Wireless Routers Connection Range Is Low

My wireless routers connection range is very low. How do i fix this? I have a very old router it's a buffalo whr- g54s router and it just does the weirdest thing. When i place my laptop right next to the computer it's signal strength ranges from fair and good, never very good. The router is situated in my game room so anywhere in my game room my laptop's connection is fairly good. But when i move out of my game room into any other part in the house it loses connection completely. I've tried everything, i've reset the router's settings, i cleared away things that could be blocking it's connection for example television sets and home phones (cell phones as well). I'm in desperate need for help for i do not want to stay in the game room for the rest of my life. Does anyone know the answer to this issue?

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Wireless Linksys Connection Has Low Signal Strength

My wireless linksys connection has a very low signal strength but it normally has excellent today my pc has been running real slow because the signal strength is very low. Its always excellent, except for today. How can i get it excellent again?

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Connecting Wireless B Wireless N Routers, Wep/wpa

I used to use a linksys wireless b router at home with some b adapters. Recently i upgraded the router to a linksys wireless-n router. However, i am too lazy yet to buy the g adapters for upgrading. However, my laptop is equiped with wireless-g adapter and so as one of the desktop at home. Now, i connect everything to the new wireless n router. Perfect. Everything works. The laptop is connected with the router at 54m while the pcs with b adapters are connected at 11m. Since wireless b only support wep and not wpa, so i was using wep all along. On top of that, i read from somewhere that if there is a single pc connecting wirelessly with wireless b, even though some pcs are connected at 54m, they are indeed running at 11m. So here is what i did today. I took out the old wireless b router, connect it with the wireless n router with a network cable. I set the wireless b router address (192. 168. 1. 2) different from the wireless n router address (192. 168. 1. 1). I disabled the wireless b router's dchp, i setup ssid (e.g. Abcd) with the wireless b and a new wep key. At the wireless n router, i use another ssid (e.g. Efgh), enable dchp, and use wpa. And i setup each pcs accordingly. Perfect! Now the pcs with b adapters and connecting with the wireless b router (wep) while the pcs with g adapters are connecting to the wireless n adapters (wpa). Everything works!

Now my question is, in theory, should the pcs with g adapters running at 54m true speed? Please note that the gateway for all pcs are 192. 168. 1. 1, the ip address of the wireless n router.

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Connecting Two Wireless Routers As One Wireless Network

How can i connect two wireless routers to function together as one wireless network? Currently i have a wireless bell dsl router (i don't remember the actual router model, but i know it is very limited as to what it could do). This router is connected to the internet and currently all my computers connect wirelessly to this router's wifi network (let's call it network a) to access the internet. I am currently repairing a desktop which does not have wireless functionality. I don't want to purchase a wireless adaptor for this computer or move it closer to the router, one of those will be my last resort. I do have a linksys wrt150-n wireless router that i don't use anymore. That router by default creates it's own wireless network called "linksys". Is there some way to link or bridge the two wireless networks together so that any computer that i connect to the linksys router via ethernet cable will get internet access provided from the bell router?

In the diagram network 1 (blue) and network 2 (red) are not connected. Everything in network 1 can access the internet, nothing in network 2 can. The desktop is in network 2 and cannot access the internet. Somehow i want to wirelessly merge these two networks. I don't want to run an ethernet cable between the two routers, i want them to connect to each other wirelessly.

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Two Wireless Routers

I have a cable modem connected to a d-link wireless router (broadband port). The d-link is connected to a cisco hub (lan port to lan port). The hub has hard wire running from it around the house. Since i didn't get wireless coverage around my entire house, i bought a linksys wireless router and hardwired it to a ethernet jack (lan port to hub). I am able to connect wirelessly to both routers but i can only reach the internet over the d-link. I have a desktop computer connected to the linksys router and i can reach the internet, so the internet is reaching the linksys. I set the linksys to router (instead of gateway), i disabled dhcp and i have spent over an hour on the phone with linksys support to no avail.

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Help Deciding Between Wireless Routers

I am planning to replace my current wireless router (a not-so-great belkin) and am stuck between 2 routers:

1. Linksys wrt54gl ieee 802. 11b/g wireless-g broadband router - $58 shipped from amazon


2. D-link dir-655 ieee 802. 11n (draft) xtreme n gigabit router - $100 shipped from amazon

The linksys has amazing reviews on almost all websites and the d-link is rated as the fastest wireless n (draft) router. Is the $50 price difference justified by going with the n (draft) over the wireless g? Will i notice a significant increase in speed? My desktop uses the wireless connection so speed is important to me.

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Connecting Two Wireless Routers

In my home, i have a cable connection. 1 is connected to a linksys wireless router combo, and then to a computer. I also have a pair of laptops connected via wireless. Obviously, this isn't the problem. I have several game systems downstairs, and i would like to connect them to the internet. They don't have the ability to connect via wireless, and i don't want to run a 75 foot cable downstairs. Does anyone know how to connect a second wireless router downstairs, so that it can connect to the first router's network?

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Using 2 Wireless Routers Between 2 Pcs Wirelessly

Can i use my 2 wireless routers to communicate (share files/connections) between 2 pcs wirelessly? I have two netgear wireless routers (1 wnr2000, 1 mr814v2) from a garage sale and wanted to know if i can use them to communicate wirelessly between 2 different pcs in adjacent rooms? Even if it is possible i would probably need software to do things automatically. Both pcs have windows xp home xp2. The first thing i would like to do is to share a printer but would love to share files and a connection too. I think i have all the equipment including ethernet cards and cables.

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No Wireless Networks Are Found In Range

I have an acer one netbook and just recently i've been having a lot of trouble with my internet or wireless card. Whenever i try to look for a network via "refresh", it says "no wireless networks are found in range". My wireless adapter is on, that is fine. I even looked in my device manager and it shows some of my network adapters with a yellow (!) Sign. I tried to look for updated hardware and it says that is the most updated one. I tried uninstalling it and it says i need to reboot my computer. I've rebooted my computer and nothing happened. Please help. P. S. Would going back to the factory default settings, via disk and restarting my whole computer, wiping out all my files", fix this issue?

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Wireless Keyboard & Mouse With Best Maximum Range

I'm setting up my secondary computer on my viewsonic 37" lcd which i use primarily to watch tv. I would like to have a wireless keyboard/mouse to use on the sofa which will sit approximately 10-12 ft from the tower. I'm trying to find the keyboard/mouse combo that will work at best maximum range. I'm gonna throw out a $100 limit for the 2. I will primarily be using for web surfing or the occasional gaming (*** gaming will be on my primary comp and dell 2407). I understand the bluetooth is "supposed" to have a better range but all the reviews i've read are horrible. I'm wonding if anyone has a similar setup and what keyboard/mouse combo they use?

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Wireless Picture Frame 10+ Inch Range

Can anyone point out a digital picture frame, say in the 10+ inch range that actually works, when feeding the stream from a pc wirelessly? I have a kodak w1020, and it is terrible, and other reviewers have confirmed it, it just doesn't work wirelessly.

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Long Range Wireless Keyboard / Mouse

I just got an awesome 60" hdtv and i want to connect one of my pcs to it. I tried using a cordless logitech mouse/keyboard but even with the usb extension it seems to be too far away to work. Does anyone know of any good long range keyboard / mouse combos? I only need about 6+ feet. If not a specific model, what should i be looking for?(Bluetooth, rf, or ir).

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Low Cost / Low Power Consumption Server For File Serving 15-20 Drives

Like the title states;

Originally, i had a specific set of components lined up for my whs file server but have decided to start over with input from everyone here. Before i go any further, here are the main functions the box will be serving;

3-5 workstations (htpc, wdtv, etc), streaming mainly hd content over a gigabit network and file backup of photos and family videos. Not so distant future, ftp server for remote access to data (2-10 clients max - rarely simultaneous connection). My main priorities, in order of importance;

Low power
Low cost (not too important if cost vs. Performance sacrifice is an issue)

This server will be on 24/7 so low power is extremely important. No raid requirements necessary, jbod done via whs. I've already acquired a norco 4220 w/ fan's modded for less noise, a rosewill rbr1000-m 1000w psu, and a dell sas6/ir.initially, i will start with 5-10 - 1. 5 to 2tb drives, but i would like to purchase all hardware no (while i have money). So my question to all is this; given my server demands (hardly any), what components would you go with - a list of specific components with models numbers would help. If you wouldn't use the sas6 i currently have, what would you used (saslp ?)

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Issue With Dhcp Connection Wireless Connection Drop

I don't know why i keep getting this error message in the log for dhcp , it annoys a lot as it disconnects the wifi then reconnects and continues to do so for a few minutes. The ip address lease 192. 168. 1. 7 for the network card with network address 0xxxxxxxxxxxxx has been denied by the dhcp server 0. 0. 0. 0 (the dhcp server sent a dhcpnack message). I know there is an issue as the dhcp server should be 192. 168. 1. 1, it goes normal as in the log it shows that it gets the i. P from the correct dhcp but when the error happens it shows the dhcp server as to 0. 0. 0. 0. My wireless card is an atheros ar9285, my pc is a hp pavillion dv 7-3162nr laptop

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Connect Ps3 To Wireless Connection With Netgear Wireless Router

How do i connect my ps3 to my wireless connection with a netgear wireless router? We have tried password, we have tried the security pin on the back of the router and still cant figure it out.

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Switch From Wireless Connection To Wired Connection

How do i switch from a wireless connection to wired connection? So i just switched internet service providers and the new isp gave me a wireless setting but this turned out to be more slow then i imagined so im wondering how i can switch back from a wireless connection to a wired connection. I have a router and a modem but i don't know what plugs go with what.

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Setup Wireless Network From Wireless Connection

Can i set up a wireless network from a wireless connection? To detail it a little moe, im connected to my parents wireless network which is encrypted with wpa security. While i was away at college, i bought my own router to use wep encryption so that i could play on my ds while taking my laptop about, but now i can no longer play on my ds. Is there a way i could use the connection im using atm and kind of use my laptop as a gateway of sorts to connect my own router but instead wep. If that makes any sense.

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Wireless Connection Is Available But Wireless Internet Is Not

I recently bought a new laptop and i wanted to get wireless internet from my house. So instead of buying a new wireless router i took my bf old one. I get it set up and my pc says im connected to the network but it says no internet access. So i try unplugging everything and replugging it in, not a help. So i decided to turn off the pc and the wireless router and unplugging everything and still nothing.

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How To Sure Someone Is Not Using My Wireless Connection ?

How can i be sure someone is not using my wireless connection? Recently my internet has been running really slow (my computer speed is fine). I can just imagine some weirdo neighbor sat at home watching goat *** through my wireless connection (perhaps slightly too graphic, i know). Anyway, i need some tips on how to find out if anyone is using my connection and how i can prevent them from doing so. I am using windows vista and have a netgear wireless adapter wpa.

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How To Delete Wireless Connection ?

How do i delete wireless connection? I have 2 laptops with a wireless home network connection with a cable modem and router. One is working and one is not. Laptop with windows 7 is fine but laptop with xp is not allowing me to connect anymore. It was fine earlier but all of a sudden i get a message that says 'windows could not locate a certificate to log you into network' and a status message that says 'validating identity'. What can i do to fix it?

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What's Wrong With My Wireless Connection?

A couple days ago i started not being able to connect to the internet via wireless. However, my connection with my ethernet cable is just fine. I was thinking the problem was with my router, but my roommate is able to connect via wireless without issue. I then thought it was my wireless adapter (even though device manager doesn't show any problems), but i was able to connect to my university's wireless without any problem this morning. What could be wrong?

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Connection Wireless Not Working

Okay my wireless connection normally is perfectly fine and always works. But as i was on the internet, it totally shut off and i don't know what happened. My box has five lights that are supposed to light up. The internet one is up, the modern one is up, the router one is up, and the wired one is up, . But wireless is not. I don't think anything is broken since it just randomly turned off. Maybe im not being to specific, i just don't know a lot about computers, but can anyone help get my wireless connection working again?

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Wireless Connection Not Working

My connection to my computer is working fine the but the wireless connection to my laptop is not working at all. The problem is with the laptop becuase i actually took it somewhere else to a public place and it still didnt work. The network and sharing center shows a 5 bar connection that is working, but any program that connects to the internet does not respond, internet explorer just gives the message cannont connect, skype/world of warcraft just stop responding, i've restarted computer turned off firewall disbaled my security program i dont know what else i can do does anybody know what the problem is?

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Repair Wireless Network Connection

Whenever i click on the repair button this is what is being returned:

"Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action can not be completed:

Disabling the wireless network adapter

Make sure your network adapter is properly installed. "

Whenever i try to disable the wireless network connection this is what is being returned:

"It is not possible to disable the connection at this time. This connection may be using one or more protocols that do not support plug-and-play, or it may have been initiated by another user or the system account. "

Is there a fix to this problem? I was able to repair my connection untill just recently.

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Hack Wireless Internet Connection

Let's just say, that i lost my password for my wireless internet connection, and wanted to get it back, by "hacking" it. What program should i use? I tried airsnort, but it doesn't seem to work with my network card. Here i have some system information, if necessary:

Microsoft windows xp mce 2002 sp2
Intel pro/wireless 3945abg network connection
Intel core 2 cpu t5500 @ 1. 66ghz
2. 00 gb ram

I hope you will respond to this. And please, if you can, find or write a quick tutorial to the program if it takes more than common knowledge to do, since i had a lot of trouble with airsnort.

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Wireless Internet Connection In Newyork

I am currently taking classes online in chicago and i want to travel to new york for vacation. I need to find a on the go wireless internet provider that i can use on my laptop that has great coverage so i can stay connected with my class while in newyork which is very important. I know about cricket, but i heard the coverage is horrible. I need to make sure that i will have coverage so i can do homework and tests etc. That's all i will be using the internet for.

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Not Getting Full Wireless Internet Connection

I bought wireless internet and it was supposed to be 200kbs and im only getting 20-30kbs is there anything i can do to fix this?

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Wireless Connection Connecting And Disconnecting

A few months a go i upgraded my pc from xp to windows 7, my pc never seems to like windows 7 so after a few months i have gone back to xp. My problem is since going back to xp my computer is connecting and disconnecting from the wireless network every few seconds. My wireless dongle is working perfect in every one elses pc and one of those is on xp. And every one else is connected wirelessly with no problem either. I ant go back to windows 7 as i no longer have the disc, so could my settings be wrong.

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Use Computer To Get Wireless Connection For Xbox

Can i use my computer to get a wireless connection for my xbox? I was wondering if i could plug an ethernet cable into my computer on one end and my xbox on the other to get a wireless connection since i don't have a plug nearby.

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Macbook Wireless Connection Problems

I really need some help with my wireless internet connection. I can connect wireless on my work laptop (dell), iphone 4, and nintendo wii but i cannot connect wireless with my mac book pro. Randomly it dis connect wireless for a hour or so a few nights ago but wil not do it again no matter what i try to do. I click to connect to plus net wireless and it prompts me for a "wep" password. I enter the same password that i did for other computer etc and it either says:

1 connection timed out
2 unable to connect
3 just keeps on asking me to re enter password time and time again

As it has connected once and does not struggle on other computers i am sure it cannot be the router (the router is a gray thompsons router.

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