Laptop Broke, Now Shows Black Screen

Its a compaq presario v5000 when i turn it on i get the compaq screen very briefly and then the black screen, nothing else happens. Ive tried rebooting with a disc in the drive but i still get the black screen. Any suggestions?

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Laptop Screen Goes Black When Idle

Every minute or so, my laptop screen will go black, like its on standby. This only happens when it is not plugged in and recharging. Also, i already went to control panel and adjusted the screensaver to 30 minutes and clicked apply, but that hasn't helped either. I was told it could be that hibernate mode was on or something, but i dont know where to find that either. My laptop is a asus windows 7 if that helps.

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New Pc Build, But Nothing Shows Up On Monitor Screen

Pc powers on, the cpu fan is working, the videocard's fan is working (good signs?), And the cd drives open and close, but nothing shows up on screen. Is anything broken? How can i find out?

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Pc Only Shows Dell Bios Screen

My computer froze after i opened a few programs up, because i only have 256mb of ram. I turned it off by holding the power button, and now when i turn it on, it only shows the dell bios screen, and after that the screen is blank. The only thing that runs is the fan. Tia happened to me also about a week ago, but then it worked again. I am able to get into the norton recovery program that is built in to my computer, it says that my computer is fine, but it is not. Can anybody help? I van completely reset it but that is not an option because i have irreplaceable documents in it. My pc is a dell dimension 1100 desktop.

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Computer Displays Post Screen Then Went To Black Screen

My computer has been running sluggish for about two days now. Was searching the web the other day and computer just came to a halt and froze. So i rebooted the computer and then it wouldn't start up. It displays the post screen but after that it went to a black screen with a white bar at the bottom of the screen. Looked like a progress bar. Rebooted again but same thing. Popped in the os disc and tried a check desk and fdisk and it came up with some errors. Got to stage 4 of 5 on them and then stopped at 50% for hours. So today i started it up again and it finally booted to the windows logo and then finally to desktop. Took around 30mins to do so. Hard drive light indicator is always on for the most part and takes forever to load applications. Okay, i guess my question is this about to be a hard drive failure? Never had one so clueless of what it is but would think it would have something to do with the hard drive. Also before it froze the other day, applications started being really slow. For example it took 10mins just for the save file dialog box to pop up to save a file.

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Screen Goes Black After Splash Screen

I recently installed latest nvidia graphics drivers on my computer and now whenever i boot the screen goes to black after the windows loading screen. I can boot into safe mode and the device manager has the correct version listed. Uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers a couple times now and tried reseting the card but still goes to a black screen. Intel e6750
Abit ip35 pro
Nvidia 9800 gtx

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Black Screen

I turned on my pc this morning and there is nothing on the screen, but i can hear winxp starting up. Is my monitor or video card dead?

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Bios Came Up Then Went To Black Screen

I clicked a link to a friends website and my mouse locked up and nothing happen so i hit the power button for 10 seconds and the computer shut off, so then when i tried to boot up again the bios came up and then went to black screen, so i shut it off again, on my next reboot nothing happened. I got power to my fans but nothing else, is this a cpu problem or a power supply problem.

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Screen Flash Black For A Second

While at my desktop, in ie, or almost any other program my screen will flash black for 1 second then go back to whatever the original image was. Everyhing "seems" to lock up when it flashes in that you can't see the cursor move or "seem" to press any keys but it is actually just not reporting those actions to the display (they are happening but just not being displayed). Here is my hardware. I've tried 3 different display drivers but i'm going to see if a standard vga driver has the same behavior.

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When Xp Loads Screen Goes Black

I turned my laptop on last night to find the display totally corrupted (even during boot-up). There were no warning signs or prior system changes, it just broke. Whenever it boots now, it does one of a few things; - screen is corrupt from the start, as xp loads screen goes black, system sits there with a black screen. - Screen is corrupt from the start, as xp loads screen goes black, system reboots itself, lather rinse repeat. - Screen is fine on boot, xp loads fine, but x minutes into the session the screen corrupts and freezes (could just be the screen or could be the whole laptop, i can't tell)

What i really want is someone to pat me on the head and say that it'll sort itself out and that i don't need to replace a 1000 laptop, but i'm thinking either the motherboard or gfx card has gone. Can anyone help me figure out what has caused this and where (if possible) i can get the spares to fix it.

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Black Screen On Boot

I'm having problems with sil's computer. 600mhz celeron. About 6 years old i guess. Think it's a bad motherboard but would like some input. She was having many many problems, not booting into windows. She just had the power supply replaced. Recently it would freeze on boot, after many tries would work. But then it stopped altogether while i was visiting, freezing on beginning bios screen. I took it apart. Removed everything, hd's all pci cards, cd's etc. Then i cleared the cmos. After i did that i couldn't even get it to boot into the bios. Simply a black screen. No beeps, nothing from motherboard. I even removed the memory to see if i'd get any warning beeps, award bios. Nothing! Did i do something wrong when clearing cmos? I had the mb manual right there. I happened to have purchased for my son a very similar computer that weekend for $35, which works great. Tried using that cpu, same kind, nothing. Used the $35 memory, nothing. Sil lives 800 miles away, so i took it home with me. Since i've tried different jumper settings clock, ratio. Nothing. Replaced cmos battery. Still nothing, no beeps, no bios. Cpu is seated properly, heat sink too. Motherboard looks fine on inspection, no blown capacitors, but i guess it's fried? Anything i might have missed before trashing it?

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Black Blank Screen

On my friend's pc - all of a sudden the screen is going black (blank) with no bsod msg. The pc has just got to be restarted. Windows 2000 was re-installed but still the same problem. I have absolutely no idea whats going on. Is this a ram problem ?

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Hp Pavilion Black Screen

I was recently giving a hp pavilion by my brother when he moved out of the house and he told me if i could get it running it was mine to keep. Apparently it crashed on him and he thinks the hard drive is messed up. The operating system is windows vista i know that. When i boot up the computer everything is normal until i get past the loading screen and it just gives me a black screen, i tried putting in the system recovery cd to wipe everything clean from the hard drive, but i boot it up get the black screen which after several minutes changes to a blue screen, then after several more minutes changes to a the system recovery screen. From there i tell it to restore to factory qualities then it freezes at 0%. Any suggestions as to what im doing wrong?

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Pc Starts Up With Black Screen And With No Beep

Every time i turn my computer on it starts up but the screens black and there is no beep. I push restart and it loads up fine. I used to have a faulty graphic card and that would beep twice and stay black. This is different. Anybody know what the problem is?

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Screen Resolution Went Completely Black

I went to the menu for display, then settings, then moved the screen resolution slider from the minimum to the maximum. Unfortunantly the screen then went completely black and a little message popped up saying that it was out of limits. I have tried plugging another screen in and the same message came up. I also tried putting my lcd tv on it but it just keeps saying not supported. The computer was handed down from my mum so i don't have any of the manuals or anything. Help me! How do i reset it so that i can use it again. There is nothing on the computer that i don't mind losing, if there was a way of resetting it to factory setting that would be fine, i just don't know what to do.

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Detecting Array - Black Screen

Recently my pc hung in the "windows is shutting down" stage of the shutdown process, so i used the power button to turn it off. Next day i boot up to get past the biostar logo screen, press f1 to boot up in the choice menu then get to nother black screen saying "detecting array. " Nothing happens after this. A few more attempts at booting un, using the power key to turn off i manage to boot up. Now next day i find the computer shuts down fine but it now hangs at the biostar logo screen, keyboard lights flash up then off, mouse and keyboard do nothing screen is stuck at the logo screen for the biostar motherboard. I tried again, then again but it only boots randomly. Im on now but i had to unplug everything in the back of the pc except the keyboard and hammer on the delete button to get into the bios, from there it will restart and boot fine. Any suggestions?!

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Black Screen / Beeping Sound

A pii 400mhz came in the workshop with a problem that's got me scratching my head. It posts ok, reads memory, etc, but just before the operating system loads, you hear a beeping sound and the monitor goes black. No signal is sent to the monitor. The video card is agp, i tried another card, also tried a pci card. I've tried fiddling around in the bios, such as disabling power management, but no luck. You can hear the os loading, but can't see anything.

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Flashing Black Screen On Bfbc2

I was wondering if any other people were experiencing their screens flashing to black while playing bfbc2. Doesn't do it all the time but every now and then. My screen is a hp 22'' 1680x1050. I think the video quality is on high. My specs are:-

Amd 955 be cpu
Gtx 260 216
4 gb ram

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Radeon Hd 4870 And Black Screen

When i try to run full screen games i always get only a black screen. Any idea what can be wrong? Even 3d mark won't to start.system:-

Windows vista business 64-bit
Latest ati catalyst 64-bit drivers
Asus p5q deluxe motherboard

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Samsung Syncmaster Screen Black

I have a samsung syncmaster 931bw and yesterday the screen just went black. If i turn the monitor off and then on again it will display my desktop for about 3 seconds and then it goes black again! I can't figure out whats wrong with it because it has to be the monitor and not the computer, i've hooked it up to my laptop and same thing, turn it off and then on and i have 3 seconds of working and then black again.

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Ps2 Problem Black Screen

I have a skinny ps2 console and one day while trying to play a game i pushed the power button and i got a black screen that showed nothing at all, so i opened the lid and the ps2 intro played up. I waited a bit on the main screen and clicked browser and it was still reading my disc, so i held the power button and it wouldn't turn off then i opened the lid and it turned off. Anyone want to help me out?

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Black Screen With Mouse Arrow

Ok so when i turn it on it wont go to the sign in screen. It goes black and there is my mouse arrow but it does nothing. I tested it with the diagnostic thing and it says it passes, ive tried everything whats wrong? I don't have the money to fix and i live on my laptop.

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Screen Turning Black In Minecraft

Why is my screen turning black when i log in to minecraft? I have the exe. File, my computer is windows 7, and i have tried on my other computer (windows vista) and it works fine, is it something to do with my graphics card? So therefore it wont work altogether? And can you download it to 2 computers and run it both on them or should i delete it of the vista computer and try again with my windows 7 one? I really want to play this game!

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Screen Goes Black After Using Recovery Disk

I have the tx2 computer by hp. I ordered recovery disks i ran them multiple times. After a little while the screen goes black i let it for all night. What could be wrong?

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Dell Studio 17 Black Screen

Why when i turn my dell computer on there is nothing on the screen? When i turn on my computer everything i normal except my screen. It is just black. There's no windows is starting up or something the screen is just black. The other lights such as that one light you see when your computer is charging are all working the screen is just black. The screen does not light black it doesn't light at all and is a laptop dell studio 17.

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Black Screen - Pc Powers Up But Will Not Boot

I recently purchased a computer. I just replaced the stock heatsink with a thermaltake big typhoon from newegg, and i installed new motherboard mounting screws as well. I had to remove the motherboard in order to do this. Now, when i press the power button, the fans go on, the new cpu fan turns on, the video card fan goes, and the power led is on. However, all i get is a black screen. I have experimented and found that the harddrive does not make noise unless i unplug the ide cable first. Similarily, the dvd rw tray does not open unless i first unplug the ide cable to it. I think it is a motherboard issue, but i could be wrong.

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Screen Damaged With Black Blobs

Remedy the situation? The screen developed circular black blobs but over a number of weeks, faded out and my screen was ok apart from a one centimeter strip at the bottom of the screen which no longer works. Recently my screen suffered another assault, this time from hot tea! Once again these surprisingly circular black blobs have formed, the largest of which has begun to fray at the edges and fade a bit. Is there anything i can do to speed up the process of getting rid of these blobs?

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Nvidia 9800gt Black Screen

I've had this pny nvidia geforce 9800gt 1024mb ddr3 video card for about a year, and just yesterday i came back home to my computer to have my screen completely black, no artifacts or anything. I restarted my computer only to have the same exact problem, even when trying to boot with the last good configuration. I'm running on a x64 bit vista os, at first i thought that i downloaded an incompatible driver but i chose the right one. I've been looking for solutions everywhere and i can't seem to find one that relates to me. I'm desperate for help. Tomorrow i might head to my local computer shop and ask if they can either test a video card on my machine to see if it's the motherboard or the actual card that's messed up to diagnose the problem. So far my theory is that the driver is messed up. When i boot up vista, i see the "gateway" logo, and then the green bar that loads, but as soon as i get to the login screen (i pass login since my computer logs me in automatically) i hear sound but the screen is completely black with no cursor or anything. I ran my computer in safe mode and it works perfectly fine, but the only way to run windows normally is to uninstall my display driver and boot up normally. However, doing this will also make windows automatically install the driver because of the auto updates.

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How To Fix Black Screen After Bios?

Description of problem: when i boot the computer the normal beep is heard and then the motherboard logo, i have the to enter the bios. After the motherboard logo disappears the screen goes black and where i usually have a screen that lets me choose between booting vista or windows 7 there is nothing. The only light on the computer is the green power light and the busy orange light is off and not moving. It is almost as if the computer gives up and just displays nothing.

Pre-problem: i was playing garrys mod for a good 5+ hours when i minimized the game i noticed my computer was slouching along and barely able to operate a web browser. So i closed garrys mod and went back to the desktop where it started to respond faster and i just figured that the ram was used up and like any other time a reboot would fix the problem. I keep my computer very clean and i defrag often and the only program running at all times is avg. After turning the computer off i turned it back on and now the problem has started. What i've done so far:

* I have unplugged all the hdds, disk drive, gpu and ram and plugged them back in. I kept a eye out for any kind of damage but i could find none. After putting the computer back together nothing has changed.

* I have gone to the bios and looked through to make sure that everything on the computer is responding. The bios can see every hdd and gives the accurate slot location and capacity of the drives. It can see the cpu and all the information is accurate. Motherboard and cpu fans are all responding and the voltage readings are all where they should be.

* I have ran boot post and all 4 gb of ram is ok.

* I have switched monitors and still have a black screen, i have switch gpu and still have the same problem.

* I have tried unhooking the hdds and running the hdd that only has the os windows 7 and still the same. I tried only hooking up the hdd with windows vista and still the same.

* I created both a windows 7 boot disk and a windows system repair disc and whenever i try to boot from cd-rom is comes up saying boot disk failure, enter a system disk. I tried this all three different hdds hooked up at once. I think i have eliminated these from causing the problems: gpu, ram, hdd(all 3), cpu, motherboard and psu. I cannot figure out what is going on with my computer and this has never happened before, it is clearly custom built and has been problem free since i built it over a year ago. The hdd i put windows 7 on is brand new and the cpu i put in went in without a problem. If you have any suggestions, please share them. Meanwhile i am going to try and test the disk drive in another computer and i am going to swap disk drives to see if a different one will accept the boot disks.

Edit- i forgot to add that the cpu is running at normal idle temp. Here are the specs for the computer i'm having problems with:

Cpu: wolfdale core 2 duo e8400
Gpu: zotac nvidia gtx 260 216 core
Ram: g-skill gaming ram (2 x 2 gb)
Psu: x-power 585 watt
Motherboard: asus p5n-d
Hdd: 2 x 1 tb samsung, ~300gb maxtor ide
Os: windows 7 ultimate 32-bit, windows vista home premium 32-bit

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Computer Freeze At Bios And Screen Goes Black

Last friday the computer stopped working correctly. On start up it boots normally which it goes past the bios screen and can even enter the bios utility as would any normal working computer would do. Though this is the catch. Once the computer past the normal bios and begins to enter to the hard drive to boot from windows. The screen goes black, i think it freezes there, though i'm not sure because my friend only told me this stuff over the phone. These are some things that i told him to try over the phone. One make sure you test each ram (512mbx2) test each ram stick by itself. Make sure that you have only one in at a time, and alternate from each ram stick you have. So that you can test the memory because it might be damaged. After doing all that work. Testing the memory didn't do anything the computer still crashed with 512mb or 1024mb it didn't matter what it had, it still crashed. So i'm asking what you guys might think about this problem, and if you have any suggestions at specifications:

Intel core 2 duo 1. 86ghz
Asus ai series motherboard
512mbx2 (1024mb)
Ati radeon 1600 series pci-express video card
320gb hard drive

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