Kensington Wireless Mouse Problem

I just recently bought a kensington ci60 diamond eye precision wireless mouse model # 72258 from best buy. I used the mouse for a couple weeks and now all of a sudden it jumps and skips around. Sometimes the mouse click wont click until i push it in like 4 or 5 times, it just wont move for a couple seconds, and the cursor skips around a lot. Ive tried new batteries, (about 4 different ones) and tried different, usb ports, and different computers. All the same. I know the mouse is working correctly because every time i click the mouse it will flash the optical light on the bottom. The receiver has a light that is suppose to flash green every time it gets a signal from the mouse, it i constantly click, sometimes it just wont flash, but the mouse light will. I don't want all this money to go to waste. Ive tried new drivers, but i just cant find them online anywhere. Maybe you will have better luck?

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Wireless Trackball Mouse

Im looking for a wireless trackball mouse for my latpot. I want one that has no cord not even the receiver to have a cord. Just plug straight into the usb port. And i dont want one that i have to hold in my hand, i would like to place it on a tabel.

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Which Wireless Gaming Mouse To Get ?

I have owned a bunch of g5's and a razer diamondback 3g <- i use this right now, and i'm kind of sick of wired mouses and i wan't to give wireless a try. The sidewinder looks appealing because it's got a lot of dpi, sounds responsive and has a 30 hour charge life, so i can hook it back up to the charger while watching movies and sleeping and working (eww) and stuff. But it is red and black and looks cheap, i also want to test out the feel of it before i drop $100 on it. The mansa looks good, but it's probably a lot of money and i haven't seen it anywhere yet. Can it be a wireless and a wired mouse like the sidewinder and how long is the battery life? Razer is pretty good about the products they make (except the razer barracudas are the crappiest headsets i've ever owned). Logitech, customer service is good anything else? Upgrades are what i live for sadly after this small mouse upgrade i'm going to have to start looking forward to upgrading something else.

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Wireless Mouse Issue

I have an mx revolution that never gave me problems on my old xp rig. I recently upgraded to a new system with windows 7 and whenever i'm playing games the mouse will intermittently drop connection for 50ms or so entirely randomly. I'll be playing and go to look left, and it'll stop accepting movement or button presses for a second and then continue on. I only notice this issue in games, but am not sure what to do about it. It's gotten to the point where it's really making games unplayable because i can't aim or look anywhere without it acting up. Has anyone experienced this before or have some suggestions? I'm kind of assuming its driver or software related, but i'm not sure how to fix it.

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Wireless Mouse Kvm

I'm using the logitech mxduo(love it) and now have a netgear kvm(never used kvms before so i bought cheap) and i cannot get my both my keyboard and mouse to work at all when using the kvm. Ie one box will boot up, but it acts as if the mouse and keyboard were not even plugged in, i get the second box booted and same result. I've talked to people who use kvms, only one tried to use a wireless mouse, and he had to start his machines in a certain order otherwise his mouse would not work. And i've checked the kvm and cables to make sure that it is working, and it is. Just not with my mxduo. Anyways my question is how can i get it to work for me(if at all possible), or do i have to get a new kvm or go wired?

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Wireless Mouse Not Working

I have a logitech wireless mouse (one for notebooks) which stopped working recently. What happened is i disconnected the wireless receiver from my computer, and plugged it into a mac (i've done this before, and it worked). When i plugged it into the mac the cursor refused to move even though i was moving the mouse around, and the mouse was on. The optical opening on the mouse was not obstructed. So i plugged it back into the original computer, and the same thing happened. I uninstalled logitech "set point" the free software that came with the mouse. I replaced the batteries, restarted my computer, turned on and off the mouse a bunch of times, and it still doesn't work. I heard something about uninstalling the mouse driver but when i looked in the devices manager it was impossible to tell which 'usb human interface device' was the mouse.

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Wireless Bluetooth Mouse Without Reciever

Are there wireless mouses that do not need a reciever for a laptop?

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Nice Wireless Gaming Mouse

My old mouse is going down the hole and i was looking into a gaming mouse. I want a wireless one thats good for gaming and has a stand that you sit the mouse on to charge when its not in use. Price: 60 or less?

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Wireless Keyboard With Thumbstick Mouse

I need a new keyboard, recommended the lite on sk-7100 to my bro in law years ago and he loves it connected to a dell optiplex in his entertainment center to the 50" pioneer elite plasma, anyway that was years ago, i cant find that keyboard or a sk-7551 for sale anywhere, anyone else make the keyboard with thumbstick mouse? In black, where to buy?

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Wireless Mouse And Keyboard - Suggestions

I need a wireless mouse and keyboard set for my laptop when i am at home and not traveling, but i cannot decide which one i want. I don't want to spend more than $50 and my laptop has blue tooth, so that is an option as well. Any suggestions would be great.

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Wireless Mouse Operating Time

When a wireless mouse has a rating for "operating time" (such as many on newegg that say operating time: 18 months, for example), does that mean how long the battery is supposed to last, or how long the mouse is expected to live?

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Remap Wireless Mouse Buttons

I have logitech mx620 wireless mouse and i'm looking for remap search button (never used it) to something more useful, like refresh for i-net browsers. Is it possible to remap it without using additional software (editing registry or something like that)?

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Wireless Mouse With Rechargeable Battery

I am looking for a wireless mouse that has a rechargeable battery. I have seen several that i am considering, but wondering what the community has to say about their wireless mice.

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Decent Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

I had a logitech mx bluetooth set and i was pretty happy with it. Recently the batteries leaked and i just replaced them it worked for a few weeks and then one day the keyboard just didn't turn on. That set was an overkill, since i don't need the lcd (nor do i want the software on my pc) on it and the lack of numlock, etc sometimes caused problems. I bought a microsoft wireless optical desktop 3000 and it feels like cheap crap. I thought the mouse had back and forward buttons, but no it is just the plastic creaking. Furthermore i'm a *** linux junkie and can't stand looking at something microsoft on my desk. Can someone recommend a decent wireless keyboard/mouse set? I was thinking of the kensington, but i am not sure.

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Wireless Keyboard / Mouse That Can Go Through Walls

I have my computer in my bedroom and tv/receiver/speakers in the room next to it hooked up dvi-hdmi and optical cable. I want to be able to take my keyboard and mouse to the other room to watch movies and media on the big screen. Distance is about 10ft and through 1 wall. Any suggestions?

So far i've looked at the:-

Logitech mx3200
Logitech wave regular and
Logitech wave pro

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Wireless Mouse / Keyboard And Router

Can wireless keyboard and/or mouse interfere with wireless router and distort the internet signal in any ways?

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How Long Does A Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Last ?

I barely bought this new wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, i think it is so cool but my dad says that it will only last for a little bit, is that true?

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How Long Do Batteries Last Of A Wireless Mouse ?

How long should 2 aaa batteries last in my wireless mouse? Cause it lasted 28 days and i was wondering if that was normal or not. I use the mouse about as average as anyone else on any given day.

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Using 2 Different Brands Of Wireless Keyboard / Mouse

A review from tom's hardware supports the conclusion that the logitech g5/g7 is at the cutting edge of mouse technology, especially for gaming. That article is here . I'm wondering that, since i want the best mouse and keyboard, and want them to be wireless, would there be a problem with 2 different brands? For example, if i had a microsoft wireless keyboard and a logitech g7 wireless mouse, there would be 2 receivers, so would there be interference? Could there be any other problems, other than maybe being a little annoying to have 2 instead of one receiver?

Also, is there anything to really look at on keyboards, performance wise? Can a keyboard really "perform" better than another? I'm not talking about features and comfortability, but actual performance. The only thing i can think of is how far the keyboard can be from the receiver and still respond. What keyboard/mouse do you guys recommend? I'm really liking the logitech g7, as i'm going to use it for gaming, and want a great mouse. That being said, there aren't a whole lot of keyboard/mouse reviews out there that i can find, so all of your input would help a lot. Edit: i need a natural keyboard, but logitech doesn't really make a good one. I went to their site and they only make one natural keyboard, and i've had that one and sold it because i didn't like the buttons on it. If i need a combo from one company, i will have to settle for something i don't want, either a lesser quality mouse or not a natural keyboard.

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Make An Rf Wireless Mouse Into Bluetooth

I have only two usb ports on my laptop and i want to have them both free. Since i prefer using a mouse for most of my work (a full-sized one, thank you very much) and my current favorite is a logitech vx750 (i believe) cordless, i thought that the best way to facilitate this is to install a bt module in the laptop (i can get one for my hp dv4z-1200 for about $25 on ebay) and hack my mouse with a bluetooth transmitter from on of logitech's bt mice, none of which currently carry the features i want and like, namely size, shape and buttons. A search with has yielded me a big fat zero. Has anyone else seen or heard of such a thing being done?

If not, then i might be headed into new territory here, and maybe i can write an article or two on the process. Provided, of course, i find the time, money and patience to actually carry out the experiments.

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Hp Nu566aa Wireless Mouse Driver

Where can i find a driver for my hp wireless mouse? I bought the mouse on amazon and didn't receive a cd with the drivers on it. I already checked the hp website and contacted customer service and the drivers are not available. I contacted the seller and he referred me to the first link on google and it did not work. The product number is nu566aa.

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Microsoft Wireless Mouse Not Working

I have a microsoft wireless multimedia keyboard 1. 0a and a wireless optical mouse 2. 0a and have had them around 3 years or so. They were given to me with a computer but as the computer wasn't working i didn't have a chance to use them until about a year and a half ago. Up until now they have been working fine, almost without event. I currently have them plugged into a laptop and my girlfriend unplugged them the other day to plug into her laptop so she could play a game. After plugging them back in to the original laptop only the keyboard will work. I have pressed the sync button on the receiver and then on the mouse itself and it seems to work as the lights on the receiver go from flashing to solid, yet when i move the mouse it doesn't respond on the screen. I tried changing the batteries, moving all other devices away from the receiver, unplugging it, resetting the computer, everything. I searched microsoft support but it seems my mouse is an outdated model and there is literally no info on how to fix it. I tried the steps they suggested on other wireless models but to no avail. What could the problem be?

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Suggestions On Wireless Keyboard With Intergrated Mouse

I have been looking all over trying to find a wireless keyboard with an intergrated ball or touchpad (prefer ball). I would like it to be black or silver kinda rounded and small with distingishable arrow keys. Anyone have any suggestions i need it for my htpc.

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How Long The Batteries Last For Wireless Keyboard & Mouse ?

I mainly wanted a ultra-quiet keyboard, but the one i eneded up with came with a mouse and both are wireless, so they use batteries. How long do the batteries last? I suppose i should invest in some rechargeable batteries ?

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Problems With Logitech Wireless Mouse And Keyboard

I purchased both the above items as a package, i have plugged in the usb reciever so that its should all be working but there is a problem :- the keyboard works fine as i just press the little pairing button at the bottom and suddently it talks to my recieve and pc fine, the mouse however is a different story. It does not work and i really dont know why? It worked one and has not since? Is there anything that anyone can suggest pls?

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Wireless Keyboard & Mouse With Best Maximum Range

I'm setting up my secondary computer on my viewsonic 37" lcd which i use primarily to watch tv. I would like to have a wireless keyboard/mouse to use on the sofa which will sit approximately 10-12 ft from the tower. I'm trying to find the keyboard/mouse combo that will work at best maximum range. I'm gonna throw out a $100 limit for the 2. I will primarily be using for web surfing or the occasional gaming (*** gaming will be on my primary comp and dell 2407). I understand the bluetooth is "supposed" to have a better range but all the reviews i've read are horrible. I'm wonding if anyone has a similar setup and what keyboard/mouse combo they use?

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Suggestions On Wireless Or Wired Keyboard / Mouse

I'm still deciding whether or not i would want a wireless setup. I've had a love/hate relationship with them. Anyway, should i go for the clutter with wired keyboard/mouse? What would you suggest?
Or should i go for the wireless components? If i do, i'd like some sort of recharger for them. What would you suggest?

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Use Logitech Mx 610 Wireless Mouse With Different Receiver

I purchased a logitech mx 610 wireless mouse and it came with a usb receiver. I seem to have lost the receiver, however i have another one that is the same brand and same power (2. 4ghz) i plugged the receiver into my usb and turn on the wireless mouse, and it doesn't work. Is there some way i can set it or a program that can help get the two to work together?

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Driver For Gateway Wireless Optical Mouse

I picked up a gateway wireless optical mouse, model # mr-0350t, with a receiver model # rr-0403u, at a computer show. When i connected the receiver to my usb port, my computer began the new hardware recognition process. I realized i did not have 2 aa batteries for the mouse and aborted the installation process. After i picked up and installed the batteries and reconnected to receiver to the usb port, the new hardware process did not automatically commence. The light on the mouse is lit. However, i cannot get the mouse to function. I do not see it in device manager, and have not been able to find a way to install it. I tried dicsonnecting the receiver, rebooting and reconnecting the receiver, without success. Apparently, i must obtain the specific driver for this mouse in order for it to function. The gateway site does not have a driver for this mouse. Does anyone know who manufactures this mouse for gateway, and where i can get the driver? My os is xp professional.

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Decent Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

What's a decent make/model for wireless keyboard and mouse combo? Ms or logitech? Will be a mother's day present so doesn't have to be great for games, but the nephews do play some.

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