 4 to 5 cl's? Important or not really?)

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How To Speed Up Downloading Speed On Dial Up Connection ?

How can i speed up my downloading speed on a dial up connection?

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Installing With A Serial Ata Hard Drive

A friend recommended i buy a sata hd with my new computer. Now i can't get my operating system floppies and cd to recognize it. In my bios it says my primary master and primary slave ides are blank. My secondary master is my cdrom and my secondary slave is my zip drive. The 120gb sata drive is at third master. It recognizes it in bios as a hard drive when i did a hd detection. I am trying to install like this: i have a win98 boot floppy that i put in first. I run fdisk to create a dos partition and then put in a win98 cd and install win98. After win98 is installed, i put in my win2000 upgrade cd and upgrade the os to win2000. So it seems like it's not creating a dos partition on the right drive but when i ran format c:, it formatted a 120gb hd. And i have no idea what other drive it would be creating a dos partition on. But when i put the win98 cd in the drive and run setup.exe, it says i need at least 735909909 bytes of space to install windows.

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Connecting An Ata-6 Laptop Drive To A Desktop

I'm wondering is there any way to connect an ata-6 laptop hardrive to a desktop computer? This is the drive in question:

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High Speed Device Is Attached To Non High Speed Usb Adapter

I have a usb port that i use for reading my digital camera xd card. It was working ok. Then, i installed a cable modem with a usb connection (to a different usb port). Now, whenever i plug in the xd card reader, i get a popup screen message that says something like "your high-speed device is attached to a non-high speed usb adapter". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the usb driver, but with no results.

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Overclock - Ratio Between Fsb Bus Speed And Memory Bus Speed

I have read through some of the tutorials here and i think i have a decent understanding about how to go about this. However i have already ran into my first question. I am using a evga nforce 680i board. If i understand what i have read i should set my fsb – memory clock mode to unlinked so i don't have to worry about ratio between the fsb bus speed and the memory bus speed. Is that correct?

I went ahead and tried it and noticed the timings have changed when i viewed them using cpu-z. Unlinked:
Dram freq: 266. 7
Fsb dram: 1:1
Cl: 4. 0
Trcd: 4
Trp: 4
Tras: 12
Trc: 16
Cr: 1t

Before unlink (auto):
Dram freq: 400
Fsb dram: 2:3
Cl: 5. 0
Trcd: 5
Trp: 5
Tras: 18
Trc: 23
Cr: 2t

Should i go back into the bios and change the unlinked settings to match the auto settings? At this point i am not trying to overclock the memory, i just haven't been able to figure out if the memory is underclocked at the current unlinked settings.system stats:
Intel core duo e6600 conroe
Evga nforce 680i sli
Mushkin pc2-6400 (400mhz)

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Headphones $100

I currently have a pair of sennheiser pc-151s (headset) but i never use the microphone and i find them to be quite uncomfortable. So i am going to sell them on ebay and get a pair of decent headphones instead. Main usage will be for playing pc games (fps mostly) and occasionally some music (no particular type of music). The budget is flexible, but in the region of 65 ($100). Though electronics tend to be more expensive here in the u. K so that kinda throws the currency conversion out the window. Currently using the asus p5q pro's integrated audio:

Audio chipset: realtek alc1200
Audio channels: 8 channels

Would it be a good idea to get a sound card for headphones in this price range?

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Headset Around $50 - $100

I need a good headset for around $50-$100, mainly for music (rap, rock) and movies. Any suggestions?

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$100 Headset

I've been using a creative fatal1ty headset for the past few months and while it's done its job, it's been pretty uncomfortable. I bought that back for 20 dollars and i think it's time to raise my budget for a good comfortable set. What's the best headset i can get for about a hundred bucks? I'd like it to be over the ear with leather padding with usb connectivity.

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100% Random Hardlocks

I've had a problem that's been plaguing my computer for months the computer will randomly (no pattern or event will trigger this) hardlock and i will be forced to reboot. I've reformatted and reloaded windows several times. I've run memtest without errors, and prime will not error out (though the computer will occasionally lock if i run it long enough). I can be playing a game, watching a movie, browsing the web, listening to music, encoding video, or be away from my computer entirely. It has locked under all of these circumstances. Temperatures are normal (upper 30s to mid 40s) and my voltages are great. I have tried running with no pci cards in the system and it will still lock. The only constants that remain are my hard drives and my floppy drive. Everything else has been replaced or the computer has been run without before crashing.

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Headphones For Around $100-150

My friend is interested in buy some headphones for around $100-150 cad. So far he's been eyeing these headphones. What do you think of them, and can you suggest any others in a similar price range (that i can get in canada)?

All prices in cad:

Equation audio rp21 (new) - $150 (tax included)
Audio technica ath-a500 (new) - $140 (shipping included; does anyone how much customs duties are for these?)
Akg k260 (used) - $150
Akg k240 (used) - $100

Also, do you think any of these need an amp to sound good?

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Sata Drive Under $100

My current win7 system is running off of a 320gb ata100 drive because all my sata drives are in my whs system. I now want to move my os drive to a faster sata drive, but i don't know which would be best. Speed is my main concern then storage size. I would prefer at least another 320gb drive but i can go somewhat smaller if necessary. My budget is under $100 but the cheaper the better.

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Wireless Headphones Around $75 - $100

I need a nice pair of wireless headphones for home and possible work use. Mainly for listening to and constantly running over the wire with my chair. I don't need a $1, 000 pair but want the best possible hardware for around $75-$100. Anyone have any input on some of the best bang for the buck wireless headphones?

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$100 Vs $300 Headphones

Can someone who really knows the difference tell me what improvements you can expect from $300 cans, compared to, say, $60-100 ones? Is there actually a difference in sound quality (noticeable to the average person)? Is the comfort significantly better? (I assume yes on the latter, but i've never worn truly expensive headphones)

Since i use headphones so much nowadays, i'm thinking about getting a new pair (my 80-something-dollar sennheisers are on their last threads, and the comfort isn't very high) and i want to know what i can expect in more expensive ones. (Actually, what i really want to know is why $100 can't even get you something that doesn't grab your head like a nutcracker (my sennheisers) or not have enough bass (the siberia steel series i returned))

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Gaming Headset For Under $100

I'm looking to replace my logitech gaming headset that recently crapped out on me. Can anyone recommend good ones for under $100? Also, if i get one that only has analog connections, can i reuse the analog to usb adapter that came with the logitech headset i currently have? So far im looking at the plantronics gamecom 377 since its only $45 .

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Headphones Under $100 Better Than The Ksc75

I have koss ksc75's and i think they are amazing. I bought the audio techinica ath-ad700's thinking i would get a great improvement and i am really disappointed to be honest. Bass is quite lacking and the high's are pretty intense. I mean i got the koss' for less then $10 and i honestly think they sound 98% as good as the $100 ad700's. I am going to return them tomorrow because they just didn't cut it for me. I have listened to them connected to a dedicated sound card (asus xonar and spdif out to a dac) and they still barely sound better then the koss'. Are there any headphones under $100 that are justifiably better then the ksc75's in terms of sound quality? These koss' are quite legendary for how good they sound and for much they cost. Should i just stick with them?

I want phones that have good bass response but that don't muddle the mid's and highs. I am looking at these sennheisers. The hd280's are also pretty nice looking but i read they have slightly weak bass and the highs can be to over powering. I think i might just been spoiled by the koss'.

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