Lexmark 2400 Printer Start Button Is Flashing

I have a lexmark 2400 printer and the start button is flashing and it would not print what should i do?

Answer:- read the manual. If you dont have it, it can be downloaded on the lexmark website.

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Ink Cartridge Number 1 Work On Lexmark 2400 Printer ?

Would an ink cartridge number 1 work on a lexmark 2400 series printer? I bought a lexmark 2400 series printer in the us and need a cartridge replacement. I can't find a number 2 here in europe so is it possible a 1 would work ?

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Hd 2400 Pro Flashing

Hd 2400 pro, worth flashing? I just got a new pc with an hd 2400 pro (256) and was wondering if it is worth flashing, i know the 9800 pro is basically the same as the 9800 xt just set differently. So i am hoping the 2400 is made the same.

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Dell Optiplex Flashing Yellow Power Button

My dell optiplex 745 has a flashing yellow power button and wont start up? On the power supply if i reset the fan runs but no video and there is still a flashing yellow power button.

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Pc Wont Start When I Press The Power Button

I have a 4 year old p4 1. 7ghz which my mum uses regularly for word processing etc. Today i went to switch it on as usual and when i pressed the power button it didnt start ! No beeps, no lights, just as if i didnt press the button ! I bet it could be many differrent problems. But where can i start diagnozing first? I already tried a differrent lead but it didnt solve the problem.

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Computer Will Not Start When Press Power Button

My computer will not start when i press the power button, not even the fans go on. The led on the motherboard is on (green led), so electricity is is going through. The problem started following a freeze on stand-by, i was not able to shut it down by maintaining the power button. I finally hat to cut the power using the on/off button at the back. Ever since, the machine doesn't start. I occasionally had a problem in the past with a "overclocking failure" message when starting the machine. Strange, because i have never tried to overclock.

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Gateway Power Button Goes Orange When Attempting To Start

I know this has probably been posed several times before, but my power button goes orange when attempting to start the computer. I assumed it was some sort of power problem, so i went along with some troubleshooting techniques. I will list some of the things that i have done in efforts to find the problem. *** I got a new, working power supply. No effect

*** I attempted to start the computer, with nothing connected, except for the cpu, power, power button, and monitor (graphics card is built in). No effect

*** I got a new battery for the motherboard to eliminate that as part of the problem. No effect

My next thought is that there was some sort of power sure in the graphics that would be causing this, but i lack another graphics card to test it out. (Which i wouldn't think a problem with the graphics, would route back to the power switch light).

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Lexmark 2400 Not Working

I have a lexmark 2400 and when i plug it in the on light comes on but it wont turn off. When i plug it into the computer it wont do anything, it doesn't show up on my computer. It will not copy either, whats the deal!?

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Computer Power Button Isn't Lit Up On Start

I just bought a new power supply(450w) and a new graphics card to go along with that(ati radeon hd 5670 by visiontek) for my new game i got. When i was putting my graphics card in, it hit some gray "box" thing that looked like spikes but they was squared, not rounded, and had flat tops, i also had to replace my monitor because it wouldn't show any video i tried to remember which plugs go to which when i put in my power supply. Two went on the motherboard(a 16 slot jack and a 2 slot plus another extra two), another, a 4 slot one, but it connected to 4 (pins?), Another small one, and this chip looking plug in. Two days later, it stopped working, my computer. Whenever i turn it on, it does the noise when computers start up(fans turning on, beeps and stuff from the cpu, etc. ) But it won't show any video and the power button isn't lit up like it should be. Did i plug up the power supply the wrong way, or was that spike thingy important to the computer? I tried my best to be as descriptive as possible, and sorry if i used "thing" too much. I'll add any thing else that could be useful that'll help solve my problem.

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Lexmark 2400 Unsupported Cartridge

I have a brand new lexmark 2420. I am using drivers for windows 7, and i have installed the same printer on a windows vista computer. I am still using factory printer cartridges. I am getting an "unsupported cartridge" error message. It printed once when i connected the printer to my wireless connection. It printed the wireless information and that is all. I have cleaned the cartridges on both sides. The cartridges do have working ink. The cartridges are the appropriate for my model.

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Lexmark 2400 Series - How To Change Size Of Print ?

How can i change the size of print on my lexmark 2400 series?


It is the application you are using which controls the size of the printed text. However, if you are printing web pages from the internet, you have no control over the size of the text whatsoever. Text sizes in web pages are often small (6. 5pt) to save space on the web host servers. When printed directly, the printed results need good eyesight or a magnifying glass to read it. To enlarge the print for greater legibility, highlight the textual information you want to print out, right click and select copy, open up your word processor and paste the information onto the page. You can then select all the text and set the size of the text for greater legibility before sending the document to your printer.

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Assigning Next Track Button To Mx518 Mouse Button

The keyboard i liked a lot died and i used to have buttons for both next and previous track, which was very nice for playing games. Now if i'm playing a game and the backstreet boys come on (that uh. My sister downloaded? Yes, that sounded believable, they won't make fun of me), i'd have to alt tab to change the song. I'm using a generic keyboard now, no extra buttons or anything on it, but i have my mx518 mouse from logitech that has buttons on it i'm not using. Is there any software that would allow me to turn them into a command like next track? I have the setpoint software from logitech but i don't see anything there that would allow me to.

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Hp Printer Orange Light Flashing

Ive just changed the color ink cartridge on my printer but when i try to print i have an orange light flashing next to what looks like a page icon with a teardrop on it. The page number selection has what looks like a reverse e. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried taking out the cartridge and putting it back in and switching on/off but it comes up the same.

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Hp Deskjet D2445 Printer Power Button Blinking

How do i fix my hp deskjet d2445 printer. The power button line is blinking?

Try unplugging it then cut off computer then plug printer again then restart computer.

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Hp Deskjet 895cxi Printer Ink Light Flashing

I've been using the printer for a while now with no problems. The black and colored ink both ran out and i've tried to replace them with brand new ones but, once i change the cartridges, the printer's ink light starts flashing, and the printer does not work at all. Any help?

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Hp 2410 Photosmart Printer Flashing - Cartridge Not Supported

Hp 2410 photosmart printer is flashing: cartridge not supported. I have just put in a new cartridge the replacement is identical to one taken out, & even if i replace the old one its still flashing :print cartridge in left stall not supported.

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Hp Printer - Send Fax At Same Number - Which Is Redial Button For Fax ?

I have hp all in 1 2009 printer j 4580. I have to send fax at same number. Which is redial button for fax? Many times destination fax no. Is busy.

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Lexmark Printer Install

I plug in the printer and the wizard window pops up and ask to install i don't have a disk so i click (automatically) and it says it can't find the hardware what else can i do ?

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How To Install Lexmark Printer ?

I want to switch my dell printer to a lexmark printer for which i don't have a driver. I will download it. What are the exact steps i need to take to install this printer and get it working?. The ink is cheaper. Do i have to uninstall my dell printer driver first or can i keep it there.

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Install Lexmark Printer Without Cd

How do you install a lexmark printer on your computer without a cd?

Visit the lexmark website and download the driver package from there, you'll need to know the model of your printer and which operating system you are using:

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Which Printer Is Better, Epson Or Lexmark ?

Which do you think is a better printer, epson or lexmark? I hate them both - possibly lexmark a little more. Both have been sued (successfully) by their customers on more than one occasion. So to be honest - they both suck. They both have terrible customer service. They both make crappy printers. They both charge far to much for their ink and they both have been sued repeatedly by their customers. The only reason why i like epson a little more is sometimes you can find non epson branded cartridges, which will save you money on the running cost. They both have the audacity to charge in some cases upwards of $20 for a cartridge which prints 60 pages.

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Lexmark Printer Not Printing

So when ever i want to print something my laptop says stuff like the printer cannot communicate with the computer. Try these solution

- Ensure the printer is powered on
- Disconnect and reconnect the printer's power cable
- Disconnect and reconnect the usb or network cable
- Check your firewall settings to ensure printer communications is not blocked
- Restart your computer

And then it says windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup. But apparently my dad can print stuff from his laptop without any troubles and i cant. So what should i do? I have a lexmark printer and a laptop, i went on devices and printers and it says my printers offline. But when i click it to un check mark it; it just doesn't change.

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How Do I Get Lexmark Printer To Work?

I have a lexmark x1185 all-in-one printer. Yesterday, i installed a new color cartridge. I was in a hurry, so did not follow through with the part when they ask you what you installed, if it is old or new, and to print an alignment page. Yes, stupid, i know that now. Anyway, now it refuses to print at all. Things are going into the que, but that is as far as it goes. Can anyone tell me what i can try to fix things? I have already tried restarting & disconnecting/reconnecting cables.

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Lexmark Z611 Printer Setup

How do i set up my lexmark printer on my computer? How do i set up my lexmark z611 printer i don't have a setup disk.

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Lexmark X4270 Printer Installation

Need to install a lexmark x4270 cant find any information on here to install it to me computer can u help? Need information to install my printer to my computer any help?

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Lexmark 3400 Printer Problem

I have a lexmark 3400, and it sometimes, out of random, while its turned off even, make noise. Like, that sliding clicking noise that printers do. Its not a problem, sometimes amusing, when i have friends over and it randomly starts going off and everyone is like "***. " Just wondering what could be causing it and if anyone else has experienced this.

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Ink For Lexmark X2250 Printer

What ink do i need for a lexmark x2250 all in one printer? I have a lexmark all in one printer x2250 series. My dad bought ink cartriges that are 27 color and 17 black. Can i get 26 color and 16 black instead, or does it have to be 27 color and 17 black? I am trying to order ink online from, i searched for the ink for my printer and i didnt find color 27 and black 17 all i found was color 26 and 16 black. Here is the link let me know f i an get that ink.

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How To Use Lexmark X5450 Printer Scanner ?

How do you use a x5450 lexmark printer scanner?

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Lexmark Z515 Printer Not Working

My lexmark z515 printer isn't working. ? Something is up with it. When the cartridges move to calibrate they move way too fast and slam into the side. And then after doing that it freezes and does a two blink stop, two blink stop, over and over. Does anyone know what i can do to fix this?

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Lexmark X6170 Printer Drivers

I have a lexmark x6170 all in one printer, what is the best website to find a driver for this machine? A lexmark x6170 all in one printer, i'm running windows xp, what is the best no bologna website to down a driver for this printer?

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