What Resolution Does Vga Connection Support ?

What resolution does a vga connection support? I have my pc connected to my 37 in lcd tv ( 720p ) . While windows explorer looks funny(pixelated) or "splotchy", movie files tend to look pretty good, especially if they are higher quality like a 2g mkv file. Does the problem lie in the vga connection being inferior or the 720p tv ?

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Triple Vga Monitor Support

I have just purchased a dell dim5150 desktop (2 x pci & 2 x pcie slots) with nvidia geforce 7300le graphics card (1 x dvi & 1 x vga connection). I also have 3 x 19" analogue monitors which i need to use as one widescreen. Obviously the card i have is 'pony' & cannot support all 3 monitors. So what do i do?

1. Buy another nvidia single vga pci card? Will this work?

2. Run a dvi cable with dual vga head? Any such cable?

3. Buy a matrox millennium p650 agp card? Which in turn requires buying a new motherboard with agp output. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hope there is a cheap & simple solution? Im not worried about 3d gaming quality.

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Video Card That Support Resolution Of 2 Monitors Together

I want to add a second monitor. I probably can't afford another 225bw as it was about $500 and i'm a student, so i'd get a 19" acer or something - but what worries me is that, as far as i know, the maximum supported resolution for my card, as well as most others i believe, is 2560x1600. Something in that range, anyways. Now what i'm wondering is what i need to do as far as video cards. Since a 19" monitor at 1440x900 or 1280x1050 would bring my overall resolution to over 2560 wide, i think plugging a second monitor into the vga of my current card would prove pointless. So, since my current motherboard only has one pci express slot, i could pick up another pci video card - but clearly that wouldn't be in sli, how would that work? So, i suppose what i'm asking is, is there a video card that will support the full resolution of a 1680x1050 and 1440x900 monitor combined? Do i absolutely need to buy an sli-compatibly motherboard and two new video cards to make this happen?

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Dvi Kvm Switch Max Resolution Support

I need to purchase a new kvm that will support dual dvi connectors. I have been looking at a couple of startech switches. It seems that the max resolution that is supported is only 1280x1024. Since i am using my 22in flat panel at 1680x1050, is there a kvm that will support that resolution? Or can i get away with what i've been looking at? Any thoughts?

Here's one of the switches:

I should also mention that i'd like to get a 4 port switch.

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Playstation 3 Vga Monitor Connection

I recently ( like literally half an hour ago ) bought a ps3 - which has yet to be delivered. For my xbox 360 i use an adapter cable to my 24inch lcd monitor, which only has a vga input. What difference i've noticed with the ps3 is the hdmi input. And i've only read success stories for the ps3 with a hdmi to dvi connector : not vga. Audio isn't a problem. What i just want to deal with is finding a way of connecting the ps3 to the vga slot in the back of the monitor. Anybody have any ideas?

Would connectors like this work? :

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No Signal On Vga Tv To Computer Connection

I have been watching my computer screen on tv for two weeks, then all of a sudden it says no signal. We changed the cable back to monitor and the screen was fine, (i disabled my screen-saver so its not that). So when i change back to the vga, it works on tv again for a while then pops up no signal, and we have to go through the process of swapping cables again before it will work. How do i prevent this please?

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Connect Mac Mini To Lcd Monitor With Vga Connection

Can a mac mini connect to a standard lcd monitor with a vga connection? Or do i need some type of converter?

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Connecting Dvd Vga With Computer Vga

How do i connect dvd-vga with computer vga? I have a dvd player and it has vga port. Now i want to connect my dvd player with laptop through vga adopter. Is it possible.

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Set Internet Connection At Home As A Preferred Connection

Is there anyway set my internet connection at home as a preferred connection? I have a mac. When i'm at home i want it to automatically connect my my internet signal here (sometimes my computer tries to connect to my neighbors signal) anyone know how?

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Issue With Dhcp Connection Wireless Connection Drop

I don't know why i keep getting this error message in the log for dhcp , it annoys a lot as it disconnects the wifi then reconnects and continues to do so for a few minutes. The ip address lease 192. 168. 1. 7 for the network card with network address 0xxxxxxxxxxxxx has been denied by the dhcp server 0. 0. 0. 0 (the dhcp server sent a dhcpnack message). I know there is an issue as the dhcp server should be 192. 168. 1. 1, it goes normal as in the log it shows that it gets the i. P from the correct dhcp but when the error happens it shows the dhcp server as to 0. 0. 0. 0. My wireless card is an atheros ar9285, my pc is a hp pavillion dv 7-3162nr laptop

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Changing Screen Resolution

I recently installed windows 98 on my laptop pc. But the screen resolution is set too it look very grainy. I tried going into display properties to change the resolution but it wont let me.

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1900x1200 Resolution Not Sticking

I replace my x600 with a powercolor hd2400pro. I installed the latest drivers from the ati web site (9. 5 - i believe). I have one problem: the selected resolution doesn't stick. Whenever i reboot, it reverts back to 640x480, 8 bit color. I can set it back from catalyst. However, after the reboot it will go back. Two more pieces of info:

1. ) I can change the resolution only from catalyst - not from the windows display settings dialog !
2. ) As a test i did run directx test. After the test comes back from the 3d test (rotating cube) the screen resolution reverts back to 640x480 as well !

What could cause this?

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Windows 7 Screen Resolution

I have recently upgraded from vista to windows 7 and have a question about the new screen resolution. Windows 7's recommended resolution for my monitor is 1600 x 900, but that makes everything too small to read. The one i had with vista was ideal, but isn't an option on 7. When i go down to 1360 x 768, the size is fine, but everything is blurry. I made everything 125% larger, but that makes everything too large. Another issue is the internet. I use chrome for my browser, and i love it. When using it on vista, it was perfect, but now with 7, no matter which resolution i select, everything in chrome is too small. Even when things are 125% or 150% larger, chrome still displays things too small. There are those sidebars along every website, which are extremely annoying, and weren't there before i changed os. I know it's got to be because of the resolution, but none of the resolutions make things big enough and clear at the same time. As a new 7 user, i'm not sure how to fix this correctly. And as a little tiny question, does anyone know how to get rid of those preview windows when you hover over something in the taskbar?

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Windows 7 Resolution Problem

First and foremost, i have a viewsonic nx2232w hdtv/monitor. I am very confused because the site says its a 16:10 ratio but when i got it im pretty sure it said it was 16:9. I ran it at 1600x900 res for the passed 2 years on vista with no problems. Crystal clear quality. No fuzziness and the proportions looked perfect. It also would not let me run it at 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 without a blank screen and an "out of range" message. I ran it through a vga cable into an nvidia geforce 8800 gts along with a second monitor (gateway fpd1760 tft lcd 17') and it always worked fine at 16:9 with the second monitor at 1280x1024. When i recently upgraded to windows 7 however, it would not let me use the 1600x900 res that i had been using for 2 years. I got an out of range message and blank screen. For any smart alecs who wanna tell me that its impossible to have a 1080p 1680x1050 res, im looking at the option on the nvidia control panel. So its either a software glitch and youre absolutely right or your wrong. Remember that wikipedia can be wrong too. The software recognized my monitor as "generic vga monitor" but the only resolution i could choose that was properly proportioned was 1360x768. Although it is proportioned right, everything is huge and sort of blocky. So someone in a recent question told me that an all digital connection might settle better with windows 7 and to get a dvi-hdmi cable since my hdtv has an hdmi port. So i got the cable and hooked it up. Now i am much more confused. I still cant get my 1600x900 res or 1680x1050 but for some strange reason i can get 1920x1080. It is very fuzzy and quite a strain on the eyes though. The software now recognizes my monitor as "viewsonic nx2232w" and says my native resolution is 1920x1080. I tried both upgrading to the latest software and drivers and downgrading to the old ones i used with vista. Neither worked although the old software at least let me choose 16x9 as a choice. At the moment i am using 1360x768 because the 1920x1080 was too blurry and hard to see. This appears to be slightly fuzzy and the reds were very bright until i adjusted the color a little. The fuzziness and bright reds only occurred when i was using the hdmi cable. After looking at some reviews it has come to my attention that the hdmi port on my tv sucks. Also that my tv was only really meant to be a computer monitor using an analog connection like vga. So what can i do? Through hdmi text is hard to read at a high res and i cant even use my 1680x1020 res or 16x9, but through vga the highest res i can get at all is 1360x768. It is clear but the screen is still very big and slightly blocky. Being a gamer im gonna have to decide to go back to vista if i cant use a higher resolution and be able to read text. Windows 7 is almost perfect. I havent had one single problem yet except for this resolution problem. I dont have the money to get a monitor with a better hdmi port or a dvi port either so if anyone has a fix it would be greatly appreciated. And before writing an enormous paragraph (or copying it from wikipedia) about what native res is and what 1080p means, i can confidently say that i know what a native resolution is and i know what 1080p/720p/480p all mean. My monitor is obviously 720p and it has always ran that way but the question here isnt "can someone teach me resolution 101", it's "why cant i use my native resolution?". As a gamer and enthusiast who built his own computer, i know all about resolution and hardware. But here i need help with software. It has been established that it is a software problem because it worked perfectly on windows vista.

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Resolution Problem In Windows 7

I just upgraded via clean install from vista-64 to 7-64 and i cant use my monitors native resolution. I have a 21. 5 inch viewsonic lcd hdtv/monitor. I have it hooked up via vga into an nvidia geforce 8800gts card. I have 2 monitors (the other being a gateway 17' lcd 1280x1024). When i try to use 1600x900 resolution via the "change resolution" option when i right click the desktop my monitor just turns black and says "out of range" although 1600x900 is my native resolution and has worked on xp and vista. When i choose 1600x900 via the nvidia control panel, it works, but the left and right side of my screen are cut off. I am currently using 1360x768 and my monitor picks it up fine but when i use the 16x9 with the sides cut off the monitor appears to read it as 1280x960. I am assuming that the monitor is not reading the correct resolution from the computer since it reads it as 1280x960 instead of 1600x900. Ive looked everywhere for answers and all i can find is the problem with the 16x9 not being available at all which i fixed with a simple update. So now i have the 16x9 resolutions but i cant use them. Very frustrating. Anyone know how to fix it?

Answer:- your viewsonic, if it is indeed an hdtv, should have an hdmi port. It is compatible with your 8800gts's digital dvi output. Try using a dvi-to-hdmi cable instead- a totally digital connection like dvi-to-hdmi might work better in windows 7 than the analog vga connection you are using now. And make sure you are using the latest windows7 64-bit driver set downloaded from nvidia's site. New problem:- so i got the dvi-hdmi cable and it lets me reach completely higher resolutions. I can display at 1920x1080 but its blurry. The nvidia software recognizes my monitor correctly but the "native resolution" is 1080p, 1920x1080 according to nvidia. According to my monitor box however, my max res is actually 1080p, 1680x1050. I can run the 1920x1080 with a refresh rate of 30hz but not the "native" 50hz. Im still assuming that the computer has no idea what my monitor is capable of. I am also very puzzled as to why vga puts my monitor at 16x9 and hdmi puts it at 16x10 but neither will display correctly on windows 7. Im noticing tons of resolution problems with people who have 7 and im seriously about to switch back to vista if there is no fix.

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Windows Xp 64-bit Resolution

I have installed windows xp 64bit edition, but i have a problem with my screen resolution, i have a full hd screen 1920x1080 pixels but this resolution is not available when i go to change the screen resolution settings the highest resolution i have is something like 1400x1050, so therefore when i apply this resolution my screen appears stretched. I have tried all the driver updates for my graphics card but nothing works. I have an ati raedeon hd 4670 or 3670 im not sure which one but i have tried both drivers and they dont work. I think the problem is that windows xp does not recognize the screen on my laptop, because when i go to the add hardware wizard it says under the list of hardware standard vga adapter. I have tried updating my graphics card through windows update etc and it does not pick up an update for my graphics card, i have tried so many different things to try and get my required resolution but nothing seems to work.

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No Output From Vga Card ?

I have a friend's pc which has been causing some trouble lately, like freezing in winxp and shutting down etc, so i brought to my house to format it and freshly install xppro (which was installed in it less than a year ago) and this pc is hardly used!

When i tried to switch it on this morning , after it has been about a month swithced off, nothing came on the display. The pc booted normally without any beeps but my tft remained swithed off. First thing i tried was a new vga card and hooked up another tft. But it didnt help at all. The problem persisted!

Im suspecting that there is some kind of fault in the motherboad which is a gigabyte socket a board and is less than a year old.

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Eyefinity With Dp To Vga Adapter

I was reading over on widescreen gaming forum that users have successfully utilized this:

To run a 3rd monitor off the displayport, as opposed to dropping 100+ on the bizlink dp to dvi adapter. For those of us planning to run 3x22", it doesn't look like there would be any sacrifice in image quality using vga rather than dvi. Just thought i'd pass it along. Kyle or brent, if you guys get a chance, i'd sure love some additional confirmation on this

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Dvi To Vga Adapter

I'm getting the 6600 gt ( bfg ) soon , but i just realized that the card have these connectors only ( connectors: dual dvi-i, hdtv / s-video out ). That means there is no vga connection. And what i have in my house is this 19' crt monitor. So shall i get a dvi to vga adapter or what ? And how much do these costs ? ( I think it's the adapter won't come with the box, here is the link for the card ). Never saw a dvi to vga adapter and i don't know if i need one and how much do they cost. Thanks in advance guys !

Edit: sorry for the rush, i realized that a dvi to vga dongle is included in the box. Anyways to not make this thread totally trash, what is the main benefit for a dvi-i connector?

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Vga To Dvi Adapter

I have dell lcd 1704fpt which supports dvi, my integrated video card only has a vga port, would there be any quality loss if i get vga to dvi adapter?

Any comments or suggestions on this matter?

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Vga Cords Necessary For Monitors ?

Are vga cords necessary for monitors with built in speakers to work?

Vga cords is just for the graphics. The speaker will requires another cable. Check your monitor, there should be another jack with a speaker icon. You need a cable from your computer sound output jack to the monitor sound input jack.

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Connect Pc To Tv With Vga Hdmi

How to connect pc to tv with vga in hdmi? If i only got vga and buy an vga to dvi converter and an dvi to hdmi cable, does that work if i want to have high quality?

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Connect Pc To Tv Using Vga Cable

How do i connect my pc to a tv using a vga cable ?

There are vga to tv converters (svga cables(*) are only usable if ur computer has a svga-out (*), and i believe (only 90 percent sure) they don't carry high def video) but they are rather expensive:

Try aiming for hdmi when u buy a new device. Hdmi is a great connective system, it carries both hd-video and sound and is easily switchable by using a hdmi-switch. Hdmi is also used in all types of modern home-entertainment appliances and also in computers and monitors so it's the best (wired) connectivity system available today.correction: svga is a video-standard, not a connectivity standard. Sometimes svga is confused with s-video. S-video is a connectivity standard (cable) that only carries normal density video just like for instance scart:


The only high definition connectors a comp can have for as far as i know are:
- Vga-out
- Dvi-out

This might be a cool solution if u have a hd-tv with hdmi in, see the video:

Although u would need to find a way to keep using ur monitor, if u would want to do that, like a vga splitter or something. Or just buy a new monitor because those converters and cables and stuff are quite costly. Or upgrade ur graphical card to have 2 dvi outputs (there are cheaper dvi to hdmi adapters) (*) should be s-video.

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Connect Rca To Vga

Can you connect rca to vga? I have the droid incredible. It has a micro usb output so that you can connect a micro usb to rca so that you can see everything you do on a tv. Is it possible to get an rca to vga so that i can connect it to a computer monitor?

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Screen Resolution Went Completely Black

I went to the menu for display, then settings, then moved the screen resolution slider from the minimum to the maximum. Unfortunantly the screen then went completely black and a little message popped up saying that it was out of limits. I have tried plugging another screen in and the same message came up. I also tried putting my lcd tv on it but it just keeps saying not supported. The computer was handed down from my mum so i don't have any of the manuals or anything. Help me! How do i reset it so that i can use it again. There is nothing on the computer that i don't mind losing, if there was a way of resetting it to factory setting that would be fine, i just don't know what to do.

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Screen Resolution / Color Issues

Ever since i re-loaded windows 98se after my hard drive issue, i can only use 2 colors or 16 colors, as well as only operate in 640x480. I have always been able to use a better resolution and high color. I didn't switch monitors, so i know it's not that. Right now, i have no other options to use, and my screen supports 800x600 (i believe that's the exact resolution). I can't even use some of the programs i need without having the correct color setting. What should i do?

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Eyefinity Weirdness W/ Different Resolution Monitors

I've got the 5870 installed now and it looks, well ok exactly like the 260 it replaced so far (not played any games yet. )

I have played around with configuring eyefinity and i can't seem to get it quite right. Right now i have two monitors:

Vizio 37in 1080p lcd (1920x1080)
Dell 2405fpw (1920x1200)

The vizio is wall mounted above the dell so i figured i could setup a 1x2 group to give me 1920x2280 (2280 = 1080 + 1200) resolution. I've done it numerous times now and every time, it wants to knock the dell down to 1920x1080 and i wind up with a group whose resolution is 1920x2160 (2160 = 2 x 1080. )

If i split the group back apart and just do extended desktop, i can separately configure the resolution on each display run each at it's native resolution. When i group them, i can't get at the resolution on anything other than the group itself and i have a small black bar at the top & bottom on the dell display. I googled about this and it looks like eyefinity is supposed to work with different resolution displays - i mean what if you had a 30 with a 20 in portrait next to it? Would eyefinity scale the 30 down to 1600x1200 to match up with the 20 then? That doesn't seem right at all. In messing with the configuration i did have to exit the catalyst thing and restart multiple times because all the buttons/menus would get grayed out. Once i exit and restart, i can continue - so maybe it's just eyefinity is a little flaky to configure on different resolutions right now?

Does anyone have a 1x2 setup with different vertical resolution displays setup? If so, how the *** did you do it?

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4870x2 Resolution Problem ( 1280x800 )

I have a 30" screen, and 4870x2 card and the resolution is stuck at 1280x800. I've tried everything i can possibly think of including using powerstrip to force the resolution. I put a 3870 card in the same machine and same monitor and it works fine at 2560x1600. I went through every option in the ccc with no luck. Without the ati driver installed, the windows driver will let me do the 1920x1200 or whatever it is, but then when i install ati driver it locks it at 1280x800. Any attempts to make the resolution higher only result in making it span the desktop around. Abit ix38 board, diamond 4870x2 card
Vista 64 (although i booted it into windows xp and it has the same issue)

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One Resolution Of 3840x1080 Vs Two 1080p Screens

I just got done hooking up my new monitors, 2x 1920x1080. Is there a way for my nvidia drivers to make is one res of 3840x1080 vs two 1080p screens? I'm thinking that if i can figure this part out, maybe some of my games will span all the way across.

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Cannot Set Monitor Resolution To Native

I'm using vista 32bit and everythings working fine at 1920x1200. I come back the next day and it wont let me go past 1600x1200. Ive tried lots of different drivers. What else can i do?

Gpu: 4870x2
Monitor: w2600h

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