Constant Video Lag

Well i have pinpointed the constant steady video lag that i have been experiencing. I went through ms config and found the program tile. Its "nvpcl.dll, nvstarup" when i actually went in and deleted these and rebooted and everything it just recreated itself and made the same file, so i need to know how to permanently remove this file. Can someone please help me?

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Video Lag

I do not know why, but one of my computers has a serious video lag issue. Its had it for quite a while, and reformatting doesnt seem to help much. Ive tried different video cards and video drivers. Nothing fixes it. What happens is, when ever a video or any movement is done, every few seconds, the video will pause (lag) then continue to do what it was doing. Im also noticing its doing it as i type this post. Only other thing is it could be a buffer issue, but i dont know how to track down if the buffer is f*ing up or not. Any ideas?

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Xp Video Lag

I experience periodic video lag in streamed internet video using flash media player (even when the video is fully downloaded). During those lag i see about 1 frame every 2 seconds and both firefox and ie cpu usage peak to 50% (i.e. They use one full core). I am not out of ram during the lags and no other applications are running. Pausing the video has no effect on the cpu spikes (they end after the same amount of time, video paused or not)

This problem appeared for no reason a while ago. Since then i tried everything i could think of: driver update, flash player update, various codec packs (even though i am pretty sure this has no impact of flash video), different browsers and i even formatted the computer without any improvements. At this point i assume the problem comes from the newer versions of the flash player (it started somewhere along version 9 but is still present in version 10). My computer is an acer aspire 5100 (amd turion 64 x2 mobile, 1. 6ghz, ati radeon xpress 1100, 1g shared memory) os is windows xp sp3 (problem was present is sp2)

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Help Video Lag

I am desperate for some assistance. Whenever i play bf1942, or any first person shooters i experience severe video lag. Even on low settings it still comes back to haunt me. This is what happens. I walk a few feet, freeze then appear in a different location. You know good ole lag for ya. I know one thing thought with the video card i have in there this should not be happening. Ive checked my drivers. Problem with direct x? Service pack 2? Ram? Its quite annoying when you have a top of the line machine acting like a $200 dollar dell pc. Any help would be appreciated. Specs:-

Processor- 3. 2 p4 lga775
Ram- geil dual process 1 gb
Videocard- x850xt 256mb
Service pack 2
Direct x9. 0c

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Extreme Video Lag

I'm half-decently computer saavy but i've been having a problem playing videos on my laptop lately. I run on vista and have 1 gig of ram and a 1. 70 ghz processor. My laptop is fairly new and i run norton anti-virus. I'm using an acer now that's replaced a toshiba i was using before which sustained water damage. On my toshiba (which i had for over a year) i could always watch videos fine online and through media player. With this acer (i've had it since october), every time i try to run videos, whether they're already downloaded or streaming, there's a huge lag. The picture itself just freezes for about 30 seconds and the sound keeps going. Then the video speeds up very fast after the freeze to catch up with the sound. I'm pretty stumped. Less than half my harddrive is full, i have spyware/virus protection, i ran a defrag, uninstalled some programs that i don't use, did error-checking and am running my firewall at all times. What could be causing this lag? It only really affects my video performance but it's driving me crazy! I've been all over google and any advice would help me alot

Edit: the laptop is an aspire 5100 if that helps
Processor is amd athlon(tm) 64x2 dual-core processor tk-53

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Windows 7 Video Lag

I found that performance has dropped a bit since switching from vista (32 bit) to 7 (32 bit). Vista has always run smoothly for me but since trying out windows 7 i've noticed lag in several areas such as:

- Choppy screensaver
- Highlight box (when holding button down on desktop and dragging over icons) is jumping
- Framerate when playing videos in realplayer doesn't seem to be up to par
- Typing lag
- A bit of jumpiness when moving windows around, or minimizing them
- World of warcraft is choppy when in windowed mode (but runs fine in full screen mode)

Hopefully that all makes sense. The choppiness isn't overly horrible but definitely enough to be easily noticable. Here are my relevant specs:
-Core 2 quad 2. 4
-4 gb ram
-8mb cache
-500 gb hd (75% free)
-Nvidia 8600 gts

I'm pretty sure this issue has 'video driver issue' written all over it. I updated to the drivers that nvidia released specifically for windows 7 under windows update (their "prerelease wddm 1. 1") but it didn't seem to help. Any thoughts or suggestions or similiar experiences to share would be greatly appreciated!

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Fullscreen Video Lag

The problem i am having is simple: fullscreen videos lag, bad. It looks like i'm getting half the fps from windowed mode. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

System specs:

3300+ amd athlon 64 processor (2. 4ghz)
1. 5gb pc3200 ddr sdram memory
Geforce 7600gs 512mb video card
Windows xp home 32-bit
Internet explorer 8 32-bit

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Wmp11 Video Lag

Since installing vista, i've been getting terrible lag on my videos when i use windows media player 11. With xp, i had ripped quite a few videos from youtube via, which allowed me to download the videos in avi files with divx codecs. I had also ripped some long (1-2 hour) homemade dvds in avi files with xvid and divx codecs. I find it fairly annoying that all of these videos are lagging terribly in windows media player 11. The shorter youtube videos work alright if i don't go fullscreen, but if i do, they lag. By lagging, i mean that the audio progresses normally, but the video is slower, and falls behind the audio, making it very hard to follow the videos. For the longer movies that i ripped myself, they lag much more. Even without going fullscreen, they seem pretty bad, and starting at any point gives me glitchy video that is already far behind the audio. What i find interesting is that i can play these videos with the divx player, and in windows media center - absolutely fine! However, i'm not a big fan of the divx player, and windows media center takes a while to start up, and runs fairly slowly. Also, with windows media center, i have to fast forward. I cannot simply click on a part of the movie and skip ahead to it. I love vista, but these video problems i have been noticing are starting to irritate me. Any thoughts?

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Video Lag In Firefox

Just as the post says, i try watching stuff, e.g. Youtube, and the video lags away from the sound. I press pause, the video then stops and then a second later the sound. Any patches or fixes out there. A link will do. Just don't understand why is only does it in firefox. Other videos that are on my hdd have no lag.

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Vista Audio / Video Lag

Recently i have been having a very interesting and frustrating problem with my version of windows vista ultimate (32 bit). Everything was great until a few days ago when the audio started lagging significantly during any and almost every sound. I decided to look at the process window to try and find out the reason for the massive cpu usage surge, and resulting lag in all audio. I found the problem to arise about every 30 seconds and every time, the file "audiodg.exe" jumped in cpu usage from 0% to around 30-40%. I also know that this file cannot be ended or there will be no sound at all. I've tried everything that i know of. I've scanned the computer with norton 360v2, i've shut down all background applications, and i'll still get lag even when i'm only using about 60% of the processor during a spike. I've also tried disabling all audio effects, upgraded my drivers for the integrated sound, and when that worked, plugged in a creative audigy 2 sound card, updated it's drivers for vista and disabled any and all effects and it still lags, i've almost given up! As a side note, this does not happen when i run xp on the same machine. (It's on a seperate partition)

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Video Lag After Vista Install

I recently did a clean install of vista64 home premium. I spent some time installing all of my drivers, and making sure all of the windows updates were installed. Everything seems to be running fine, including photoshop, which is the primary use of the computer. However since i loaded vista, all of my video lags very badly. The sound seems to work fine, but the video frame rate is down to nothing. I cannot play any games on it right now.cod4 will load, and i will hear sound, but i will not get any video. And even older games like guild wars wont play. The video on guild wars was very laggy, and sharded. I have 6gigs of ram, and dual 6800 video cards. I didn't have these problems when i was running xp, so i am thinking there is something i forgot to do, or didn't know to do.

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Video Lag On T91mt In Itunes

I have had my t91 mt for a little over a month now. It is running windows 7. I am an average computer user, not a computer nerd, so be gentle with me please with advice, talk down to me anyway, a little backgrounder, i upgraded the memory to 2gb first off. I have itunes installed, and i keep my itunes library files on the t91 but have the actual files on a 32gb thumb drive. I have the itunes set up so that it knows to find the files on the thumb drive. Works perfectly as long as the thumbdrive is in when i open itunes. This works great as i have a lot of music and it threatened to take over all my memory before i got this all figured out. Now for the problem, what i wanted this t91 to do was to play videos and tv shows that i have purchased in itunes. I have purchased a couple of tv shows for my little girl through itunes. Problem is though, when i play them, they have a few second lag/ delay that makes the video pretty much useless. Video and sound don't match up and it is choppy looking. Very annoying, and she is sitting there saying, "what is wrong with it mommy?" "Make it work!" Weirder thing is every podcast i have downloaded works perfectly from itunes with perfect sound and video. No delay at all. I have not downloaded a video/movie yet, did not want to pay and be disappointed if it works as poorly as the tv shows. The tv shows are kiddie show, none are more than 23 minutes or so, so it is not like a 2 hour movie or something. I do have quicktime installed. I have no issues watching a video on youtube connected to the wifi. What is going on here? What am i missing? I had hoped to have a little mini library for her on the thumbdrive so i would not have to tote around the portable dvd or the external dvd drive and her movies with me when on trips and things thinking that the t91 mt could serve that purpose. I do have a 4 gb sd card in the permanent card slot so i could put the tv/video files there i guess if i had to if the issue lies with pulling the files from the thumbdrive, but i don't imagine that is the issue. Space is not an issue. I have removed many programs and with the extra 2gb it should be fast enough. I don't have any issues with speed and responsiveness anywhere else. Any ideas at all?

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Streaming Video Lag In Firefox

Ive been trying to fix this problem with streaming video. Like in youtube, when i try to play some video, the sound and audio would not play in sync. How do i check what plugins i have installed for playing streaming videos in firefox, and which one is the best plugins as well?

My computer is running on edgy, amd 3200+, 768 ram, nvidia geforce 5200.

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Video Lag In Online Games Windows 7

Im getting video lag in on-line games on windows 7, its completely random places and random times. How do i fix this?

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Video Lag In Windows Vista X64

I just installed windows vista ultimate x64 on my pc and i've started experiencing lag from time to time in videos i try to watch. (By closing and reopening the video in vlc, it sometime plays normally (10% of the time)). Also, the sound of the videos seems to be ok, only the images lags behind at a less-than expected framerate. If i reboot my computer and the first thing i do in windows is open the video i want to watch, it plays fine 100% of the time. This didn't occur by using the 32-bit version of vista. I have a quadro fx 3400 graphic card and 4gigs of ram in a hp pavilion a6245n (quad-core 2. 4 ghz). Videos, in my opinion, shouldn't lag based on the computer i have. Do any of you have any idea what's wrong with my computer? I also want to point out that i have installed the latest driver for my graphic card and it didn't change a thing. Also, the sound of the videos seems to be ok, only the images lags behind at a less-than expected framerate.

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Nvidia Card With Video Lag / Stuttering

Here is what i have found and it has absolutely helped. 1. ) Download latest nvidia drivers:

2. ) Make sure you run the game in window'd mode (odd i know)
3. ) Make an nvidia profile for the game (don't need to make any adjustments, just making a profile helps). 4. ) And turn off the specular and other lighting in the settings.xml file
5. ) Use that buff-mod that allows you to adjust the buff/debuff refresh rate (default is . 5 seconds, changing it to 3. 0 for me worked immensly

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Flv ( Flash Video ) Lag On Firefox

Youtube video or any flv (flash video) are not fluid on firefox. They were not on firefox 3. 0, neither on 3. 5 . What's causing that problem ? Firefox is so badly coded ?

Basically, i love firefox for the great addons community that enable us to customize it any way we want to. But having to use ietab every time i want to peacefully watch in a non-choppy way some flash video is boring. I'd like to rely on only one browser to do all my activities. If any solution exist, i'm listening to you. (And it should be set by default on ff) by the way, if i start firefox and watch right after a flash video, it seems to be fluid, however, after 10 mins, if i try to watch another video (or the same) it will be choppy)

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How Do I Stop Video Lag In Zoom Mode ?

How do i stop video judder in zoom mode? When i zoom in on a page (moderately, 115% or so) the video lags and bounces severely while scrolling, this doesn't happen when the zoom is at it's default level. The problem is that level is too small for me. What's strange is this doesn't happen in ie8. How can i maintain a moderate zoom level and keep fluid video? I tried to use a zoom extension and got the same results. I also tried messing with the scrolling feature but that didn't work either.

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Streaming Video Over Network Lag Issue

Trying to watch shared avi files from another computer, i get some lag problems with the video. Windows can copy the file over in 1 minute, which is 45min long, so it's not a throughput issue (i don't think) all network adapters are on 100mbit, full duplex so there's no conflicts with anything running half there

When playing the video, task manager on the computer with the video shows minimal cpu usage, and network usage doesn't even go past 25% - so how is it lagging?

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Flash Player Video Lag In Fullscreen Mode

I am trying to watch csi on abc's website and it uses *intertube* whatever that is. And when i turn the video to full-screen i looks as if the frame-rate drops 50 percent and it runs laggy and slow. Also the audio is all choppy. It uses flash player so im geussing it's something to do with that?

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Constant Reboots

I am having trouble fixing a friend's computer that reboots constantly. I have replaced the power supply and also replaced the cpu cooler and im quite sure that the problem now lies with the video drivers, but i am not sure how to fix it. Before i replaced the 300watt hipro with the powmax, the system would boot maybe 1 out of 10 times. Now it boots but randomly reboots at unexpected times.

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Constant Computer Crashes

The issue started about a week ago, every now and then the computer will lock up to the point i must hard restart it. I have exhausted every effort i know to find the issue. I have ran a hard drive test, memtest (56 tests with no failures, i don't know how many tests there are but it was still going and ive heard 49 was enough tests). I have dusted the computer out and such. The problem started whenever i was playing games but eventually migrated toward just surfing the internet. As far as i can tell it is completely random.system:-

Os: windows vista home premium 64bit
Processor: intel core 2 duo cpu 3. 16ghz
Ram: 4 gigs
Video cards: nvidia geforce 9800m gtx sli enabled

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Constant Internet Disconnect

Well, lately i've noticed some dc's at first i was just playing world of warcraft, and i got a dc (which seriously hardly ever happens to me. It would be that someone pulled the plug of the router out or something). So i thought, meh could be something else. But past 4 days i've noticed constant dc's in 2 games that i play: wow and battlefield: bad company 2. So i contacted my provider and they couldn't really help me. They just told me basic amateur stuff such as: pull the plug out and back in. But, my sister downloads from limewire, she has for a long time, i always told her not to. But still she does. So i was thinking, maybe someone hacked our network because of limewire. Well, i was also playing battlefield today, for a few hours and the dc's usually happen every 25-50 minutes. So as soon as my sister came back home from work, she came home and rest, and just not too long after that, boom! Another dc while i didn't have any before she came home. Thing is, she also owns a blackberry, which i doubt it could be cos i don't think u can download things with malware from that thing. But maybe it could still be so. And i just went to my router-webpage and went to the lan- section. And i noticed all the way down of the page it has a little section with: 'dynamic dhcp client list', under that i get 'hardware address assigned ip hostname ' and i have one with the ip addres and all the stuff that is supposed to go along with it (afraid to tell you guys what it is though). And it says hostname computer. So i think that's just my computer or something, but under that i see another ip address and the whole line thing and the hostname is: your-0ifga41fpw , could that be something bad? Because i don't know if it belongs to me or whatever it is. I also resetted my modem + router. Didn't work. I also wanted to block limewire through my router-webpage but i don't know how to, could you please explain it to me! And oh yes! When i get disconnected its not like i have to wait a while for my internet to get back up again, it's just an instant dc but i can log back in directly after that. So all in all, my problem is: lately i've been getting constant dc's which are extremely rare for me to get. And i'm not sure but i think it could be my sisters limewire.

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Windows 7 Constant Bsod

I just purchased a brand new computer from another website(ibuypower), a gaming rig, anyways when i bought it the hard drive was preformatted there was no os but i installed windows 7 professional 64 bit myself. Anyways after doing this, i receive a blue screen of death everyday a couple of times a day, i've only had this system for about a week, and im very worried. I dont believe its a problem with the ram as i ran memtest and i passed it. I have all updated drivers for my asus motherboard and my nvidia graphics card. Here are my specs if needed. Im just wondering what i should do?

Amd athlon ii (tm) x4 635 processor
Asustek m4a785-m motherboard
Corsair ddr-2 dual 1 gb memory (2gb total)- located in slot 3 and 4
Nvidia geforce gt 220 1gb graphics card

Anyways quick help would be appreciated other than the bsod's my computer runs perfectly its just that bsod's are so consistent perhaps 3/4/5 times a day?

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Constant Hard Drive Spinning

I am on a relatives computer, and she is complaining of slow performance, and basically, what it looks like, is the hard drive, is constantly spinning, causing programs to act slow, and causing everything to run slow. I have indexing turned off (windows vista ) and i just want a list of things i can start going through to check what might be causing the constant spinning. She has norton, too. Which might be part of the problem.

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Constant Random Blue Screen

Well for various reasons (one being constant random blue screens) i decided to format and reinstall windows last night. So i open up the box, disconnect all storage drives put in the windows installation cd and start, use the usual settings after it's done copying files it blue screens. So i shut down and retry the whole thing again, and blue screen after the copying files portion again. First test, memory. Ran memtest86 and it had an error on test 4. I took out both sticks and one of the gold connectors on one of the sticks looked burned. So i put that aside inspected the other one and put it back in the system. Started the windows installation and crashed in the same spot. So i thought maybe i put the memory in the slot that the burned stick was in so i put it in the other spot and ran memtest86 and it passed 4 full test passes. Started windows installation. Blue screen in the same spot. Second test, hard drive - made a wd diag tool cd and did a quick scan - no errors, did a full scan - no errors. Third test, one of the pci devices. I took out all pci devices. Try again and blue screen on the same spot once again. Fourth test, video card - so i switched video cards with my bro's comp. Try to install again and once again blue screen in the same spot. At this point the only thing i can think of doing is taking everything out of the system and trying the install as bare as possible. Any thing you guys suggest?

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Random Xp Freeze - Constant Bsods

Background : my htpc was randomly freezing (no bsod, no error logs) for a few weeks, i assume it had something to do with some tv server software i was playing with after i installed my tv tuner card. Weird part: one day it froze while on the screen saver again. I did a hard reboot and was greeted by a "no valid boot device found" message. I looked in the bios, and it had changed the hdd boot order to the default [ide0 first, should have been sata0 first], but all other bios settings were as i had set them previously. Once i reset the hdd boot order, it booted up into windows. On the first boot, the boot-up chkdsk found errors in about a dozen files (windows help files + mozilla cache files from what i can see) and fixed them all. Another scan of the c: comes back with no additional errors. Current issue : now the system is a ball of instability - 0x8e bsods every couple hours [and they all blame random things for the crash from kmixer.sys to lan drivers to explorer.exe. ]

Troubleshooting: checked memory with memtest 86, 86+ and the ms memtest tool - all came back clean. Uninstalled and reinstalled all major drivers (chipset, video, sound, lan. ) And took out the tv tuner card and software. Also disabled the page file completely to wipe out possibilities of that being corrupt. Updated the bios. Also ran stress tests for overheating cpu/gpu, and malware/virus scans. Still can't escape the bsods. Any tips? I'd love to have hd movies back where i can watch a whole one without a bsod.

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Constant Loud Humming Noise On Boot Up

I hooked up an older desktop computer and powered it on. It powers up but it does not boot up, the screen shows no signal (amber/yellow light, not green). And there is a constant loud humming noise (not "beep, beep, beep" but like "beeeepppp. ")

I am pretty sure it's not a fan making the noise, but some kind of error code. All fans come on and stay on, no dust inside, the mouse shows it has power, but the keyboard does not have any power (no lights). I tried plugging things in different usb ports and other ports on the back of the case and using wireless and non-wireless mouses and keyboards, still same problems. And yes all the same hook ups i am using (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. ) Worked fine on this comp. Before

Also computer makes a little quieter hum when just plugging power supply cord into outlet without even powering it on. I don't know much about computers so can anyone tell me whats wrong here?

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Installed Wrong Bios - Hdd Light Stays Constant

On my pc (k8v motherboard) i downloaded an .exe flash rom for my laptop (fujitsu-siemens amilo 1045), after it was downloaded to my pc it was still hightlighted and i accidentally pressed enter so the rom opened and installed itself onto my pc (there was no option to cancel the install) now it appears ive got a fujitsu-siemens bios on my pc or no bios atall as all that happens when i turn my pc on is the power light comes on and the hdd light stays constant, no other action, monitor stays on standby etc. If anybody has any ideas how to fix this your help is greatly appreciated.

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Hard Drive Runs At Constant 100, 110 Degrees And Make Noises

I've got a maxtor 80gigger, 7200 rpm ata133. A way long while back i had a dumb idea and kept my box in an enclosed space so no heat got out and no cold air got in. My hdd and video card took a blow. I had it there for 2 weeks before i noticed things were getting too hot. My hard drive started making clicking noises every once and a while, and was running real slow. I asked someone, they said it's a symptom of overheating and that i should keep my computer off for a bit and backup my files. I left it off for 2 days, and when i got back it took me over an hour to gather maybe 400 megs of stuff to save. It shouldn't take that long, 10 minutes at most (bathroom break included). It was running that slow. I run over to circuit city and buy a hdd cooler with a hs to cover the whole thing (except the bottom of it) for 20 bucks, i think it's served me forward a few months, to now, where my hard drive runs at a constant 100-110 degrees farenheit, and still makes the clicky noise. Performance is ok until it clicks, so it locks windows for a brief second and goes back. I'm wondering the temp is ok and if there's anything i can do about it (front mount intercooler, anyone? ) Any advice is highly appreciated.

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