Can Turn Off Laptop Monitor When Connected To A Tv ?

If you want to connect your laptop to a tv, can you turn off the laptop monitor? I don't really see the point in connecting it to a tv if you have a laptop monitor in your face - is there any way to turn it off?

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Laptop Monitor Wont Turn On

I've got a major problem with my laptop (less then a year old). It was running fine up till a month ago. As i launched a game, the screen turned off. I waited for a few minutes but it didn't come back on. I restarted it, and launched the game again, but the screen turned off before the loading was complete. I concluded that it was the game, so i uninstalled it. Rebooted, and all was fine for about 20 minutes, then the monitor turned off again. I suspected that there was a virus, so i formatted my hdd, installed just the basic programs and rebooted, but this time, the monitor didn't turn on at all. From the sounds i can hear, i seems that the computer itself keeps running, it's just the monitor that is 'stuffed'. I've tried hooking it up to my tv and desktop monitor, both remained blank. The laptop in question is a lg lw40 express. I've spent over an hour searching the forums but no one seems to have quite the same problem. Any help is appericiated.

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Problem With Laptop Connected To External Monitor

My laptop screen is broken so i have been using it for almost a year now with an external monitor. Everything was working great until a few days ago. Now when i turn the computer on, the screen for the monitor lights up and when this all happened at first (and still is happening) my external monitors screen resolution went huge. I've tried fixing it and nothing will make everything smaller again. I can't play games because of this either. I've tried unplugging and replugging and going to control panel to see screen 1 and screen 2 but nothing i try is working. Any help? Because if now i'll be stuck like this for a long time since i don't have the cash to fork out to buy anything new for this stupid thing.

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Laptop Screen Wont Turn Off, After Connect With External Monitor

My laptop screen won't turn off, after i connect with an external monitor. Windows 7? Just installed windows 7, and now when i connect to the external monitor, my laptop screen won't tune off. I tried adding or detecting another screen with no success.

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Monitor Connected To Laptop In Extended Desktop Mode Not Working

Why wont halo combat evolved run through an alternate monitor connected to my laptop in extended desktop mode? I have it all set up with my new 20" monitor connected to my laptop, using the extended desktop feature. The are connected through the normal blue monitor cable, and i have a 512mb ati radeon graphics card. I can run every other game i have, including cod 4, 6, crysis, halo 2 etc on the monitor, perfect, but i start halo combat evolved and it just has a black box in the middle of my screen?

I can run it on my laptop without my monitor plugged in. And i have fiddled around with the resolution because i feared halo might not support what ever resolution i have now (1600x something - forgot lol), but ive tried everything and i cantt gett it to work.

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Computer Does Not Turn On When Hard Drive Is Connected

I recently bought a new master hard drive for my computer. It's maxtor 300 gb ultra ata/133 with 16mb cache and 7200 rpm. Anyways, the weird thing is that when i connect the hard drive, my computer doesnt turn on at all, i tried with different power plugs and the same thing happens, the thing is, when i dont connect the hard drive at all, and the computer turns on like nothing. Does anyone have any idea that might be causing the problem?

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Monitor Won't Turn On

The other day my computer's monitor just turned off randomly, so i tried turning it back on but it wouldn't. The light on the monitor is still on though. I restarted the computer and the light on the monitor turns green for a second but then just goes back to yellow and the computer screen still stays black. I tried using a different monitor and the exact same thing happens so its a problem with the computer. Any one got any suggestions?

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Monitor Doesnt Turn On Correctly

I installed the new ati drivers, that went fine. After installing the new drivers, i tried to set my monitor to 100hz cuz 60hz hurts my eyes too much. After i set it to 100hz, my monitor wouldn't turn on properly. My monitor is currently at 1280x1024x32. I completely understand that it is obviously my monitor that isnt up to the resolution, but can anyone send me a link for a resolution table for an ibm powerdisplay 20? I have reset it back to 1280x1024x32 @ 60hz, but its annoying, especially when im real tired.

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Turn Off Monitor Under Power Options

I have noticed that my monitor may stay on long after the time limit set in control panel/power options. This usually happens after i retire for the night. I have determined that the only time it happens is when i place my logitech lasermouse in its charging cradle, . If i leave the mouse on the pad, the monitor shuts down, if i place the mouse in the charging cradle, the monitor stays on. I have no idea whether there is a fix for this.

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Ram Problem - Monitor Will Not Turn On

My computer is doing some strange things when i try to install new ram. I currently have 256mb ddr 333 installed but whenever i try to put any other ram in, either separate to the 256, or with it, my monitor will not turn on, and the computer will restart itself intermittently. I have tried 4 separate sticks of ram, 3 512mb ddr 400 and 1 1gb ddr 400. All have the same response. I have two slots on my mob and have tried all combinations with ram and slots. I have updated my bios. I cant edit the bios when the new ram is in because i have no picture. My mob is an asrock p4i45d, with an intel p4 chipset. All the ram i have used have been different brands. Has anyone had this problem before?

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Connected Laptop To Tv But Cant See Anything

I connected my laptop to my tv. But cant see anything. I connected my hp laptop to my samsung plasma tv via vga cable. At first you can see it on my tv. But while it continues to load. It sounds like my tv goes to sleep and i cant see anything on my tv anymore. Does anybody know how to fix it?

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Turn Off Laptop Beep

Now that i think of this i have always had this problem with dell laptops. I have a new xps 1710 and i can't figure out how to turn of the system beep. When i'm in windows i turn off all sound and it's mute, but the annoying and loud system beep is still there. I checked everywhere, bios, etc. And i can't find it. How do i turn that off, it's really annoying at work.

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Hp Laptop Wont Turn On

When the power button is pressed the computer begins to go through the startup, but fails to power up. Even when pressing f11, f8, or the space bar the computer cannot be forced to display an error or anything for that matter. The computer just cycles through trying to power on to powering off repeatably until it goes to sleep. Any ideas?

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Toshiba Laptop Will Not Turn On

My toshiba laptop will not turn on? It stopped working on friday morning, i fixed it using these tips:

1. Remove the battery from the laptop (unplug it from the ac prior to removing it)

2. Plug the ac back in (leaving the battery out)

3. Gently move the connector from the ac adapter that is in the laptop gently from side to side, and then in circles. Very gently and watch your lights on your laptop; see if they blink or show any sign of life. 1. Remove the battery from the laptop (unplug it from the ac prior to removing it)

2. Plug the ac back in (leaving the battery out)

3. Gently move the connector from the ac adapter that is in the laptop gently from side to side, and then in circles. Very gently and watch your lights on your laptop; see if they blink or show any sign of life. But now they don't work help?

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Turn Auto Sleep Off On Hp 2009m Monitor

How do i turn autosleep off on my hp 2009m 20-inch lcd hd monitor? Whenever i plug my hp 2009m monitor into my macbook via vga-to-minidisplay port adapter, the external monitor immediately goes to sleep. I read on a user review to turn autosleep off, but i can't figure out how and there's nothing in the manual. Can anybody help?

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Laptop Router Not Connected

I just added a wep key to my router, because someone near me was constantly leeching it. Everyone else was able to connect to the newly secured network fine (on ipod touches, and laptops running vista and 7). When i tried to connect to the network on my laptop, it says that it connected, but next to the wireless name, it says in big bold letters "not connected", but the option in the bottom right of the window only allows for disconnecting, because it thinks that it is connected. The other strange thing, is that under network connections, the wireless connection icon also says not connected. If i right click on the icon, the "status" option is greyed out, so i can't click it. And finally, if i try to "repair" the connection, it disables/enables it fine, but says that it was unable to connect to the wireless network, and that the repair failed. I have a feeling that the problem has to do with a service, because my laptop has a tendency to shut off random services, but i have no idea where to start my search of the faulty service. I'm running on windows xp home edition sp3
My wireless adapter is a atheros ar5007eg

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Laptop Says Connected To Internet But It Is Not

My laptop says connecetd to the internet but it is not. Right now i am on my brothers mac, and it has a perfect internet connection. My laptop is right beside me and it won't connect to the internet. On the bottom (i think it's called a task bar. ) It says the signal connection is "excellent" but i can't connect. It says it is running 54. 0 mbps. I have no idea what that means. I am not a computer whiz so answers simply. Maybe step by step instructions.

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Laptop Crashes When Connected With Tv

Laptop crashes when connected with a tv. I am using a lenovo 3000 n200 laptop with 3gb ram and i am running windows 7 professional. It has a pentium duel-core processor 1. 6ghz. It has an intel x3100 graphics card with 256mb memory. I just purchased a new lcd tv and i decided to try and connect my laptop to it. The tv has an s-video port and so does my laptop. So i used an s-video cable to connect my laptop to my tv and every time i try duel screen or extended desktop, my computer crashes and says that my graphics card has crashed. I'm not sure weather it is a driver issue or a registry issue but if any noe has a solution to it, please let me know.

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Dell Laptop Wont Turn On

I have an old dell inspiron 7000 that just stopped turning on a while back. When i plug the adapter into the wall (not connected to the computer) the green light comes on and everything seems fine. However, as soon as i plug it into the computer the green light goes out and begins to blink every few seconds. Of course the computer wont charge or turn on or anything. I called dell and they just said it was a motherboard problem which seems to be too programed of an answer. I was kinda hoping that its just the adapter and i can just go get another one. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks for any help on this one.

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Eyefinity Displayport Which Monitor Connected To Which Port ?

I just finished setting up my eyefinity configuration with a powercolor 5770 and three dell p2310h monitors. Things have gone pretty well. There's some fiddling to do with regards to setting up an eyefinity profile with the catalyst control center as well as a 3 monitor windows extended desktop profile. In the case of the latter, i have my center monitor as the one with the taskbar only. Regarding connections - i'm curious to hear from other eyefinity users which monitor they have connected to which port. In my case, my displayport connected monitor is on the left? I don't think it really matters although my win7 login screen appears on it for some reason while the win7 loading screen is in the middle. How does everyone else have theirs connected?

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Connected Pc To Tv But Monitor Wont Stop Flashing

I connected my pc to my tv and my monitor wont stop flashing, how can i fix it? My computer is a alienware auora and i connected it to an hdtv with a vga cord. For some reason the monitor works for a while then it goes black and refreshes itself. Is their software to fix this or is their something wrong i should know about?

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Plasma Tv No Signal When Connected From Laptop

Need help with plasma tv. No signal when connected from laptop to plasma tv. ? I am using a vga cable to connect my laptop to my soyo mt mt syjcp32b1ab plasma tv. When i connect it there is no display.

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Printing From Laptop Through Printer Connected To Pc

I am trying to print from my laptop through the printer connected to my pc. I have wireless internet. So far i tried this after searching around in the internet. Both printer and pc are vista and printer is canon. I did "start" then "printers and faxes". Select the printer and right click, click "sharing" then "share this printer" then "ok". Now go to your laptop and click "start", "printers and faxes", on the far left click "add printer", click "next" then "network printer", click "browse", i tried doing this and the printer isnt showing up.

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Print From Laptop Connected To Another Computer

How do you print from a laptop that is not connected to the laptop, but is connected to another computer? I have a laptop that is connected to a wireless network, and i have another computer that is connected to my printer, so i would like to know how would i be able to print from my laptop to the printer.

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Connected Laptop To Tv, How To Set Volume ?

I had connected my hp laptop to lcd tv, how do i set back my volume on laptop?

Answer:- the tv remote should affect the volume if you connect your laptop properly to the tv. This should not affect your laptop sound after you disconnect from the tv.

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Laptop Connected With Limited Access

I have a gateway laptop, and it was working fine last night, but today, i went to go online, and it said it was connected with limited access. I've tried restarting various times, and i even unplugged the router and plugged it back in. I've tried many suggested things and nothing has worked. The wifi works fine on my ipod, but not my laptop. I have windows vista.

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Dell Laptop Backlight Turn Off When Unplugged

Why does my dell laptop backlight turn off when unplugged? Works fine on windows boot unplugged? Dell inspiron 6400, back-light turns off on battery, not just dims, turns off! I installed a new screen and inverter, and a new battery. I'm not sure how it was before the new screen because the old screen was damaged and my wife just hooked up an external monitor to use it. Tried windows 7 first, but reverted to xp with the same boots on battery fine, and backlight is on through the boot process until the windows desktop or logon shows, then it turns off. Plug it in, and it's back on! No other problems. I've checked all the power saving features, even in the bios. Can't seem to nail this one down, not even with a bunch of google searches!

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Laptop Internet Connected But Isn't

Why isnt my laptops internet working it says its connected but isn't? Im on bt all my over computers connect but my laptop wont unless i plug in a stick it says im connected but msn or any browsers wont work.

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Print From Printer Connected To Computer From Laptop

I have a printer connected to my computer. I wish to print a document from my laptop (windows vista) directly from the computer-connected printer. From my laptop, when i tried to install a new printer through my wireless network the printer's name isn't listed, and when i searched for it through the tcp/ip address it doesn't show up. I also tried to go to the "network and sharing center" and turned 'on' printer sharing, but when i tried printing and error cropped out. Does anyone know how i can solve this problem?

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Printing From Laptop Not Connected To Printer But Through Other Computer

How to print from a laptop that is not connected to a printer, but another computer is connected to it? I have a windows xp laptop that is not connected to my printer, but i have a desktop computer(windows 7) that is connected to the printer. The laptop is connected to my wireless network. The printer is not a wireless printer. How do i get my laptop to print?

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