Usb Pen Drive - The Disk In Drive Is Not Formatted

This issue happens most of the time with my pc which is running win xp pro, p4 1. 7ghz, 1gb ram. By most of the time i mean every once in a while it works fine. I'll plug the sandisk 512mb pen drive into the any usb port and i get the message "the disk in drive ? Is not formatted would you like to format it now?" If i click yes the format window comes up then i get the message "windows was unable to complete the format" "the disk in drive ? Cannot be formatted". This also happens with my floppy drive.

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The Disk In Drive E Is Not Formatted

Ok, i have a 120 gig usb2. 0 external hard drive i've had for about a year, it' has got everything on it i need, emails, passwords, documents the works, for some unknown reason, after i booted up today, i get this error "the disk in drive e is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" I can't figure out whats wrong with it, i've googled and couldn't find anything helpful. Any one have an idea what is wrong with this?

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Dvd Rom Message: The Disk In Drive D Is Not Formatted

I am working on a laptop: dell inspiron 3800 and it contains a toshiba dvd-rom sd-c2402. Operating system: windows 2000, every time i put a cd in to the drive it comes up with the message: "the disk in drive d is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" With only 2 responses "yes" and "no". If i click no then it just goes back the "my computer" window. I have tried uninstalling the driver and downloading them from both the dell and toshiba websites. These drivers are not recognised by windows and it reverts to using the windows standard cd-rom ones. If anyone can shead some light on this situation i would be very grateful.

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W2k Hd Error Message: The Disk In Drive D Is Not Formatted

As topic, i received an error on my w2k system "the disk in drive d is not formatted, format is now?". Yes, it is a w2k (windows 2000 professional) system. It's an old reliable system that i use it as a file server. Last night, i noticed some files disappeared on my d: drive. I restarted my computer and then i couldn't access my d: drive anymore. When i try to access it, it pops up with an error message stating "the disk in drive d is not formatted, format is now?". Any suggestion of what would cause this kind of problem and how to recover data?

And yes, i did use google to search for some answers, and i have 2 possible solutions on my hands right now, hdd re generator and partition table doctor. I am just curious if anyone have any other suggestion.

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Usb Flash Drive Error - This Drive Needs To Be Formatted

A friend of mine recently had her usb drive come up with an error. Whenever it is accessed it throws up an error "this drive needs to be formated". So we tried running chkdsk and even tried running restoration ( which i've tried on my father's hard drive before with excellent results. This time it just throws up a "unable to recognize" error. When i try to format it, we can only format a 8mb partition (out of 512mb) and even then it says "no" to that. I used the built in windows xp. Chkdsk cannot see it, says it is in raw format (which i assume means there is no partition). My next step is to try some specialized software made for flash drive recovery. There are important files on there that the owner would very much like back (however not important enough to justify large spending of money). A free-ware option would be fantastic.

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Can You Compress A Usb Pen Drive ?

I am currently using win98, and i went to the properties of the drive and it said that i could compress it. So instead of being 64mb, it would be about 120mb. Is that possible or safe?

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Usb Pen Drive I/o Device Error

I've had an iomega 256mb pen drive for about 18 months now, and whenever i try to access it in my computer it says: the request could not be performed because of an i/o device error. I can't format the drive either. This happens on all of the 3 computers i've tried it on. I'm not worried about getting the data on it back, i've got backups of it. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix it?

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Usb Pen Drive Corrupted - How To Get The Data Back ?

My pen drive will not work whatsoever. I have tried on multiple computers and i can't get it recognized (tried with xp and 98). I think a problem was i tried it on my linux box this weekend and it may have corrupted it. Is there any way to get my data back.

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Usb Flash Drive Pen Stopped Working After Trying On Win 64

Flash drive pen usb has been working fine until i took it round to a friends house and tried it on his pc. I didn't know it at first but he is running a different version of windows. It's win 64 bit and called something like windows 64? Anyway, i don't think this drive supports it and ever since i tried it there it hasn't worked. The light doesn't come on anymore, it won't read it and i can't access anything on it. Has trying it on an incompatible operating system permanently ruined it? Is there anyway to get my xp to recognise it again? Luckily the only things on it are backed up elsewhere but i don't want to have to buy another one just for something silly like this. Any advice?

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Pen Drive Scan Automatically By Antivirus On Connected To Usb Port ?

Pen drive must be scanned automatically by anti virus software while it connects to usb port?


The functionality you are talking about is available in some anti-virus suites. (I think) if your anti-virus suite doesn't has that functionality then search for any other small application which can help you in this matter.

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Usb Flash Drive Says: ' The Device Is Not Formatted '

I have a memorex poker chip usb flash drive 1gb, and it shows up fine on one pc as "poker chip" in explore, and i can transfer files, but on my other pc (the one i'm on now, specs in profile) it's listed only as h: removable disk, and when i click on it, it says: "the device is not formatted, would you like to format it now? (Y/n). Why would it be recognized on one pc, but the not the other? How come the other pc didn't need it formatted? When i click yes to format it, it says: "windows was unable to complete the format" i went to the bios and usb 2. 0 is enabled. And device manager does list it as a memorex poker chip.

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How Can I Format Pen Drive Drive?

How can i format my pen drive drive?, I am so worried abt my pen-drive. I have a pen-drive of 2 gb which was working good and fine till some minutes ago. I have 2 operating system, i.e, ubuntu 9. 10 and windows 7. What happened is that, logged on to ubuntu 9. 10 and started to do some experiments(i am not good at linux), i had got a minipentoo's iso and there was a procedure to install it in pen drive, so i carried out without more knowledge. I typed some commands like fdisk /dev/sdc and then

D (delete the partitions you might have)

N (new)

P (primary)

1 (number 1)

Choose the size you want. A (bootable flag)

1 (number 1)

Do it the size you want 1 gb is enough, the whole is better

W (write)

I even tried this:

Mkfs. Ext2 /dev/sdc1

But it went to saying error after first or second chance. And then i gave up, and i also remember i went to the disk utility and deleted the partition of the disk. So i messed up a lot. Finally, giving up my work i am logged on to windows just to find my pen drive is not working , first it proposed to format and i agreed but the formatting was-unsuccessful, it said that it "the specified cluster size is too big for fat", and clearly it made no sense to me. Can u help me how to format my pen drive right from the bottom and have it to use, it has no physical drawback, it is so fine and i also do not agree that the pen drive is gone, it is just messed up and i don't have the idea to get it back.

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Boot Up From Usb Floppy Disk Drive

So i need a floppy drive. I do not have a power dongle, the small one on my antec neopower 480 for a floppy drive. Someone at microcenter told me that there are power dongle converters for floppys. But i was wondering, since i need to install my sata drivers off an a: drive when i boot from my xp c. D. Will a usb floppy drive could act exactly the same as an internal one? Can i boot up from a usb floppy disk drive?

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Error: There Is No Disk In The Drive - Usb Fat32

I'm working with a usb fat32 type flash drive which is currently blank. I've tried to copy files onto it and it has become somewhat corrupt, displaying the error message "there is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive deviceharddisk1dr2. " I don't know what the problem is. A couple of days ago this piece of equipment was working just fine.

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Can Access Usb Drive Only Through Disk Manager

I recently upgraded to xp pro sp2 (from home). Before i used my ipod and flash disk on home (mass storage). After installing xp pro i found that it couldn't recognize them in explorer!. Heres what i have tried and other info:i have installed the latest chipset drivers. Tried removing all usb devices and rebooting. Tried using other usb flash sticks all other usb devices do work, just mass storage that doesn' info:
Windows xp pro sp2
Dell dimension 4600

I can access the drive only through disk manager. I think its got something to do with windows not automatically assigning a drive letter on startup.

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What Is The Disk Space Inside The Best Usb Flash Drive ?

What is the disk space inside the best usb flash drive? Ive heard that its 16 gigs. Can anyone confirm that or is it smaller/larger?

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Recover Data From Formatted Hard Drive

Ive done something really stupid. I took out my mates lappy hdd which i wanted to install windows on for him. I plugged it in my laptops usb to hdd adapter which read the hdd as a removable disk. I enters windows setup by bootup on the laptop and found two hdds. I then accidentally formatted my laptops hdd instead of my friends. The hdd has all my dads programming work and accounts on. I haven't seen him ye so im keeping it hidden for a while. I really need to know if its possible to recover the hdd from the windows format!

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Fix Corrupted Pen Drive

Okay, so i've got this really stupid pen drive, and unfortunately, it's the only one that i can use at the moment. I need to submit data that's about 400 mb in size tomorrow in school, and will get whooped if i don't. It's about six years old, and was lying around, as i was scavenging for a pendrive/cd. As it's sunday evening, i can't really buy anything right now. The thing with this drive is that my sister formatted it once(it was the first time she did so), and after formatting it, the size went from 1 gb, to 8 gb. :O

Although it could carry around only 1 gb of data in it, the 8 gb size still popped up every time it was plugged in, no matter which system. And then, that pen drive was with my sister for quite some time, and the first thing i did when i got it, was that i had hit format. Now, after that, every time i try to copy any data in it, after about 150-250 mb of data transfer, it shows an error saying that the disk in write protected, and it stops the transfer after that, and if it's one big file, it cancels the transfer. I formatted it, and ran disk check, and ticked both the options (automatically fix system errors, and scan and attempt for recovery of bad sectors). But it says windows cannot complete disk check, if i tick both the check boxes, but when i do none, it finishes it successfully. Please help me out, it's really important for me to fix this thing and get those files to school tomorrow, otherwise, i'm messed up!

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Pen Drive Kingston 1gb In Windows Nt

I have a problem, i got a new job, and was assigned a pc with windows nt, i've not found a way to make my kingston pendrive 1gb to work in this sh. Does an1 know a way to make it work in nt ?

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Flash Voyager Pen Drive Dead

I had bought a corsair flash voyager 16gb approx 10 months ago. I had a problem with it, as explained in this thread.consequently i sent it back to ocuk for rma and they sent me a new one immediately. Now. This is about the new one. I've had it for around 8 months or so now. But hey it's got a 10 year warranty!

This time i can't even check the pendrive out in any manner. As soon as i stick the drive i get a bsod - check out video of me inserting pendrive and getting bsod immediately. Either the bsod, or else my pc just stops responding with the blue circle vista cursor going on forever until i pull the pendrive out - as in other video here. What do you think?

Can i do some checking in some way, avoiding the freezing/bsod'ing, before i contact ocuk? Admit i'm feeling a bit awkward making the 2nd rma for the same object.

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Pen Drive Not Showing Removable Disc Icon In Computer

When iam connecting my pendrive to pc it is recognizing but not showing the removable disc icon in my computer?

So your pendrive works fine but only problem is that you don't get the icon in the system tray to get it to show. Simply click on the blank space near the system tray and choose customize notification icons once the windows pops up search for the removable disk option and select hide when in active and then apply thats it your have the icon back on the system tray.

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Pc Detect Usb But Message Says 'insert A Disk Into Drive'

My pc detect my usb but when i tried to open it, it says please insert a disk into drive, what will i do? How can i fix my usb?

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Usb Memory Stick Not Showing Any Data And Is To Be Formatted

One day i used this stick on other computer and then when i used this stick on my computer it is not showing any thing and it is saying that the memory is to be formatted and if formatting done then all the data will go, so i wanted to know what exactly what happened and how can i retrieve the data on it as i stored many pictures and other software on this.

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Usb Pen Won't Connect To Pc

I tried to plug my usb pen into my pc (xp sp2) to download some photos. The pen said it was being charged but the pc seems to have no linking that it's connected. I can't force it to pick it up when it can't see anything there at all. I've not been able to connect it to the pc since.

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Disk Drive Help

So my cd/dvd drive isn't working. I have windows vista. The computers fairly old, i'd say around 2 years old. Up until yesterday (even though last time i checked would have to have been about 2 weeks ago) the d: drive was working fine. Yesterday, i was about to backup some of my files (so then i could delete them off the computer, therefore gain more space) when i noticed there was no d: drive/ cd-dvd drive on 'my computer'. I opened up the drive manager this, and it didn't appear there either. I looked up on google what to do, and it said something about deleting 'upper' and 'lower' filters. I got up to that point (whilst completing it on my computer) when i read "there is always the precaution where your computer can completely break" i though 'i'm not doing that!

I then restored the settings to a restore point- 4 days before. That didn't work. My family are now saying that they are going to restore to factory settings, or change the main computer thing (sorry, i cant think of the name xd if i do manage to think of it ill add it in additional details). This means deleting everything on the computer without backing it up. I cant email myself the stuff i want to keep, (it doesn't seem to work) but i have put the pictures on facebook and there are not many files (i have backed up some stuff, including documents, before). But i have videos that i nt put on facebook because it'll take too long. We are trying to purchase a memory stick. But i don't really want to restore it to factory settings. I don't think it'll work. And then there are stuff that i'll never get back. Does anyone know of any way that'll bring back the d: cd/dvd drive. Without restoring it to factory settings. ?

What do the upper/ lower filters do, and what happens when i delete them?

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Disk Stuck In Drive

I just opened my drive after writing to a dvd, and there was nothing in the tray. A quick poking around reveals that the disk is inside the drive, above the tray>. > Any ideas?

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Adding 5.25 Disk Drive

I have a few older 5. 25 " disks from which i would like to copy or extract the contained data. Currently, i have no operative drive to complete that task. I have recently acquired an ast bravo lc 6233 1. 6 gig machine which functions very well and has windows me os. This machine has one 3 1/2 " 1. 44mb disk drive and one cd drive. I have not opened the machine as yet. Space is available to add another drive. My understanding is that the last windows os that would support a 5. 25 " disk drive is windows 95. 1. My questions are these - will windows millenium, win98, or winxp support a 5. 25 disk drive?

2. If not, must i uninstall windows me and replace the os with windows 95? Fdisk, partition and install windows 95 in a partition ? Best way?

3. Can a 5. 25 " dirve be placed on the same cable as a 3 1/2 disk dirve ?

4. If not, what is the best way to add a 5. 25 " disk drive ?

5. Can either one serve as drive a or does it matter ?

6. Other than 'adding' the hardware, is reconfiguration a problem?

7. Is the above possible or am i just whistling in dixie and forget it?

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No Disk Found In Drive C:

When booting to windows xp i get the following (no disk found in drive c i can hit continue and windows will load. How do i solve this problem?

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Connect Dvd Drive As External Drive Through Usb Port

I have a sony dvd-rw drive which works fine when plugged directly as an ide drive. I also have an ide-to-usb cable along with an external power supply for ide devices. I want to connect the the dvd-rw drive as an external drive through the usb port. I have windows xp (sp2). When i plug the dvd-rw drive through the usb port, xp complains that "the device cannot be recognized". It shows up in the device manager as an unknown device under usb controllers. I am have a desktop (p4 1. 4ghz, 256mb rd, usb 1. 0) and a laptop (amd turion, 256mb ddr, usb 2. 0)!

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Drive Is On Fire, 68*c Hard Disk

For some reason my wd re 250gig drive is always hot, and doesn't matter where it is located inside the computer, it is always in the same temp range, 60-70*. All of the other drives have cool temps. All of the drives feel the same to the touch as well.

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