Wd Elements Vs My Passport

I'm looking into a new external, mainly for backup purposes. I'd been focusing on the mypassport and freeagent series, but then i stumbled upon a wd elements 640 gb on the egg for only $99. 99. The elements models look ideal for me: cheaper but only slightly larger than the passports, and still powered via a single usb port. However, i can't seem to find much information about them and it seems not a lot of retailers even carry them. Anyone here have one? If so, comments on reliability, speed, etc. ?

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Western Digital Elements Vs Passport

I'm looking on newegg and there's a $10 difference between a 500gb passport and their element hard drive. There's an insignificant difference in size and both are usb powered. The only difference i can see from wd's website is the passport might have backup software. Anyone else notice a big difference between the two before i buy one?

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Wd Elements Vs Mybook

I have my eyes on 2 very similar looking hard drives, in fact they happen to be of the same company!

1)western digital wde1u5000u 500gb 3. 5" elements external hard disk drive

2)western digital 500gb my book 3. 5" external hard drive

I went through the site and it doesn't let me compare the two ( using the comparison option ) both the drives have exactly the same feature and the only difference seem to be in the price, elements selling for 10 pounds lesser. Elements has a rpm of 7200 spindle speed listed. My book doesn't have a speed listed. This is my first drive, so i don't really want to take a chance with a product that might get legac-ised? Any ideas? Any pointers whatsoever will b e highly appreciated. The discounts don't last for more than 4 days, so i am anxiously waiting for a quick response!

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Wd Essential Vs Elements

Any major difference between the western digital 1 tb elements ($176) and the 1 tb my book ($199) other than the price? I'm planning to get it at office-works tomorrow.

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External Wd Passport: Which Format ?

Anyway, i had camped out at staples this morning and am now the proud owner of a 120 wd passport for my happy backing up needs. I have however a few questions. I often go from mac to pc, and vice versa. So i was wondering what format to put my drive in so that it can be written to both. I know there are format differences, but just wondered if this were possible.

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How To Reset A Wd Passport Essential ?

How to reset a wd passport essential ? I don't know, i'm asking you. My dad has a wd passport essential with it's fancy schmancy encryption. He set a password, locked the thing and forgot the password. So the drive is essentially useless. After scouring the internet for a way to recover the password, i learn that there is no way to recover the password or data on the drive, but the manual and other resources hint that there is a way to reset the drive and delete the data on it. Wd apparently doesn't want people doing it though because i can't find any information on this process anywhere, and by anywhere i mean google. So i'm here wondering if anyone figured out how to reset this damn thing. I've taken the thing apart and have a feeling that it might relate to jumping some pins. I've sent wd this question, but i doubt i'm going to get a useful response. If i do, i'll be sure to post it here. My dad in his haste tried reformatting the drive. So i'm receiving it in possibly an odd configuration where the hd is not immediately visible in windows, but its various utilities on it's "virtual cd" is. Disk manager says that the hd is write protected and apparently missing a partition table when i try to initialize the drive. Probably has to do with the encryption stuff. The various utilities won't let me do anything until i unlock the drive. I tried wd's datalifegaurd to see if it could do anything, but it can't seem to find the drive. It's a 750gb model. Model number: wdbabm7500abk-nesn. On the inside the drive carries the model number wd7500kmvv. It has an sata label, but its pcb only has a usb port and unlabeled pins. For those thinking about getting a passport: i don't know if it's been mentioned but there is a downside to the passport's encryption. It's bricked if you forget the password unless wd's magic reset process is found. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Wd Passport Connection Problem

Well, it seems my connection starts off awesome, flawless even, until the cable gets a bit older, then the light begins blinking and sometimes loses connection before regaining it automatically. Now, it'll clink constantly to a grayish light, then even lost connection until i readjust it. Another dilemma i seem to have is that it'll connect and be fine, until it randomly disconnects and, even though i readjust it to where the light is on, it won't even show up on the computer. Anyone have an explanation?

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Is Wd My Passport Essential Affected By Movements ?

Wd my passport essential: is it affected by any movements? I wanna ask a specific question about these external usb powered hard drives like mine (western digital my passport essential 320 gb). Sometimes, i occasionally hit unintentionally the drive while it's working so it is displaced a little. Does this affect it negatively in anyway even if it's still working ok? I worry a lot about the safety about this drive since it contains all my files. I ask this question because i read years ago that the read/write head in any drive are so close to the plates so any vibration to the drive may make the heads scratch the surface and lead the drive to fail later on.

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Western Digital Passport Vs. Iomega Ego Hard Drives

I was looking at getting a portable hard drive to store some music and movies on when i go on trips and was looking at these two brands for their 500 gb hard drives and was just wondering which ones you guys thought were better or if you had any problems i should be worried about with the ones you bought.

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Western Digital Passport - Portable Hard Drive, 60gb

Western digital passport - portable hard drive, 60gb, can these be upgraded? What type of drive is inside?

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Windows Xp: Wd Passport - Usb Device Does Not Recognize Device

I bought a wd passport 160gb. And it worked fine i left it running on my computer for 2 weeks and now its not working error (usb device does not recognize device) so i thought i broke it, i went out and bought another one and i am getting the same error with the new one and old one, on mulit computers that it worked on in the past, i even tried in on new computers. Any ideas?

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