Dvd Rom Drive Lags Computer

I got a lite-on dvd rom drive and when i copy or burn files from a cd or dvd from the drive it lags my computer like crazy. Not sure what the problem coz with my old dvd rom still using at the moment in the same rig it doesnt lag but as soon as i use the lite-on everything slows down. Task manager says im using about 52% of my cpu. With the old dvd rom the cpu usage is basically still in idle.

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Upgrading Cd Rom Drive To Dvd Rom Drive In Old Laptop

I have a friend who wants me to upgrade his compaq presario 1267 laptop to have a dvd-rom drive. Currently it has just a cd-rom drive. So are cd-rom/dvd-rom drives for laptops a "standard" size across the board? Or do i need to find one to specifically to fit the laptop i'm installing it into?

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Dvd Burner Seen As Dvd Rom Drive Only In Vista 64

I've just upgraded to vista home premium 64 and my sony dw-q28a dvd-rw drive is not seen as a burner for cds or dvds. So if i right click on it with a re-writable disk in i do not get an 'erase' option, when i right click on a file there's no 'send to>cd' option and in media player when i click onto the burn tab, it tells me to connect a burner and restart!

This drive worked just fine in xp, then i upraded my motherboard to an asus p5e3 and installed vista and now it doesn't! I seem to have everything setup ok in the bios, i've tried re-plugging the ide & power cables and the drive name is read as sony dvd-rw but it won't function at all as a writer. Any ideas?

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Dvd Rom Drive Will Not Read Dvd Copies

I have an ibm thinkpad a31 with a dvd rom using win 2000/sp4. The drive will not read dvd copies. It will only acknowledge the original dvd. It does this with memorex, sony and other name brand dvd's. How do i get the dvd rom to read the copies so that i don't have to keep using my originals?

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Hard Drive Spinning Up And Lags The Computer Every Once In A While

About every 30 seconds to a minute, i hear one of my hard drives spin up, at which point the computer begins to choke for a few seconds (videos get choppy, can't click the mouse, can't type, etc. ) Is one of my drives on its way out? How can i find out which one it is without physically unhooking them. The way my case is arranged, it's a pita to get to the hard drives.

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Dvd Rom Drive, Flash Hard Drive Slowing Data Transfer Speed

Issue a: when i put a cd/dvd into my dvd, the system (my computer/properties) recognizes the hardware, but it will not play. (Drive letter "d". )

Issue b: my computer will not recognize my data (flash?) Cards from my digital camcorder/camera. Issue c: my computer's hard drive (drive letter "c") once accepted my firewire uplink (1333). Now, my nle (pinnacle studio 9 plus) give the error message "drive c is not capable of capturing dv data", meaning it's date transfer rate is too slow. How can i fix these issues? Do i have to buy a new hard drive?

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Asus Dvd Rom Drive Problems

Ok, i just got a new asus dvd rom drive and it wont play anything, it would just freeze everything up. Now it isnt even being detected! Even in device manager. And i am required to put in a cd key when trying to install the software that came with the drive. But i cant find the cd key. If anyone has experienced anything like this please give me some suggestions.

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Pc Rebooting - Dvd Rom Drive Issue

Basically what happens is whenever i put a cd in the dvdrom drive, once the pc starts to read it, the pc reboots. This can happen at boot up as well (if i leave a cd in there). It happened suddenly and i do not think i installed anything that would have caused this. All the fans are working as well. Not sure what is causing this. Perhaps a wire popped out? Maybe it's not getting enough power? Any ideas?


1. 2ghz amd athlon processor, mmx, 3dnow
1024mb ram
20gb hd
Directx 9. 0c
Windows xp (home)

Nvidia geforce fx 5500

Hitachi dvd-rom gd-7500

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Dvd Rom Message: The Disk In Drive D Is Not Formatted

I am working on a laptop: dell inspiron 3800 and it contains a toshiba dvd-rom sd-c2402. Operating system: windows 2000, every time i put a cd in to the drive it comes up with the message: "the disk in drive d is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" With only 2 responses "yes" and "no". If i click no then it just goes back the "my computer" window. I have tried uninstalling the driver and downloading them from both the dell and toshiba websites. These drivers are not recognised by windows and it reverts to using the windows standard cd-rom ones. If anyone can shead some light on this situation i would be very grateful.

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Fix A Noisy Pc Hard Drive / Dvd Rom

I made my very first pc. Everything seems to be ok except that my hard drive is really noisy, especially when i'm multitasking. It gives off this revving sound and i get quite concerned and i just stop doing things although i know many applications are still running. When i place a cd in the dvd rom, it runs real noisy. Now before you all ask me how noisy is noisy? It's louder than my external room airconditioner. Cpu stays within 48c - 57c.

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Dvd Rom Drive Isn't Getting Power

I bought a dell optiplex gx 620 in 2005 and it came with a dvd-rom drive. I switched it out for a cd burner but that couldn't play dvd's so i tried switching back to the dvd-rom drive, and it wasn't getting any power. When i plug the power into the cd burner drive it turns on and it can open, but when i plugged the power into the dvd-rom it doesn't turn on, no power light and it wont open. What could be the problem?

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Dvd Rom Drive Wont Read Dvds

I have a hp pavilion with two optical drives - 1 is a dvd writer, the other a reader. Whenever i copy an audio disc on the fly, the burn is fine and everything is normal but for some reason, when i exit the program, the dvd-rom is now unable to recognize dvd discs. It will read audio discs and audio discs (and the writer can read everything; it's apparently unaffected by whatever this is), but it won't read dvds. If i reboot, everything is hunky-dory again (unless i copy an audio cd again. )

I initially thought that this was software related (and it still could be) but the problem occurs no matter what burning software i use. I've used sonic recordnow, nero and roxio. Every time i copy an audio disc, something is turning off the dvd read capabilities of the dvd-rom drive. Does anybody have any idea what's going on here? It's a fairly new system and it's far from a crippling problem.

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Laptop Dvd Rom Reads Cds But Not Dvd

I have toshiba sattelite 350 laptop, the dvd rom reads cds but not dvd. How i can resolve this?


Turn off pc/laptop. Disconnect cd/dvd drive*, turn pc/laptop on, allow to boot fully, then turn off again. Re-connect cd/dvd drive and turn on. Windows will re-build the drivers or start the 'found new hardware wizard'. If that doesn't work, log on as an administrator. ***Always back up the registry before making changes (make a restore point)***

For vista/windows 7, use the following steps to solve the issue. Click start, and then click all programs. Click accessories, and then click run. Type regedit, and then click ok. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click allow. In the navigation pane, locate and then click the following registry subkey:





Ensure that the right pane has cd/dvd drive in it. In the right pane, click upperfilters. You may also see an upperfilters.bak registry entry. You do not have to remove that entry. Click upperfilters only. If you do not see the upperfilters registry entry, you still might have to remove the lowerfilters registry entry. To do this, see 'note'. On the edit menu, click delete. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click yes. 'note'

In the right pane, click lowerfilters. On the edit menu, click delete. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click yes. Exit registry editor. Restart the computer. If you do not see the lowerfilters registry entry, this can't help you any further. *Most laptops will have either a sliding switch or 1-2 screws holding the drive in. Sliding the switch or removing these screw/s will enable the drive to be pulled from the machine.

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Dvd Rom Tray Does Not Close

I got a samsung dvd rom drive about a year ago. Now for some strange reason sometimes when i start my machine the dvd tray opens and just does not shut. When i push the eject button the tray closes waits about 10 seconds and opens again. It used to help if i put a cd or dvd in the tray. Now it works sometimes and not others. Anyone know why this might be happening?

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Dvd Rom Is Not Installed Properly

How to fix this problem. The image shows that my dvdrom is not installed properly. That happen when i reformatted my pc, after refomatting my pc and install some of my softwares its running fine but when i install my game installer that status come out how to fix that ?

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Hdd, Dvd Rom Does Not Turn On

I've connected my 7600 gs into my pci x16 slot, connected the new memory, hard drives, and chip into the new motherboard and gotten the computer started. The problem i'm having is that once i get everything connected, the computer starts, the cpu turns on, the motherboard turns on, the 7600 turns on, but the hds, the dvd-rom doesn't turn on, and everything shuts off immediately afterwards. What am i doing wrong here?

Do i not have a powerful enough power supply? Am i using the wrong connectors? Is there a problem with my motherboard? I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong or what's going wrong, even.

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Quiet Dvd Burner / Rom

I am wanting to get a new dvd dl burner and also a new dvd rom that are quiet, the ones i have right now are louder than *** when they spin up. Also, looking to go sata, not ide. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Dual Dvd Rom Issues

I recently bought a sony dvd-rw and installed it into my computer which already had a sony dvd-rom drive. For some reason, the computer will not work when both as connected at the same time. I am using the same ide connector and have the sony dvd-rw as the master and the dvd-rom as the slave. Windows nor the bios will recognize both at the same time but when one is unplugged, the other is recongized. Any ideas what is causing this?

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Odd Cd / Dvd Rom Problem

When i extract data from a dvd or cd my computer becomes extremely slow, as in the desktop feels like its going at 10fps. This just started happening today after i installed dotnetfx 3. 5 dotnetfx 2. 0 dotnetfx1. 1 back to back. I uninstalled it and the issue is still here. I have no idea what to do. I turned off the computer and turned it back on. I unplugged the computer from its power source and plugged it back in. Also after im done extracting the files from the dvd the desktop becomes as quick as it was before and it runs perfectly fine.

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Wrong Dvd Rom Driver

Unfournately winxp installs a new driver for my dam dvd-rom and now it wont read anything! Its a sony ddu1612 and the driver winxp installed for no reason was some snnx ddu0602 or something and it screwed me.

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Dvd Rom W/ +r Read - Difference

Im buying a hp dvd writer and my dealer mentioned this in my mail:

Hp 16x/48x dvd-rom w/ +r read (carbonite)

My question is - why is it mention dvd-rom w/ +r read instead of just dvd+r ? Is this like a combo or actual dvd writer ? And some models have carbonite mentioned. Some don't. Whats the difference ?

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Dvd / Cd Rom Removal From Acer Laptop

Can anyone please help me along the way to removing the dvd/cd drive from a acer travelmate 240 laptop, thought a screw would hold it into laptop but doesnt seem to be the case!

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What's Wrong With My Cd Rom - Dvd Drives?

Both my dvd-rom & cd-rom drives will not play commercial cd's or cd-rom's anymore. They play previously recorded cd-r's fine and record on them if something is already recorded. If i try a new blank cd-r it won't record. Dvd's play fine in the dvd-rom drive. What i already did:

-I went into "my computer" to double click both these drives manually
And get messages telling me "to insert disc in device" while the discs
Are in there. -I went into "file->properties->autoplay" of both these devices
To make sure they were set on "autoplay". -I disabled in control panel->system->hardware->device manager my cd-
Rom drive and restarted windows, re enabled the cd-rom drive to no
Avail. Do you guys think dust might be an issue? Shall i disconnect my pc, get a can of air, and clean it up ?

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Make Dvd Rom Read Faster

I have a sony dvd reader ddu1615. When i read dvds it only goes up to 6x and my dvd reader is suppose to go to 16x. Help?

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Sata Hdd With Ide Dvd Rom

I just got a sata hard drive, and im wondering if the dvd rom drive needs to be connected to the hard drive, or just the motherboard? Because when i try to install the os on that computer, the drive does not detect any hard drives.

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Lg Dvd-rom Gsa-h54l Installation

Help with lg dvd-rom gsa-h54l? So i got the dvd-rom from another computer and hooked it up to my desktop i connected it correctly but it didn't work because i don't have the installation disk that comes with the dvd-rom. So if anyone could please find me the installation software. (Note: i do not need the update, i need the installation)

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Cd-rw And Dvd Rom Wont Play Audio Cds

Recently i have noticed that my dvd-rom and cd-rw wont play audio cds. I have tried reinstalling the drivers but this does not work. I have tried burned and cds from stores. The drive recognizes the cd but when i try to play it the track length is around 2000 min and and wont play. Ive tried playing it in winamp and windows media player 10. Recently i have gotten neromix 1. 4. 0. 29 to play the cds but i would like to play them in winamp. I am running windows xp home sp1, dell 8250. My dvd-rom is a liteon dvd-rom ltd163 and my cd-rw is a _nec cd-rw nr-9100a. Any ideas?

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Films On Dvd Rom Turn Out With Pulsing Motion After Burn

When i burn films on my dvd rom they turn out with a sort of pulsing motion when watching them back. Is there anyway to fix this problem? Or is that just the way it is?

Ive checked the dvd rom and its fine and have even tried another in my pc. They play fine on the pc (nero show time) but when there played in any dvd player you can notice the pulsing motion. I rang the manufactures to see what i could do about it and they did a check (all came back fine) , then they asked me if i was using a torrent to download the film in the first place, when i replied yes they refused to help me but did mention that there was a way to sort out the problem!

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Dvd R / Rw Drive Cause Computer Freeze

I recently changed cases to the antec 900 since it had more fans and better cooling. I didn't change any hardware except for my power supply (500w to a 550w). I connect everything back up, and my dvd drive doesn't work. The symptoms are as follows. I can put a cd or a dvd in there, and it locks up my pc. It locks up everything but my mouse. I can move my mouse around, but cannot click anything. When i eject the cd or dvd, my computer unfreezes. I do not have to reboot. While the cd or dvd is in there, i can do nothing, but once i eject it, everything else is fine again. I know it is not the ide cables, as it does this with 2 different cables. It smells like a driver issue, but i tried uninstalling both the dvd rom drive and the ide controllers and rebooting to let windows reinstall the drivers, and neither of these attempts fixed the problem. Anyone have any ideas? The dvd drive is a sony dru-800a, and it is the only drive connected to the secondary ide channel. My hard drive is on the primary ide channel. I have no other devices connected to the ide channels. The only other thing i changed when i had my computer in the old case was the 3. 5in floppy drive. I didn't feel the need to install it with the new case.

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Computer Crashes When Dvd Drive Hooked Up

Got windows runing using a plane cd rom. Dvd drive worked fine on my other computer. I transfered it over. I see it in bios. While still in dos, it says new hardware found, asks if i want to start in safe mode, safe mode networked, last known good startup, or normal. Iv tried them all and it just reboots itself and goes back to the same window. The windows xp statup thing will show up(where the bar goes back and forth), will say welcome, and it just reboots. What do i do.

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